Videos: Rainbow Alliance Hosts Open Forum

August 17, 2012

[Updated with videos] The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda will be hosting an open forum for discussion and support at Queen Elizabeth Park today [Aug 17] from 12pm to 2pm.

A spokesperson explained that the Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is a collective of people supportive of the rights and struggles of the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] and queer community of Bermuda.

The open forum will give people an opportunity to express themselves and their stories through whichever form they choose, including spoken word and music, the organisation said.

Last month politicians debated adding an amendment to the Human Rights Act to ban discrimination based on age and sexual discrimination, with the majority of MPs who spoke in favour of extending the Human Rights Act.

Update 2.37pm: Caitlin O’Doherty from the Rainbow Alliance said: “The event was a total success! We had over 100 people turn up throughout the two-hour open forum, with dozens of people taking the microphone to speak or sing.

“We heard from members of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community tell their stories and express themselves, as well as many supportive, straight allies who demonstrated the importance of changing the mindset of the community towards this marginalized group.

“The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda hopes to continue trying to create safer spaces for positive dialogue in the future, but we need your help! Please email or find our page on Facebook to show your support and interest in continuing to end the silence around this part of Bermuda’s community.”

Update 4.48pm: The first of three videos is below. PLP candidate Walton Brown attended the event and said: “I think it is very important for all of us who believe in a society free of discrimination that we support ensuring that there is protection under the law for people irrespective of sexual orientation.”

“Anyone who has has been a victim of discrimination of any sort should not want to see discrimination brought on anybody else in any way shape or form.”

Update 4.58pm: The Rainbow Alliance’s Caitlin O’Doherty said: “The turnout is great, we have people from all walks of life, whether they be gay or straight allies.

“It’s hard to grow up in Bermuda as a person in the LGBT community,” said Ms O’Doherty. “As there is not a lot of outward support. And that is what we wanted to show.”

Update 6.11pm: OBA candidate Andrew Simons quoted American civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, saying “That’s our job today: to control the extent to which people can publicly manifest antigay sentiment.”

Mr Simons said: “So long as people cannot publicly manifest that hate; whether its racism, or misogyny…hate against women. Or anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner, or anti-gay sentiment. That should be the focus, not trying to change everyone’s mind.”

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  1. Like Really says:

    I am one who respects ppls decisions in life and believes everyone should have a fair and just life. But you know what really makes me angry, is when gays and lesbians try to convince ppl that what they do is right. It is not right for a man to have intercourse with a man likewise for women who want other women. I’m not a bible fanatic it’s just looking at nature and having common sense shows you that it isnt right. Up until the 1970′s homosexuality was considered a mental illness. I believe it is and like any other illness it can be cured. I agree with the homosexual community that they should not be discriminated against however I dont agree with them when they try to justify and make it seem like their homosexual acts are right. The women’s vagina lubricates it’s self in anticipation of having a man penetrate her womb. The anus doesn’t do that. Right there is just one example of how it isn’t right. I don’t need a bible to make my point on there cause lets be honest the bible contradicts itself a whole lot(it has over 37,000 translation errors). Again I’m all for them to live life with the same rights as anyone else but where you all go wrong is when you try to convince ppl that what you do is right and natural. And lets be honest as well, straight ppl are not protected from discrimination as well so why is it that you all feel ya special? Ya not going to get everybody to share the same views as you. Just like you guys have an opinion so does everybody else you are fighting against. So lets not turn into the same thing you are fighting….

    • WOLF says:

      People like you make me sick. You’re idiotic.

    • Chart says:

      Which straight people are not protected from discrimination?

      • swing voter says:

        hahahahah oh really, you must be God….I’m not gay but why can’t you and other bigoted bastids just accept the fact that gays are wired differently and should be allowed to love whom-ever they want (as adults). If they don’t bother you then just leave them alone…..

      • Whistling Frog says:

        Imagagine if all our parents were homosexuals and lesbians… Where would that leave us? Why are gays always pushing their gender? I’m not against who you want screw or make your love to, just don’t do it in public… And if your willing to make your business public. Be willing to catch hell from the free thinking public minds

        • GetLikeMe says:

          Homosexuals and lesbians have kids all the time. If you don’t mind heterosexuals displaying PDA, get a grip and let homosexuals show some PDA.

          • Johnny says:

            You mean they have children all the time by adoption, or unnatural means, or are you saying that they go against their beliefs and feelings and have a heterosexual relationship just to have a child?

            • Hannah says:

              Turkey Baster!!! Someone needs to go watch The L Word. =P

              Also! Did you know? Sexuality is fluid. Someone could identify as bisexual in their younger years, (and possibly have children!) and as they grow up they could realize that they moreso identify as a lesbian. But they’d still have the kids!

              A person’s sexuality is their own personal preference that belongs only to them. Why do you care so much about what other people do?

              And also, what people publicly identify as can change over time. Maybe you don’t realize it, but because of homophobia, many young LGBTQ people feel forced to stay in the closet, may claim to be straight, and may even pursue heterosexual relationships just to be accepted by the world at large. It’s sad, but because of how society can be, some people deny their true feelings and attempt to be something they are not, sometimes going so far as getting married and having children before admitting to themselves and the world that they are actually gay.

              Straight people conceive through “unnatural” means all the time… Thank you science! Why is it an issue if gay people want to do the same?! WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU? MYOB, as they say.

    • here we go says:

      Are we really still having this argument?? its 2012. Up until the 1960′s Blacks were considered to be below whites. That argument is worthless.

      It IS natural, there have been countless species of animals who practice homosexual acts.

      ignoring the anal comment.

      Homosexuality is different, maybe even weird. but i dont think its WRONG. who are we to say that? what moral guideline are you following that makes the act of two people who choose to love each other wrong?

      • Truth (Original) says:

        @ here we go- “It IS natural, there have been countless species of animals who practice homosexual acts”.

        Since when do we take our cue’s from animals as to what is “natural” for humans?

        Do you also think that biting the head off of your spouse after mating is “natural” for us as well?

        Of necessity you have to cherry pick to make that argument work. The fact is we don’t, neither should we look to the animal kingdom for examples as to what is “natural” for humans.

        If that is the strength of your argument then it falls flat.

        • here we go says:

          Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.

          • Truth (Original) says:

            You COMPLETELY side stepped my point. I noticed.


            • rob says:

              you reference insects ?? your a tool ..he wins…most thing you say here are to ‘Win’ ??? again ..A Tool !

              • Come Correct says:

                We are animals whether we like it or not, one thing sets us apart, our ability to make informed choices. We all have instinct, for the most part society tells us to ignore ours. If we did stop, look, and take some cues from our natural friends we might not be such a self-destructive species.

              • Truth (Original) says:

                Rob- he referenced animals. Not me. I was merely showing why it doesn’t make sense to refer to animals when talking about humans. You should pay a little closer to the details.

        • bermudian says:

          @Truth – what makes it un-natural? is the fact that society has told you that it is un-natural!!! because the bible you its wrong? . . . if you go back as far as the greek and romain empires, homosexuality is present and has been documented in both prehistoric cultures. my piont is, if homosexual acts have been present for aslong and humans have existed, then agurably it is a NATURAL OCCURANCE!!! whether it is a socialy accepted act is a different argument all together.

          • Truth (Original) says:

            The human body disagrees with you and your reasoning.

            For as long as humans have been in existence, men sleeping with other men (which has been well documented), has not triggered any changes in our physiology whereby the body somehow changed to accommodate same sex unions. It is an unnatural thing. Full stop.

            Men are DESIGNED to be with women and women are DESIGNED to be with men. All the parts “fit”.

            Again, nature itself disagrees with you and no amount argument is going to change what is staring you straight in the face.

            • rob says:

              is it natural that we eat meat ??? please tell me our purpose O narrow minded all knowing insightful Tool !!

            • GetLikeMe says:

              I’m sure homosexuals get all the parts to ‘fit’ just fine. LOL. Men and women are DESIGNED to make children that’s all, and who needs them? Sorry, I had to interject some humor into your stupidity.

              • Come Correct says:

                @rob, while our teeth suggest we’re more herbavore than omnivore, we’ve had preditory instincs since the dawn of time, kind of a weak argument, sorry, but in an appocolyptic world I will be the man with the last cow/ribeye lol as for our purpose its pretty clear we are meant to love (because very few animals have this ability), to create life and continue our existance. For what greater purpose? Well you’ll be the first to know when I figure out what no man has before. As I said above our ability to make informed choices is what sets us apart, allowing people a right to live their life free the way they choose without persecution is an informed choice, or you can choose to remain ignorant.

                @GetLikeMe, obviously you never heard of someone doing it the wong way lol

              • Truth (Original) says:

                Who needs children? Too bad your parents didn’t feel that way when they conceived you. Sorry, I had to inject some clarity into your delusion.

            • Common Sense says:

              Sadly, Truth (Original)’s view is still common although it is far from reality in this 21st century. We now know that not all “men” are designed to be with “women”. We now know, for example, that babies are born “chimeric” which means that they have literally two sets of DNA – and in some cases they can have both male AND female chromosomes. Children have been born with one half of their body clearly male, and half clearly female. (Look it up on the internet or ask any doctor about chimerics).

              Years ago we were told that the sins of the fathers were being passed on to their sons, or daughters, or son/daughters but modern science proves that this is complete nonsense.

