Videos, Photos, Updates: Bus Strike Day #2

February 10, 2011

bus buses depot filled[Updated – strike now on third day today, see updates here]

It unofficially appears that buses may not be running as of yet this morning [Feb 10].

There has been no official statement issued, however Bernews visited the Bus Depot on Palmetto Road at 6am to find no sign of life. We eventually found one person, who told us they do not believe buses are running.

We apologize for not having more concrete information as we are aware many people rely on the bus for transportation, however we will check back at 7am to see if there has been any changes and update accordingly.

Yesterday afternoon, BIU President Chris Furbert called a press conference, and confirmed that bus drivers were on strike. Mr Furbert said the staff member, who had 18 years service, was let go as he called in sick, and on that same day went to do another part time job within Department of Public Transportation.

Mr Furbert said that while the BIU does not condone the actions of the employee as such, they cannot however support the actions of the Department of Public Transportation. Mr Furbert said he would like to see the employee reinstated, and face a suspension as a disciplinary measure, but not terminated.

A Government statement said: “Disciplinary action was taken against the individual as he had called in sick three consecutive days while at the same time turning up for work in the employ of an outside vendor at a PTB depot in the evening of those same three days. The individual also forged the signature of that vendor for the three days.”

“The individual previously had done the same thing as he worked at an outside job while being on sick leave. On that occasion the decision to terminate the individual was reduced to two weeks suspension due to his years of service. As this latest incident constitutes gross misconduct, management of DPT made the decision to terminate the employee. The Labour Office has been contacted and the matter will be turned over to the Labour Minister.”

The Government had worked with the BIU last year to forgive the Berkeley Performance Bond payment on the agreement that there would be no ‘wildcat’ strikes without adhering to the collective bargaining agreement and giving 21 days notice of industrial action.

We had in excess of 100 comments from readers on both the article and our Facebook page about the strike yesterday, and in an extreme rarity for Bernews – in fact this is the first time – all comments made were in agreement.

Usually comments range with varied opinions, however in the case of yesterday’s strike not one single comment was in support of the strike, with over 100 readers all condemning the bus drivers action that predicated the strike, and/or the strike itself.

Update 7am: On our second check at 7am we found the Bus Depot still empty, with only one person visible to our view. When questioned, he said buses are not running.

Update 8am: We received unofficial word that drivers were meeting at 8am, so took a quick drive to the Bus Depot, and for the first time today found activity. About a dozen persons in PTB uniforms were congregating at the Depot, with more driving in. The buses were all parked, and there still appears to be no bus service.

Update 8:40: The Bus Depot in St George’s [pictured below at 8:15am] is full of buses, and there appeared to be no activity. Two drivers were seen on premises at that time, and when asked they said they were awaiting word to see what happens. A quick drive about showed that most bus stops on St David’s main road and St George’s were deserted, except for a teenage at the St David’s roundabout and a mother and child at the main St George’s bus stop.


Update 9:30am: BIU President Chris Furbert arrived at the Bus Depot on Palmetto Road where a large amount of drivers have gathered [photo1 and photo2].

Update 10am: Mr Furbert is still speaking with the drivers. Buses are still not running.


Update 12pm: A few dozen drivers are still at the Depot, buses are still not running. It is understood talks are taking place now.

Update 12:23pm: Statement from Transport Minister Terry Lister:

With regard to the current bus strike, the Labour Minister had filed the Gazette Extraordinary pursuant to Section 4 and 11 of the Labour Disputes Act 1992.

With this Gazetting the law requires all industrial actions to cease until the final determination of the Tribunal.

The position of the Ministry of Transport is that the employee in question has been subject to a properly conducted disciplinary process and had been found to be guilty of gross misconduct and thus dismissed.

To enable the public to suffer no further through bus stoppages, we have agreed to the matter going to arbitration.

We are confident that the arbitration panel will support the decision made by DPT Management.

Update 12:39: At this time the scene at the Bus Depot is basically the same as its been since 8am today. Drivers are gathered in the area, with no sign of buses being moved at this time.

Update 2:50pm: BIU President Chris Furbert is shown earlier today addressing Bus Drivers on the second day of their strike.

Update 4pm:The scene at the Bus Depot is the same as its been since 8am or so. Drivers gathering, buses not moving.

Update 4:40pm: Mr Furbert has arrived at the Bus Depot, and is about to address drivers.


Update 4:45pm: The 12 minute video below shows Mr Furbert speaking this afternoon.

Update 5:08pm: A statement was just released by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kim Wilson confirming that the matter has been referred to the Labour Disputes Tribunal for settlement. This was done in pursuant to the Labour Disputes Act 1992.

Update 5:26pm: There are still drivers gathering, buses aren’t moving. BIU President Chris Furbert just met with PTB Drivers at DPT Palmetto Road. He updated the drivers on the days progress concerning the industrial action. We unofficially understand that it was decided that the driver membership would wait for the Minister to contact the BIU president until 6pm.

If no contact is made, the drivers will leave the depot and return at 8am. BIU has a regularly scheduled council meeting tonight [5:30pm] at which 13 to 15 BIU divisions usually attend. The group would be updated as to the progress of the industrial action. Decisions may be made at that time as to the possibilty of any further industrial action.

Update 5:57pm: The PLP website updated with a post titled “BIU Ignores Agreement for No Wildcat Strikes,” with an article saying: “…Additionally, the Government worked with the BIU last year to forgive the Berkeley Performance Bond payment on the agreement that there would be no ‘wildcat’ strikes without adhering to the collective bargaining agreement and giving 21 days notice of industrial action. It seems the BIU has ignored this agreement and has inconvenienced commuters by withdrawing service with no notice.”

Update 6:03pm: Bus drivers have left, or are leaving, the area and it appears there will be no bus service tonight. A proposal, from the BIU side, has been made that the driver be reinstated with a months suspension and 6 months probationary period.

Update 6:45pm: Video of Mr Furbert giving us a brief statement at 6pm:

Update 7:30pm: This sign was seen taped to the Post Office door:


Update 10:00pm: Transport Minister Terry Lister rejected the BIU’s offer [reinstate the driver with one month suspension], and the strike will go into Day #3 tomorrow. After tonight’s general council meeting ended [approximately 930], BIU president Chris Furbert expressed his disappointed in the Minister’s decision to turn down the proposal given. He said that the bus drivers would not be returning to regular schedule tomorrow morning but would attend a meeting called for 11am and the BIU headquarters. Marine & Ports workers [ferries] have also been called to the meeting.

