Minister: Overview Of Digital Fare System Plans

November 20, 2023 | 17 Comments

The Government plans a Digital Fare system to “enable commuters to pay for their rides using smart cards or mobile apps,” Minister of Transport Wayne Furbert said, with the plan aimed at “leveraging technology to simplify the process of using public transportation.”

Speaking at a press conference on November 15,  Minister Furbert said, “Let me first provide you with an overview of the Digital Fare Media System we are set to implement.

“This cutting edge system will replace traditional paper tickets with modern, contactless methods such as smart cards and mobile applications. The core of this transformation lies in leveraging technology to simplify the process of using public transportation and making it more accessible and user friendly for all.

“The Digital Fare Media System will streamline the payment process, reducing boarding times and enhancing the overall efficiency of our public transportation services. This, in turn, will contribute to a more punctual and reliable transit system. By adopting a digital payment system, we are poised to see a significant improvement in revenue collection.

“The transparency and traceability of digital transactions will minimize the chances of revenue leakage, ensuring that every dollar rightfully contributes to the development of our transportation infrastructure.

“Going digital means a reduction in paper usage and, consequently, a positive impact on our environment. This aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental conservation, contributing to a cleaner, greener Bermuda. The people of Bermuda and our visitors will experience the ease of seamless travel without the hassle of carrying physical tickets or exact change.

“The Digital Fare Media System allows for cashless transactions, enabling commuters to pay for their rides using smart cards or mobile apps, making public transportation more accessible to all.

“The implementation of this system will empower commuters with real time information on routes, schedules, and service updates by way of a GPS system. This ensures that the people of Bermuda and visitors can plan their journeys more efficiently, reducing waiting times and uncertainties.

“The Digital Fare Media System is designed to be inclusive, catering to people of all ages and backgrounds. We are committed to ensuring that technology does not create barriers but rather acts as a tool to unite and simplify the lives of our people and of course visitors alike.

“This is not just a technological upgrade; it is a commitment to the future of transportation in Bermuda. As we embrace innovation, we are laying the foundation for a more efficient, sustainable, and a people centric public transportation system that will benefit us all.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    How will the app work when the bus routes are canceled for whatever reason the Government refuses to disclose? e-bus gets rained on, union meeting, gone fishing, equipment down for maintenance…

    • Warriot says:

      System gets hacked. Have you thought how persons who do not have cellphones and other will be able to pay? Are you going to continue with Seniors and other passes?

      • Hilarious! says:

        Sure, but I was taking a humorous jab at the obvious inability of the Government to keep the buses running.

  2. Kim Smith says:

    And will there be a card for seniors and school children who ride for free as in, dare I say it, the UK?

    • Hilarious! says:

      Absolutely! Bermudians in the UK can apply for one.

      • Kim Smith says:

        Just in case my comment was confusing, I am asking if they will model the system in the UK where seniors and school children have cards that register their ride as a free passage.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          Kim, free public transport from the PLP Government? Is that what you are asking about? Free regardless of race or sexual orientation?

        • Hilarious! says:

          My reply was sarcasm, in case you found it confusing. In the future, I will add (sarcasm) at the end of the comment for clarity.

          BTW, no system will work for anyone when the buses are not running for whatever reason. Just remember, the Government rarely gives any explanation for bus cancellations. The Government never tells you how many canceled routes are serviced by electric vs diesel buses. The Government simply says “canceled.”

  3. hey says:

    How much will this cost to implement?

    What % of the fare will be received net by the Govt, i.e. how much will we lose in transaction fees?

    Who is developing this system, who are the directors, owners and financial beneficiaries from the implementation and after implemented the transaction fees?

    If it is a family member of a member of parliament or member of parliament we need to know.

  4. St. George to Dockyard Route says:

    I think it’s long overdue that we have a Number 12 route from east to west without having to go through Hamilton. As it stands a commuter can not make it from the west end of the island to an eastern employment for an early start because of having to transfer buses and vice versa. For example when I lived in Warwick and I had to get to Bailey’s Bay making 7:30 am it was not possible unless I had another way to get to town for 6:45 am. However if there was a bus route that didn’t have to go through Hamilton then I could make it on the bus alone. Not to mention that it would alleviate congestion on the bus during peak times. The route would simply travel along middle road in the west end and then onto south road from the trimmingham hill roundabout over collectors hill and then onto north shore road going east.

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    I do not recall an RFP or RFQ for a digital fare system. Was there one?

  6. Dirk Gentley says:

    Sounds like ResQuest has been busy.

  7. SSDD says:

    “This, in turn, will contribute to a more punctual and reliable transit system.” Maybe we should move the Minister of Transport to Ag & Fish. He is definitely smoking something.

  8. Bill says:

    “Cutting edge”!! Hilarious, its what you get when you have a dinosaur in the chair.

    Wayne. London has had this for 20 years. I suggest next time you, Burt and gang head off on one of your expenses paid trips to watch West Ham and shake hands with King Charles, you might want to ask the mother country about what the future holds.

  9. Standards says:

    We have to maintain the flow of cash while cash is still real and present. We can not allow for these new tech advances to occur in Bermuda. We are the testing ground for Bill Gates $50 Billion infrastructure to make everything AI globally.This has to be a hard stop for us as a community. Plus we the people want the funds to go else where. The little cool things are the start up to the beast.

  10. sandgrownan says:

    Who is the vendor (supplier) of this new (been available everywhere else for decades) new technology?

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