              Truth (Original) needs to appreciate that the real issue here in not his or her opinion on homosexuality. The real issue is that all men and women are actually created equal, regardless of their sexuality, and all deserve to have their human rights protected under the law.

              • Truth (Original) says:

                To cap off this discussion with respect to “chimeric humans” with 2 sets of DNA, you must also be aware that this happens when 1 egg had been fertilized by two different donors. All things being equal, that is an extraordinary circumstance that removes this situation out the realm of “natural occurrences”. That is why as a percentage of our population the number of reported chimerics in infinitesimal at .00000000000001%.

                You are grasping at straws to justify something that is unnatural. Period.

        • bermudian says:

          @truth – why is it un-natural. is it because thats what society has deemed it to be. or is it because the bible speaks against it? . . . if we look back on both ancient greek and romain civilization and their empires, you will find that the practice of homosexuality to be present and documented. . . my point is that if homosexuality has been present and documented for as long as human have existed, then arguable it is a NATURAL OCCURANCE within human being… further more, the fact that it is present cross all cultures and races only further supporst the fact that it is NATURAL!!!!!! now, whether it is a socially accepted act is a completely diffeent arguement! IT IS NATURAL!

          • Truth (Original) says:

            Ref: your clsim that it is natural- please see my post above.

      • Great point! says:

        who are YOU to say it’s right? Your argument is WEAK.

    • Austin says:

      You clearly suffer from a mental illness. Your views are homophobic just like majority of the islands uneducated discriminatory opinions on this matter. We are all people, we are all human beings and we all live under the same sun and must abide by the same basic laws of humanity. So spare us your irrelevant homophobic rants because we are all entitled to equality. Especially since we feel as if we live in a civilized first world environment.

    • BoreMeLess says:

      @like really . . . you say that you respect ppls decisions in life ad believe that everyone should have a fair and just life, yet the entire premise of your rant doesnt support your intial statement. . . you may want to go back and look up the defintion of respect !!! dumb ass

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:


    • Bermudian says:

      Real talk…but at the end of the day… if you don’t believe in a Divine creator, then you can live by whatever code you want.. and if you believe that one became all, then its blasphemous to say that people were born homosexual! before puberty you were gay!? have you met a ‘gay’ person that doesn’t have some serious psychological problems? i bet not.. but then again we were born into sin, so to try and say we want to be accepted for being sex-addicts is absurd and an absence of humility… but if you don’t believe in the Lord, do whatever you want.. buts its inappropriate to flash your sexual lives in front of the whole community..

      • safasd says:

        well, i go on to say as long as you arent causing anyone harm by having homo acts then your fine by me

      • Billy Mays says:

        @Bermudian, HOLY MACKEREL!!! You are one hateful thing aren’t you! (Rhetorical question; you are). “have you met a ‘gay’ person that doesn’t have some serious psychological problems?” The answer to that for each and ever one of us is “YES! Of course!” You, however, are quite intimate with a seriously disturbed person; you see him in the mirror every day.
        I am heterosexual and believe in God (not that either fact is particularly relevant, but I bet you think they are), but unlike you, I have a brain, so I know that homosexuality is not a choice any more than being left handed is a choice. You probably disagree, but you are wrong.

    • Joonya says:

      @Like Really, If I do my girlfriend up the pooper does that make me homo??

      • swing voter says:

        @ Joonya… it doesn’t make you a homo if you tail yur girlfriend. However I would question your level of freaky-ness if she is gonna return the compliment with her str$%-on! hahahahahahaha JER-RY JER-RY JER-RY


      • Honestly says:


      • pepper says:

        no it makes you sick….because women hate sex up the pooper…

    • I don’t even know y people get upset in the first place. Who realy cares what other people do in their own bedrooms. Wishes someone would explain it. Cause at the end of my day, I not care what ur sexual preference is. I will treat u like u treat me. Respect should always come first.

    • Kira Brock says:

      You should look at this cartoon. It will give you some perspective mate. You know what’s really funny? People like you said this fifty some years ago about whites and blacks getting married. That it’s not right/unnatural. It’s laughable how close minded you are. Why do you even have an opinion about who other people sleep with? I don’t care about who is in your bed. I don’t attack your personal life. So please don’t attack mine

    • ninja says:

      In these wikis you can read about some of the homosexual acts (including same sex child-rearing) engaged in on the regular by some of God’s beautiful creations.

      You can also read some ideas as to why this occurs and what purpose it may serve. I am not going to write more or answer anything, but I hope that people will educate themselves beyond these two web pages.

  2. Chart says:

    The word isn’t “homophobe”. It’s “as#hole”.

  3. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    I think every human being has a right to be happy and respected. I do not equate the gay agenda as a human rights issue, however what i resent and do not like is those that feel they have to shove their opinions upon those that may be different and that their opinions are more noble or important than their neighbor’s.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      ..and that goes both ways. Pardon the pun.

    • Soooo says:

      But it’s Ok for the church to force it’s opinion (I do enjoy the Salvation Army with their loudspeakers opposite white hill field… NOT)

    • Rich says:

      Considering that most gay individuals have had the ‘straight’ agenda foisted upon them their entire lives, whether in school, churches, on the streets, on tv, etc. let me ask you this:

      Why do YOU feel you have to shove your opinions upon those that may be different and that your opinions are more noble or important than your neighbour’s?

      That’s the implication of your statement – that your views are superior to ‘their’ views, and therefore ‘they’ should not have to shove their opinions on you.

      • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

        Now, who is pushing who’s opinion on who? I simply stated that everybody is entitled to pursue happiness and respect and I was or am not advocating one way or another.

        Which opinion did I shove upon who? If you understood that I implied that my opinion was superior to yours then you are an idiot for assuming such. I did not imply anything.

        Rich, sounds like your panties are in a bunch. Pull them out and read my statement again. I did not say one point was or is superior.

        Now, according to you, gays are having all this stuff foisted upon them. Have them look around and see that YES, they are a minority but not insignificant. If the majority of the people act one way or another it is only normal that the “different” ones may feel a little left out but they should not feel insignificant.

        Rich, go get yourself a drink cause you’re coming through as an angry person.

    • GetLikeMe says:

      When Black people were fighting for their rights some people felt the exact same way you do. Thinking they were shoving their opinions on others. But now when we look back on it we believe they fought the good fight. All the gays are doing are fighting for their rights also. They are asking not to be fired for being gay, which I don’t think is too much to ask. No one can change your opinion Joey, so you don’t have to resent what can’t happen. They didn’t shove there opinion on you. I’m sure you had to click on the video to watch it, it wasn’t a pop up ad.

      • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

        All of you that read my post are confused. I never said they have no rights. Read my damned post and let the words sink in. Words have meanings.

        Now, if anybody on here is equating the back struggle to gays then you are comparing pineapples and raisins! When a black person walks in you clearly see that person is black but when a gay person walks in you do no know. Now, if that person starts with the mannerisms then you may be able to tell but just because someone seems or acts a certain it does not mean they are that way.

        Again, a black person walks into a shop looking for a job, right away you know them to be black. All I am saying is that everybody has been endowed with inalienable rights to the pursuit of happiness by being who they are but do not in any form try to make your opinion more important than the next guy’s opinion. I did not imply one being more important than the other.

      • ahem! says:

        The fight for Black respect continues..where would you get the idea that it was past???Rainbow and Blacks should form an alliance, maybe people will finally catch on to the need for freedoms and we could separate the oppressors from the oppressed.Being gay is hard to see at first glance so it boils down to a sexual preference, I’m just wondering, since I like guys wouldn’t I be hypocritcal to defend their gayness, I accept our differences, however I would want to save all the men because that is my preference..Now if guys want to like men what am I to do when I naturally am attracted to my opposite sex.. This is difficult for me, as a women, to condone a preference that actually marginalizes me as a heterosexual. Maybe if people were allowed to be free then we could distinguish who is who and no one would have to lie about their desires..On the other hand a lot of people have been raped at a young age when they knew no better, its hard to break that cycle..We must be more understanding with lots of people as the new normal is really very different from what lots of people would have imagined, there are new types of individuals and love them or not we must respect all creatures of life, and try to manage despiteour differences, we can all change in the twinkling of an eye to something we didn’t dream of ..

  4. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Like Really: In the 1800s masturbation was thought to lead to mental illness too. In your case I would say: Mission accomplished.

  5. Familiar says:

    “The Gay Agenda.”

    Oh yes, that’s the desire to have the same rights as everyone else, isn’t it?

    Sounds familiar. Like other groups have had this same agenda.

    Right. I almost forgot. Women and Blacks come first to mind.


    If you don’t like what they do. Don’t do it.

    If you think God and the Bible are against it, do some more reading because there are a whole lot of things that are now accepted that are just as spoken against in the Bible, either follow them all, or don’t follow any of them. Stop picking and choosing.

    Everyone should be entitled to the same human rights as everyone else. Including marriage. Now, if a Church is unwilling to perform those marriages, that’s fine. Someone with a move loving open heart would be more than happy to.

  6. Terry says:

    You should know Smokes….with a beam like that and hollow….bwahaaaaaa

  7. Man in the Mirror says:

    I have a question.
    If you had 2 islands, one with ALL gay men and the other with ALL gay women, could either island reproduce and carry on mankind?

    If you answered NO, case closed
    If you answered YES, please explain

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      Islands can’t reproduce….

