‘People Testing Positive & Still Attending Events’

December 31, 2021 | 21 Comments

“We are extremely concerned about reports of people who are testing positive and still attending events such as football games, holiday parties and social gatherings,” Acting Minister of Health Wayne Furbert said, adding that “this is simply irresponsible.”

In releasing last night’s [Dec 30] test results, Minister Furbert said, “The increase in numbers is significant. This confirms what we have been saying for the past several weeks – the Omicron variant is highly transmissible and spreading rapidly.

“Bermuda is not alone in dealing with the spread and spike in Omicron cases. Countries around the world are seeing exponential numbers in infection rates as this dominant variant spreads. Here at home we continue to advocate vigilance, personal responsibility and compliance.

“While we currently have no hospitalisations, this current spread has the potential to overwhelm our hospital’s resources, as well as our testing teams and MDL, and we must guard against that.

“As Bermuda heads into the New Year’s holiday weekend I am urging the community to please make responsible choices.

“We are extremely concerned about reports of people who are testing positive and still attending events such as football games, holiday parties and social gatherings. This is simply irresponsible. Please adhere to the current guidelines and requirements that are in place, which are there to protect and save lives.

“Many of our healthcare workers are encountering a considerable amount of abuse from some members of the public, particularly at our testing centres. This is simply unacceptable.

“This has been a lengthy holiday period and there have been significant demands that have been put on our team of dedicated healthcare workers. The professionals at our testing sites must not be subjected to verbal abuse from members of the public. They should be treated with decency and common courtesy.”

December 30 2021 Covid Calendar Day

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You can find more information on the links below from our dedicated website BermudaCovid.com, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Unknown800k says:

    So didnt you make a law, or only for a few

    • Southampton says:

      Seems like government is afraid to step on toes. Why make restrictions if nobody is adhering to them. It is a waist of time.

  2. Question says:

    Is he talking about the 750 people that attended the Rabain Job Fair?

  3. Southampton says:

    These people do not care about other Bermudians. They are just thinking of themselves. There is not respect for these idiots. Real A–holes.
    Lock them up and throw the key away. Make them pay a heavy fine.

    • iyiyi says:

      Nothing will happen with this except more Covid cases .
      Rules have been inconsistent from the very beginning and still continue 2 years later .

    • saud says:

      Then stop voting for them.

  4. Sister Sledge says:

    Most of the positive cases are A Symtomatic with people that are vaccinated and had the booster. It’s very
    annoying that you test positive after being vaccinated and having to quarantine. Might as well have stayed unvaccinated. Stop testing vaccinated people!

  5. Toodle-oo says:

    Of course it’ll be blamed on the vaccinated , as if people know .

    In the last 2 weeks I’ve heard of 12 people testing poz (all asymptomatic). 6 fully vaxxed and 6 no vax at all.
    The 6 vaxxed (travellers) immediately went into self quarantine . The 6 unvaxxed all said ‘it’s just a cold’ and went about their daily routine !

    • LOL (original) says:

      So anecdotal, could site many similar examples in the reverse. The Vaxxed do share blame as a lot seem to have the same attitude. At least they are not being told not to not go shopping in a grocery store (so starve to death), advocate for being fired from our jobs (ie starve to death).. etc…

      LOL Kind, decent people treat people like people naturally those that don’t typically have all the hallmarks of being bigoted, racists that we have spent the last 50 years trying to get ride of.

  6. Otrwele says:

    Did you not just hear about the new guidelines from the CDC for all you stupid vaccinated fools?? You don’t have to isolate anymore!! Just keep spreading the virus at will! The science is so backwards! And you clowns are angry??? Why??m you support this dumb sh$t anyway

    • DisGuy says:

      I agree, it’s time to let it burn through. Time to stop giving the voluntarily unvaxed so many privileges. People have had plenty time to make their choices on that. And those who medically can’t get vaxed, I’m sorry but, its time to learn to live with it and to protect themselves, just like those with diabetes and deadly allergies. We can’t keep running and hiding everytime otherwise it will never go away.

  7. Ringmaster says:

    It’s the same segment of the population who ignore the road laws. They don’t care and ignore the laws, so until there is a law that is enforced nothing will change. There was a quarantine law, but that seems to have dropped away with little or no repercussions despite the people who breached it causing the Island to be shut down with severe economic harm to hundreds if not thousands of people. Where were the fines and jail time?

  8. SMH says:

    You need a safe key and an antigen test to get into a football game and no more than 100 people. So how is this possible? How would someone with Covid get in the gates!

    I mean sure a positive tested Covid person can go grocery shopping or to with hundreds of people. No safekey or antigen test. But not to a football game if the rules are being followed!!!!

    I mean large numbers can sit outside at a restaurant (check under the tent at Flatts: packed at 4pm NYE or that place on front street outside between the buildings it’s always packed!

    Something is not right here. Does the government not like sports? Just wondering.

  9. puzzled says:

    This has nothing to do with being infected with COVID but is related to I don’t give a sheet about others whom I may infect.

    2022 will be the downfall of Somers Ilse……

  10. Vladimir Putin says:

    As usual weak western countries and it’s subjects have no backbone. More worried about protecting snowflakes than the well-being of a country

  11. Sage says:

    The one dude who Burt and Wilson said kicked off the Delta wave resulting in 20 some deaths was never held to account so there is that.

  12. D says:

    Stop lying.

  13. Hoop-de-doo says:

    Vaccinated? Unvaccinated? Everybody is at risk. The virus keeps changing. And every report keeps showing more and more vaccinated reported positive. And all are regarded the same by Gov’t when returning to the island as we are all robbed of money through TAs and testing, and post testing.
    At least the USA sends it’s citizens stimulus money to assist it’s people living in Bermuda and other lands. What do we expect from Bermuda Government? Bermudians sending their own government stimulus money. And worse and worse infrastructure and services! POOR,POOR and POOR! The Titanic had better hope than what we have to live with here with a broken, shameful and putrid government. England and/or USA help this island please.

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