Update Fri, Feb 11: 6:30am: The Bus Depot on Palmetto Road is quiet, with no sign of activity.

All updates for today, Day #3 of the strike, will be posted here.

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  1. just joking says:

    if the Government back down to this guy and the BIU…Bermuda is officially finished……is there any way I can withhold any taxes paid to the Government until they prove they have balls????

  2. Hire him back says:

    What the heck. Hire him back they hired a ferry operator back after he was caught apparently under the influence. Pretty soon they won’t need many buses as the total population changes as more offshore companies close and ex-pat workers head home.

    • Jo says:

      This is outrageous. In Canada, (and most other 1st world countries) calling in sick and then going to work elsewhere would get you fired on the spot! Not only was he let off with a suspension for the first time he did this, now the union wants him to be let off again! This is fraud! Then we have the issue of him forging signatures…I agree with the Transportation Minister completely. It doesn’t matter how long he has been working there, the fact is he committed fraud. Additionally, they have caught him twice now…how many times have they not caught him committing the same act of fraud? Union you need to get a grip on reality and let discipline occur as it should be.
      People have also mentioned the legality of the strike. I agree with the person above who says let the regiment and volunteer police officers drive the buses instead. Clearly Mr. Furbert is just as much an idiot as the guy who got fired.

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Just because something’s happened before doesn’t make it right. This is labour relations, not supreme court. Right on, Terry Lister. Let’s not take any more of this $hit sitting down.

  3. CB says:

    All is not lost: Pretty soon we will have Philipino bus drivers who will not only pass the drug test, but also show up for work. If you think I;m joking – watch this space.

    • myopinion says:

      I agree with you 100%!! And we as Bermudians will cry foul when foreigners take our jobs…but if we aren’t going to do the jobs properly, if we don’t feel we need to show up every day, if we can pass a simple drug test, then I say “HIRE THE BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB!” If that person happens to be a foreign worker that shows up on time, EVERY DAY, is able to pass the drug test, doesn’t call in sick for lame-ass reasons, then he’s the man for the job!! If I owned a company, my bottom line is at stake – I need someone reliable to work for me… who in this lot of bus drivers is reliable. Bring on the Philipino Bus Drivers!! Please – it’s about time we put an end to this entitlement. Where is it getting us? Stranded at a bus stop! This is totally unacceptable. Give someone else this joker’s job!!

      • myopinion says:

        “CAN”T pass a simple drug test”

        • juanachange says:

          Filipino indeed!

          Filipino and other nationalities who work at their best, and most of the times do the extra mile.

          But due to the moratorium released last February 3, foreign worker application will not be accepted for three months.

          let’s see what’s gonna happen.

          i hope small business survive as well as companies with lots of foreign workers.

  4. Sarah says:

    I am still so freaking irritated about this. The guy screwed up majorly. This is the kind of thing you learn to deal with in primary school. If you stay home sick from school, you don’t get to go to the birthday party that night. It’s f**king common sense and common courtesy.

  5. Hudson says:

    FIRE THE LOT OF THEM. This is an illegal strike. Have the regiment and volunteer police drive the buses until new drivers can be hired directly (ie no collective agreements or union representation). The union is a joke.

    How anybody could support this is beyond me. The man is guilty of gross misconduct, and fraud. Yes, fraud. worse yet, he’s done it before!!

  6. drew says:

    I wonder if this guy served in the regiment… He’s obviously lacking in discipline and ‘real-world’ skills…

    • Hudson says:

      Yes, and those who support him are too!

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        If you support him and defend this wrong then you should be fired as well…

    • The Regiment? says:

      The Regiment gives us discipline and ‘real-world’ skills?!?! Like how to hide in camo and shoot a gun?? Maybe you GOT-SERVED in the regiment…

  7. yush says:

    I am a diehard BIU support but i couldnt support this on principle…..this is utter bulsh%t !

  8. Truth is killin' me says:

    Furbert…if you back this guy, you have definiteley lost my respect and have lost the plot!!!!

    • LOL...SMDH says:

      Well remember this man is paying his dues for Mr. Furbert to do just what he has done – represent him! HOWEVER ON THE OTHER HAND MR. FURBERT SHOULD BE LEADING BY GUIDING & DIRECTING HIS MEMEBERS ON WHAT IS JUST & MORALLY RIGHT! THIS STRIKE IS OUT OF ORDER! In these times if we are not valuing our jobs then, we don’t deserve them!

    • parent of a middle school child says:

      what did he say on the news last night… “I don’t think what he did was that bad”???????????

      Well no wonder the country is in the mess its in if the PRESIDENT of the BIU thinks taking sick time off work and then working another job ” is not that bad!!!!!!”

  9. Nomber Elewen says:

    “But amma Burmoojan. I can call in sick all I vant. You fettin axpets should fettin vell ger herm”!

    Wote Pee-Al-Pee!

  10. WOW says:

    Sort it out and sort it out soon. Bus drivers you provide a service. We the public pay for this service and rely on it. Think about what this person did. Really do you think you want him to be working for you as he lied about being sick and you are paying him for this lie. Gosh come on use your brains it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. He need to be let go. If he did this much time (18 years)  with PTB imagine all the other times he did this to you and you have paid him. GOSH so annoyed right now ………Get it together a strike is not needed for something as foolish as this.

  11. WTH says:

    Dumbsh1t for real.

  12. JB says:

    GOVERNMENT is supposed to honour his 18 years of service???? Why doesn’t HE honour his 18 years of service????? This is the STUPIDEST move the BIU has EVER made!!

  13. Call as it is says:


    Bring Maggie Thatcher here…she would soon get rid of them and this joker pres of the union!!

    Look what happened to the Miners in the 80′s when their Union went out of control.

    • Sarah says:


    • Dee says:

      Great idea, Maggie would sort them out in no time but unfortunately we do not have anyone in our Government with the guts to stand up to the Union.

  14. J Starling says:

    First off, based only on what is stated about the employee in question, yes, he screwed up and deserves to face the consequences of his actions. However, there is a formal procedure with which to do this, agreed on between the BIU and PTB management. I don’t know it exactly, but basically the person should have been disciplined and placed on probation or something, possibly even ultimately fired. If management followed that framework then the BIU have no reason to strike.