    • BoSSWomen says:

      reproduction and thr right of man kind has nothing to do with one another!!!
      first of all, not every memeber of society would partake in homo acts so reproduction would not be affected. further more if society just accepted it then maybe men and women wouldn’t hide who they were!

    • GetLikeMe says:

      We know that gays cannot reproduce, what point are you making. Are you saying that being gay is unnatural because they can’t reproduce? Some straight men cannot produce viable sperm and some women can’t carry a child to term. Are they unnatural?

  8. Carrot says:

    Because we live in a world full of immorality I guess these people who have made this choice need a little reminder from our creator says. Below please find a few verses from the book of life called the bible.
    Lev 20:13 – 13 “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense. Romans 1:26-27 – “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.”
    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 -”Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”
    Lastly Gods rainbow has nothing to do with the colors chosen by this group because a real rainbow displays its pure beauty in the sky not on a computer generated object. God Bless you all

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:


    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      Did you pick the name carrot because it subconsciously reminds you of a phallus?

      • Brazzing says:

        Crazy! Guess what all because you don’t believe in the bible does not make it untrue…

        Where God’s word is concerned your opinion does not matter. God’s word will always stand the test of time…keep watching you will see

        • Come Correct says:

          Actually science has blown it away time and time again. Religion is a tool to keep the ignorant in line, jail is for the rest.

          Where gods word is concerned your opinion doesn’t matter? Was that your attempt so silence someones argument with something you have never seen, heard or felt? I cried out to him mamy times and the silence was soul shattering. God works in mysterious ways they always told me, well have a look around you at the world we live in, gods mysterious way is one big sick joke. He apparently talked to moses through a burning bush, why are we so underprivalegded 2000 years later? Has he abandoned us in the time of our greatest need? Funny, I get a similar sense of enlightenment when I burn a certain bush but I’m yet to hear voices.

          I’m going to entertain you for a second, let’s hypathetically say god does exist. I know why people are gay; “and god promised men, that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the earth.” Then he made it round and laughed his ass off.

    • Athiest says:

      Was wondering when a bible basher was going to make an appearance. Get your head out of that book carrot. It’s all in the Big Bang Theory!!

    • BewareTheManOfOneBook says:

      For anyone who thinks to quote the bible on this issue:

  9. Like Really says:

    You ppl make me laugh LOL I’m here dying laughing at all ya stupid comments on my opinion. Didn’t I state that they should have equal rights as anyone else? Maybe I shouldve used the word ‘normal’ instead of ‘wrong’ If the act of Homosexuality was normal, why they can’t make babies and if everyone in the world was a homosexual what would happen to the human race???? any takers on the question. Again I dont hate anyone. I for one know a few ppl who are gay and they feel the same way as I do as far as not trying to convince ppl that homosexuality is normal with human beings but rather they would like fairness which i totally agree. Like really ya gonna use the animal excuse? so now wa animals LOL smh. You see nobody can have an opinion no more. Im dun with this blogging crap. Bernews u might as well not have this blogging thing up because ppl cannot accept a person’s opinion. as for the masterbation comment that was banned because of religious views you idiot. Look it up if you think im lying

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      Wow, I didn’t think you could sound any stupider than earlier…

      • Come Correct says:

        I was thinking the same thing…

        For one the argument that if everyone was homosexual we would be extinct is completely ridiculous. What if everyone was black? I’m pretty sure we would still find a difference to hate eachother over.

        Secondly, we are animals, I’d love for you to dispute that.

        Lastly what does masturbation have to do with any of this? Maybe someone personally chooses to do it because your hand will never talk back or b!tch about the trash while your watching EPL. For all the guys nodding and saying good point, there’s a solution without resorting Miss Palmer, silence is golden, duct tape is silver. ;)

    • Rich says:

      If you don’t ‘hate’ anyone, why do you feel the need to expend your energy parsing the mechanics of homosexuality in an attempt to show how ‘wrong’ or ‘un-normal’ it is? Demonstrating that ‘they’ and ‘us’ are different is always the first step towards establishing a hierarchy.

      Also, no one is saying you can’t have an opinion. You just have to be prepared for the fact that other people may have an opinion that you’re an idiot and they have the right to express it. If you want to speak your views, then you need to be prepared to be accountable for what you have to say.

    • BeEs says:

      So if masturbation and homosexuality were banned because of religious views…then why is masturbation now acceptable and homosexuality is not?

      • Alf Hooker says:

        A quick hand shandy never dun no one any harm…

    • amen says:

      So what about hermaphrodites? What about conjoined twins who have one vagina but are two people(google it). What about women who can’t bear children? If your only argument is religion and reproductive purposes then you’re an idiot. Homosexuality is natural, needed and a form of population control. If it wasn’t normal or natural it would’t happen. Who died and made you homophobes God? The world would never be all homosexual so stop asking silly questions.

      • Barracuda says:

        Sometimes You get on my a$$, butt not now!!!!!!

        • amen says:

          Sorry I don’t speak ebonics. What are you trying to say?

    • Kira Brock says:

      Old people can’t have children. Some people are infertile. Are they not “normal” either? Your argument lacks logic. Sorry. Again…People said that balcks and whites marriages aren’t normal/natural 50 years ago. So…sorry

  10. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    @ Like Really – YOU STATED and I quote “I am one who respects ppls decisions in life and believes everyone should have a fair and just life.”


  11. Awesome says:

    I am a straight ally. The Rainbow Alliance your AWESOME! Keep doing what your doing.

  12. SummerBreeze says:

    Everyone is entitled to freedom and not be discriminated against – this matter goes both ways, lgbt feel their rights are being infringed upon, just as others who do not agree with the lgbt lifestyle who will be forced by law to allow lgbt lifestyles be imposed upon their personal space – it goes both ways.

    Just because one does not agree with the lgbt lifestyle does not make one homophobic – one just does not agree with the lifestyle (no different obviously than the lgbt do not agree with being straight so they choose to be lgbt!).

    No need for any name calling and hateful words just because people don’t agree with your lifestyle, we don’t hate you, we just do not agree with the way you choose to be, and yes, like us, you have that right to be whomever you want to be, for God gave us all the freedom to choose the way we want to be, but He also has given us His Word to direct us unto what He says we should do, which is how many of us choose to follow with respect and love, not hate, just because we disagree.

    You are more than welcomed to live however you want, and we have chosen what God says, at the end, we will all find out which way was correct, so peace and love unto us all for God’s Word will never change, only man changing His Word to benefit himself.

    Just a humbling question, not to be mean, but if lgbt do not agree with God’s Word, then why do they go to the Christian Churches to be joined in their union to be called a marriage which was ordained by God to be between a man and a woman – have the lgbt rallied against the Muslim, Hindu, Rastafairan, et al to insist on being joined in union at their religious temples, or is it just against Christian places of worship and their personal property? It would be interesting to learn what the response was, just asking, not trying to be discourteous…

    The rainbow belongs to God….

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      God is dead

      • SummerBreeze says:

        Thank God that the evidence of all things around us is proof that He is alive, was, is, and always will be in control…He is mighty, powerful, loving and awesome. Thank God that He is forgiving and filled with grace and mercy. Thank God that all things belong to Him, and we are nothing without Him. Thank God that we have the freedom here in Bermuda to debate this issue, for God Himself is being revealed more and more that He is the beginning and the ending, Amen.

        Thank God!

    • BoSSWomen says:

      are you serious?
      i for one am straight, but i didnt choose to be straight. what makes you think that people choose to be gay? i feel (MY OPINION) that if there was a choice in the matter, they would choose to be straight so they wouldnt have to deal with yu bible thumping closing minded bermudians, and your words of hate.

      • SummerBreeze says:

        It’s okay that we disagree, and you can use all the words of hate you choose, you have that right, but I choose to use words of love, no matter what way you try to put it. We all have the choice to live the way we do – I have not called anyone names, and reading the above posts it’s seems words of hate are coming from those defending the lgbt lifestyle. So, we can disagree, you have your beliefs, and we have ours, no need to be angry with us, we’re no mad at you, we just humbly disagree! but there is One more powerful that us all who has the final say! no matter what you try to write of me…I am so proud to be a “Bible Thumper!” AKA “Child of God Almighty”… May God’s truth, peace and love be upon you….

    • jack says:

      if my people we turn from their wicket ways and call upon my name i will heal their land.god greated adam and eve so that they could reproduce i don’t hate gays i just know that they need help god still forgives it is never too late to repent thank you

      • bermudian says:

        you need to worry about your own personal relationship with god, and not worry about other people and what they need to repent for.

      • swing voter says:


    • GetLikeMe says:

      How is changing a law allowing lgbt lifestlyes upon your personal space? If this law is passed is this community going to have s*x in your living room? It does not go both ways. You have all your rights, are you imposing upon the personal space of homosexuals? I don’t think so, I know you would hate that.

    • Come Correct says:

      They want the right to marry to receive the same benefits as straight people do, it has nothing to do with your false hypocritcal religion and everything to do with law (banking, buying property ect). A humbling question for you. Why are religion and politics integrated? Seems a bit discriminatory to me. I was brought up in a church going family, and then I learned to think for myself. You spew all your religious beliefs about how god created everything and will be the final judge one day, but do you even have a clue of the atrocities committed by christians throughout history? Stemming right from the colonial beliefs most of this island have grown to hate today but yet you blindly follow your book that has been lost in translation for centuries and justify it by calling it faith. Your supposed to resist the desire for worldly possessions yet in your heaven you’ll be rewarded with a mansion and streets paved with gold, I assume you won’t need license and insurnce for your unicorn either. Religion is simply a tool to control people by using fear since we as humans can’t even fathom “eternity”, let alone one in hell. For many of the people you are posting to on here, everyday life is their hell.

