Approximately 42,500 People Registered To Vote

November 10, 2012

With 36 days to go until the 2012 General Election, there are approximately 42,500 people registered to vote and additional voters are expected to register to vote.

Assistant Parliamentary Register Tenia Woolridge said: “As an election date has been set for December 17th 2012, the Parliamentary Registry wishes to remind voters that the 7 day registration period will commence on Saturday 10th November and close on Friday 16th November.”

“During this period we would encourage all voters to ensure that their registration details are up to date. The Parliamentary Registry will open on Saturday 10th November from 10am to 5pm for voter registration.” You can also register online here.

Advanced Polls will take place at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on King Street from 8am – 8pm on December 11th & 12th 2012. Advanced Polls are held for incapacitated voters, institutions, travellers and poll workers, and voters who wish to vote in the Advanced Polls need to apply in advance to have a certificate.

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  1. Romeo del vecchio says:

    No doubt the PLP will be busing all the cons from westgate and mid atlantic wellness patients in to bolster the vote. Turkeys dont vote for christmas.

    • oba voter says:

      @Romeo Del vecchio

      Statements like this keep us devided. Don’t forget where that got us last election. When you state bad remarks about a certain group it does nothing. I have family members in Westgate and Mid Atlantic.

      • Sigh says:

        @oba voter:

      • Come Correct says:

        Agreed but I think his point, however twisted it came out, is that the current leadership would rather see convicted criminals vote than college students. It makes about as much sense as a prisoner watching cable tv in jail as your grandmother sits in a nursing home staring at a wall hoping futurecare will cover her medication while the prisoner has full coverage. Sorry, but if I live that long and things haven’t changed, I’ll stab someone and live the rest of my years on taxpayers money watching free cable and eating KFC…because it makes more sense. This whole island is backwards, from the leadership to the judicial system right down to the way we treat eachother, somethings gotta give.

  2. Xfactor says:

    Election predictions:

    OBA 51%
    PLP 48%
    UBP 1%
    NO VOTE: 1%
    The OBA will Win.

    The PLP will not get 80% of the Black Vote
    The OBA will get 15% of the Black Vote
    The OBA will get 99% of the White Vote
    The UBP WILL GET 0.8 OF the White Vote and 0.2% of the Black Vote

    There will be 5 major upsets and 2 of them will be in St.Georges.
    1 in Hamilton Parish,1 in Southampton,1 in Pembroke.
    a nail biter.

    • Ryan says:

      I think this is accurate; however, I also think that the OBA will get substantially more of the black vote than predicted here for three reasons: 1) *a lot* of blacks are just overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the PLP and will instead vote for the OBA. 2) others will simply spoil their ballots or not vote, due again to dissatisfaction. 3) as a youth myself, I see the young vote swinging in favor of the OBA—the youth grew up in a time when the economy was good for all and does not remember the pre-1998 nonsense the PLP lives to extolt. They have also seen with their eyes am economy that is terrible, and a government that has presided over it absentmindedly. The youth are more observant than we think.

      You’ve undershot the number of white voters who wound vote for the PLP. Hard to believe, but I would place that at about 5%.

      • Think a little deeper says:

        Also a young voter, I 100% agree with your statement Ryan.

    • Grubster says:

      Michael Dunkley vs Patrice Minors

  3. swing voter says:

    And what about the students who can’t return home in time? Why haven’t you made provisions for them after 14 f%$in years…..All students who will miss voting should call their parents and have them cast a vote according to their child’s choice. After-all they are the ones who have to address 2Billion Dollars of debt.

    If you care about your country more than party politics, vote OBA

  4. YoungInformedBermudian says:

    It’s great to see that many are registering to vote, but it still doesn’t dismiss the fact that many of us cannot vote because the Premier chose for the election to be held while many of us are away in school!

  5. Sigh says:

    I called the Parliamentary Registry yesterday and they told me that I could just turn up at their offices on the day. There is no need to apply in advance for a certificate, I was assured, that would be issued upon my arrival at the Parliamentary Registry offices on Reid St. The web site at is not very informative

    So I’m confused, and I think there needs to be a lot more and clearer information about this..

    How do I apply for this certificate?
    How far in advance do I need to do that?
    Exactly what is the process for voting in the advance poll?

    • what says:

      I heard you need to go on a certain day, then you get to vote on another day about a week later. If you are going to be away, get this sorted asap, don’t lose your right to vote.

