Bermuda Draws 1 – 1 Against Guyana

October 11, 2011

[Updated - The final score was 1 - 1 after Bermuda's John Barry Nusum scored in the 71st minute, and Guyana in the 81st minute. Bermuda will not advance to the next round]

Bermuda take on Guyana this evening [Oct.11] in a World Cup CONCACAF Qualifier match starting at 8pm. The team is coming off a win, with the last match against Trinidad seeing Bermuda win 2 -1 on October 7th. Bermuda previously traveled and met up with Guyana on September 6th, losing 2 – 1, with Bermuda’s goal scored by Khano Smith. There is no shortage of Bermuda flags in the stands this evening:

photo (1) oct 11 2011

Fans started arriving at approximately 6.30pm, and before the game the song ‘Proud to be Bermudian’ was played and the Gombeys and Bermuda Regiment Band performed. Both teams came out on the field just before 7.30pm, and the Bermuda team was met with cheers from the crowds filing in, especially when they stopped and held up Bermuda flag, shown below:

Proud To Be Bermudian   Bermuda October 11 2011-1_wm

Update 7.47pm: Bermuda Starting Line-Up – Freddie Hall, Tyrell Burgess, Kamen Tucker, John Barry Nusum, Devrae Tankard, Reginald Thompson Lambe, Andre Manders, Kwame Steede, Nahki Wells, Khano Smith, Antwan Russell. Guyana Starting Line-Up – Ronson Williams, Jake Newton, Leon Cort, Charles Pollard, Walter Moore, Howard Newton, Vurlon Mills, Travis Grant, Kayode McKinnon, Dwain Jacobs, Shawn

Update 7.59pm: The Bermuda National Anthem has been played…the Bermuda Regiment’s rendition was warmly received by the crowd.

photo g b oct 11 2011

Update 8.08pm: The game is underway.

Update 8.28pm: Score remains 0 – 0.

Update 8.34pm: In the first few minutes of the game Antwan Russell had a shot go over the bar as Bermuda created the first chance of the match. Guyana won the first corner of the match in the seventh minute. Bermuda won their first corner in the 19th minute, but the cross was cleared by the Guyana defense. In the 23rd minute Cort had a header go just wide from a cross. In the 26th minute Antwan Russell received a yellow card.

Update 8.47pm: Game has gone into half-time. Score is 0 – 0. Bermuda’s Nahki Wells had a 25 yard shot go high over the crossbar in the 34th minute. In the 44th minute Guyana came within inches of taking the lead but Mills’ header went just wide.

Update 9.00pm: Players are taking the field, the second half is beginning now…

Update 9.09pm: Score remains 0 – 0.

2 bermuda guyana football (1)—-2 bermuda guyana football (2)

Update 9.22pm: Score remains 0 -0. Bermuda’s Antwan Russell has been substituted for Devaun Degraff in the 57th minute. Antwan Russell – who received a yellow card earlier in the game – scored one of Bermuda’s two goals in the win against T&T last week. In the 61st minute Bermuda’s Devrae Tankard was substituted for Quadir Maynard.

Update 9.25pm: The second half started much like the first with Guyana winning the first corner three minutes into the half, ten minutes into the second half Nahki Wells had a free kick go high giving Williams in goal for Guyana no trouble. Bermuda came close to taking the lead in the 56th minute when a ball forward from Steede sent Lambe on his way but his shot went just wide. In the 59th minute Guyana had a shot go wide of the mark from the boot of Jacobs. In the 58th minute Guyana made a substitution with Ricky Shakes replaces Mills. In the 64th minute Bermuda forced a corner as they have applied pressure to Guyana, in the space of a minute Bermuda have earned three corners.

Update 9.28pm: Bermuda scores!!!!!!!!!!!! Bermuda 1 -0! John Barry Nusum scored in the 71st minute, heading the ball into the goal after a corner.

Update 9.37pm: Guyana has equalized, they just scored its now 1 -1. In the 81st minute substitute Ricky Shakes headed the ball past Freddy Hall in goal for Bermuda. Tension is high, crowds are cheering madly. Only a few minutes left in the game.

Update 9.44pm: Score remains 1 – 1. Bermuda’s Reggie Lambe was substituted for Angelo Simmons, and Guyana made a substitute with Anthony Benfield replacing Grant in the 84th minute. In the 87th minute Bermuda had a free kick on the edge of the box that was taken by Nahki Wells that went just wide. In stoppage time Wells had a shot go inches wide, seconds later Nusum had a shot from ten yards out go straight into the arms of Guyana’s goalkeeper Williams, as the referee blew the final whistle.

Update 9.50pm: Game over. Bermuda walks away with a 1 -1 draw. Bermuda now bows out of the FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifiers, however will still take on Barbados next month here in Bermuda.

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Comments (26)

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  1. Kam says:


    • Hops says:

      Blasted good! Who de hell tell you to beat the Soca Warriors.Look ,put on yuh Bermuda Shorts and wine to
      de side!

  2. GPS says:

    LET’S GO BERMY!!!!!!

  3. Real Talk (original) says:

    C’mon Bermuda!!!

  4. HEY BILL!!! says:

    LETS GO BERMY, LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ross says:

    Tough way to go out….lots of positive building blocks..

    Well done!

  6. GT Massive says:

    Go Golden Jaguars….all the way to the end….800,000 of One People One Nation with One Destiny r all behind you.

    • Mars says:

      Say that again…we were a small in numbers respresenting tonight but the flags were out….ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION, ONE DESTINY!!!!

    • M says:

      Been to Guyana recently, didn’t see much oneness. I was more of the “haves” and the “have nots” with very little in between. Hope it gets better.

  7. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Fantastic play Bermuda..You really did us proud!!! Well done to everyone on the team..YOU PLAYED YOUR HEARTS OUT^^

  8. Cancer says:

    Bda played ok in the first half but played well in the second.. John Barry Nusum was a standout on the team and was man of the match. I saw a few positives for sure!

  9. Tech know Logic says:

    I did not see the game….but Im so proud of the team. We’ll done Bermuda!

  10. Proud To Be Bermudian says:

    I am extremely proud of the Bermuda Team. I went to both games and was very pleased with how they played. They fought until the end. Well done!


    Well done BERMUDA TEAM,A damn good display of football…

  12. Tough luck Bermuda but you did us proud. The Team fought like Tigers until the final whistle, on another day we could have scored three !! There are some real positives with these performances and the team to take and build on.

    To the BFA and the other supporting Staff obviously lessons where learned from the previous match and there was no hassles (that I Saw) on entering the stadium etc… Thank You to all involved.

    Looking Forward to the November 11th Match :o )

  13. Finally Someone has some brains says:

    Well Done Bermuda.. “Proud to be Bermudian”

  14. Winnie says:

    So who says Bermuda are out, so what if Guyana beats T&T twice and Bermuda beat Barbados twice. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and I don’t here no singing round here.

    • Foolishness says:

      Guyana have 10 points. If they beat T&T twice they will finish top of the group on 16 points. When Bermuda beat Barbados they will finish the group on 10pts and come second. Winner of the group goes through to the next round.

      • Hops says:

        Yuh Pcrik! next thing for you to wish for is for
        faeces to have bone in it!

  15. Winnie says:

    Goooo Bermy continue to think positive, any thing can happen.

  16. Cap'n Crunch says:

    Happy to see this sportsmanship. Tough luck Bermy, but as stated…good building blocks! Go after Barbados both games! Where do I get tickets?