  13. Good job says:

    I was there today. Excellent job Rainbow alliance!!!

  14. Familiar says:

    @Man in the Mirror. I’m going to presume that you don’t keep up with reproductive science.

  15. Familiar says:

    @SummerBreeze. Do you also advocate the stoning of adulterers, the keeping of slaves, and forcing rapists to marry those they rape after they pay for them?

    • SummerBreeze says:

      When you really study the Bible you will be more educated on its context – many practices were cultural and not the Word of God – read what Jesus told the crowds to do who were going to stone the adulterous woman, did He say stone her! No, He gently talked to her and gave her the opportunity to change her ways, and then told her to go in peace and sin no more!

      Like many of us who have chosen to be Christians and follow the way of Christ, we are humbly trying to say unto our loving brothers and sisters of the lgbt lifestyle, we are not here to condem you, for God’s Word says the world is already judged by its own actions, but we are just following what we were all called to do – share the true Word of God – and I respect that some of you will receive God’s Word and some will reject His Word, it’s okay! Even God Himself knows that all will not accept Him, but it is our duty as Children of God to share His Word with truth and peace, as Jesus did. He is truly an awesome God when you come to really know Him and accept Him as your personal Lord and Saviour, I am so glad I have chosen to be a Christian and I pray humbly that those who have not chosen to accept God as their Saviour will one day do so.

      Again I do not hate any lgbt people, but my God has instructed me through His Word that He does not accept that lifestyle (and other sins) and we, as His children, are not to participate it it at all. So since I choose to follow God, I must not follow what He says is a sinful way – it’s not my words, it’s God’s Words…

      Again, may God’s peace, love, humility and kindness be unto us all, and may His truth be revealed….

  16. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Like really: Firstly I am glad you are giving up blogging. Second, her are some other intersting quotes from that ridiculous book called the bible:

    The bible condemns much more than same sex couples.

    Here are some examples

    “A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed.”
    -* DEUTERONOMY 22:13-21

    “If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman.”
    * DEUTERONOMY 22:22

    Divorce is strictly forbidden in both Testaments, as is remarriage of anyone who has been divorced.* MARK 10:1-12

    The Bible forbids a married couple from having sexual intercourse during a woman’s period. If they disobey, both shall be executed.
    “Never have sexual intercourse with a woman while she is unclean during her monthly period.”
    * LEVITICUS 18:19

    If a man dies childless, his widow is ordered by biblical law to have intercourse with each of his brothers in turn until she bears her deceased husband a male heir.
    “Moses wrote for us that if a man’s brother dies and leaves a wife but no children, the man must marry the widow and have children for his brother.”
    * MARK 12:18-27

    “If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.”
    * DEUTERONOMY 25:11-12

    … and you still want to ban same sex marriage? why not trying to ban law allowing divorces and try to make a law trying to ban sex during menstruation????

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:


    • SummerBreeze says:

      I encourage you to not just read the Bible in the way you have done, but to study the Bible with explanatory reference texts. It’s good to see that you have taken interest to go through many OT verses, now may you study what Jesus said in His Word, for as I stated, many writings were based upon culturally observances for a particular group of people at a particular time for a certain purpose – I encourage you to attend Bible study, listen to sermons, attend Bible College/University and/or do further study of your own. Keep searching deeper for God’s truth and ask Him to reveal His truth to you (if you find you are getting a bit unsure and you don’t believe any of us Christians), and as He promised, to all who ask of Him, He will open Himself to you if you welcome Him in – He will according to His might Word, reveal Himself to you. Just ask Him to, He loves you that much and is there waiting for you to welcome Him into you life with His abundance of love.

      So it’s okay that you are a bit not okay with what you understand about the Bible, like we all did when we studied for our exams, I encourage you to study more, cause many of us felt that way when we studied subjects like Psychology, Physics, Apologetics, OT and NT texts, Hebrew, Greek etc.! You know we all had to dig deeper at the library for further understanding, so I encourage you of the same with the Bible with God by your side (lean not unto your understanding, says God’s Word).

      Thanks for the opportunity, in peace and love…

      • street wise says:

        Why do we still need to debate this issue while the rest of the Western world is well past it?… we are backward, that’s why!

        Your concept of Christianity and God may need a little fine-tuning… the Bible has been edited so many times by the power-broking Priests it has become virtually meaningless. It is certainly a mixed-up mess.

        I would read the Gnostic Gospels, and the Books left OUT of the Bible before I was so sure of what I was talking about.

        You see Jeshua ben Joseph, the Master, did not want to form a religion in his name (he does not speak of it anywhere it in the Bible)… only the Priests wanted that – to control people – and you know how Priests are (wink, wink, nod, nod).

        Oh! one more thing: God does not make mistakes.

    • swing voter says:




  17. George says:

    What the homophobic argument is based on is denial – the denial of acknowledging other humans as being human. I bet you every homophobe has at least one homosexual member in their extended family – yet through sheer ignorance that person’s sexuality is denied.

    As @here we go pointed out Blacks in the last cenutry were treated the same way homosexuals are being treated today i.e. being discriminated against. Many within the white population dealt with desegragation in society by’tolerating’ blacks as opposed to acknowledging them as fellow human beings and affording them the same rights as themselves under law. Yet today all races are afforded the same rights under the law. Homosexuals are simply asking for those same rights and to be recognised as human beings – nothing more nothing less.

    Time to take off the blinkers and recognise this issue as one of humanity.

    • (0.0) says:

      I have nothing against gay people wanting rights. They are still people after all. But to compare what happened in the past to black people? It’s nowhere near the same. You cannot compare blacks vs gay struggles. There are no schools, restaurants, water fountains, seating sections stating “no gays” or “straights only”.

  18. eyes wide SHUT! says:

    whyyyy are people so consumed with what others do? gay people are only two people of the same sex being together, GET OVER IT. if you don’t like the gay agenda don’t be GAY! who are YOU to tell someone else how to live their life. its not ILEGAL to not be Christian so if your views are religious based than save it for fellow Christians.

    • bermudian says:

      POW!!! and there u go!

    • SummerBreeze says:

      @ eyes wide SHUT! Please! open your eyes! It’s the lgbt populace who are telling everyone else that we should legally be forced to accept your lifestyle into our personal space – if you are against Christianity then please stop going to the Christian Churches insisting (legally) that the Christian Pastors join you in your union that you want to be called marriage, which has been given by the same God that you oppose! Try that at a Mosque, Synagog, Temple or the like! And stop forming what you call gay Churches, cause by your own admission, you don’t believe in God and you don’t agree with Christianity, so be who you really are and stop trying to impose your lgbt lifestyle upon us if you want us to be separate from you!

      We welcome you into the House of Our Lord, but it’s not to remain gay, but for you to obey God’s Holy Word (not ours) and to repent of your sins and to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. The Truth has been told to you, and you have every right to accept It or reject It, respectfully, that’s on you…

      • amen says:

        What are you even talking about? What is giving gays human rights taking away from you? You DO NOT have to accept it but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be protected by law from bigots like you.

      • What says:

        Can you please elaborate on how you think that allowing lgbt Bermudians equal rights equates to “forcing” a gay lifestyle into your personal space? Nothing in YOUR personal space would change at all. Assuming that you are not someone who is planning to discriminate against gay people, adding a clause to the human rights act to counter discrimination against gays would have literally no affect on you personally.

  19. junior burchall says:


    Black folks have to realize that, in an unapologetically white supremacist society, everything about them – from the kinkiness of their hair, the fullness of their hips, lips and buttocks, the revolutionary retooling of oppressor tongues (french, english, portuguese and spanish), to the polyrhythmic dynamism of their musical forms – is and forever will be QUEER/ UNNATURAL/ ABNORMAL. whether or not we are so-called ‘straight’, Same Gender Loving (SGL) or transgendered won`t do a damn thing to change this fact. consider:

    - when James Byrd Jr. was dragged to his death by those white boys, they didn’t stop and ask him: “are you gay?”

    - when Amadou Diallo and Oscar Grant were shot down by the police, they didn’t pause to inquire about their sexual orientation.

    - when the bush administration turned its back on the Black survivors of hurricane Katrina, they didn’t do a head count to ensure that they weren’t overlooking the heterosexual folks.

    the simple, painful truth: we – regardless of who we share our bodies/ hearts with, who we vote for, the class position that we occupy, whether or not we utilize ‘ebonicommunication’ in polite (read: white) company – are viewed as an undifferentiated mass of dusky humanity called N#GGER. we are denied access to goods and services, ridiculed, brutalized, murdered, etc., etc., etc. because it is clearly understood that, of all of the ‘races’ in the human family, WE alone are the unnatural ones and, as such, are worthy recipients of inhuman treatment.

    and when we ingest these crippling, divisive beliefs and then regurgitate them – clothed in the dubious finery of homophobic, scripture-sanctioned rhetoric – in an effort to deny equal recognition to our Same Gender Loving and transgender kin, we are essentially serving the ‘divide, conquer and destroy’ interests of those who, not too many moons ago, derived great pleasure from seeing our kind swinging, bug-eyed and lifeless, from the boughs of trees.

    we are our brothers’/ sisters’ keepers. with NO exceptions. THIS is natural and normal.

    any effort to tear asunder what many of our Ancestors fought and died to put together – namely, Black unity across ALL boundaries, be they of class, caste, religion, geographical location or language – is unnatural and abnormal and should be roundly condemned wherever it is seen/ heard.

    understand this: we will rise or fall together. we will RISE, or FALL….TOGETHER.

    despite enduring the savage caress of white supremacy for the past five centuries, we have yet to fully grasp this self-evident truth.

    clearly, we still have much to learn.

