Video: Minister Furbert & Minister Peets

November 16, 2021

[Updated] Minister of Social Development and Seniors Tinee Furbert and Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport Dr. Ernest Peets will be holding a joint post Throne Speech press conference this afternoon [Nov 16] and we will stream it live, so the video below should start at around 12.30pm.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 25-minute replay is below

Update 2.20pm: Minister Dr. Peets remarks:

Good morning Bermuda.

I am joined by my colleague, the Minister of Social Development and Seniors, the Honourable Tinee Furbert, to highlight the initiatives for the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport as outlined in the 2021 Throne Speech.

This past month, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport, as well as all of Bermuda, was immersed in celebrating our very own Flora Duffy. While her tremendous feat of winning a gold medal is now forever cemented into Bermuda’s sporting history, this accomplishment reinforces the need for commitment and continued focus on our local athletes, as well as sport in Bermuda as a whole.

In this year’s Throne Speech, you will note that Bermuda’s economic recovery and social renewal are the overarching themes within our various Ministries.

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport recognises the value of sport to our country and continues to explore avenues that will promote Bermuda as a sporting jurisdiction. We are actively identifying ways that our international sporting events can assist in bringing much-needed revenue to our island.

Additionally, attracting more sporting events for our amateur and collegiate athletes to our shores will enhance the development of our athletes by exposing them to quality international competition and open more pathways for to further their education through sports. As indicated in the Throne Speech. Flora Duffy’s success highlights the need for more financial investment in our elite athletes so that they can be prepared for competition on the world stage.

This will be one of the primary goals of a National Sport Policy to be developed by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport. The first step toward achieving the goals of the policy will be the development of a five-year plan. The plan will outline the steps needed to create an environment supporting consistent excellence in sport and underscoring the central role of sport in our society.

Some of the key objectives of the plan will include:

  • Establishing a robust framework for talent incubation through training and development planning;
  • Emphasizing the value of sport and recreation for a healthy lifestyle, and increasing the proportion of Bermudians, both children and adults, who actively participate in sport;
  • Ensuring accessibility and availability of public facilities for international teams and athletes’ preparation; and
  • Improving governance standards for Bermuda’s national sport governing bodies.

A National Sport Policy will see a commitment to enhancing and advancing sporting life in Bermuda. The ultimate goal will be to create a platform that allows for us to address the key needs of our young athletes, and a structure that supports the success of Bermudian athletes as a whole. By doing so, a national sport policy will establish beyond a shadow of a doubt the essential role sport plays in community wellbeing. The implementation of this policy will highlight the impact of sport on physical health, youth development and national pride.

Through our National Sport Policy, we will see increased participation, performance development, and adequate and appropriate funding to support our athletes as they compete on the international stage. As will be indicated in the National Sport Policy, this will be a collective community effort, and I look forward to seeing the various contributions from our professional athletes [past and present], and sporting agencies here on the island.

Flora Duffy’s win as well as the success of athletes overseas has become a source of tremendous inspiration for us as a Country, especially our youth athletes. And with the implementation of this policy, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport will ensure that our next generation of athletes not only compete regularly in the international arena but excel to the highest level of competition.

Thank you.

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