    It seems evident that management did not follow that agreed framework though. If the BIU does not seek to ensure the framework is followed, which they are doing – and not defending the employee who they agree screwed up – then they give management a free hand to fire people almost at will, which is not good for any work environment and would only cause more problems later. So, management needs to reinstate the person and then handle the discplinary actions properly – according to the framework – which may indeed involve firing, but it needs to be done properly.

    • Dee says:

      He’s done it before and was going to be fire but this was reduced to a two week suspension. So he knows what could happen if he did it again – and he did it again! He was not ignorant of the fact that if his actions were repeated he faced being fired. He got what he deserved, no question.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      He has been suspended once before for the EXACT SAME gross misconduct…

      Should the DPT just keep on suspending him and allow him to carry on with his underhanded actions?

      Isn’t there a 21 day strike warning procedure? So don’t start preaching about procedures. Management suspended him the first time and warned that a repeat of his actions would result in termination. He did not heed the advice/warning and did it again. He deserves to be fired. For some reason Unionized workers think they can work half-ass and be immune from the real world of employment. Get over yourselves…

      He should be fired and the job given to someone unemployed Bermudian who is willing to actually work for a living…I know of plenty that would love to take his place nowadays…

    • SSDD Believer says:

      The union stresses that someone hired to do a specific job cannot do any other job unless the union agrees to it! The bus drivers refuse to lower the wheelchair ramps on the buses because it is not in their contract agreement, so how does pumping gas fit it. The union members resposible for fueling the buses should be against the bus driver’s actions as they caused the others who would normally get over time to cover the missing worker to loose out. So what does the Union have in store for the violations against those agreements?

  15. ROS says:

    OK.. BIU… You are WRONG WRONG WRONG! IDC how long he has been working…. IF he falsified time, records, and a signature he should be FIRED! ANYONE with an OUNCE of brains can see that! Listen Bus drivers….. you read these message… please use your common sense….

  16. Allan G says:

    OK Bermuda let’s work together and make this legit. Send your complaint to your local MP.

    There were school children yesterday that were stranded as many private and home schools are still in session. My suggestion to my MP: Agreements should include that illegal strikes equal no pay!!!!!!

    • Sarah says:

      Good idea!

    • SSDD Believer says:

      On top of the no pay, there should be a substantial fine levied against the union to discourage such actions. If the union knew it could be fined $100,000 for an illegal strike, the strike most likely would not have happened.

      • CanadianLuv says:

        I think this is an amazing opportunity for Bermudains to come together for CHANGE!
        And take the Island back one step at a time!
        This small group of people is crippling the whole country due to an illegal strike and to top it off the employee’s illegal actions.
        The Union’s credibility has been shattered by supporting their union member who is in the WRONG! They should have done more investigating and sat down to a private arbitration before going on strike….
        To add to the mess this whole ordeal is going to cause friction between management and the workers.
        The government should look into making the Transit service an Essential and mandatory service to tax payers just like the police & Fire fighters ( unless they already are..)

  17. High Stakes says:

    Come on Mr. Furbert,

    Let the public whose livelihood depends on Public Buses utilize the service that our tax dollars pay for. We as Bermudians have no problem standing up for those who have been done wrong, but the cost of handicapping our society is too great a price to pay for one person’s blatant disregard of work ethic. 18 years of service should allow him the chance to be suspended without pay for an agreed amount of time between the Union and PTB. After 18 years of service, the word “Accountability” should be understood to the core by the individual. Aside from the the issue that led to the termination, the price we are paying is one far too great without being offered a “refund”.

    As for the Bus drivers who are not working because of their fellow colleague, many of you I know wish to return to work with dignity and honest integral service to the Bermudian society unselfishlessly. Perhaps this is an opportune time for the remaining Bus drivers to take a stand and realize what is truly at stake here

  18. High Stakes says:

    If the Buses are still on strike tomorrow and I see people at the bus stop, YES I will stop and give them a ride as far as I possibly can.

    This is a good opportunity for the general public to kick in and show where the real strength lies.


  19. Not in Support says:

    I am the wife of a bus operator and believe me when I say not all are in support of this. This guy had no respect for his job let alone his co-workers who are now not being paid for his stupid actions but what can these guys do. Go against their union. Nope, we need the union to help when you have issues like rude children and tourists and grownups that think they have the right to do nasty things and say what they like to you. Alot of what happens doesn’t get published – you’ve had issues of operators being hit with fire extinquishers, some being beat up, some being spit on – where’s all the support from the above people when this happens! What about all the buses that are off the road for fixing. when a bus doesnt show up it looks like the driver is around but really the fact is that there was no bus for the driver so no run was made!

    • Sarah says:

      I do believe you, and I don’t believe that all of the drivers should be punished for the actions of an irresponsible few…or in this case, one irresponsible man. This is one instance where the voice of dissent really has to come from within, from the bus drivers and the other workers around them. Please encourage your husband and others to voice their concerns. The simple truth is that actions like this make the public less inclined to take the union seriously, and to support them when they do strike for legitimate reasons. If the drivers take a stand, the public will be more willing to understand when they do strike because of something that has gone wrong.
      I ride the bus daily, to work and back, and believe me when I say I know some of what the bus drivers go through. I try to be as polite as possible, and some of the drivers are truly lovely people — Ms. Landy stands out in my mind as being so friendly.
      I know the bus drivers put up with a lot, and I’m sorry that your husband (and others) will not be paid. I hope everyone will see reason soon.

    • WOW says:

      Well it should all be made public so that everyone knows what goes on.
      I support the drivers that are happy and love their job and show that daily. But there are those drivers that are very rude and should actually be out looking for another job as driving the public is just not for them.
      I hope that this person is actually thinking about what he has done and know that what he did was wrong especially since he was punished for it before. Hope your husband and the public are back to normal soon as we all need this service.

  20. Dragging A Lure says:

    A Government statement said: “Disciplinary action was taken against the individual as he had called in sick three consecutive days while at the same time turning up for work in the employ of an outside vendor at a PTB depot in the evening of those same three days. The individual also forged the signature of that vendor for the three days.”

    I believe that the Department of Public Transportation should take the next step and forward the forged signature documents to the relevant authorities for possible legal proceedings. I cannot believe that the drivers and Mr. Furbert supports that type of activity.

