Video: BNV With Minister Jason Hayward

January 11, 2023

Minister of Economy and Labour Jason Hayward will be joining Bernews at 10.00am on Wednesday [Jan 11] for the latest episode in the Bernews News & Views series, with the Minister set to discuss the minimum wage, year end review, immigration and more.

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The video will be live streamed below, as well as on Bernews YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

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  1. Mike Hunt says:

    Hey Mr. Hayward…remember the band?…remember we played the horseshoe?

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    Someone please ask the “Minister of Economy” why only 1/3 of Bermuda businesses are confident in Bermuda’s economic future and why only 41% of Bermuda businesses are even aware of the Government’s economic recovery plan, and why only one in five of those who are aware believe it is supportive to their business.

    These are all findings from the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce recent survey.