    R.I.P. ‘Oopie’ Ming and Curtis Gray

  20. BeEs says:

    While I am a Christian and do believe that there are a lot of wonderful moral examples from which we can draw life lessons (even for those who do not believe in God or the teachings of Jesus) and I am comfortable also being a gay man in a church that teaches acceptance and embracing diversity – in the specific matter of whether there should be equal rights under the law, the ‘church’ should just remain silent – Christianity doesn’t even speak for all people, let alone all religious people!!!

    • SummerBreeze says:

      @BeEs, I’m sorry, but if you are in a Christian Church and are comfortable still being gay while you state you are also a Christian, then your Pastor has done you a great disservice. Please do not be mistaken to believe that God accepts this, and your Pastor should know better.

      I strongly advise you to get up and run out of that or any other Church that promotes acceptance of the lgbt lifestyle. Yes, we must embrace one another in God’s love, but God tells us what He has already instituted as right and wrong, no other way.

      The Church should not remain silent because your Pastor and others as well, will be forced under the law to “marry” gay couples which goes against the rules and order of God. And if they refuse, the law will allow your Pastor and others to be arrested and held accountable for prosecution under the law with facing imprisonment on the basis of “discrimination” on a law which goes against God’s Law which your Pastor is ordered by God Almighty to uphold.

      So I say, will the real Christian Pastors please stand up and speak out for your God Almighty who had called you into ordination of preaching His Word to His people, in His correct way, and not your doctrine, so there is no benefit of the doubt!

      May God give us clear understanding to His Holy Word.

      • Dantes Inferno says:

        Do you think you speak for god or something? Has he ever told you anything? What does his voice sound like?

      • street wise says:

        “Please do not be mistaken to believe that God accepts this …” That is silly. Of course God accepts it!… in fact he embraces it… he loves it… it’s all perfect…. everything is perfect exactly the way it is. As the Master said, “I give you another commandment; Love one another.”


        Gay folks do not choose to be gay, they just are. What’s it to you anyway…?! MYOB.


        I am still mourning the recent painful loss of a brilliant, caring, sensitive very young gay man who chose suicide rather than face more bigots out there. An extremely sad situation!! SMH

  21. bigboyslim says:

    @bermudian – just because some humans have been homosexual from the start of man kind doesnt make it natural! it just plain gross

    • GetLikeMe says:

      Actually, if it is from the START of man, it kinda does make it natural. It’s just plain gross? Wow, your thoughts are so intricate.

  22. Hannah says:

    What a great event and a great turnout today. Awesome! Positive vibes!!!

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Did you see the Lucky Charms (girls) and Leprechauns(man) dancing around the pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow ? There was Fruit Loops and All Brand mixed together as well .

  23. JoCo says:

    This is not a new issue, in this country or in others. It is one however that should be discussed openly and freely and in a respectful manner for all involved, whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community or not.

    As an openly gay young man who is Bermudian, it saddens me to see and hear such hatred from my fellow countrymen and women who are happy to run with what they have been told or what they believe the LGBTQ community to be all about. Likewise I dislike some the rhetoric that comes out of the LGBTQ community in response to this.

    We are all human, we all have the same basic needs. There is no doubt about that. There is also no doubt that we will disagree and agree with people about certain topics. But that does not mean we need to be derogatory or mean.

    I am a firm believer in what I was taught in Bermuda, at Harrington Sound in p1. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Respect everyone, even if you do not agree with what they say or do.

    Respect everyone, matter where you happen to be on this issue. Everyone deserves it, only by talking about it will we be able to make Bermuda a better place for everyone.

    • BeEs says:

      Well said JoCo – all sides can get carried away with arguing for the sake of arguing. Open and honest discourse from all those sides will make the debate and the result that much better for Bermuda!

  24. Man in the Mirror says:

    @ Familiar
    So that the fact the two same sex individuals would have to resort to science in order to reproduce should tell you something.
    And to take it a step further, no matter how hard 2 men try, they could NEVER reproduce, with or without the modern wonders of science.
    So you can try and convince some people, but that’s one that will never happen.
    So again i say Case CLOSED.

    • swing voter says:


    • amen says:

      And what’s your point? What if a gay couple doesn’t want children, what’s your argument then?

  25. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    I too was at the Rainbow Alliance event. HUGE ups to them and their supporters, LBGTQ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans and questioning) and all their allies!

    I was ordained through the United Progressive Pentecostal Church, which is an affirming, “whosoever” (based on John 3:16) Church, with headquarters based in Atlanta Georgia. I left traditional Christianity at the age of 16 because I couldn’t stomach the hypocrisy any longer. It took 40 years before I found a Church that was at least attempting to live according to Jesus’ teachings – put God first; love others as you love yourself (of course that does mean you have to love yourself – which may explain some of the vitriol directed at LBGTQ folk); forgive if you want God to forgive you; do not judge if you don’t want God to judge you; don’t ask more of others than you expect from yourself; don’t be hypocritical; live humbly – are the primary ones that come to mind. The Atlanta Church isn’t perfect, after all it is composed of human beings and our legacy is imperfection, but the Bishop speaks openly, honestly, straight-forwardly,doesn’t mince words and deals with present-day issues from a Biblical standpoint, which I truly appreciate.

    I say all that to say this. Since I have friends and family who are members of the LBGTQ community, I spent a considerable amount of time studying what the Bible actually does and doesn’t say about homosexuality. I found an excellent Bible study guide that I would love to share/review/study with anyone else who has an open and questioning mind. If you are out there, please contact me at

    I will be speaking more on this issue at the Centre for Justice’s forum on Human Rights this coming Thursday evening (AUG 23rd, 6 – 9pm)at BUEI, where a film addressing homophobia in the Caribbean called ‘Children of God’ will also be shown. The event is free.

    • SummerBreeze says:

      @ Pastor Syl Hayward, as a Christian, it concerns me that you find it quite comfortable to state that you are a Pastor and preach our Might God’s Holy Word and encourage people who are lgbtq or continue to be “shepherded” under your watch with selected scripts of verses from God’s Holy Word to not be convicted of the sin that God clearly says in His Word that He is against.

      And have you helped them to repent, turn away from their sin and be transformed into the likeness of Christ?! It saddens many of us that our precious people are being led astray by people clothing themselves in the cloth of righteousness calling themselves a Pastor and forming what they believe as Churches to be filled with lost congregations only seeking the Truth of God.

      I encourage you to please seek the Truth and preach the true Word of God, stop leading people into confusion, if you studied God’s Word for your ordination in Seminary/Bible College/University, you know full well that God’s Word does not approve of what you are doing, and as a person of leadership you know you are held accountable for your actions with ultimate judgement from God Almighty, no matter what way you try to put it…

      Again I say, will the real Pastor/Man or Woman of God please stand up and truly represent your One True God only in His Words that are filled with His Truth.

      May God powerfully cover and protect the Holiness of His Word in all of It’s Truth.

      • Dantes Inferno says:

        Really, whoever you are, to talk as though you’re the mouth piece of an entire religion is outrageous. Thankfully you are clearly retarded.

        • SummerBreeze says:

          That’s youre opinion because you clearly are filled with hate to need to use such words just to say you disagree. May you also find the Truth, name calling is an expression ones inner self worth. Sorry you find the need to attempt to belittle people (unsuccessfully) with your choice of words just to state. ” I don’t agree” – I don’t need to speak for an entire religion because as you learn, Christianity is a relationship with God Almighty, and it’s God’s Word that is powerful enough to stand whether anyone is bold in Him to speak it or not.

          So may you find peace in Him and have a blessed weekend.

          And yes, I am thankful, may His peace be unto you….

          • Dantes Inferno says:

            I am convinced you are Satan.

          • swing voter says:

            I’m really glad I don’t go to yur church M8. Ever hear of Eddie Long? You kinda remind me of him….go figure

            • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

              @ swing voter: I am not sure if you are referring to my church or Summer Breeze’s, but Eddie Long preached fervently against homosexuality in the pulpit, while engaging in sexual acts with males in his church. I should say “allegedly” because he denied it strenuously. Who do you believe, several males with similar stories or the ‘good’ pastor? He wouldn’t be the first pulpit hypocrite that’s for sure. We had our own, right here in the Western parishes, who was preaching homophobia and spreading HIV amongst his parishioners, many of whom are now dead.

              I question a ‘church’ that forces one to live a lie in order to be accepted.

