Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For July 2021

August 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

During July 2021, Bernews posted a myriad of videos on our website, various social networks and on our dedicated video website Bernews.TV, and the most viewed videos for the month included the Cup Match Classic which had around 100,000 views, a special broadcast to celebrate Flora Duffy’s gold medal win at the Olympics, Antonio Belvedere at the airport, people gathered at the Cannonier Watson residence and more.

As far as Facebook videos, the most viewed for the month was the video from the Olympics showcasing Flora Duffy’s gold medal at the Olympics, the second was a live video at Bermuda’s airport as Antonio Belvedere arrived home, and the third was the live video of people gathered outside of Global House in Hamilton.

On Instagram, the most viewed for the month was the video from the Olympics showcasing Flora Duffy, the second was a video extract showing Antonio Belvedere walking out of the airport, and the third most popular was the Bacchanal Run.

#1 – 10 hour live replay of the first day of the 2021 Cup Match Classic, July 29

#2 – 10 hour live replay of the second day of the Cup Match Classic, July 30

#3 – Dr Ty Douglas Hosts Special To Celebrate Flora Duffy’s Gold Medal Win At The Olympics, July 27

#4 – Antonio Belvedere Arrives Home At The Airport, July 14

#5 – Cup Match Prizegiving, July 30

#6 – Outside Cannonier Watson House, July 20

#7 – Outside Following Govt Covid Press Conference, July 13

#8 – Extract Showing Antonio Belvedere Walking Out, July 14

#9 – St George’s Cricket Club Prepare For Cup Match, July 28

#10 – Police Attend Sophia Cannonier’s House, July 12

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