Arrests Made After Customs/Police Operation

November 30, 2012

Police and Customs attended a Hamilton Parish residence early this morning [Nov 29],  which resulted in multiple arrests being made.

Police officers could be seen in the area at approximately 1am, with the forensics van and as well as a police truck parked outside the home.

A police spokesperson said: “In the early hours of this morning (Friday, November 30th) H. M. Customs and Bermuda Police Service conducted an ongoing joint enforcement operation at a residence on Limehouse Lane in Hamilton Parish.

“As a result a few arrests have been made in connection with this matter and court appearances are expected in the near future.”

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  1. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    Can’t wait to hear what “this matter” is.

  2. ECS says:

    lmaoooo at SSS

  3. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    well if it was weed that they found…why would they need a forensics team…you dont have to be a rocket scientist to identify this harmless vegetation…hey!…did u know that if a person ingested jus 6 leaves from an oleander tree, death is the only result…no euphoria at all just death…and that is true scientific facts,unlike true scientific facts on marijuana…For you all that are asleep please watch this 5min video…Best Marijuana Argument Ever: Given By Superior Court Judge James P. Gray…

  4. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    if you watch this and still have negative thoughts then we really shouldn’t be listening to your comments unless someone likes science fiction…im jus trying to educate the ignorant.

    • WhistleBlower says:

      Thanks Keepin’it Real ..4Real I really wish people would get off their HIGH HORSE and their FAKE SOCIAL STATUS for a minute and be HONEST. Personally I do not like the burning sensation I have gotten the few times I have smoked HOWEVER I spent some time in GREAT AMSTERDAM last summer and was AMAZED how at EASE most people were: Black, White, Asian, Spainsih EVERYONE Young, Old, tourist locals EVERYONE was LIGHTING UP and what a BEAUTIFUL time I had. NO STRESS NO FAKE PEOPLE just mellow friendly folks of the WORLD coming together for a draw!! BErmuda could BOOST TOURISM by LEGALISING HERB – AMSTERDAM pulls in OVER $55 BILLION a year from TOURIST! GO figure BDOT!!