Search Continues For Chavelle Dillon-Burgess

July 8, 2020

The Bermuda Police Service is continuing to appeal for information to help find Chavelle Dillon-Burgess, with a $50,000 reward being offered and police continuing to conduct “systematic search of the entire island.”

In his latest video posted on social media, Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said, “We spent the whole weekend doing searches; those searches are continuing today.

“Obviously they’re supported by a variety of different things. You know about Falco, our cadaver dog, but we’ve also got a lot of other equipment and it’s a slow but systematic search of the entire island. And it’s going to take some time.

“Separately we’ve got the investigation into parties that we suspect are involved.”

“I can’t tell you everything that we’re doing, but we are moving forward and I’m going to keep mentioning it because we’ve got things like the $50,000 reward, because I remain convinced somebody in the community knows something that can actually help us.”

Chavelle-Dillon-Burgess-Bermuda-June-2020 2

“So I’ll keep giving you updates. They may be the same. They may be just around ‘we’re making progress,’ but that is the truth. I’m committed, and the BPS is committed to fully get to the bottom of what happened and bring Chavelle home.”

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