Black Pony Gallery Features Meredith Andrews

December 23, 2021

Black Pony Gallery is currently presenting Island Rock Fever, a series of digital photographs by Bermudian artist Meredith Andrews.

A spokesperson said, “Black Pony Gallery is pleased to present Island Rock Fever, a series of digital photographs by Bermudian artist Meredith Andrews. This online solo exhibition features nine original provocative artworks. The exhibition runs December 22, 2021 to January 22, 2022.”

Meredith Andrews Obscure Bermuda December 2021 (1)

Ms. Andrews said, “Island Rock Fever is an expression of my Bermuda experience before and during the global pandemic. This series of islandscapes explores a fundamental physical connection with Bermuda’s botanical, terrestrial and marine surroundings. The island’s elements are beautiful yet raw, large yet small and one often simultaneously feels isolated and exposed in the sub-tropical surroundings.”

The spokesperson said, “The titles to her images, ‘Ambushed’, ‘Obscure’, ‘Absorption’, for example, echo the visual imagery of female subjects presented in unusual positions within distinct environments.”

Ms. Andrews said, “The restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic intensified feelings of remoteness which I often express as obscurement, concealment, or assimilation. The island and the individual become one, protecting and combating at the same time. Being detached on a remote island for an extended period introduced a surreal element to the works, a representation of my mindset over the past two years.

“Under the custody of the island, something much larger than myself, I was grounded, liberated, and frustrated.

Meredith Andrews Annexed Bermuda December 2021 (1)

“Many of us have not traveled as we did in the past and as a result our local environment takes on a new dimension, which the artist presents in a fresh manner. “This series of work was shot in different locations throughout Bermuda utilizing multiple exposures, mirrors, and crystals to distort the images and their meaning.”

The spokesperson said, “Island Rock Fever is a strong contrast to the sculptural assemblages of found plastics featured in Flotsam and Jetsam: The Cost of Modern Living, now on exhibition at Bermuda National Gallery. What we can see in both solo exhibitions is that Andrews is a talented photographer with a refined eye and sense of design. She creates images that are beautiful, intriguing and inspire conversation. Enjoy!”

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