              • I says:

                Stop using religion as a passive aggressive way to express your hate of homosexuality.
                You’re judging and condemning people and then in the same breath saying things like “have a blessed weekend” and “may His peace be unto you”
                Typical religious hypocrisy

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ Summer Breeze: I am grateful that I studied under a discipline that encouraged me to wrestle with the text, to look at context as well as content, and not to just accept the traditional view. After all, the traditional view of masturbation, once called Onanism, was that it was the sin of Onan, who “spilled his seed upon the ground,” not during self-pleasuring as the traditional church tried to insinuate, but so as not to give his widowed sister-in-law a child, as was require of him by Jewish law. Multiple generations grew up believing they were sinful through this church sanctioned misrepresentation. It wasn’t until people actually began reading these passages with a view to understanding what was said for themselves, rather than just blindly following what they were told by the priests and elders of the church, that this myth was laid to rest. It is my hope, faith and belief that other traditional church misrepresentations may also be debunked.

        Since this is not the forum to go into a deep Bible study, I will lay only one example before you.
        Although the church has encouraged homosexual men to be called Sodomites, the sin of Sodom was not, in fact, homosexuality. Isiah 1:10-14, Jeremiah 23:14, Ezekiel 16:49-50 (and if you have a Catholic Bible, Wisdom 19:13-14) all make it clear that Sodom was destroyed for arrogance, callousness and lack of care for the poor and needy, haughtiness, lack of hospitality, even hatred of strangers (oh dear), adultery, hypocrisy, and worst of all, idolatry, which God hates above all else.

        The story of the destruction of Sodom that people like to quote makes it clear that 1) God had already decided to destroy Sodom and had sent the angels for that specific purpose when Lot found them and took them in(see an earlier story where Abraham bargains with God for the life of Lot and his family); 2) ALL the men and boys of the city came to Lot’s door – never in the history of the world has there been a city composed entirely of homosexuals – they were come to commit rape (an act of power and intimidation using sex as a weapon); 3) Lot knew they were heterosexuals otherwise he would not have offered them his virgin daughters (wow! what a dad!); and 4) if God’s wrath was really all about taboo sex, wouldn’t He have destroyed Lot and his daughters a little further on when they committed incest, surely at least as heinous an act as any other?

        There is more that I discovered relating to what the Bible does and does not say about homosexuality. If, after checking the above Biblical references, you realize, like I did, that you had been misled and are curious to wrestle with the texts for yourself, I am putting together a small Bible study group. Contact me at I am ready for a change, a movement toward more inclusivity. Are you?

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Pastor Syl, I think the “q” stands for “queer” these days, not quetioning.

      It’s most interesting that you, of all people should quote John 3:16. Go back and check all of the posts that you have submitted to this site and others and tell us what John 3:16 means to you.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ LaVerne: I was informed by an American member of the LBTGQ community when I was working with PWAs (people with AIDS) that Q stands for those who are seeking to understand who they are. This person worked specifically with/counseled/supported young males who were trying to come to terms with feelings of affection for other males in a world which reviled, persecuted, emotionally (and sometimes physically) abused them, and decreed there was something wrong and shameful, even evil, about such feelings. Many of those young men were depressed and suicidal. We need such a service here. Yesterday, at the Rainbow Alliance event, I learned that we in Bermuda have lost at least 8 young men to suicide for the same reason. We have had at least one murder that was homophobically inspired. A multitude of others have left the island to escape such homophobia. Yet we deny that we discriminate against gays.

        John 3:16 Amplified KJV says” For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world, that He [even]gave up his only begotten (unique) Son, so that whosoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost), but have eternal (everlasting) life.

        I would think those words are self explanatory and not at all at odds with anything I have ever said on these posts. Please be specific about where and what I have said that indicates differently. I cannot speak for anyone else’s belief system, so I don’t know who else believes in, trusts in, clings to or relies on Him, but I can say categorically that I do and am grateful for the opportunity/gift that I have been given.

  26. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Man in the Mirror: The failing of you so called logic is that sex is not just for reproducing – it is also for pleasure. It has to be otherwise we might have died out long ago.

    For your theory to work, there would have to be no sex of any kind other than to reproduce. That of course is where you rather myopic point of view fails completely.

    Case definitely closed.

  27. tim says:

    @ summer breeze lol jokes
    “I encourage you to not just read the Bible in the way you have done, but to study the Bible with explanatory reference texts”

    the bible was written by man. man is selfish and makes mistakes. the explanatory references were not written by god they were written by man.

    you talk so much about studying the bible why not actually study Christianity. See where this man made religion came from.

    “Again I do not hate any lgbt people, but my God has instructed me through His Word” thankfully not everyone in the worlds thinks like you

    • SummerBreeze says:

      Tim, don’t follow man, follow God. Many men will lead you astray. God’s Word clearly says trust no man, seek only Him. Just like you don’t believe what Christians have to say, so, seek God for yourself and He will reveal Himself to you.

      I have studied my Faith in Universities, which is why I believe, you choose not to, that’s your right, and if you’re at peace with that, that’s you’re right also. God’s True Word will never change, no matter how many times any man tries to adjust it from it’s truth.

      You and others can be mad at me for speaking up all you want, but the One you need to take it up with is reigning supreme awaiting on you to open up to Him.

      May God give us all peace, truth and clarity unto His Holy Word.

  28. Man in the Mirror says:

    @ Cedar Beams(Original)
    It is quite evident that your are still suffering from the blight thst invaded Bermuda many years ago. Which is how you probably chose your penned name.

    Regardless if sex is for pleasure as you state, if a man and another man can ONLY pleasure each other and NO reproduction occurs, that MANKIND as we know it can not and will not continue between thses two.

    The same goes for two women who wish to pleasure themselves.

    Again you can try and make all the pieces of the puzzle fit, but unfortunately you are playing with square pieces trying to FORCE them into a round HOLE.

  29. I just came on this page for the El Oh Els

  30. Unbelievable says:

    Wow some scary stuff and comment on here ..what year is this again ? Bermuda where are you?

  31. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Summer Breeze: Please tell me where I can have access to God’s word. It can’t possibly be in the bible since that was written by man. That being the fact, it is at best second hand info. Many thanks and I await your reply.

    In addition If I said a fairy had spoken to me you would think I was a mental case. Perhaps you’ll understand my feeling the same about someone who says God spoke to them.

    Many thanks.

    • SummerBreeze says:

      Cedar, you know God’s Word is presented to us in the great book called the Holy Bible. Take it, and say like many before you, God, I am not sure if you exist, or if this thing called the Bible is truly your Word, so I ask You to reveal Youself to me because these people here are making me question what is real, what is truth. Ask and He shall answer you – His Word says He will if you meditate upon Him in all spirit and in truth.

      Put aside all men, and submit yourself unto God, and you will find the answer, do not follow men, follow God. Christianity is a true relationship with Jesus Christ, not a religion that is comprised of man’s interpretation and devised doctrine of God’s Holy Word for their own personal gain and benefit. We are called to serve the One and Only, the Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth, the One who was at the beginning, still is in the present, and will be at he end of time for ever and ever, Amen.

      • Family Man says:

        I’m a bit confused about your god. I’ve read your bible but I couldn’t find the answer to my question. You say there’s only one god and you keep referring to this god as “He”. How do you know your god is a ‘he’? Does ‘he’ have a penis and if so what does he use it for?

    • ahem! says:

      @cedarbeams–good point about fairy…further I ad, how many parents would believe their daughter was a virgin ,but pregnant!!!Bet her clothes would be packed so fast to mwai.Some People have taken words from a page and turned it into a personal experience..Can you imagine how many pathetic souls fall for the mere words sent by text every second of every day! I’ve known people to fall in love with the words from a script, without ever even speaking to the individual,..we have seriously vulnerable people in all societies…One day we will all recognize ourown freedoms….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sign me

      One Flew Over the cuckoos Nest!

  32. Man in the Mirror says:

    @ Swing Voter
    Maybe you should stopping swinging and choose a side. It sounds like to me you are stradling the fence.
    Its ok mate if ain’t sure which team you are playing for.
    But i know when i look in the mirror, who i see and who is beside me.

    • swing voter says:

      kinda expected that response sooner or later….maybe one day you’ll look in the mirror and realize that everyone, has a wiring defect, which is not a bad thing.

      After almost 50 years of interaction with humanity, I’ve come to the following conclusion. Most heterosexuals cheat on their partners, don’t marry their partners, have children by multiple partners, and cause more social issues than Gays/lesbians.

      BTW I’ve never had sex with a man, and not attracted to them either. I just accept humanity for what we are….defective. Leave the gays alone as they contribute to society in many positive ways including adopting the unwanted children abandoned by heterosexuals…

  33. Ignorance is bliss says:

    It’s amazing the amount of hate that is shown on this thread. The LGBT community are simply seeking Human Rights, which they are entitled to, as they are humans too. Simply put the word of God does speak against it. He did wipe out Sodom & Gomorrah for these sins along with others. BUT he did give ppl a choice to be who they was and if they chose that life they also chose their fate. If the LGBT community find happiness in ppl of the same sex it is THEIR desicion and THEIR fate to live with. The only issue I have with gays is OVER THE TOP displays of affection & cross-dressers. We get it ur gay & in love & proud of who u are BUT I shouldn’t have to explain to my 8 yr old that some men/women like the same sex & that some men like to wear woman’s clothin and put on make up and act like girls. I never understood why gay men turn into girls when they come out, is it a requirement or something?!? I think they would garner ALOT more respect if they remained men when they choose to come out.