  6. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    The OBA .. Seem to be a group of educated , intelligent people who , really don’t know one another but , are willing to sleep together to gain political power . After they lose this election , as has happened before under a different banner , they will all go their own separate way’s, most of them never to be heard from again . They will retire into their personal enclave’s where their former comrades are neither welcomed or ever invited .

    • swing voter says:

      yeah, yur a typical dreamer. How stupid do you think we are to fall for the BS your talking. This government ran out of political credit in 2007/08 and they don’t have any political collateral left to charm their way into a PLP victory. You just don’t get it do you?

    • Sigh says:

      Repeating yourself there Mountbatten?
      Repeating a post with no content, or facts, or even relevance to the topic at hand?
      Repeating a post which reveals a tendency to make racial generalities intended to inspire fear and hatred in others?
      No! Surely here is a post that demonstrates what a lovely and caring person you are – one who certainly cares for his community.

      This person is concerned about the real issues facing the people who are struggling and unemployed under the current government. That’s what this post says.

      Certainly this is not a person who would throw out infantile jibes, and definitely not one who thinks these jibes are so clever that he chooses to repeat them whenever he gets the chance.

      Not narrow minded, egotistical or unimaginative.


      None of those things.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        I’m just merely speaking the truth according to the position of the discarded UBP . Why can’t we all agree on the facts . John Swan spoke it only because he lived it . Hey I’m not a hater but , I can’t wait for the debate between your big strong handsome leader and our small in stature present Premier .

    • jmo says:

      Why do you keep cutting and pasting this same remark on every topic and other sites?

      • terry says:

        Because thats what they pay him for.
        Plus, he has his own page on facebook.
        Read between lines folks.

      • Come Correct says:

        Repetition, kinda like oba/ubp. It worked for Bush when he wanted to label muslims as terrorists, it was every US politicians favorite word in 2001. You’ll also see it in songs, a form of subliminal messaging.

  7. Vote for Me says:

    The youth vote always proves difficult. The reality is that the timing of an election never really suits students since they are never all on island at the same time.

    The Premier has explained that she chose a date as close as possible to Christmas to allow as many students to be at home as possible,without getting too close to Christmas.

    Some will try to blame the PLP for the absence of absentee voting but must remember that the previous administration did not put absentee voting in place.

    My general commenet is for all of us to be respectful during this election season.

    • Come Correct says:

      The previous administration was 15 years ago. Not enough time? Not enough technological advancement? I think there’s a different reason.

    • Concerned Family Man says:

      Unfortunately I hear from many like my own that they cannot come before the 19th, and that makes sense. 3 of my adult children (potential voters) study abroad. Their flight is booked for weeks now for the 23rd. Why isn’t there a letter vote system like in many democratic countries. Of course the young people will be the ones who will have to pay all the debts we accumulated over the last 5 (!)years. In addition to student loans another $35000 each. Everybody who planned to be here for Christmas would be here in the week after Christmas. So why did the Honorable Premier not have the election 28 November? Is she afraid of the vote of the young educated Bermudians?

      • terry says:

        Just spin on your part.
        Read what you wrote.
        3 billy goats overseas.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      No the previous administration did not put absentee voting into place, and the PLP, as Opposition were vociferous in their complaints about this and made promises to rectify it once they became the government Now, 14 years later, we are still in the same position.
      Last election, the PLP promised they would never again disenfranchise the students, but did nothing to ensure it would not happen. The OBA in their Reply to the Throne Speech last year, stated that this was a priority, but the PLP did not pick up the gauntlet.

      The students are not to blame because they are away in school. People with health issues that require them to be off-island, those who have already made travel plans and anyone else who is registered to vote but cannot be here, should not be penalized for their inability to be present when the election is arbitrarily and at the Premier’s convenience, called with such a small window of time to plan one’s life around.
      It is blatantly unfair, and I call on the OBA to make this issue a priority should they form the next government, along with a change in the law that takes the decision for when the election will be held out of the hands of the ruling party. It is ridiculous for the whole electorate to be on tenterhooks for months waiting for the writ to drop.

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    Why can’t votes be cast online? All manner of other information securely is passed online.

    Also it is time for fixed date elections. May, when college students are home & before summer vacations.

