Bermuda Cyclists Win Two More Medals

October 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

Bermuda cyclists Nic Narraway and Liana Medeiros won medals during the Elite Caribbean Cycling Championships’ road race, with Narraway claiming the coveted U23 gold medal and Medeiros earning a well-deserved bronze, bringing Bermuda’s overall medal tally to eight.

A spokesperson said, “Building on yesterday’s success, the Bermuda Bicycle Association proudly announces the successful conclusion of the Elite Caribbean Cycling Championships, featuring the road race on October 15 in Les Abymes.

“The day brought rigorous challenges to our athletes, with the men embarking on a grueling 139 km race, commencing at 8 a.m. They displayed incredible endurance, racing for an impressive 3.5 hours. Meanwhile, the women’s race covered a similarly demanding 69 km route, beginning at 12 p.m. and lasting just over 2 hours.

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“While it wasn’t a flawless day for some of our Bermuda riders, the resilience and dedication of our athletes shone brightly. Kaden Hopkins faced an early mechanical issue, which unfortunately took him out of the race. Liam Flannery valiantly reached lap 5 of 6 before succumbing to the unforgiving heat.

“This left Conor White and Nic Narraway to chase down an early breakaway, ultimately witnessing one of the initial leaders claim victory. Narraway and White both managed to join a 6-man breakaway in pursuit of the leader, eventually catching up with one of them.

“The thrilling race concluded with a challenging climb to the finish line, where Conor White crossed the line in an impressive 4th place, closely followed by Nic Narraway in 6th, just 34 seconds behind the leader. Notably, 19 riders successfully completed the race, while 31 faced the tough decision to not finish.

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“Narraway’s remarkable performance earned him the coveted U23 gold medal, further showcasing his incredible potential.

“In the women’s race, both Gabby Arnold and Liana Medeiros strategically navigated the extreme midday heat. Unfortunately, Gabby encountered a mechanical issue on the final climb.

“While she managed to complete the race, she faced challenges in regaining her position within the peloton, affecting her chances of securing a podium spot. However, Liana Medeiros’s outstanding performance saw her claim a well-deserved bronze medal in the U23 category, adding to our achievements.

“The road races marked a triumphant end to the Elite Caribbean Cycling Championships for Team Bermuda, accumulating a remarkable total of 8 medals.

“The Bermuda Bicycle Association extends its heartfelt congratulations to all our athletes for their remarkable performances, dedication, and unwavering spirit throughout this prestigious championship.”

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