Today’s Buzz: Super Sized Flatts Speed Bump

September 30, 2010

[Updated with accident report] Quite a few residents are today [Sept 30] discussing the recently added speed bump in Flatts, which caused traffic to flow through the area fairly slowly this morning. We have been made to understand that the speedbump, pictured below, may possibly be made wider due to complaints from some commuters that their cars scraped when traveling over it.


As of this afternoon, work is ongoing on the speedbump in Flatts, with the photo below taken at 2:30pm today appearing to show the speedbump being made larger:



The East End has also seen the arrival of a new speed bump, with a new one appearing yesterday in St. George’s:

speed-1-2 (4)

Around 12 noon today Works & Engineering were spotted putting up an additional speed bump outside St. George’s Police Station:

speed-1-2 (2)

They are placing the bump on top of a previously laid set of raised lines.

speed-1-2 (3)

Update 5:45pm: As of 5:30pm, traffic was going very slowly and backed up hundreds of feet coming from the Hamilton side. The speedbump is now bigger [wider] and as of 5:30pm, back to being all black.

Update 6:13pm: There has been quite a lot of talk about an accident occurring due to the Flatts speedbump. It appears that the official police statement below correlates to the accident said to have taken place.

At 8:55pm on Wednesday, Police responded to a reported single vehicle road traffic collision resulting in injury on North Shore Road in Smith’s parish. It appears that a motorcycle was traveling through the Flatts area when the rider, a 20 year old Warwick woman, lost control. As a result she was injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment; however her injuries were apparently relatively minor. She is currently in stable condition on a general ward at the hospital.”

Update 8:14pm: Official statement just released by Government addressing the speedbump:

The Ministry of Works and Engineering is appealing to motorists to slow down as they travel over the new speed humps introduced yesterday at Flatts Village.

Rumble strips were installed earlier this year in response to area residents and businesses who wanted to encourage motorists to reduce speed as they travelled through the Flatts Village area and the new speed humps are an additional measure to ensure the safety of the motoring public.

The speed hump is the same device used on Par-la-Ville Road in Hamilton and the Highways section of the Ministry is reviewing the safety features of the new device as motorists make their transition to navigating the speed hump.

New road markings have been introduced to make the speed humps more visible and also speed hump signs to warn motorists that speed bumps are being used in this area.

The Ministry reiterates its appeal to the motoring public to exercise care and caution and above all reduce speed as they travel through Flatts Village.

The Ministry remains grateful for the motoring public’s cooperation in this regard.

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  1. With Much Respect says:

    What is going on with these damn speed bumps in Flatt’s and in St. George’s, are they not satisfied that the yellow raised lines are damaging my tires and my suspension? Do they expect me to purchase a gad damn new car? These people are raising cost all over the Island, and eventually I will have a bill for car parts that I did not need prior road works. Find out what works, stick with it, but please, at no cost to me. Someone is going to flip or crash their vehicle going over one of those damn things. The road is not lighted in these areas, you cannot see the damn thing prior to rolling or slamming into it For heavens sake, sort your ….out.

    And why in the world was the motoring public not informed that these bumps would be installed so that we could be mindful of thier locations. And get the street lights up and working, most times on the road from Hamilton Parish through to Flatt’s the lights a blinking like it is Christmas, that is very dangerous when driving, one minute you can see in front of you and then the next the road is pitch black. We have our priorities twisted.

    Of course we have more pressing problems that need to be addressed immediately, but why in the mean time should I suffer anxiety while what usually is a pleasant, peaceful drive, turns into a ride on a rollercoaster. I don’t know what is best, speed over the yellow lines or drive slow. Personally, driving slow is worse.

    Just sort out this road works thing, I know it is a ploy to stop speeders, but there are too many in one spot, and have they really identifed the problematic areas, and yes, I know that people are speeding all over the Island, but some roads are easier to speed on then others, Flatt’s most times, is not one of those road, too much going on in the Village often……

    Can you please sort this out……

  2. terry says:

    Respect, yah bean reedin my mynd…and taking my thoughts……………….must have overlapped…..