    OH well, enough with this. They are humans & deserve human rights… END OF STORY

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ ignorance is bliss: why shouldn’t your 8 year old learn from you that there are different people in this world with different affectional orientations, rather than from their friends who would probably teach them derogative names. Just as I am sure you would prefer your child to learn about sex in general from you rather than their friends, so they get correct information. To that end, way back in the 70s, when my children were young, Marlo Thomas had a book out for children and their parents called, “Free to Be You and Me” which helped parents explain, and children understand, diversity. I don’t know if it is still in print, but it was very helpful.
      We had such high hopes then for a world in which colour, size, sexual orientation, etc. would no longer be an issue. Here it is nearly 40 years later and we are not even in the same place, we appear to be even further away from acceptance and unity than ever.

  34. Street Smart says:

    Common sense seems to be missed here! Why should homosexuals have more human rights that a HETEROSEXUAL!! We are all protected under law with regard to all human rights. Contrary to other comments, the bible DOES NOT CONTRADICT ITSELF! The Bible is very concise as pertaining to this subject. When the Bible consulted to this very subject, it is described with such word a ABOMINATION, DETESTABLE DISGUSTING, and VILE, to name a few.
    Homosexuality is NOT ABOUT LOVE, BUT LUST. Not about who you love, but who you sleep with. Such individuals engaging in such sexual activities, are NO LONGER HUMAN, but pawns of the devil. And the Bible is clear Leviticus 18:22, says NOT to engage in such vile sexual activities. Leviticus 20:13 explains what MUST happen to people found engaging in these activities. No One is born a cheat, a liar, a murderer, or a homosexual for that matter the are evils learned from the devil.
    What anger me the most, is when homosexuals compare their so called plight to that of the black man. The black man had no choice of being black, but homosexuality is a vile choice made by a sexually demented mind.

    Homosexuality is like a cancer, and should not be allowed to spread. IT IS NOT NATURAL, NOR SHOULD BE CONSIDERED NORMAL!!

    • GetLikeMe says:

      Show me where homosexuals are asking for more rights than heterosexuals? If sexuality is a choice, when did you choose to be straight?

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ street smart: Homosexuals are not asking for MORE rights than heterosexuals but for the same rights. At this time, on this island, we are NOT all protected under the law with regard to all human rights. That is why we are STILL having this discussion, but our Human Rights Act is written in such a way that key elements are missing.

      If you read Leviticus 18 from 17-29, you will note that all the practices referred to were considered ‘to’ebah’(Heb.) translated as ‘abomination.’ This word comes from a word meaning “to abhor” and commonly refers to a practice or thing that is loathed for religious reasons, such as an idol or anything to do with idolatrous practices. The strictures in this passage, another Levitical passage and in Romans and Corinthians are to guide God’s people away from the religious/idolatrous practices of the Egyptians, the Canaanites, the Romans and the Corinthians among whom, first the Jews, and then the Christians, were living.

      I was taught that the Bible MUST be read in context, with a view to historicity, authorship, and audience in order to correctly define its meaning.

      Homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is sometimes about lust, but not exclusively, just as heterosexuality is not exclusively about lust. We, who are all fearfully and wonderfully made, are sometimes made to love the same sex. I did not consciously chose to be heterosexual. Most of the LBGT people I know also did not consciously make the choice about who they fall in love with. They just discover it, like I discovered my orientation. The Bible speaks against promiscuity, whether hetero- or homo-sexual, but enjoins us to love.

      I have known same sex relationships that have lasted almost as long as my life. That is love, not lust. I knew of one such relationship where, when one partner died, the family excluded the surviving partner from funeral arrangements and rightful inheritance, even from the home the couple had shared and which both paid for. That was not only discrimination on the grounds of orientation but also age, as that person was elderly. Cruel.

    • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

      Street smart: Please modify your name to something more appropriate like street dumb.

  35. R you serious!!! says:

    Amen, street smart!!! AGREED!!!

  36. pojgoekfldksfj says:

    Religious people are demented.
    Dude sex is gross.
    Lady sex is cool.
    Lady sex should be encouraged.
    Unless you’re two ugly ladies.
    But wait I can’t see it if you do it at home.
    Unless I’m in your home…
    Which would make me a burglar.
    Or a peeping tom.
    Just don’t make out at work.
    That goes for straight people too.
    Gay ppl ur ok with me I guess.
    Religious people too.
    Unless you think the world is 6000 years old.
    Which means you are either 7 years old or an adult with the mental capacity of a 7 year old.
    I think if people want to preach from a 2000 year old book they should be limited to 2000 year old technology. No internet, no TV, radio, no printable movable text.

    • swing voter says:

      BERNEWS should wipe out all the other posts, and leave yours at the top….kool post

  37. matt says:

    sigh some people. got LGBT community asking for basic human rights and you have summer breeze and other bible thumpers quoting the bible. answer me this one question do you believe they deserve human rights yes or no?

    p.s god didnt write the bible.

  38. Unbelievable says:

    Most folks and comments on here are are definitely not very human or christian ! Defo not in Gods image !

  39. Objectivity says:

    Can I just say that the Bible is out of context in today’s society. As a result, quoting it and making references to it are therefore not valid in debates. Furthermore, since everyone has their own religious affiliation and perspective/understanding within it, referring to religion to validate any argument is weak at best. If that is your opinion leave it as that; informing me that you came to that conclusion because of ‘x’ religious text doesn’t make your opinion any more valid than the next person. To summarize, faith does not equal fact and therefore cannot be used to support an argument. Faith, in this instance, can be likened to sand, fact to stone, and your argument a house. If these are your options, to support your house, you want to build it on stone or it will be more likely to collapse. The same can be said for an argument, you want to build it on facts or it will be more likely to collapse under the scrutiny of everyone you present it to.

    Also, lets be clear, the debate is giving equal human rights (not superior rights) to people of the LGBT community. People from this community are human and therefore deserve the exact same rights as every other human under this government. Either grant them the missing rights or take them away from everyone else – These are your options for equality. If neither option is chosen, we cannot truly say that we are a tolerant, equal society.

  40. R you serious!!! says:

    Let’s be for real,

    It is uncommon, unnatural, and simply impossible for anyone to have two Moms or two Dads. The only way to procreate is with male and female (simple).

    The bowl hole is serves one purpose………To POOP.

    Anyone in their right mind would understand this simple logic.

    • swing voter says:

      we know all that….it doesn’t change the fact that some guys like guys and some gurls like gurls… other words, watch yur azz, not theirs

  41. R you serious!!! says:

    bowel (sorry) U know what I mean!

  42. Dee (Original) says:

    My eyeballs are about to fall out of my head…I cannot believe some of the ignorant comments I am reading!! I am a straight female, but my best friend is a lesbian who has been in a loving relationship with the same partner for over twenty years. I have been subjected to unbelievable comments over the years from morons- the most popular being, “Does she hit on you?” Uhhh…no!!! We are like sisters, and would you “hit on” your own sister? Furthermore, why do people harp on the sexual aspect of same sex relationships so much? There is more to relationships than sex. Same sex relationships are just like straight relationships…companionship, someone to talk with, dream with, share housekeeping duties, pay bills, fight, make up. Do you people honestly think that all same sex couples do is have sex 24/7? Do you? Of course not!!! It makes me ill seeing all you hypocrites quoting the bible when most of you don’t even live by it yourselves. If you ignorant people believe we are to live by the bible in every literal sense, then surely we all would have been struck dead by now for all of the ‘sins” we commit on a daily basis. Two quotes comes to mind: Judge not lest ye be judged and Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone…..

  43. cathy says:

    Congrats to the Rainbow Alliance! There will always be those who want to keep people down and justify it any way they can. Do not be deterred. Keep up the fight -HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL!!!!

  44. Speaking out says:

    Good morning
    Having lived in bermuda and overseas you can see how much the views of some small island are greatly insignificant. The fact remains that bermuda has been and will always be homophobic. Now I support peopls from all walks of life and believe that equal rights should be given, however we must realize that bermuda doesnt condone homosexuality and in your willingness to step forward and speak out you must be prepared to handle the reactions of a very close minded community. Bermuda is very ignorant on topics such as these and its going to be a very long time before this island changes its views. Therefor the ignoramuses in our community will continue to voice their uneducated opinions as they do have their freedom. But hell i’m all for it everyone deserves equal rights.

  45. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    So to cap it all off, gays shouldn’t be given equal rights because of the few who believe in a book written 2,000 years ago when we thought the earth was flat and didn’t know where the sun went at night. We further believed that the earth was made in seven days by an imaginary magic man in the sky.

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

  46. Future says:

    Basic reasoning skills are rare on this island. Disagreement does equate to ear (phobia). Disagreement does mean there is some false religious basis for the disagreement. (I find the religious arguments largely very weak). I do beg the question of this organization: where does freedom stop? Are people who indulge sex with minors being discriminated against? Adult drug users? People who violate traffic laws? Thieves? There is a running thread of “discrimination” as a bad thing but without some discrimination I.e. complete freedom, we have a lawless society where harm is brought by individual acts to those beyond the individual.

    What you do in your bedroom may well be your business but have you stopped to think how it affects others? If health declines, aren’t all of us paying? If children are being influenced to adopt certain behaviors, aren’t we all affected? This silo reasoning is blinding folks. All person are already protected against discrimination. Adding specific detail doesn’t strengthen your case, it weakens it. You will never, ever finish a list of all things people should be protected against!

