Paperless Team Earn Govt Public Service Award

October 10, 2021 | 3 Comments

The team that works on the Government’s Paperless initiative — which has a goal of achieving 100% paperless processing in Government — were recognized in the inaugural Public Service Excellence Awards.

A Government spokesperson said, “Recently, the Premier, the Hon. David Burt and the Head of the Public Service, Dr. Derrick Binns recognized a team of public officers as a part of the inaugural Government of Bermuda’s Public Service Excellence Awards [PSEA].

“The PSEA’s is a programme that aims to encourage outstanding achievement and recognize Public Officers who are demonstrating admirable service delivery. Each month one individual or team will be selected for exemplary public service accomplished in the last 60 days.

“For the month of September, as part of a cross Ministry team, the following individuals were highlighted for their outstanding team work on the Government of Bermuda’s Paperless initiative.

They are:

  • Noel Taylor – Department of Information and Digital Technologies
  • Barrington Bryce – Department of Employee and Organizational Development
  • Nicole Simons – Department of Libraries and Archives
  • Khaliah Nisbett – Department of Information and Digital Technologies
  • Amaury Symonds – Department of Information Digital Technologies
  • Brian Myrie – Attorney General’s Chambers
  • Tina Ming – Department of Information Digital Technologies
  • David Wellman – Department of Information and Digital Technologies
  • Zarinah Codrington – Consultant
  • Travis Smith-Simons – Department of Information and Digital Technologies
  • Chante Pitcher – Department of Information and Digital Technologies

“The goal of the Paperless Taskforce is to achieve 100% paperless processing in Government. The team has worked to establish a single approach for the electronic exchange of information within Government, which is a priority, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Premier Burt, Dr. Binns and the cross Ministry Paperless Team


Premier David Burt said, “During the early stages of the pandemic this team was given a specific set of tasks, and they delivered admirably. They demonstrated a willingness to face an unknown with tight timelines. This required a team that cared and was willing to get passionate at times with a focus on the end goal.”

Dr. Binns added, “These officers come from a number of Departments and are skilled in different disciplines – design, systems, technology, organizational development, records management, and law.

“Collectively they worked tirelessly to provide safe and secure electronic interactions between the public and various government departments. This team has changed forever the way that Government interacts with both internal and external service users, making transactions with the Government easy, efficient and secure. Congratulations to you all.”

The Paperless Team said, “Thank you for such a fantastic surprise: The first Public Service Excellence Awards. It is so awesome to get recognition for our efforts during such a difficult period where it was almost 100% change at every level of effort.”

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  1. Dunn juice says:

    If they delivered for you maybe get them lower electricity, insurance groceries allmth e things you said yous going to do.its actually doing the opposite everything going up,,,, like some ministers waistellines..

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    And each received a certificate … printed on paper!

  3. Make it make sense says:

    Respectfully, this one is a headscratcher. For more than 18 months, the Ministry of Health and related teams have been in the trenches helping the country to fight Covid-19. Surely the Ministry of Health, et al. should have received the honour first.

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