BTC Introduces Metro Ethernet

January 30, 2012

The Bermuda Telephone Company [BTC] announced the introduction of its Cisco based fiber optic Metro-Ethernet network in the city of Hamilton.

The Hamilton based Metro-Ethernet network will provide businesses with the ability to maximise the performance and reliability of their communications and applications with speeds that can reach up to 10 Gigabits per second (10Gbps). The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) -Certified Ethernet services will provide businesses with scalable capacity up to 10 Gbps to support cloud computing, business continuity/disaster recovery and bandwidth-intensive applications.

“The fiber based IP network supports our Metro Ethernet platform and produces a secure, reliable platform for Hamilton businesses. More importantly it supports those businesses challenged with multiple locations through out the island, as the network capability is island-wide. BTC will be positioned to market the network in April 2012 when the final testing phases are completed.“ said Lloyd Fray, CEO of BTC.

Ethernet services are expected to replace traditional broadband as the product of choice for business as they seek cost efficient ways to manage the ‘bandwidth hungry’ applications and new cloud based computing requirements.

“This fiber optic network is part of the ongoing investment the KeyTech Group is making in Bermuda’s communications infrastructure to enable the provision of new products and services. This will better position our companies to meet customer demand for reliable, higher data speeds ” said Sheila Lines, CEO of the KeyTech Group.

Mrs. Lines continued, “The next phase will be to extend the fiber reach to residences.”

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