7.55am Rockaway Ferry Service Cancelled

July 3, 2012

[Updated] The Department of Marine and Ports, Ministry of Transport advised the 7.55am Rockaway Service will no longer operate effective immediately.

The Transport Ministry also advised that the 3:45pm and 6:30pm ferries departing St. George’s today [July 3] have been cancelled for today, as has the Rockaway/Cavello Bay/Watford 4:10pm service.

A Ministry spokesperson said, “The Department of Marine & Ports in conjunction with Department of Communication and Information wishes to apologize for failing to notify the public in a timely manner about this change.

“Members of the public may previously recall that this change had been previously proposed and then reviewed by the Minister of Transport in consultation with the ridership. However as of July 2nd 2012, the 7.55 a.m. Rockaway Service will no longer operate.

“The Department wishes to advise that an alternative departure from Dockyard to Hamilton will occur at 8 a.m. each weekday for the duration of the summer and some Rockaway passengers may wish to utilize this alternative routing.

“The Department of Marine & Ports apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause and wishes to thank Sea Express passengers for their continued support,” concluded the statement.

A quick visit to Dockyard shows the Serenity ferry [pictured above] out of the water and currently on the slipway at the Marine & Ports Dockyard depot. We asked the Transport Ministry to clarify unofficial suggestions that a few Government ferries may be having some form of technical difficulties at this time, and will update if we receive a response.

In addition, the Department of Marine and Ports would like to advise the public that, due to the fireworks display to be held at at 10pm during Harbour Nights tomorrow [July 4], the 10pm ferry to Dockyard will be held for approximately 10 minutes after the fireworks show has finished.

Update 3.52pm: A spokesperson said the Rockaway/Cavello Bay/Watford 4:10pm service is “cancelled as a result of mechanical related issues.”

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    Failures. Out of money for repairs?

    • Moojun says:

      They ordered the wrong tyres…

    • pepper says:

      what a mess we are in !!!!!and every day it gets worse.

    • jack says:

      repair rockaway now there is more parking at rockaway than at dockyard maybe we could sell that jeep patriot that is used to cary a saw aroud and those luxury toyota suvs that w&e suprntendents pose aroundin hmmm and while were at it getnrid of some undeeded gp toys

  2. Soooo says:

    The 4:10 to Watford/Rockaway is also cancelled due to Mechanical reasons…..

    It’s more like lack of maintenance reasons!!! The Warbaby Fox hasn’t had airconditioning of almost 9 months and the bathrooms are always out of order…. (and the ramp at Rockaway has broken AGAIN!!) Who says Bermuda’s infrastructure isn’t failing… only the government is so blind….

    • Sandgrownan says:

      No, bbbut they told us they had invested more than a billion dollars in infrastructure….it must be true….

      • Infrastructure? says:

        I guess that was a billion is salaries for infrastructure cause our it doesn’t look like our roads saw it.

  3. Goose says:

    So how many more billions need to go towards infrastructure to ensure that we have enough ferries and busses to run a reliable schedule?

    • Family Man says:

      With this lot it depends on what the up-front commission is.

    • Correct says:

      seeing that this $1.38b that went to “infrastructure” didnt help much we may be looking in trillions if you scale the cost to benefits from the previous decade or so. Or we could try a different strategy. We need change…


    This government has absolutely no idea how to run things. No notice of the Rockaway cancellation yesterday (couldn’t care less about the commuters who didn’t get to work on time) and now 25 minutes notice that 2 routes are down due to “mechanical problems”. The lack of attention to maintenance and lack of consideration for the commuters is intolerable.

  5. Swing Voter says:

    Swing Voters are watching and taking note. If the infrastructure has been built with the almost 2B then why are there so many roads in bad condition, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse looks 200 yrs old, buses and ferries out of service, etc etc etc. Thank God BELCO is privitized or else we’ll only have electricity 12hrs daily.

    • Correct says:

      Thats what I was saying. If $1.4b did effectively nothing if you blow up the scale to get something worthwhile we’ll have to spend trillions. Or we could just make a change better value for money and people that have a clue and not only have a sense of right and wrong but use it too.

  6. David Henry says:

    Didn’t I just read an article on here with the Premier going on about a continued investment in infrastructure?

    This will certainly not help the ARV of properties near Rockaway. Feel sorry for anyone holding a mortgage out that way.

    Such a convenient ferry that would get you into your office before 9am, and ZERO notice with the cancellation. This bunch really sets the bar for professionalism… very low!

