BCCL Appoints Jane Vickers As Director

June 19, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning [BCCL] appointed Jane Vickers as its first Director of Advancement & Communications.

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning [BCCL] is pleased to announce the appointment of Jane Vickers as its first Director of Advancement & Communications, effective September 1st. With a distinguished career spanning several decades, Jane brings a wealth of experience to the school.

“Raised in Bermuda, Jane’s early years instilled in her a deep appreciation for community service and a commitment to excellence. After graduating from The University of Western Ontario in Canada, she embarked on a successful 17-year career in professional recruitment, sales, and marketing in Canada. She believes strongly in learning support for those who learn differently and the importance of personalized learning for both educational and emotional well-being.

Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning Jane Vickers Bermuda June 2024

“In 2005, Jane returned to Bermuda to serve as Director of Development at Warwick Academy. Over the next 18 years, her leadership was instrumental in advancing the school’s mission, securing necessary resources, and enhancing the educational experience for students. Her efforts increased funding, expanded programs, and strengthened community ties through successful initiatives, alumni relations and strategic partnerships.

“The creation of the new Director of Advancement & Communications role was a result of extensive consultation recommendations, as outlined in BCCL’s Thrive Initiative Strategic Plan [2023-2026]. The Thrive Initiative, released in May 2023, is a roadmap for BCCL’s strategic growth based on feedback and priorities identified by community members and key stakeholders. Thrive rests on four pillars: Financial, Operations, Educational Excellence and Infrastructure.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Jane to our team,” said Cindy Corday, Head of School at BCCL. “Her extensive experience and dedication to educational excellence will be invaluable as we continue to empower students and expand our programs. Jane’s leadership will help enhance the learning environment and support our vision for a Bermuda where every child’s learning needs are supported.”

Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning BOOKmart Bermuda June 2024

“I am honored to be part of an institution that is committed to providing personalized and flexible learning environments for students who think and learn differently. I look forward to contributing to BCCL’s growth and helping to ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive,” said Vickers.

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