Over $8,000 In Traffic Fines So Far In 2022

January 6, 2022

More than eight thousand dollars in traffic fines have been issued in just the first week of the new year, the police said, adding that fines were “handed out for impaired driving and for speeding offences with speeds ranging from 65KMPH to 85KMPH.”

Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell of the Bermuda Police Service Tactical Unit remarked, “It’s no secret speed and driving whilst impaired or, a combination of the two, are the biggest contributing factors to road traffic collisions in general and fatal road traffic collisions in general.”

“There were seventeen fatal road traffic collisions in 2021 with the vast majority of them involving excessive speed, impaired driving or a combination of the two.”

The Chief Inspector reminded, “Operation Vega remains in effect and we will continue to target:

  • Speeding
  • Impaired Driving
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Driving without reasonable consideration
  • Disobeying traffic signs
  • Protective Headgear Offences
  • Seatbelt Offences
  • Cell phone Offences

“Our collective message to the public continues to be slow down, do not operate any vehicle if you’re impaired, drive/ride carefully and cautiously and obey traffic signals and signs. Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

“Over the last two weeks, a total of 538 tickets were issued for various traffic offences.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    “Speed ranges from 65kph to 85kph” – does this mean the old 50kph is now 65kph? So now I can go 64kph “lawfully” yet the lawful speed limit is still 35kph? What a joke, and the police say Operation Vega is a crack down. It appears they have set new higher speed limits.

    • puzzled says:

      You actually believe what you wrote Ringmaster?

      Thats an assumption.

      • Ringmaster says:

        What did I say is wrong?

      • Question says:

        Why would they have said it at all then? It’s strange. The limit is 35kph, but they have enforced it above 50. Are they now not stopping people below 65 kph?
        If so, they have made a policy decision that makes the roads less safe, and at the same time panders to the i d iots who drive around like nutcases.

        When are they going to do something about the a h oles tailgating? That’s the new Bermuda thing. Drive along two feet behind the car in front of you. Then get annoyed if they have to stop.

  2. Observer says:

    And just how much of that do we think we will collect? Guaranteed that many of the offenders will be back on the road driving in a reckless manner without paying the fines and with no intention of doing so. Plus, obtaining a pass and licence at TCD every year with no problems whatsoever. So the accidents and unfortunate deaths continue, so very sad.

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    If I was able to I could collect that in 5 minutes just trying to get out of my gate at 10am any day of the week.

  4. Bluntend says:

    Let‘s privatize it!! I can set up a speed trap on Northshore by the gas station and make 20K in 2 hrs every day of the week!!!
    Just kidding – we are either serious about it or not.
    I got overtaken by a bus doing 55 going past Woody‘s to Dockyard.

  5. Pondering says:

    So but what have we been doing all this time then??

  6. Shookums says:

    Face it, some of you lot drive slow as hell. When people be tryna make work they’re not trying to be behind someone doing 30 at 6:40 in the morning to make work by 7. I live in Somerset and it takes me nearly 20 minutes to get to work IN SOMERSET the SAME parish because I’m behind these slow ppl. So ya, no reason you have to be driving that slowly. Pull over and let ppl pass to get to work or get overtaken And don’t complain about it. Some ppl have places to go and leave on time sometimes a bit earlier or being were human sometimes we’re late but as long as it’s not reckless driving you slow lot will be overtaken. I won’t be written up cause you want to take a early morning stroll and hold up traffic that sh*t pisses me off. And all you people who might comment stupidness under my response you lot probably the ones that drive slow at 6 in the morning. Nothings open at time stay home in ya beds until time to truly get up. Thanks. ✌

    • STFU says:

      Try to overtake me again on Elys corner and I’ll introduce you to the harbor!

  7. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Cops been adding 10k again uh.

  8. Spotty says:

    Wow 8 grand. Who says we need tourism or international business. This is our new way out of economic woe!!!!