  3. A Bit Concerned says:

    Dear Bernews,
    My concern is this – for disabled ones with vehicles that have handicap accessible ramps added to their cars, etc. these tend to lay low beneath the car so the handicap person can have a decent angle for entering and leaving the car. Most of the speed bumps already in Hamilton scrape the bottom of these ramps and the car’s muffler and who else knows what other damages are made beneath the car. If these speed bumps are “super-sized”, it is making it very difficult for the handicap to be mobile in a place that is not as handicap accessible already. If one were to get stuck on Flatts would the people in the car need to unload in the middle of the road and traffic in hopes the car can skim through to get passed? We understand the need for safety and reduced speeds, why not get a super-sized camera instead?

  4. The Pains of Slowing Down says:

    I was quite surprised to see the speed “hurdle” in Flatts late yesterday evening. My first thoughts were actually after thoughts. They did not put up any signs to indicate traffic was approaching this speed hurdle. They made no attempt to place reflectors or indicators either. They just left it yesterday after pouring the asphalt.

    Now it so happens that I was thinking about the unfortunate likelihood of an accident occurring. Such an accident occurred last night – bad lighting in the area compounding the unawareness of the hurdle led to a single vehicle bike accident.

    Does addressing problems by creating new problems (however temporary) actually work in this jurisdiction?

  5. Are you Serious!!! says:

    Of course we can’t fix the fences at the airport!!! We are to busy putting yellow lines and speed bumps in the middle of roads!!! Can we not prioritize the needs of this country in a collective manner. Obviously, there must be surplus of cash and resources in W&E, if they keep messing with the street for no apparent reason. Let all work from the same page!!!

  6. Who really Cares?? says:

    Interesting! I think someone is spending funds before the big exit at the end of October to add to the list of tasks accomplished during their term in office. I really don’t care what they do, they need to think first!! They put a big a(* round about near swizzle inn where i’ve seen people come around from east and almost end up on the dang sidewalk. There is a road in St. David’s where they put speed bumps probably 10 feet apart! So just imagine the gas and breaks that is being used to stop and take off. They need to repair dang roads that have potholes. Nonetheless, I will continue to roll over small speedbumps.

  7. what next.... says:

    Im just wondering who thinks of this stuff…. with all the traffic congestion of everyday commute i dont think we need anything more to slow us down… heres a thought: hows about we encourage our now full strength Police Force to have radar set up for the speeders and allow the law abiding motorist alone to travel at our legal speed…. Oh im sorry… i forgot they have better things to do…

  8. Yoda says:

    If they do this to the other two yellow line spots in flatts I will have to consider altering my morning commute. Actually, I may chart a new course anyways. But I agree with an above poster. 1. Who thinks of these ideas?, 2. who tests them? and, 3. who approves them?

  9. aald says:

    what?! why does big and fat=people slow down. they dumb. put a camera that that actually WORKS and catch the speeders. dont cause traffic slowing for everyone. let em speed. let em feel the consequences. they’re only gona slow down there n speed up right after….

  10. The Pains of Slowing Down says:

    Is a broken pelvis bone a “relatively minor injury”? Or did officials report without inquiring as to her injuries?

  11. Spoons says:

    Speed cameras are the only way forward. But then perhaps they don’t want them coz the police do most of the worst speeding – single vehicle police crash in St David’s…hmmmm wonder how that happened?

  12. So Confused says:

    I agree with all the comments!! I passed the speed “hurdle” last evening & I knew someone would crash due to it!! Why is the community not consulted as to whether we approve of yellow lines to ruin our tires? And dont get me started on the huge round-a-bout by Swizzle… it is so large and appears someone sketched out the measurements with their eyes closed!!

    Further, I would think the West needs more help to alleviate their traffic congestion, instead of creating traffic congestion from the East!!!