    By the way, love is not the same thing as sex.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Future: “If children are being influenced to adopt certain behaviors, aren’t we all affected?”
      Do you think gayness is catching, like a disease? I have known people who were raised by two same sex parents who are decidedly heterosexual. I have also known people who were raised by two ‘straight parents who are decidedly homosexual. I think it’s a wonder that there aren’t more gay people around given the numbers of child molesters on this island. Although I suspect that a lot of the male homophobia stems from that source…but I digress a little.

      “All person are already protected against discrimination.” This is patently untrue. If that were so, the aged, and recently, the physically challenged would not have had to campaign to be included. No-one of ANY sexual orientation is protected at this time from discrimination, so we should all be thanking the LGBT community and their allies and supporters for drawing attention to this fact.

  47. Future says:

    That should have said: Disagreement does equate to fear (phobia)

  48. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Future: At least you are making an argument not based upon the biggest con book of all time. So I respect that.

  49. Um Um Like says:

    To all the homophobes, bible thumpers, and other narrow minded idiots: If homosexuality is so wrong, why don’t we prosecute the heterosexuals that give birth to homosexuals!? If being gay is wrong, surely giving birth to and raising someone who is gay must be wrong!

    • Speaking out says:

      You can’t call people idiots just because they don’t agree with our views tga rf makes you more or less an oppressor to their freedom of speechand vice-versa kid.

  50. Jen says:

    Bermudas ignorane makes me sick. Everyone has a right to live their lives by their choices. Heterosexual or homosexual. It’s a god given choice. If we were not meant to, it would never have excited. To each their own. And to who ever created this group. Thank you for accepting those who are brave enough to accept their differences

  51. Common Sense says:

    I do have a serious concerns about those persons who use the bible to justify their objection to including “sexual orientation” in our human rights legislation. It reminds me of all those white folks in South Africa’s Dutch Reformed Church who supported their reasons for enforcing apartheid by arguing from the Bible that:
    • God ‘deliberately divided people into different races’ – the whites being superior to blacks. The Bible says ‘There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female. For you are all Christians–you are one in Christ Jesus. (The Bible, Galatians chapter 3 verse 28). They said that this means people are only spiritually equal, not physically equal.
    • That South Africa’s Apartheid laws were God’s will.
    • Races should be kept apart.
    • Whites should have better opportunities as they heed God’s ‘favour’.
    • Mixed marriages and relationships are discouraged so races remained ‘pure’.
    God is the ‘Great Divider’. Genesis 1 supports this, in that, God divides everything into separate categories – white is divided from black and meant to be separate.

    This is what I would call serious “bible abuse”! In a community such as ours where blacks were discriminated against for centuries we now have protection under our human rights legislation against discrimination based on race. The next step is to move forward and extend equal human rights to all of our citizens regardless of their sexual orientation.

  52. Franklin says:

    I’m totally for gay rights… as long as both chicks are hot

    WTF is wrong with this island?

    Dear (a large chunk of, but not all) Bermuda: Read “Lord of the Flies”, reflect. Think about your interactions with people of other races, other religions, other “home countries”, other sexual orientations. Take a look at tourism figures, IB leaving, businesses closing, the general cesspit of hate this island is becoming. 1 + 1 = ?

  53. I says:

    More power to my LGBT Bermudians; do your thing…but PLEASE lets stop trying to compare the current situation with the Black civil rights movement of the 60′s. The cultural and historical significance of the two simply don’t hold equal weight.
    Don’t get me wrong, what they are trying to accomplish is important and in my opinion very necessary, and yes everyone should be protected under the same set of basic human rights and allowed to live their respective lives as they please without fear of discrimination. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time I checked the LGBT were never enslaved as a people, bought & sold like cattle, lynched, burned alive, segregated, LEGALLY classified as less than human, LEGALLY denied education, employment, set upon by dogs and beaten by police as they staged peaceful rallies? With all do respect there’s simply a much deeper history with respect to Black society’s stuggle.

    Regardless, I hope more positive things come from the recent open forum. It’s 2012 and we’re falling behind with our way of thinking. Time to evolve Bermuda!

  54. Common Sense says:

    Good to see that “I says” supports our LGBT Bermudians, but I do take issue with the suggestion that we cannot compare the current situation with the Black civil rights movement of the 60′s. People who are seen to be different because of their sexual orientation, whether they be homosexuals, hermaphrodites, chimerics, intersexed, or anyone with any kind of genetic “disorder” (using the phrase in its broadest sense – and meaning “different from the norm”, have been pilloried, punished, beaten, murdered, beaten and outcast by societies around the world for centuries; long before blacks were ensalved by Europeans.

    For centuries we had no idea what caused these differences, and religious folk of many faiths put it down to some kind of evil committed by the fathers and passed on through their children. Now we know that these differences are often caused by genetics, and modern science is identifying and recognizing many of these conditions.

    Gays and LGBT’s in the western world can finally “come out of the closet” but even then they can often be ridiculed and subjected to hatred and prejudice (just read these posts to guage the level of ignorance) – hence the reason for needing to include sexual orientation in our Human Rights legislation.

    ‘I says’ is correct. It is time for Bermuda to evolve.

  55. Disappointed says:

    In the logical order of things I’ll be holding a workshop next week called ‘What it means to be straight’ and talking about ‘straight privilege’…..all aboard!

  56. Common Sense says:

    @Disappointed. When you hold your workshop next week to talk about ‘what it means to be straight’ and about ‘straight privilege’, can you please advise if your workshop will be open to straight people regardless of their “race, ethnic or national origin”?

    Will it also be open to straight people regardless of their ‘marital status’, or whether they ‘were born out of wedlock’? Will it be open to straight people with ‘disabilties’? Will it also be open to straight people despite their ‘religion or beliefs or political opinions’?

    You may ask why I want you to clarify just which straight people will be invited to attend? A fair question.

    The reason is because ALL of the above categories had to be specifically protected under our Human Rights Act, because prior to their inclusion in the Act, they could be discriminated against without fear of prosecution.

    There was a time, not too long ago, when children born out of wedlock were called “illegitimate” or much worse, and it was considered gravely immoral and positively un-Christian to have such children. Hopefully, those days are gone.

    There was a time, and it was quite recent, when people classed as disabled had no rights and where the majority of healthy normal people quite frankly preferred it if those folks stayed at home or out of sight. I could provide you with a whole list of insulting phrases we used to use to label people with disabilities. Hopefully, you would allow the disabled to attend your workshop.

    I wonder if you are beginning to get the point. Just being ‘straight’ did not give you automatic ‘privilege’. The privilege of not being able to discriminate against the above categories of our fellow human beings has only come through struggle, public education and demands for specific inclusion in our Human Rights Act.

    I’m sure you will agree that we now need to move forward and include “sexual orientation” in this same Act.

  57. CHINGAS says:

    WOW! ignorance is bliss, cuz she never heard of Jesus….once people make their minds up, it’s hard to change them, hence the 184 comments. sigh!

  58. Just Amazing says:

    It amazes me that the same people who are calling for tolerence of their lifestlye choice, turn around and have a lack of tolerance for those who don’t agree with them.
    This is a free society and EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions.
    The fact that I do not agree with the gay lifestyle doesn’t warrent being called ‘stupid’, ‘ignorant’ or any of the other vile names that have spewed from your mouths.
    YES, you have a right to engage in a relationship with the person of your choice and I have the right to determine that I do not wish to have that lifestyle displayed around my children (as your landlord).
    What your really asking for is RESPECT – and that is EARNED!!!
    I can respectfully disagree with you without trying to degrade you by name calling. You cannot expect others to respect you or your views, if you cannot show respect in return.

  59. Common Sense says:

    @Just Amazing – I am one of those people who are calling for “tolerance” – not for my own lifestyle as a happily married heterosexual, but for those who are are discriminated against because of their sexual identity. To the best of my knowledge I have not called you, or anyone else “stupid”, ignorant” or any other vile names.

    Sadly, there are many in our community who are not tolerant of anyone who they see as “different”. I would seriously question a couple of the points you have made. One is that if you happen to own your own home and have one or two apartments that you rent out which are attached to that home, then you are not bound by any of the discrimination sections of the Human Rights Act. You can choose NOT to rent your apartment/s to blacks, whites, Chinese, West Indians, Italians, single mothers, adulterers, lobster eaters, Catholics, Anglicans, AME’s, the disabled, or anyone else you choose to discriminate against. And if the Human Rights Act is amended to include “sexual orientation” as a ground for discrimination, the same would apply, that is, you would still be able to discriminate against anyone you believe might be gay without fear of prosecution.

    However, if the law was amended, as I believe it should, then if you were operating a restaurant and you decided that you did not want to “subject yourself” to people you believe to be gay, (you may recall that this happened quite recently in a restaurant) then you would be breaching the law. Likewise, if you believed that your child’s teacher was gay, you would be breaching the law if you went to the school and demanded that your child be assigned another teacher simply because of their sexual orientation. Believe it or not, there are numerous ways each day that people here in Bermuda are discriminated against simply because of their sexual orientation. I happen to have worked in one organization where anyone discovered to be gay (I should really say believed to be gay) was booted out – period.

    You seem to suggest that what these folks are “really asking for is RESPECT – and that is EARNED”. I don’t know how someone can begin to earn your respect if you reject them out of hand and decide that you don’t want anyone who is gay anywhere near your children or perhaps yourself. If that is indeed your attitude then we need to include “sexual orientation” in our legislation as a matter of great urgency because this discrimination has to stop.