  9. terry says:

    If I am paying $100,000 + a year or maybe less (depending on school)
    I would fly them back home.
    You guys don’t get it do you.
    Beat a winning horse?
    Get real.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Terry, I’m beginning to think you have no idea what the real world is like. People have already explained completely understandable reasons why overseas students will be prohibited from voting. Technology exists these days that would allow students to vote. What is the government afraid of?

  10. Ringmaster says:

    One person, one vote of equal value is a myth. Within the last 14 years, the internet has developed exponentially and there is no reason an absentee vote cannot be enabled. The only reason has to be that the current party is fearful that the absentee vote will not be in their favour.
    Each party should have this as one of there “we will do in the first year” items in their platform.

  11. Think about it says:

    @ Terry.. What part of students can’t fly home because it is exam period for many of them don’t you understand? Exam period usually entitles having to stay in the country to write exams you thick muppet.

    • terry says:

      Read what has been written above.
      Don’t just reflect or comment on mt commments.

  12. Stephen says:

    Out of interest, here are the last days of examinations for the following Universities:
    McGill University Dec 19
    Dalhousie University Dec 17
    Queens University Dec 20
    McMaster University Dec19
    Brock University Dec 18
    Western University Dec 19
    Guelph University Dec 14
    Acadia University Dec 15
    Mount Saint Vincent Dec 14
    York University Dec 21
    University of Toronto Dec 21
    Trent University Dec 19
    University of British Columbia Dec 19
    Boston University Dec 21
    Boston College Dec 20
    Berklee College of Music Dec 21
    MIT Dec 21
    Yale Dec 18
    Harvard Dec 21
    Penn State Dec 21
    New York University Dec 21
    Julliard Dec 21

    This took me 15 minutes to find these dates online. I could have continued as well. These are schools that I know Bermudian students are attending. Of the above only 3 out of 22 will be able to be back on December 17.
    When Premier Cox was questioned after the announcement at Warwick Workmen’s Club about the choice of the date she said one reason was so that students would have time to get back to vote. Certainly someone in Government could have found out the same as I did above.

    • heybye says:

      PLP afraid of the open minded educated student vote.
      They cannot predict their political leanings.

      • Vulpes says:

        Well researched – What else would you expect other than more lying, cheating and stealing, except in this case it is votes rather than money? The reality staring the Cabinet in the face is that they are all mostly unemployable and they will therefore pull every trick they can to hang on.

    • Think a little deeper says:

      wow – quite telling I’d say……
      keep in mind…. i do believe that the PLP are banking on all those uneducated ignorant voters to keep them in….. that would be the only way ….

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        O.k , Then riddle me this .. What percentage of the electorate fit into this very broad category that will vote for the PLP ? You know the uneducated and ignorant .

      • Huh? says:

        The voters who do not go to further education are not ignorant, neither are they stupid enough not to be able to see that the PLP are running their country into the ground and leaving them with less and less opportunities. The Job Corps is a last minute, throw it up there, hope to raise money, plan to plan for a plan to plan to plan something..If we bring it up at town halls then it must be real.

        • Brad says:

          Not ignorant? Not stupid? We’ll see about that on Nov. 18th. Let’s hope the uneducated sheep of Bermuda vote these failures out. Otherwise, they got what they asked for. No one to blame but their blind selves.

  13. Vote For Me says:

    Many of the commnets about the youth vote are short sighted. If past practice holds, the OBA will fly students home for Dec 17 irrespective of costs. The only students that may not be able to get home are PLP supporters for various reasons. Thus having the election on December 17 is not in the Premiers interest!! I could explain further but I hope these brief comments show how shallow some of the posts have been.

    • Come Correct says:

      Without proof that’s just speculation. What would stop the plp from doing the same? Or is the fact there’s no money left one of those “various reasons”?

    • HeyBye says:

      Many students are committed to writing exams at this time. Not a question of affording getting back home no matter what party leanings.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        They contiue to ignor this comment said by many thus trying to fuel so rich vs poor agrument thast fits in with their agenda…..


  14. Stephen says:

    In the past people have fought for the right to vote – non-landowners, women, blacks. I would hope that we hold the right to vote in the absolute highest regard, and would not deprive a segment of society from practicing that right. It should not be whether it is “in the Premier’s interest”. It is a right that should be afforded to all. In previous elections there were the same concerns with regards to students and those off island at the time of the election not being able to vote. Why in the past 4+ years has nothing been done about this?