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      Morons are in charge. They think of an idea and go ahead with it without thinking well maybe this and that might happen.

  13. Knevel says:

    If there weren’t so many people out there driving with licenses they got by total accident we wouldn’t be seeing any of these cases of ‘killing a fly with a sledgehammer’ traffic taming excercises.

    Anyone with a grain of common sense and road safety would instinctively crawl through Flatts Village.

    Now we all have to suffer for the rest .

    As for speed cameras , it should be obvious why the powers that be are so reluctant to get them.

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      Mmkay. You don’t need to “crawl” through Flatts. How about moving those illegally parked cars that stick into the road, also a danger. Nope they won’t though. I wonder why.

  14. bigga says:

    those rumble strips in flatts have sent my car to the shop twice since they were put there, both times the bushings on my rear shocks came loose. those things have a reverse effect the slower you drive over them the worse they feel sp people tend to drive over them faster to lessen the rumble.

  15. " Political Idiots " says:

    Most politicians lack the wisdom to make good and rational decisions, their decisions are usually based on emotions and rhetoric, rather than science.
    Where is the evidence that there are a lot of accidents in Flats.

    So now they have installed a speed bump in what could be called a high way, which will more than likely, lead to more accident than they will prevent.

    Speaking of dumb politicians, I heard one on the radio saying you can drive over speed bumps going 20 MPH, can someone be that dumb, U.F.B!!

  16. Drew says:

    Has every poster here lost their common sense? Fact: people speed through Flatts and something needed to be done about it. If bad accidents haven’t already occured one (or more) were more than likely to happen – sooner rather than later. The speed strips didn’t work – hence people with loose bushings (which I don’t think would happen at a speed of 10k but hey, why should you be forced to slow down and be inconvenienced, right?) – so a speed bump makes perfect sense. The fact that all of you are complaining about having to slow down for what, 5 seconds(?), shows just how much our island’s road (and general) attitudes have gone into the sh**-hole. If morning traffic-congestion is bumper to bumper like on most other parts of the island how will the speed bump make traffic worse – unless you all speed in bumper to bumper traffic as well… If people drove in a respectable manner then W&E intervention wouldn’t be needed. Driving is a privlege not a right… remember that.

    • NWO says:

      Get the eff outta here!! So what rights do we have in Bermuda?!?!? The police can now stop and search you for no apparent reason other than because they “feel” like it!! We don’t have any rights when someone gets arrested!!! And now you say we don’t have any rights to the roads that we as TAX PAYERS pay for with our hard earned cash, blood, sweat, and tears!! It’s amazing when people like yourself can see their country turning into a POLICE STATE and think that’s a great thing!! So is LIVING a privilege too… um jus asking?!?!? You must be one of those people that think Bin Laden knocked down the World Trade Center towers… LMAO!!! smdh

      • D says:

        Who do you believe knocked down the Towers? It really isn’t that hard to organise that sort of attack. The reason people don’t do it is ’cause it achieves so little. Let’s not underestimate Uncle Bin Laden.

        • NWO says:

          I know from research that it wasn’t the work of Muslim extremist who had absolutely NOTHING to gain from it. It was the work of a very few who believe that it’s their right to control and dominate every single human being as they wish!!! I won’t say it has achieved “little”, because it all depends on what perspective you look at it from. The first thing it achieved was to strike fear in the hearts of US citizens that took the attack hook, line, and sinker!! They believed the US government’s version of the story and that way they were able to pass the PATRIOT ACT that striped the rights of every single US citizen with all of the fine print in the many pages of the act that congress didn’t even have a chance to read. It allowed this same group of people to invade OPIUM RICH Afghanistan and take control of the HEROIN trade that the “Taliban” had abolished!! 80% of all the world’s HEROIN is produced there now, when only 20% was before 9/11!! Then it also let them invade OIL RICH Iraq and finish what president Bush Sr. had started back in the nineties after they failed to destroy the twin towers in 1993. These people control Governments by controlling the MONEY!! They loan Governments money that they make from thin air, and the Government in return TAXES us the people in order to pay back the loans issued. The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE BANK just like the BERMUDA MONETARY AUTHORITY that produces our money…. Well the BMA isn’t as big as the Reserve, but it’s the same model!! WAKE UP people!!! They worship GOD but the only difference is that their G.O.D. stands for GOLD, OIL, and DRUGS!!! So you tell me who you think knocked down the Towers now?!!?!? You don’t have to take my word however, it’s right in front of your eyes, you just have to stop getting caught up in propaganda and see it!! Get out of the LEFT/RIGHT paradigm that has us all focusing on a POLITICAL PARTY e.g. the UBP did it, or the PLP did it when they are both being controlled by the same people at the top!!! The PRESIDENT/ PREMIER is like the manager of a franchise, but if you really have a problem with the service or the product you need to see the OWNER of the franchise… that’s where you’ll effect real change!!! We have to stop blaming the MIDDLE MAN and go straight to the SOURCE!! I hope that helps…. oh ya plus top US officials believe Osama Bin Laden is already DEAD, but they still use him as the scape goat!!

        • Cha says:

          NWO, your response kind of furthers Drew’s point. Firstly, though this is irrelevant to the speed bump, police around the world can arrest you if they “feel” like it, in fact in Thailand they can arrest you and torture you for weeks without even seeing any form of a judge or court room (also see Singapore, Cambodia…there are many others) beyond that you do have rights when you get arrested you know to a free trial presented to a jury of your peers and all that Jazz. Though you do not however have the right to go home chill out play PS3 and watch a movie as that would moot the point of being arrested in the first place. Secondly, you state as a tax payer you have the right to do what you want on the road which is true however you have elected officials to then create laws which state how the roads should be used in order to benefit society as a whole. Now as the law currently states that the speed limit through Flatt’s Village a maximum speed of 15 km/h this would not allow you to float through there going 60k, wait for it…hence the speed bump. Lastly Bermuda is not a police state, I refer to an article that came out today: DPP: New rules on ‘low level’ crimes, since you missed it basically if you are guilty of a low level crime ie possession of controlled substance or minor assault you could be issued a warning as opposed to having to go to court and get a criminal record. In a police state, you would not have this option and would likely be flogged by the cat and nine tails. So next time before you try to create an argument out of ignorance perhaps you should get your facts straight.

          Oh and in regard to the World Trade center as you mentioned perhaps you should not listen to exactly everything Michael Moore says. Ringpiece

          • NWO says:

            Michael Moore is a watered down version of the TRUTH, get your facts straight!!! I replied to Drew’s comment in regards to rights and privileges, hence the spill about taxpayers paying for the roads. And you obviously missed the whole LEFT/RIGHT paradigm comment. That’s why we’re going back and forth about trivial stuff which I have no time for. Your elected officials take an oath to serve the Queen, not you and I!!! I read the propaganda machine Royal Gazette everyday and I read the article about “low level crimes”!! So don’t assume I’m someone that is rambling on about FACTS that aren’t researched!! Your elected officials work for the people that ship in the DRUGS, so don’t talk about them doing things to prevent people from having criminal records!! If they wanted that, then they would LEGALIZE IT!!! And if you don’t think you’re living in a Police State now, just wait and see!! Unfortunately by then it’ll be too late to change it. It’s people like you that just believe everything the Government tells you and you think that they really “CARE” about you!! How about this from our neighbors across the pond, this is the rights I’m talking about- The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. So random stop and searches should be illegal here!! That’s why I said it’s is or is turning into a POLICE STATE to clarify for you. You think we live in a “democratic” society when in actual fact… wait for it!! I’ll put it in laments terms for you since I’m the ignorant one!! Democracy is like TWO WOLVES AND A SHEEP VOTING WHAT’S FOR DINNER!!! You do the math…. If you were American you probably would’ve voted for Obama, and I bet that you must be a huge Ewart fan!!