    • Lead By Example says:

      Hey Dragging….your comments are good. What kind of example does all this show to our kids? What does it tell them about work ethic?

  21. Not Surprised says:

    In this ecomnomy, he wouldn’t be reinstated in any other job. People have been laid off for a lot less. This man Abused the system and SHOULD BE FIRED!!!! This strike is illegal, but how many people will be frowned upon today for being late because of no buses and they will now be pinpointed in the next lay offs because they have no become “unreliable”. We know that’s a crazy claim, but it the darn Truth in the economy and states of affairs in Whether you want to belive it or not!

    Thank you bus drivers for putting you fellow countrymen at risk in numerous ways today, because your co worker screwed up! You are going to back him for being completely wrong. SHAME ON YOU! Every one in BEMRUDA GO OUT AND BUY A CAR OR A BIKE AND STOP CATCHING THE BUS! When there is no one left and they can’t be paid because there is no money coming in, then cry to Mr Furbert and see if he can take care of you then! Unions are good, but not in Bemruda where they abuse the country all the time with the bully tactics! LEAVE HIM FIRED!

  22. LEAD BY EXAMPLE says:

    This is the reason why our children dont think the rules apply to them!! 3 days off sick then you wanna go to the same job/2nd job and work? GET BACK TO WORK!!! The other bus operators just looking for a day off SMH. :(

    • wow1 says:

      Excatly. we do need the union expecally the bus drivers, because of what is done on a regular bases to them. but this situation is ridiclous.

  23. BermyLove says:

    As stupid as it is and sounds, since the man was technically still working part time at his full time position, he is probably arguing that he just cheated a couple of hours from his full time job to do the part time. I don’t in anyway agree with him at all the PTB had a right to fire him for his misconduct and for forging someone’s signature which is against the law! And for those that support this stupid strike is just as guilty! Rules are rules and people need to learn to follow them and stop teaching our kids that it is ok not to! This is why a lot of them are out committing criminal acts now! SMDH!!

  24. you need to get a life says:

    Look I’m tired of people commenting on stuff they know nothing about. Get the all the facts first before you reply to something you are totally clues less. We stand by our Co- worker because we have the FACTS. Nothing is ever gained with out consequences. Getover start walking exercise never hurt anyone.

    • Truth is killin' me says:

      This island is small…someone post the guys name…I want to speak to him personally!!!I’m not happy about being late for work this morning. Dare to post his name I dare any of you!!!!!!!!!

    • BermyLove says:

      Straight up, the guy was doing a pack and got caught then fired! Furthermore, why the hell would someone call in sick from a full time job to work part time is beyond me. And on top of it all he would have gotten a sick pay for full time work on days he was working part time. How is that in any way, ethical or fair to his fellow co workers??? That is just crazy to me. Now people can’t get to work or school because of one worker’s misconduct…SMH

    • Hudson says:

      With all due respect, it is you who needs to get a life. Stop and think about what exactly it is that you are supporting.

    • Sarah says:

      Right, because walking from Somerset to town is totally feasible, and no disabled people who CAN’T WALK ride the bus. You sound like an idiot, and inconsiderate to boot.

    • SM says:

      State the facts then! You stand by your co-worker just because you’re part of the BIU not by his stupid actions I hope….otherwise you’re an idiot just like him.

      • The truth shall set you free says:

        EXACTLY, enlighten us with the FACTS!

    • Really says:

      We are making these comments because of the actions of your fellow coworker. Explain that to the kids and other regular bus users that rely on this service. WALK exercise never hurt, well remember that when you are in this sort of situation. Hope you just start walking and just brush it off. He should be dealt with everyone else should not be affected for his actions.  Not all coworkers feel the same way as you do.

    • Dee says:

      Actually, I think it is you that needs to get a life. The facts have been reported in the media and from the mouth of the BIU leader, we are aware of the facts. If you stand by your Co-Worker knowing what he did then you are as bad as he is.

    • Not Surprised says:

      Your right! @ you need to get a life…. I will get a life and I do need the excersize! From today forward, I will NEVER use public transportation. I will add to the congestion and use my car to come to work and pick up others I see waiting at the bus stops. You will NOT pay to ride the bus, which in turn pays your wages, any longer. Thank you “you need to get a life ” I have been stupid and blind you are so right and I was stupid for trying to depend on a public service offered to me a BERMUDIAN. I am getting over myself and also getting over you and your plight. Thank you for being so considerate to all of us who depend on you.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      You need to get back to work!!

    • EERRITATED says:

      @you need to get a life: are you serious? did you really just say walk? what about people who live in somerset and need to get to work in the east end? or the ederly? are you really telling the elderly who have arthritis to stop being lazy and walk?
      its you who needs to get a life….and start caring for our fellow bermudians!

    • I'm just saying!! says:

      Start walking!! Really?? If everyone walked everwhere, you wouldn’t have a job!! Fraud is a crime!! He should be counting his lucky stars that a firing is all he got, he should be answering to the law. Mr. Furbert, shame on you for not adhering to your promise about no ‘wildcat’ strikes. Now an entire nation is inconvenienced. Judging on the public outcry, has it not occured to you that perhaps you are wrong on this one? I’m just sayin!! I’ve been in meetings with Union reps before and one thing I can say is that the Union don’t let Management manage. YOU don’t sign the workers’ pay checks, management does! A first time offender, suspension, I agree. But this is habitual and he needs to be held accountable. He obviously takes for granted the fact that he has TWO jobs!! Shame shame for Bermuda!!

    • Bermudian says:

      You have the facts? You have one side of the story and that is a biased side since you work there. The consequences should be that he does not get his job back and people like you get replaced with much better employees such as people from overseas if needed. Your mindset is what is wrong with Bermuda and what is negatively affecting our children that are learning from fools like you.

    • Pitbull says:

      Since YOU support this type of FRAUD then You And the president of the BIU need to be FIRED. He has done this before and was warned about doing it. Now he has done it again and you support this?????? What type of an example is this showing? This is not good at all. You all need to get back to work!!!!!!!

  25. Shark says:

    I was late to work today as I had to walk, live near Somerset Bride but work in Somerset village. No worries though my boss understands. Hope I dont have to go through this Firday. It seems like public service workers will strike over little things I mean suspend the whole bus service for one persion? Whats more he lied. If you are sick from work stay home and get better not go and work again. Sick days are given by jobs as if your sick you need time to recover.

