Cadets Finish Their Annual Recruit Camp

July 19, 2012

The Bermuda Cadet Corps held their closing ceremony this past Friday [July 13], as a conclusion to their Annual Camp. The cadets, whose ages range from 12 to 17 years of age, were completing two weeks of exciting military and adventure training that took place all over the Island.

The ceremony attracted friends and family of the Cadets, as well as several notable officials including the Acting Governor Mr David Arkley, and the Acting Premier and Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief, and the Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva.

The Acting Governor and Acting Premier both met with the cadets on the parade square and assisted in awarding prizes of recognition to those who distinguished themselves over the course of their training. When addressing the crowds, both dignitaries offered moments of recollection to their own past experiences of service, and gave the current cadets a great deal of praise and hopes for the future.

In his speech to the Cadets and family members the Acting Premier made many laudable comments such as, “The skills learned are transferable to many other life aspects: leadership, care of others, time keeping, personal presentation, and respect for seniors”.

Furthermore he praised its positive community orientation by stating, “It is a broad reaching program open to all of Bermuda’s youth regardless of social position, religious beliefs, or schooling. It has a rank structure based on performance and merit. As it is a diverse organisation, there is a place for every cadet”.

The cadets performed a demonstration of patrolling across hostile territory, conducting a platoon attack with blank rounds and pyrotechnics, and executing a professional casualty evacuation to remove their ‘wounded’ comrades.

A Regiment spokesperson said, “These events were coordinated by the cadets themselves, under the adult supervising staff, and conducted to highlight the new skills and drills they had learned over the course of their training. The crowds of parents, Regimental senior staff, and invited dignitaries had front row seats to the sound, fury, and smoke grenades of their presentation.

“The Cadet Camp started on the evening of Sunday 1 July 2012 and was attended by a mixture of experienced participants and eighteen new arrivals. On the first night, the cadets were shown into their barracks and received introductory presentations and seminars on their forthcoming Camp.

“What followed was two weeks of concentrated weapons lessons, parade drill, safety and first aid exercises, kit inspections, survival & field craft, map reading, and command tasks.

“Cadets who worked hard were given time to play hard and build their camaraderie, as the camp included several trips to the beach, water sports, road races, inter-platoon sports competition, and kayaking. The cadets were also taken on a two day – two night experience on Paget Island, where they enjoyed the activities offered by the Outward Bound program, including zip lines, high ropes, abseiling, and team run obstacle courses.”

The Cadet Corps uses the variety of activities to facilitate the development and education of our youth. On this topic the Acting Premier said, “This [The Cadet Corps] Program provides a structured environment for developing positive social values and personal goals through a military process; therefore creating better citizens”.

The Commandant, Major Henry Campbell was pleased by the high number of new participants who showed up at Warwick Camp this year. He is optimistic that next year will see even more Bermudians willing to challenge themselves and have fun by joining the Cadet Corps. Major Campbell enthusiastically added, “I just want to remind every parent out there with children, it’s free!”

The Regiment spokesperson continued, “The Bermuda Cadet Corps was founded in 1944 and has had a presence on the island continuously to our present day. However, after a recent review it was decided that our youth would benefit more from the Cadet Corps’ sister program – the Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders (BRJL).


“Although the BRJL and the Cadet Corps are very similar in their operations the BRJL are directly operated by the Bermuda Regiment and will benefit from more use Regiment’s training staff, resources and logistical support. The transfer will take effect this September and all members of the Cadet Corps will automatically become part of the BRJL.

“The BRJL program runs throughout the year and is open to all members of the public between 12 and 17 years of age. It offers a diverse curriculum, professional training and staff, and it is absolutely free! If this interests you, please call the BRJL office at 238-8206 or email Sergeant Major Rubaine: .”

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  1. Neighbor says:

    Well done. I am sooo proud of all these young ppl. If you had been there to feel the excitement and pride that they showed when they where showing their special skills it was amazing.

    I am proud of my son Private Raynor you have certainly matured.