          • Cha says:

            As I don’t wish to get into a meaningless debate with a moron I will simply assume that by “laments” you meant LAYMANS. I never supported Obama as I figured he would do exactly what he has; nothing, and frankly I feel that Ewart Brown and his administration has been the worst thing that has happened to Bermuda. Hence your assumptions are way off base. Perhaps if you are so passionate about making a change and the short comings of the political systems then you should move into politics, though given your demonstrated aptitude and diction maybe you should just remain anonymous.

  17. Gros Neg says:

    Thank you “DREW SAYS”!! Finally someone who posted a sensible comment. Just slow down when you see speed strips or speed bumps and I promise you there will be no accidents, no late arrivals to your destination, no damaged cars and all will be well. Personally I’m so glad to see these initiatives to curb some of the ridiculous driving I see on this island. Now, if we could just keep cars in their own lanes as they sling around corners… As a motor bike rider, I would LOVE that!

  18. bigga says:

    personally i have no problem with the speed bump being there, its those rumble strips that i have a problem with until your something happens to your vehicle because of those strip then your tone may change. I say replace the rumble strips with speed bumps.

  19. really says:

    The main problem that I can see is that apparently they gave no notice or adequate signage to show people that there was a speed-bump ahead. The debate about whether or not the speedbump was a good idea aside, that’s the recipe for an accident. And as always, it’s the bike riders who take the most damage.

  20. Mike says:

    OVERKILL AND UNECESSARY!!! the yellow strips are more than enough.

  21. Confused says:

    Clearly the bottom line is nobody said they have a problem with the speed “hurdle”… the problem is it almost killed a girl on her bike & the public was not made aware of this initiative. Further, anyone who actually owns a car & travels that route to go home daily knows the rubble strips will damage their tires no matter how slow they are traveling, which is a huge annoyance!! That spot will always encounter accidents being there is lack of space due to the cars parked on the street and due to people coming and going to the businesses there.

    • Goose says:

      It only nearly killed a girl because she hit it doing in excess of 60k by police estimates.

  22. not impressed says:

    The huge speed bumps are a bit much for me….i mean come on my car tires and suspension is almost shot from the BERMUDA ROADS….we have people out there shooting each other and government is worring about speed bumps!!!!

  23. Franklin says:

    How do the yellow strip bumpy things hurt tires?

  24. Sandra Burrowes says:

    I’ve driven through Flatts Village every day for more than three years since moving to Hamilton Parish. Something desperately has been needed in Flatts to curb the behaviour of speeding motorists. Yes, speed bumps are inconvenient. And yes, they slow us down. That’s the point. And at the proper speed, speed bumps don’t damage cars or tyres. Yes, Works & Engineering has the responsibility to post adequate signage (and I hope that they do this immediately) but when such a large percentage of the motoring public violates speed limits routinely, something has to change. Works & Engineering has taken a concrete step toward a solution and they should be applauded. If the solution is not perfect, then voice your opinion in a productive way to the appropriate people rather than whining and taking cheap shots in cyberspace. I have no personal connections to Works & Engineering so have no reason to defend their decisions, but it seems like they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If speed caused yet another traffic injury or fatality in Flatts, we’d be crying out for speed bumps yet again. You can’t have it both ways, folks.

  25. Franklin says:

    Yes, but they can’t install a giant speedbump with no warning, totally unmarked, unpainted, unannounced and expect everything to be fine?? Before this, I would have thought that even a person with only the dimmest half of a wit MUST be able to look at a huge bump in the road and think “hey, that could be a problem, we should at least mark that thing”

    Would your opinion be the same if they’d done the exact inverse and left an unmarked trench of the same propotions?

    • Sandra Burrowes says:

      Well, we both agree that the speed bump should be marked, but while they’re finishing up the project, the large zebra striping should be adequate for any driver who is driving the appropriate speed. Again, it comes down to assuming some measure of personal responsibility.