  26. Terry says:

    @ Not Surprised. History has repeated itself over and over again.

    The BIU has held this country hostage since the 1960′s.

    Name a service, anyone, and you’ll find it being represented. Transport; Ground, Air, Sea. Hotels; Major, Cottage Colony’s, ( oops, none left). Hospitals et al.

    The Government Department that has employed this person fired him for breach of many things. He has a history, documented. But along come the “Meicanusbiu” and shut down the island again.

    This black on black (which is statistically correct) has got to stop. The blacks are suffering enough with the down turn in the eccomony, lack of tousists, higher taxes, loss of jobs and yes …..killing each other.

    I have seen it all over the years.

    Too bad for him. You can take care of your bretheran for so long before it becomes a burden as can be seen by the disruption caused by one mans action and the comming together of those that hold so much power over the civil service and the country at large.

    This man has left hhis family down, his fellow workers and his countrymen and women. And all their sibblings.

    I have nothing further to say on the matter. It speaks for itself.

    A safe day too all.

  27. Where do i send my Taxi bills? says:

    I would like to propose that all here who have been forced to catch Taxi’s over the last two days send me there receipts so that I may invoice the Union for reimbursement!

    The vast majority of people who catch the buses do so as they can not afford the ownership of a car, bike or luxury of a Taxi. The Buss pass doesn’t offer much value when you have to pay foe a $50 fare to Dockyard.

    Could the union please post the address of their accounts department so that I am no longer out of pocket… again!!

  28. Cause and Effect says:

    I couldn’t believe that Mr. Furbert would call a strike in support of this nonsense. Did I hear right did Mr. Furbert say “That he didn’t think what the veteran bus driver did was all that bad!!….There you go people, this is from the man in charge of the union. Unbelievable!! He should be fired too!! I hope the PTB has the balls to maintain their position, because BErmudians need to be sent a serious message, we need to wake up and stop abusing work ethics and policies in the workplace. There are far too many people desperately in need of employment for this fool to be abusing sick leave and than working on the sly with no conscience, in his own employers yard no less! People like him take the union for granted too, next thing Furbert will be calling out the Marine & Ports (ferrys) to strengthen their cry for help. All this for someone who also in addition to his gross misconduct, also commmited an alleged crime (fraud). Call the authorities and charge his man!! Afterall he has been warned (Termination for repeated misconduct), now that’s a theory.

    Get the buses back up and running and save the industrial action for “REAL CAUSES”.

    Let me take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all the bus drivers that do a fine job day after day, a lot of the time amid adversity.One bad apple need not spoil the bunch.

    • Malachi says:

      What bothers me more than Mr Furbert’s arrogance and stupidity is the lack of Government intervention in this matter.

      Paula Cox needs to address Mr Furbert and warn him that if the bus drivers are are not back to work by 3:00PM today they will be fired. Remember, there are dozens of Bermudians currently out of work!

  29. sandgrownan says:

    Give everyone who has engaged on this illegal strike a formal warning letter on their HR file.

  30. Winnie says:

    Wow !!! how can Bro Chris defend this one, just for the total stupidity this man needs to be let go. Call sick then turn up to work a seperate job for someone else at the same place mmmmmmmmm can you say St. Brendans ooops I mean MAWI. Come on if we let this slip then God help us.

  31. Otti, I hate to call you at home but can you please report back to work A.S.A.P.
    but you are really needed. look what is happen to Bermuda,PLP and the B.I.U
    and all the unempolyed Bermudian’s Its a mess

    Sorry to ask but help is needed


  32. LEAD BY EXAMPLE says:

    To: You all need to get a Life :/
    The FACTS please were waiting to hear this one……………Hellooooooooooooo!!! O I forgot u all on strike! So sad :(

  33. Just Concern says:

    Sometimes i wonder who have more common sense, Adults or Children!
    If it looks like a duck, quack like a Duck walks like one! it is not a CHICKEN!

  34. Jim Garlic says:

    mum…sompin stink roun hear

  35. MinorMatters says:

    Um mum halloe…maybe dem byes in de Bermuda Regiment can drive de buses vhen all de bus drivers have bin fired!

    see it nah!

  36. Jim Garlic says:

    Can’t support ignorance.

  37. Call as it is says:

    Now I’m a union man
    Amazed at what I am
    I say what I think, that the company stinks
    Yes I’m a union man

    When we meet in the local hall
    I’ll be voting with them all
    With a hell of a shout, it’s “Out brothers, out!”
    And the rise of the factory’s fall

    Oh, you don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    Until the day I die
    Until the day I die

    The union has made me wise
    To the lies of the company spies
    And I don’t get fooled by the factory rules
    ’cause I always read between the lines

    And I always get my way
    If I strike for higher pay
    When I show my card to the Scotland Yard
    And this is what I say:

    Oh, oh, you don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    Until the day I die
    Until the day I die

    Before the union did appear
    My life was half as clear
    Now I’ve got the power to the working hour
    And every other day of the year

    So though I’m a working man
    I can ruin the government’s plan
    And though I’m not hard, the sight of my card
    Makes me some kind of superman

    Oh, oh, oh, you don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    Until the day I die
    Until the day I die

    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me, I’m part of the union
    Until the day I die
    Until the day I die

  38. Common Sense says:

    This is a tragic day for Unions in Bermuda. Calling a wildcat strike, despite earlier promises NOT to do so, and having the BIU condoning an act that was clearly fraudulent just shows that the BIU leadership has simply lost touch with reality, and lost the faith of the general public of Bermuda. We are living in very harsh economic times and illegal strikes such as this one will be the straw that breaks the camels back. I used to think that the PTB was a little heavy-handed in their treatment of their workers. This action proves just the opposite. They have acted responsibly and in accordance with their disciplinary procedures. BIU please bring some sanity to this situation.

  39. Call as it is says:

    Chris Furbert…
    I have just watched you on You Tube..

    The Premier of this Island does NOT answer to you!

    You are nothing more than the president of an out of control union and quite frankly,there are many on this island that want you out.

  40. Spikes says:

    I know the importance of unions in Bermuda considering our history, but BIU you are very wrong on this one. We have so many pressing issues that we are face with. This is a dumb cause.

  41. BDA says:

    ask Chris Furbert where is PHC club? Didnt Esso grant PHC $$$ to build a new club? Its been how many years………where’s the club?????

