Smith’s Parish Council Clubs Championship

September 1, 2021

The Smith’s Parish Council announced that the St. David’s Warriors Golf Club is the winner of “The Clubs Championship” golf tournament, an event held to raise funds to award scholarships to students that live in Smiths.

A spokesperson said, “Smith’s Parish Council is pleased to announce the winner of “The Clubs Championship” held on March 20, 2021, at Belmont Hills Golf Club. The winner of the Golf Tournament was the ‘St. David’s Warriors Golf Club’. The winning prize of $500.00 was presented to the club by the Minister of Sports and Culture Dr. Ernest Peets and Chair of the Smiths Parish Council Dr. Lana Talbot.

Minister of Culture and Sports Dr. Ernest Peets, Chair of Smiths Parish Council Dr. Lana Talbot, Vice President of St. David’s Cricket Club Mr. Stephen Tucker and Manager of St. David’s Warriors Golf Club Mr. Sammy Robinson.

The Clubs Championship Bermuda Aug 2021

“The event was held to raise funds to award scholarship to students that live within Smiths Parish. Mr. Dexter Jones a community partner was the brainchild behind the development of this fund-raiser event. In collaboration with Smith’s Parish Council the event was held, and several Cricket Club Golf teams were invited to participate. There were at least 11 teams that took part in the Golf Tournament.

“Smiths Parish would like to extend a big thank you to all our community partners and sponsors of this event. Thanks to Sandpiper Apartments Mr. Carlton Smith & Kauwanda Tomlinson, Inlet Stream Beauty Mr. M Lightbourne, A & M Bulk, Fish BDA, Dowling Marina Mr. George Dowling, A-Z Trucking Company, Augustus Funeral Home, Paynter Towing, Sen. Owen Darrell, MP Anthony Richardson, and MP Cole Simons.

“Smith’s Parish Council look forward to hosting this event next year and invite all clubs or golf groups to get ready to take part in this exciting day of competition. Smiths Parish Council will be requesting students to apply for the scholarship awards. Students can write the Council at”

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