Robinson Convicted In St. Vincent

March 9, 2012

Bermudian Winston Robinson was convicted of two offences of money laundering in a St. Vincent court today [Mar.9]. Mr Robinson was on a sailboat — containing $1.7 million in hidden compartments — when it was intercepted entering St. Vincent in April 2008.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service learned today of the verdict in a significant and complex money laundering case being tried in St. Vincent. This five year investigation was led by Detective Inspector Grant Tomkins of the Bermuda Police Service Financial Crime Unit that stemmed from a cash seizure off the sailboat ‘Jo-Tobin.’

“The vessel was skippered by Bermudian Winston Robinson, which, having left Bermuda three weeks earlier, was intercepted entering St. Vincent by their Coastguard in April 2008. The vessel was discovered to contain approximately $1.7 million in U.S. cash in hidden compartments.

“The Serious Crimes Court in Kingstown, St. Vincent today convicted Mr Robinson, along with Vincentian Antonio Gellizeau, for two offences of money laundering. The Senior Magistrate has remanded both defendants in custody for sentencing.

“A third subject, who was a crew member aboard the ‘Jo-Tobin’, was acquitted. A confiscation hearing will be set at a later date in the St. Vincent Supreme Court.”

Acting Superintendent Sean Field-Lament of the Bermuda Police Service remarked, “This conviction resulted from a multi-agency cross border investigation with fellow law enforcement agencies in St. Vincent, Bermuda, U.S.A. and the Caribbean region.

“It underscores the value of joined up partnership working and highlights the value of shared intelligence. The Bermuda Police Service is grateful to all its partners and particular mention must be made of the role of the Bermuda Customs Department for their investigative assistance in this lengthy enquiry. Detective Inspector Tomkins and his team are to be commended for their perseverance and hard work.”

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  1. Hmmmm... says:

    ‘A confiscation hearing will be set at a later date in the St. Vincent Supreme Court’…

    The Government of St. Vincent sure got lucky on this one. I’m sure they’re thanking their lucky stars they apprehended these guys before they could move on. I’m assuming most of that money came from Bermuda so are we going to be getting any of it? Yeah,they’re housing one of our citizens in their jail but I’m sure it’s no Westgate and isn’t going to cost that much to keep him there. Some of those ill-gotten gains should be turned over to the Bermuda Gov’t (Lord knows they need it) but I doubt that willhappen.

    That $1.8 mil will go really far down there so I’m sure they intend on keeping every penny….like I said-they must be feeling really lucky about this.

    • FUNNY says:

      Hmmmmm. You are such an idiot. Did he steal the money from Bermuda? If you want to see what a real Jail is go there and fall foul of the law.

      • Maddog says:


      • Hmmmm... says:

        Are you slow or something? You missed my point. First of all, I said that their prison IS NO WESTGATE-meaning that I’m sure it’s not like ours,and not a very nice place. That wasn’t even my main point which is: he didn’t ‘steal’ the money from Bermuda, but I’m sure it’s ill-gotten gains from Bermuda…where the hell do YOU think it came from? He was bringing it INTO St.Vincent so where did it come from, genius?

        My main point is that I’m sure they (St. Vincent) were giddy over catching these guys and getting this huge haul. Housing them in their prison is a drop in the bucket compared to all that money they’re getting. It’s proceeds of crime with most of the crime being committed here so I think Bermuda should get some of the forfeited money. Do you comprehend now????

  2. Man in the Mirror says:

    Not 1 comment from the usual trolls. Not aint that some S@it

  3. Oyeah says:

    Nothing to comment on he did the crime now time to do the time

  4. Liars! says:

    they should check a certain pair of bermudians that are going down there for the same Laundered money

  5. Rummy says:

    Gives a new meaning to ‘Airing your dirty laundry’.

  6. Rummy says:

    So Patricia, where is my comment.