Police Release 2012 Second Quarter Crime Statistics

August 7, 2012

The police released the latest crime statistics which revealed that total crime is down 10% while sexual assaults have increased, residential burglaries fell but tourist accommodation burglaries increased,  825 people were arrested and that police conducted 1,127 stop-n-searches.

The statistics cover the second quarter of 2012; a three month period from 1 April 2012 to 30 June 2012. In this time period there were 9 firearm incidents of which 4 were confirmed, which is a decrease from the 17 firearm incidents in the first quarter of this year.

‘Crimes Against the Person offences’ decreased by 16 offences [or 8.6%] compared to Q1 2012, however sexual assaults have increased [+5] when compared to Q1 2012.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Wright said: “Total Crime is down by 10% over the previous quarter [1,163 crimes] and down by 9% over the previous year. We are always mindful that individual categories tend to rise and fall from one quarter to the next and therefore we are careful to give the perspective of long-term trends instead of comparing month to month.

“With that said, the long term trend of total crime is continuing downwards. The second quarter for 2012 is below average for the previous 12 months and it represents the second lowest quarter in the last five years.”

“The second quarter of 2012 recorded 4 confirmed firearm reports of which two separate shooting incidents resulted in the tragic murder of Joshua Robinson on 23rd June and the wounding of Richard Steede on 22nd May.

“4 illegal firearms/imitation firearms were recovered by police and there were two recoveries of ammunition. The second quarter represents a 44% reduction of firearms incidents over the previous quarter and is the lowest period for firearms reports in the last three years,” concluded Mr Wright.

The full 22-page report is below [PDF here]..

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  1. Mad Dawg says:

    I notice that although they claim Residential Burglaries are down, they are still running at a higher quarterly rate than the average quarterly rate for 2010 and 2011. So Residential Burglaries are trending upwards, not downwards.

    If you do less stop & searches, you find less crime. If we stopped stopping any motor vehicles at all, motor vehicle crime would fall to virtually nothing. Crime stats have to be read and interpreted properly, in the context of Police operational changes.