Princess Appoints New Talent & Culture Director

August 17, 2023 | 8 Comments

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club announced the appointment of Major [Retired] Martin Wyer, as the Director of Talent & Culture.

A spokesperson said, “Mr. Wyer, is responsible for leading and managing all recruitment, training, coaching, performance management, succession planning, colleague relations, as well as overseeing all aspects of administration, compliance and reporting, in accordance with Fairmont policies, procedures, and mandates.

“He will work closely with all hotel departments and their operations, guiding and assisting with the development and execution of departmental goals that support the Talent & Culture initiatives in the service strategy of the hotel’s strategic plan. He will also lead the recognition and celebration of hotel colleagues’, their engagement, and promote diversity in a high-performing service culture. As a member of the hotel’s Executive Committee, Mr. Wyer will also provide Human Resources strategic support to the committee.

Hamilton Princess Major [Retired] Martin Wyer Bermuda August 2023

“Before joining Hamilton Princess, Mr. Wyer was the Vice President of Human Resources at the CCS Group Limited and TeleBermuda International. It was at the expanding IT and telecommunications group, in a brand new position, where he managed recruitment, overhauled policies and procedures, provided leadership and management training, and implemented new systems to streamline processes and the onboarding of employees.

“He also spent five years as the Human Resources Manager at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences [BIOS], providing HR support, immigration advice, guidance in employment law, reviewed and implemented new personnel policies and procedures.

“Mr. Wyer began his career in human resources in the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom, where he served more than 25 years in various personnel roles including training, coaching, mentoring, and developing the military workforce. During this time, he also served as a Leadership Instructor and Flight Commander, an achievement that very few achieve.

“Following his time in the Royal Air Force, Mr. Wyer moved to Bermuda, and joined the Royal Bermuda Regiment in 2011, as the Training Officer, commissioned in the rank of Major, with direct responsibility for all Regiment training, both on island and overseas. Retired Major Wyer completed his military service in 2015.”

Tim Morrison, General Manager of Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, said: “Major [Retired] Wyer brings to the hotel more than 37 years of experience in recruiting, onboarding, and developing people. His role will be key in ensuring that Hamilton Princess continues to hire and retain top quality hospitality professionals who maintain our high standards in providing the best guest experience.”

Major [Retired] Martin Wyer, Director of Talent & Culture, of Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, said: “I am very pleased to have joined the Hamilton Princess family. I look forward to getting to know the many colleagues at the hotel, and a fantastic experience in hospitality at one of Bermuda’s famed resorts.”

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  1. Collector says:

    why the name change from Human Resources ?

    • puzzled says:

      Another Ex-Pat rewarded.
      Money talks.


      • saud says:

        More misery from the jealous and undereducated.

        • Swing voter says:

          Shouldn’t you be busy now helping Jarion win the next election instead of spreading hate on here as one of the many OBA cheerleaders? You fail to understand that all this nasty blogging hinders your party becoming the next government.

  2. Aiesha Oliver says:

    I dunno, but isn’t there a qualified Bermudian to recruit for Bermuda’s talent and Bermuda’s culture? Why should this role be left to a Royal Air Force employee? Strange. You’d think Hamilton Princess was a UK military base, the Regiment 2.0 with the Intrepid and Duchess restaurant and cafe? Who’s serving food and managing in those? Former SAS officers and army guys? So weird. What next, navy officers posing as day care attendants for the children’s activities? Who they have on the door? Former Beefeaters or UK marines? Some mothers…

  3. watching says:

    He is actually married to a Bermudian and could actually have Bermuda status by now.

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