  42. Terry says:

    You tell um LaVerne………..

  43. Late worker says:

    Anything yet on whether buses are actually back on route this evening? Tomorrow? Havent seen any yet, but can’t keep an eye out for them either.

    (I’m with the person suggesting the extra expenses receipts be directed to the union. Free passes next month, the cost of them coming out of union monies!)

  44. Wow says:

    Most of these drivers are not concerned with the public!! They have put several thousand people in a bad way!! Check out the pic….Mr Orange Shirt – busy texting on his cell phone!!

  45. Terry says:

    Bermuda…Bermuda……..Please…’s finally bitting you in the ass……………

    Is this a “Wakeup Call”, or just another ‘I told you so’ from grassroots.

    Said it a million times and I will say it again…..

    When it effects you, and it hurts, the silent voice actually says something.

    They came for my Father, he was not there………………………….

  46. Bermudian says:

    That’s right BIU, keep the bad behavior going. Stand up for behavior that results in harm to everyone. That is one of the main problems with Bermudians and the BIU is fighting to keep such people from the results of their bad behavior.
    And some people still wonder why there are so many people employed from overseas. What business wants such Bermudians to harm their business? Bring in more foreigners, they deserve jobs much more than Bermudians.

  47. Bermudian says:

    Mr. Furbert said: “he didn’t think what the veteran bus driver did was all that bad”. It’s another example of the idiots that are negatively influencing our young people. Well done Mr. Furbert. Too bad we all have to pay for such idiots. As a small business owner, I am even more discouraged from hiring Bermudians. Anyone know how to hire a Portuguese or Indian worker?

    • Tubbman says:

      I couldn’t believe it when he said that!!! Oh yes that really got him a lot of support when that little comment was made! I think I am going to call in sick for three day but work a second job and then falsify a document….I have 23 years of service where I work so it should be ok!!!!

  48. Tammy Smith says:

    The strike should not be condoned or allowed to continue. The Government needs to take action and not allow the Union to hold this country ransom. Our economy cannot stand this kind of action. Take the stance President Ronald Reagan took when the airline pilots took strike action in the 80′s in the US. He told them he would not allow them to hold the country ransom and fired the whole lot of them. I’m sure there are individuals who would appreciate a job and be willing to be trained to become bus drivers. Who knows who will be next to strike when things don’t go as they want. We need to be grateful to have a job and perform it to the best of our ability. I thought the policy was you have to give a 21 day notice for essential services! May God help us here in Bermuda!

  49. just joking says:

    Lets see…Gazetting at 12:39 and still no bus movement…Mr Lister….get your but down there and demand running buses or you are all fired….end of strike!!!

  50. Terry says:

    You must be joking “says”……

    It’s not a black thing. It’s all the UPB’s fault. Don’t you get it.

    Damn white peeple. Come here to Hog Island…….flourish but can’r nourish.

    Ven dem Haribs cummin…………BOOM!!!!!!!!!

  51. Strong says:

    In my opinion,he was fired and should remain fired hello. STOP THE MADNESS CHRIS FURBERT NOW.

  52. Wow says:

    How does this guy become president of a union? The BIU should be embarrassed to be associated with Furbert! He speaks gibberish.

  53. Letariatpro says:

    The strike is illegal. Fine the lot and lock up Furbert. Power trip much?

  54. James says:

    Fire the whole damn lot of them. The man in question was wrong and if the majority are supporting him and not coming to work, then fire them all!! Please, please, please DPT, stick to your “guns” and do not relent. A stand for right must be made.

    I guarantee that those in support, once they know it is a lost JUST cause, will come back to work willingly!! Stay the course.

  55. Terry says:

    You guys talk so much crap. It’s not Mr. Furberts fault. It’s the UPB. Damn don’t you get it.

    Triminhams, Smiths, Ass Coopers, they are in control. Get it right and stop blamming it all on the Black people.

    We are just ‘Cogs’ in the wheel.

    Well guess what……………….it ain’t round.

    Grozney, your very quiet.

    • wtf%^K says:

      yo first off dont go on blaming the white man for this AS$ what he did was stupid and against the ptb employee hand book ,he deserved to get fired. I am a bus driver and i can say this strike is F)@#$%ing redic…….and we are not cogs in a wheel he done this with out any help from the white man

    • Ignorance breeds IGNORANCE says:

      This statement alone portrays just how ignorant you are along with the person in question, as well as Chris Furbert.
      Take your head out of your ASS!!!

      Equality in BERMUDA!!

      Focus on the issue at hand. Your comments are not helping!

    • mixitup says:

      Excuse Terry please, He’s on day release from MAWI!

  56. ok says:

    Its about time you people talk about something other than the Police on here!! Im just saying lol

  57. Tubbman says:

    Ahhh a good lesson in how to get the entire country to turn against you… Well done Mr. Furbert…How can you defend the actions of that driver??? And, what does his 18 years of service have to do with anything? He should know better, have more to lose and set a better example to younger members…

  58. Please people let not judge and show more compassion as God has for you. 2 King 4:32-36.

  59. Expat renegade. says:

    Banana republic bus Inc.

    If the majority of these bus drivers where White, the rampant solidarity and insatiable appetite ensuing to strike would have been averted. This furbert is no more than an un eloquent Arthur Scargill, and we all know what happened to him in the end.

    Sack the lot of these lazy drivers, get them ploughing the fields, oh that’s right their are none lol.

    • mixitup says:

      You sound ridiculous!! Go back home and put your white sheet over your head u goon!!

  60. Disgust says:

    Chris Furbert unfortunately has his head in a toilet bowl, talking all his bullsh%t! Those bus drivers need to be ordered back on the roads, if not there are plenty of people who can take their dam job and give an honest days work. The blind leading the blind and the dumb supporting the dumber.


  61. Lisa says:

    Chris Furbert is a joke, what he should fight for he doesn’t.

    Well done Terry Lister, Minister of Transport! Do not give in to this illegal strike! They all should be fired, including Furbert!

