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July 19, 2022 | 4 Comments

As it approaches the completion of its first year in existence, the HOME charity has opened newly leased headquarters in North Hamilton, with the property on Union Street offering “administration offices, as well as eight beds, a kitchen, plus communal indoor and outdoor areas for residents.”

A spokesperson said, “HOME, a registered charity [1022] launched last fall, has achieved key milestones as it approaches its second year with a strengthened team, newly-opened headquarters, a website, and a growing track record of client success stories.

“This month, HOME opened newly leased headquarters in North Hamilton that will serve as a triage and care-management centre for clients in need of assessment and short-term housing. The Black Circle property on Union Street offers administration offices, as well as eight beds, a kitchen, plus communal indoor and outdoor areas for residents.”

HOME’s CEO & Executive Director, Denise Carey, said, “As we approach the end of our first full year, HOME’s plan is becoming reality and we are delivering real impact, on individual lives and the challenges of homelessness on our island.

“Most significantly, we are helping people who’ve encountered both recent and long-time setbacks to re-establish themselves and re-enter the mainstream. Our message is, you are welcome here and we will work with you to find solutions.”

HOME’s CEO & Executive Director Denise Carey, left, with new Head of Operations Jean-Ann Hayward, at the non-profit’s new headquarters on Union Street, Hamilton

Denise Carey & Jean-Ann Hayward Bermuda July 2022

The spokesperson said, “Jean-Ann Hayward has joined HOME as Head of Operations, supporting Carey and the organization’s four case managers. A social worker and former special aide to the Premier, Hayward works with staff, clients, donors, volunteers, and colleagues through the island’s social-services network to manage HOME’s daily functions and inter-agency collaboration to help the homeless.”

Ms. Hayward said, “I feel privileged to embark on this journey of hope with Denise and the team. In addition to supporting the seamless delivery of our services, it is my responsibility to achieve our aspirations for HOME to be a ‘best-in-class’ organisation.”

The spokesperson said, “Launched September 30, 2021, HOME was formed to put an end to homelessness in Bermuda. Since then, it has worked closely with the Bermuda government, non-governmental agencies, charities, philanthropies, and the religious and wider local community, promoting inter-agency cooperation and coordination among all the island’s services to tackle homelessness.

“Notably, HOME is supporting an effort to create a single plan to eradicate homelessness in Bermuda. Working directly with the Minister of Social Development & Seniors, HOME will assist in development of the initiative, which aims to ensure no one is homeless by 2027. A study conducted at the end of 2021 identified 555 people experiencing homelessness, compared to 138 in the 2016 Census—a rise of 300 percent.

“Since its launch, HOME has:

  • registered 397 individuals for assistance, of whom 92 are receiving intensive case-management support
  • assisted 34 people into 12-month programme to transition from rough sleeping to sustainable, independent living; of these, 10 have graduated, and 83% are successfully rebuilding relationships with estranged family
  • prevented 50 cases of homelessness through liaison with government agencies and other non-profit services
  • launched a website, with information on its mission and progress, along with resources for donors, volunteers, and people experiencing homelessness or those wishing to connect affected individuals with assistance
  • opened an eight-bed triage and administration headquarters at “Black Circle,” Union Street, Hamilton
  • liaised with Bermuda’s social services network to connect homeless individuals with resources and solutions.

HOME founder and Chair, Arthur Wightman, said, “Thanks to the vision of all stakeholders, including our generous donor community, a great deal has been accomplished in just our first year. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who’s played a part in this initiative and look forward to our next phase of achievements.”

The spokesperson said, “Over the coming months, HOME will transition residents from Messina House, provided by WEDCo as a temporary living centre last December. They will be accommodated through a variety of options starting in the next two weeks, including independent living in privately-owned apartments and reunification with families; several have found employment or secured temporary financial assistance.”

Mr. Wightman said, “We thank WEDCo for providing this vital stepping-stone in our first year of work towards longer-term housing solutions.

“The size of Messina House and its current need for significant capital improvements make it unviable for HOME going forward, but we appreciate the efforts of all our stakeholders, especially those businesses in the West End that have given us resources, employment opportunities, and financial support.”

The spokesperson said, “HOME’s Black Circle property will now allow case managers to work with incoming clients to provide immediate assessment followed by eight weeks of temporary shelter and care management. Those struggling with emergency homelessness will be connected with needed resources, provided with time-limited financial support, and helped to return to mainstream society.

“HOME invites interested companies and members of the community to visit its new premises, learn about its services, and get involved through various volunteering opportunities. The charity also hopes to work with motivated landlords around the island who can provide rooms or apartments for approved clients, including retired tradesmen, seeking housing solutions. Schedule a visit to Black Circle to learn more.

“If you need help or know someone who does, WhatsApp or call HOME at 599-9933 or email info@HOME.bm.”

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  1. watching says:

    Very positive news in such a challenging area. Hoping for the best for this organization and those that it is mandated to help.

  2. Excellent says:

    Keep up the good work. Your documented work will break ground and many countries will come to see you success in 5 years time. It takes that long to establish a sound foundation. Well done. You have a good model.

  3. Dejavu says:

    Fun fact go look at the amount of registered charities in Bermuda, then see out of those how many have their books open to the public lol many charity heads make 6 figures at least. It gets marked as a business expense and they pay no taxes on top of all that. Hence why there’s so many of them

  4. Dr June Hill says:

    What a wonderful initiative!Best wishes!

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