Police: “Investigations Resulting In Prosecution’

October 23, 2019

This year the police have “conducted a number of successful investigations” resulting in the conviction of several foreign nationals for theft from a number of local financial institutions, with six individuals having been incarcerated.

Bermuda-Police-Service-TC-oct 23 2019

A police spokesperson said, “Between January and October 2019, the Bermuda Police Service has conducted a number of successful investigations resulting in prosecution and conviction before the courts, of several foreign nationals for theft from a number of local financial institutions.

“Six individuals from countries in Eastern Europe as well as France and Puerto Rico, have been sentenced to periods of incarceration ranging from nine months to nineteen months as a result of these investigations.

“Charges included conspiracy to steal, possession of equipment made or adapted for making false debit and credit cards, possession of false debit and credit cards, as well as theft and attempted theft.

“With clear indications that the island is being targeted by international criminal enterprise, the Bermuda Police Service Criminal Investigations Unit continues to work closely with our overseas partners to put an end to this illegal activity and is following a number of specific lines of inquiry, which we are confident will lead to further successful prosecution before the courts.”

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