  62. Jo says:

    I don’t know if anyone watched the first video but Mr Furbert makes the point of saying that they have to review the man’s whole 18 year record to see how good of an employee he is. He then states that stuff that happened more than 12-18 months ago should not be held against a person. He then goes on to state that he could understand if a person made a habit of doing this every 2 years or so. Have you noticed that this guy has done this a second time? Does anyone else notice the contradictions Mr. Furbert is using?
    Mr. Furbert also mentions that you can’t just fire someone out of the blue but he has to be warned that this is not appropriate activity. The first time the employee did this, did he not get in trouble and serve two weeks probation? Is this not warning enough? He also claims that the Ministers did not get back to him in a timely manner. The whole point of the 21 days notice before a strike is to allow enough time for discussions to be held before disrupting the public.
    I am actually in disbelief at what an idiot this guy is. Where does he come from? Which country? In fact, which planet? Ugh, people like him make me embarrassed to call myself Bermudian and give Bermudians in general a bad rap…someone needs to instill some sense into the guy before I run out of class, fly down there myself and do it.

  63. PEPPER says:

    Terry Lister..we are depending on you to do the right thing…..

  64. Clear View says:

    Since the BIU have forgone on their agreement from the Berkeley Bond Payment, can the government now request the money from the BIU?
    Does anyone have any in site into this?

  65. Makes sense! says:

    The people can go on strike and stop taking the bus empty buses mean no money means no jobs duh!

  66. Cleancut says:

    where were all you people in the 80′s when the Hotel owners and managers had to go through this same type of Hostage situation. it’s too late now. guess which potential east end hotel developer has eyes on Chris Furbert right now.

    • Call as it is says:

      where were they in the 80′s you ask…
      go figure…many had not been born and those that had were probably schoolchildren or babies!!
      also how many had cell phones and internet in those days…

      Furbert is OUT OF CONTROL and we all know these type of people don’t last long in their power crazed positions!

  67. SJS says:

    Mr.Furbert deserves a certain level of trust from his Union. Please keep your comments civil and constructive. Democracy demands that Unions listen to their members, regardless of how you feel. They do however need to have a transparent dialogue with each other, which seems to be happening, even if you don’t appreciate the tone.

    What a direct and welcome contrast to the BPSU, that hides in small cliques, keeps the ear of the Government and excludes it’s broader membership from any negotiation information! I welcome constructive argument on this issue.

    We need open, transparent, honest negotiation of labour issues on all levels. At least Mr. Furbert has kept his door open throughout. An open air conference with his stakeholders, with the media, it doesn’t ever get better than that. Where is my Government’s transparancy? That was all that was required to quell this situation. Simple respect. I feel your pain Mr. Furbert.

    I might not agree with the paramatours of this case though, time and hopefully further transparancy will further flesh out my opinion.

    Either way, Mr. Furbert, in the face of your detractors, in my book you have “manned up”. Stay to the wicket, the runs will come, or not, either way at the end of play, you led your team. Whatever the outcome, walk off the field, in solidarity with your people, together, as one.

    The BPSU should really look at Mr. Furbert’s social commentary, honest and transparent, with open dialogue to his members and Government.

    My family has been impacted by this, as has my business, so before anyone drops a dime on my intent, well, its to engage common sense, we need to look at how we process issues with less scrutiny on the issue itself.

    If we want any forward movement in this country lets focus on transparancy between the entry level guy through to the Premier. Let’s become a society that cares. I certainly have not felt the love on this issue through these comments on Bernews. let’s not be so reactionary, there is a broader issue, please see it.

    We are only fifty thousand, proud, let’s look to being our brothers keeper, and resolving our issues in a Bermudian way. With grace and compassion. People are genuinely hurting, it’s not business as usual……….


    • Call as it is says:


    • Cleancut says:

      Wow! very touching words. Obviously you are new to Bermuda. You just echoed some of the words we have been repeating for years. The above posts are written by angry Residents, you may even find yourself up there one day.

    • skeptical says:

      Are you for real?????

    • Expat renegade. says:

      Stop talking a lot of black panther,Malcolm x crap. You must be the only person on this island to condone Furberts and this sloppy drivers behaviour.

  68. Triangle Drifter says:

    Furbert is in way over his head. Listened to him this afternoon on the radio. He was all over the place. First he did not know the background of this man, then he did, then did not again. He is a good example of The Peter Principle in action.

    Terry Lister, stick by the decision. While you are at it, clean up management at PTB as well. Looks like a head or two needs rolling down to the North Shore there too.

    Set a deadline. Those who show up have a job. Those who do not just terminated themselves.

    There are plenty who would like a nice cushey job driving an airconditioned, automatic, power steering bus. A far cry from the clunkers the real bus drivers had to wrestle.

  69. skeptical says:

    Kudos to the Government for turning down the BIU’s ridiculous proposal. Minister Lister keep on the side of right. There is hope yet. Hopefully the drivers who can see this is wrong will go back to work and save their jobs and leave the others in the dust.

  70. Ulanda says:

    I think it would have been wise for the guy to take a few vacation days sothat he could do this second job. I know that normally two notice is required to take vacation but this would have been special circumstance e. Would have been better than all that has been caused by feigning sickness

  71. KMHBermuda says:

    OK…the man had done this before, was fired but reinstated and given a suspension (with, one assumes, a warning)…he does it again and gets fired and all these jokers go on strike. Union leader, for all his protestations to the contrary, condones the man’s actions and, in fact, appears to encourage the strike. Is this the message that all you idiots want to pass on to your children and grandchildren? Take no responsibility for your actions; the union will back you up…no wonder so many of our young people have absolutely no sense of morals or responsibility.

    To the strikers…grow up and go back to work! And for the driver who tried to cheat his employers…serves you bloody well right. And to our “government”…do NOT, under any circumstances, bow to union pressure.

  72. Happy says:

    The sad thing is most of the drivers would like too go back to work,it hasn’t been any vote to say work or not,trust me I feel for the drives,rem the union works for us,not the other way around,right is right and wrong is wrong,a chicken is not a duck.

  73. Happy says:

    Mr Lister sade what he had too say,so go back to work,so that the whole off Bermuda could get back to normall,and everyone would be happy,think twice about what we all do.

  74. Happy says:

    Sorry SAID.

  75. JT says:

    this furbert fella sounds like a thug, there’s nothing that says calming or reassuring about him, i wouldnt want him negotiating for me…turn it down a couple of notches mate

  76. mixitup says:

    I will never look at a bus driver the same! I will always think, what an Idiot!!

  77. reality says:

    I love it….Bermudians are heated!!!! And who was that jackass(es) at approximately 4:15 on the clip who said “they’d get over it.” That’s exactly the attitude of the type of person that we don’t need as a bus driver.