    • An example 4 you says:

      I’m a stones’ throw from Rockaway. My neighbours who are high end IB folks used the Rockaway ferry service multiple times a day. When the reduction in service was announced they were not happy campers but the frustration is short lived because guess what ? They’re shipping out , and taking three other families with them.
      The attractiveness of their soon to be empty property without the sustained ferry service has deminished the rentability of the property and now the landlord is struggling to find prospective tennants who are willing to live ‘so far out’ but without the convenience of the very close ferry.
      BTW , they’re happy to be leaving before the ‘big crash’ hits.

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    SWING VOTERS take notice…remember these things when the election is called. Incompetence at it’s BEST!!!

  8. Funny says:

    And didn’t the buses have the wrong tires ordered as well and half of them weren’t running recently!! What is going on!
    Great for Tourism as always. Taxi’s making a killing now and I’m sure taking full advantage of it.

  9. street wise says:

    What did you expect with all the millions & millions of dollars that are “missing” during the plp occupation of Bermuda.

    But guess what? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…!!

  10. Mussel Pie says:

    $1,380,000,000.00 spent on infrastructure – my @ss!

    Call the election. We’re all ready. The fact that you aren’t ready won’t change – even up to the last minute when you finally do call it.

    • pepper says:

      we should all be ready to vote these loosers out !!!! TIME FOR A CHANGE !!!

      • Come Correct says:

        A vote for the plp is a vote for Jamuda lol…that’s actually not funny either

    • SHOWANAX says:

      I believe they spent 1.3 billion, however .3 bilion went to materials, 1 billion went where???? PLP. Politician Lining Pockets!

  11. Mad Dawg says:

    I’m sure Cox, DeSilva, Burgess and all the rest have working a/c in their GP cars. If they had to travel on the buses and ferries they’d make sure they worked, were safe, reliable, and had functioning a/c. But they never use public transport. They live a life of chauffeur- driven luxury.

    • Soooo says:

      Remember the day when the Premier rode his Mobylette to work every day???

  12. Jeekums says:

    Bermuda is collapsing around our ears!

  13. More with less says:

    I really can not fathom how people would believe the bs about investing in infrastructure after all this. Look around you, open your eyes, and stop lying to yourself.

  14. Malachi says:

    “The Department wishes to advise that an alternative departure from Dockyard to Hamilton will occur at 8 a.m. each weekday for the duration of the summer and some Rockaway passengers may wish to utilize this alternative routing.”

    If I live in the Rockaway area, why on earth would I want to go Dockyard to go to Hamilton?? …Might as well catch the bus straight to town!

    It seems that every day this country gets a little worse for everybody – except of course for the PLP elite!

    While I have no associations with any political party, I honestly wish Paula and her gang would simply fall off the face of the earth…..wicked bastards!!

  15. Complainers says:

    To all you complainers (and no I’m not a PLP supporter), Lighten up!!!! You complain all day long. You go looking for things to complain out. Just think ….. just suppose you had nothing to complain about – HMMMM ….. YOU MORE THAN LIKELY WOULDN’T FUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll live a lot healthier, happier, longer lives if you would just lighten up!!!! Please …. some people don’t have food to eat and you spend your lives on these boards seeing who could be the rudest and most sarcastic!!!! PLEASE BERMUDA ….. LIGHTEN UP AND LET’S GO BACK TO LOVING EACH OTHER!!!!!!

    • Soooo says:

      So what your saying is crawl into a hole and don’t have an opinion and let bermuda fall apart around us? Not a chance in hall…..

    • More with less says:

      This is a blog to discuss whatever you like. My suggestion would be to not read them if they upset you this much. Many of us have no other way of venting our frustration and anger towards an incompetent, money sucking, irresponsible government that is contributing to the demise of this once highly esteemed island. With only 22 square miles, there really isn’t much room for error and shouldn’t be that difficult to run properly.

    • Correct says:

      If we didn’t have anything to complain about we WOULD “live a lot healthier, happier, longer lives”.

  16. I gotta be me says:

    How much you wanna bet the union jobs that worked that Rockaway Ferry did NOT get cancelled! This govt is a JOKE. 1.38 BILLION… that’s right.. BILLION… spent on infrastructure and nobody can get to school or work because buses don’t have tires and ferries broken. Bring on the election!

  17. no joke says:

    @ Complainers – you are missing the point. Peoples livelihoods are at stake here and you want everyone to be complacent about the gross mismanagement of our country’s affairs. You obviously dont understand what is going on around you. People like you need to change your attitude and expect more from their Government or we really are going down the toilet