Police: Five Guns Seized So Far In 2011

July 22, 2011

So far in 2011 the Bermuda Police have recovered five firearms, two stun guns as well as a quantity of ammunition – including the 200 rounds seized earlier this week in Warwick. Last year the police recovered 11 firearms, 2 stun guns and 7 “BB” or air pistols.

Police arrested four men and seized a firearm and ammunition in St George’s, and also arrested a 22-year-old man after officers located a gun during a search of a home in the Friswells Hill area in June 2011.

In addition, Jakai Harford is standing trial for allegedly possessing a firearm and ammunition in Pembroke on January 8th, 2011, and 26-year-old Rickai Dickinson was charged in Court yesterday with being in possession of a semi-automatic pistol and cartridges in St George’s on June 5, 2011.

During yesterday’s press conference on the Quarterly Crime Statistics, Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva said, “There have been 27 confirmed firearms incidents this year, from which 5 people have been fatally shot and 4 others have been injured. The pace of confirmed incidents has slowed down: this time last year there had been 6 deaths and 14 injuries.”

“Since May 2009 we have had 15 trials for murder, attempted murder or firearms offences that have resulted in 12 guilty verdicts. 1 person is currently standing trial, and another 16 people have been indicted and are awaiting trial.”

It is generally accepted that firearms are shared among gang members, and that one firearm is often used multiple times, something which has been highlighted during recent Supreme Court trials.

An expert testified that the guns used to kill Troy ‘Yankee” Rawlins were used in over half a dozen shootings, including the murder of James Lawes who was killed during a triple shooting on Court Street last year, and the murder of Kimwandae Walker who was gunned down during Good Friday celebrations on the Victor Scott field last year.

The guns used to kill Mr Rawlins were also linked to additional shootings, including the wounding of two people at Dandy Town in 2010, the attempted murder of Jeremiah Dill on Parsons Road, and other shootings in the Pembroke area.

The gun used to kill Dekimo Martin was also used in the Colford Ferguson murder, the attempted murder of Randy Lightbourne and in at least two separate shootings in which there were no victim.

The two guns used to kill Kumi Harford were “Parkside weapons,”in Court and were used in a number of shootings including the murders of Perry Puckerin, Shane Minors, Kenwandee “Wheels” Robinson and attempted murder of Jakai Harford. In addition to those four shootings, one of the guns was used to murder 34-year-old Freddy Maybury, who was shot in June 2010 in Sandys.

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  1. bb straight face says:

    I can understand that media has a job to do by disclosing this information, but I cannot help but think that the police have an agenda in this somehow.

    I just do not believe that all of this information is necessary. What you do not understand is that you are basically adding fuel to the fire by pointing out what gun was used for what shooting/murder etc.

    Some things are just left better unsaid. Because what you are doing is saying look go get dem bies….. they shot your boy…at least we can get you when we catch you for retaliating but you may help us by getting rid of one or two extra in the process.

    • True dat says:

      I agree… You know what else i find strange?
      that Jakai Harford is the only person named for being in possession of a gun from the second they so called caught him with it
      everyone else is just an age and location…
      when you check everything from the beginning of it all
      it seems like such a set up,
      and one side is getting some extra help
      i am not taking any sides because this whole situation is crazy
      but clearly something ridiculously underhanded is going on.
      like how they sentence Cox right away with life in prison for murdering Yankee but are yet to sentence Myers for the Murder Of Kumi… smh right now
      Whats up?????

      • Think about it says:

        They had Cox on camera. Evidence doesn’t get any better than that.

    • Think about it says:

      WTF are you talking about?! I’m glad they are releasing this information. For one, it gives people peace of mind knowing that there are less weapons out there. Also, how would someone knowing what gun was used in a murder hurt?

      • J says:

        You need to do what your name says ass!! and think about it

        • Think about it says:

          How am I an ass, ass? Who are you? Where did you come from? What point do you have to make? Because you look like a huge ass by coming on here and calling me names without even adding to the conversation. Are you all really so stupid that you think the police telling the public about the guns they seized is wrong or that they shouldn’t? Do you morons not realize that despite what you believe, there aren’t hundreds of guns on this island? I relax a little more everytime I hear about the police finding more guns, because that means there are less out there to be used. And to address bb straight face again, it doesn’t matter if the police give out the names of who used what gun to kill whoever. It’s going to get out anyway, it always does.

          • SMDH!! says:

            @Think About It do you ever “Think” about what you say before you comment?!?!?! LMFAO your comments always sound like they come from somebody living under a rock like in those geico commercials!! SMH you really believe that there are only a few guns GTFOH!! I agree with @true dat one side is obviously got somebody or some organization on the payroll and the other is chopped liver, you can come to your own conclusions about which side!! Something isn’t right though and some things just seem too coincidental…. I’m just saying.

            • Think about it says:

              A$#hole, I work in law enforcement, I know the statistics, I know the facts. I am not an idiot like you who comes on this site making statements without knowing what I am talking about. What would lead you and the general public to believe that there are more that a couple dozen weapons on the island? IF that were the case, why would one weapon be linked more than one murder and more than a dozen other shootings? Do you know the first thing about firearms and their components? Do you think that when you disassemble it, that ALL the pieces are too small to detect via x-ray or hand search? Well here is a bit of info genius, the hand grip for the majority of these weapons (mainly pistols) cannot be broken down into smaller parts, which means that they’re more easily detected. Meaning that it is VERY unlikely that they have whole crates of weapons on the island. Have you not noticed that since the police have been seizing these weapons that there has only been maybe one or two shootings in the past few months? What does that tell you, huh?

              • FridayGirl says:

                WOW law enforcement thats great. Sorry to inform you but what you think you know is not what it really is. Fact: only a small supply of firearms will be released at a time. Why: Bermuda is a small place we can recycle. The less guns we use the better it is for the person handing them out to keep track of them. If you got hundreds of guns floating around who will you know to look for when things go bad. Fact: The more firearm thats get taken by police more jus seem to appear on the street after that.
                I remember reading an article in the news paper that a shipment of guns had landed in Bermuda, now this was some time ago. My only question, what was done with them we all know it ain’t no return to sender address on a package like that. from what i know it was 200 plus guns in there. I grew up on the streets so unlike the “law’ i don’t have to do an investigation to get the truth. And F.Y.I the people you all are putting behind bars are pons in a big game of chess. “Silly Rabbits tricks are for kids”

          • J says:

            There’s nothing like a smart dumb guy… smh

      • Frieza says:

        @thinkaboutit you just lost your right to talk…

  2. Warrior Queen says:

    I agree. This is just adding fuel to the fire.