    • mixitup says:

      yes, I wanted to orb right into the video and approach both of them who said that! do they forget that they serve us? no wonder you don’t need a degree to drive the bus!

  78. Apocalypto says:

    I hate to say this, but I actually hope the strike continues. Let me explain, I hope the goverment stands their ground. I hope the people of the island pull together as a community and offer people rides if you see that they need one. Then the government will have more weight to introduce new legislations that stop this type of bullish behavior from the union in the future, like no pay for illegal strikes for a start !!!! Let’s see how long members of the union would be prepared to back such ridiculous cases with NO PAY !!!!
    Why should it just be the public that is inconvenienced…… As usual.

    • parent of a middle school child says:

      Why do they get paid? If I don’t go to work I don’t get paid.

  79. Extremely Annoyed! says:

    This is such a sad situation! Our ancestors would be appalled at these idiots for pulling such a stunt! They fought for a reason, these jokers want to support and fight for an employee that after 18 years should know better, not to mention this isn’t the first time! They really want bad behavior to be rewarded and we wonder why our young people have issues? Most of these drivers don’t want to work anyway, so why not just say that and stop using this situation as an excuse!!! I have 1 question, do we get reimbursed for the days or weeks that this goes on? I, along with hundreds of other I am sure have paid for a monthly bus pass up front for a service that CLEARLY is not being provided!!! SORT IT OUT PTB and stop allowing Mr. Chris Furbert dictate your next steps. He is such an EMBARRASSMENT! Sighhh

  80. Passion says:

    Has anyone noticed that Chris Furbert has not addressed the drivers previous documented record? His only argument is that the worker has eighteen years of service. Why hasn’t the media questioned him on this?

    Also, Chris works on behalf of the members, if there hasn’t been a vote by the workers than he should NOT be speaking on their behalf. I would not be surprised if many of them want to go back to work because just like the rest of us they know what’s going on isn’t right! Let the bus drivers have a say!

    • just joking says:

      believe he did mention it..but said it was a whole 18 months ago and he has been a good boys since….or hasn’t been caught till now.
      If you are a bus driver who is against this strike..please go back to work to day and tell Furbert it is the right thing to do…he is only on some power trip cause nobody called him back fast enough…its his ego not your job he is worried about…

    • bernews says:

      Mr Furbert has addressed it. 4 mins into the first video [for the 2:50pm update] he talks about the previous record. Basically says it was 2.5 years ago, not relevant to now, should not be brought up after 18 months etc.

  81. Curious says:

    Govt agreed to forgive the Berkley Bond in exchange for the BIU not pulling any wildcat strikes. As the BIU has broken their promise, will the Govt now demand the money?

  82. Common Sense says:

    Re the statement from Union President Chris Furbert about the first offence occurring 2.5 years ago so it should not be brought up again after 18 months. I take it this means that the same man can commit exactly the same offence every 2.5 years (or every 19 months) for the rest of his service and only be subjected to a slap on the wrist – never a firing!

    Here’s another suggestion. If it’s true that the worker fraudulently claimed to be sick and either received pay as a Government employee or was due to receive pay, and it can be proved that he was paid for working on the day or days when he was sick, then he should be criminally investigated for false pretences. This should not be a Union matter, it should be a police matter if we the public are being defrauded. And there is no statute of limitations after 2.5 years so he could be investigated for both cases. If he’s committed a crime then he should do the time.

  83. Onion says:

    When I was a kid there was a bus strike. Can’t remember how long it lasted but bus users would wait at the bus stops and people in private vehicles would pick them up and give them a ride. It wasn’t anything organized it just happened that way. I wonder if people are doing this. Just a thought. Given the number of cars that drive in to town, or anywhere for that matter, with one person in it, carpooling at this time would alleviate the inconvenience of this selfish action.

    • Scott says:

      imaigne if it actually started introducing people to others that they pass all the time… and actually starts a carpooling movement… ahhh that would be nice :P

  84. ash says:

    Its not the way government has to do…..the importance should be given to the citizens of bermuda… is not he (the driver),who is suffering but ,the others.
    plz do something if you truly love your citizens.

  85. Fed Up says:

    I’m am so sick of the continual attempts by our local unions (particularily the BIU) to hold the country hostage whenever disciplinary action is taken against one of its member. First there’s the rush to defend drunk ferry pilots, then they’re quick to defend a bus drivers who hops off his bus to physically lash out at someone – where’s the common sense! Surely there must be one rational, right minded bus driver in the bunch who has the balls the think for themselves and challange the stance taken by their President. This situation makes it clear that the time has come for the union membership to question the quality of their leadership and question the advice that they are receiving from Mr Furbert. Actions like this result in the credibility of the union and its members to be called into question – its difficult not to view the whole lot of them as one huge circus! They’ll defend drunk driving, assault, fraud… what’s next its okay to kill someone on the job – it should be excused because they have 18 yrs service! Then we wonder why some employers harbor negative perceptions of Bermudian workers. Mr Lister stick to your guns its time for this insanity to end.

  86. Critical Thinker says:

    Come on Government, show some Balls!!, or “Ovaries” for that sake, and FIRE! them all.
    We can’t possible have this IDIOT!! (Fart-bert)hold the country hostage, they need to made an example of. WTF, do they think they are above the law? What this guy did was gross misconduct, and as such, should be fired immediately.

    I think the Government should use this (Rescission) as an opportunity, to employ those who are out of work and want to work, train then as bus drivers starting Monday. In a week or so we would have a new set of drivers.

    If they bow to this crap!! where does it end. Come on Ministers show that you are not prepared to bow to anarchism.

  87. Choir Boy says:

    I say let the buses be on strike – until the Bruthas & Sistahs turn on the union and go back to work. In times like this people simply cannot stay not working.

    This could be the best thing to ever happen in the history of the BIU. Pissed Fartburp has gone too far yes and thats the whole point of it. If we’re really lucky this will break the union.

    Its kids week off and there are no tourists. Perfect time for a bus strike – LOSERS!!!!

  88. George, Can you hear me?

  89. mixed up says:

    The union is a joke as is Mr. Furbert. He should be axed just like the bus driver causing all this mess. There is no defense for the drivers actions and regardless of hard times, he, like anyone else should be fired. It’s just how business goes. If he wanted his job so bad then he should have gone to work!