Four Ships/Aircraft Search For Person Overboard

November 9, 2012

Four aircraft/vessels are presently 50nm off Bermuda searching after a crewmember on a sailboat intentionally jumped overboard.

The Captain and crew tried to coax their colleague onboard without success. As time passed and conditions deteriorated, the crewmember was lost amongst the darkness

The aircraft and vessels that are presently searching are: a U.S. Coast Guard aircraft, Marine & Ports boat, a container ship and a bulk carrier.

A statement from the duty officer said: “At 5pm Thursday afternoon the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a call from sailing vessel ‘Blue Moon’ reporting that a crewmember had intentionally jumped overboard and was reluctant to come back onboard.

“Captain and crew continued in vain to coax their colleague onboard and contacted the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre for assistance. Marine & Ports pilot boat ‘St. David’ accompanied by Marine Police personnel was dispatched to a position 50 nautical miles west-northwest of Bermuda.

“As dusk approached the crew of the sailing vessel continued to monitor their colleague in the water using a spot light onboard. As conditions deteriorated and with the passage of time the crewmember was lost amongst the darkness and persons onboard continued in their attempts to relocate him.

“Pilot boat St. David arrived on scene and after an eight hour search, returned to Bermuda Friday morning to refuel and return to the distress position.

“The following aircraft/vessels are presently offshore searching; U.S. Coastguard C-130 fixed wing aircraft; Marine & Ports pilot boat ‘St. David’ Bermuda registered container ship ‘Livorno Express’; and Hong Kong registered Bulk Carrier ‘Golden Lyderhorn’”

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  1. dumb sh*t says:

    Find him take him str8 M.A.W.I

  2. terry says:

    Probabley a PLP voter.

    • Moms Gingerbread says:

      Terry what is wrong with you, always coming on here with your asinine comments

  3. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    So how much is this search costing Bermuda and the US for a “crewmember on a sailboat who intentionally jumped overboard, was reluctant to go back onboard and who is being considered as lost?”

    • Logic76 says:

      And how much would you care about the cost if it was your mother in the ocean right now? There is no need for such insensitive comments.

  4. Stop complaining for 1 second says:

    @ Terry you definitely take the prize for #1 A$%#OLE on Bermuda Blogs. I am NOT even SORRY for the language i used. It is too bad that persons like you DO NOT have a life. But hey Karma is a BITCH, so who knows, i guess your turn is coming.

  5. Bermy Mariner says:

    I think the statistic for the US Coast guard is $1,600 per hour for a helicopter and a rescue boat around is $1400 per hour. Question is, was he wearing a life jacket? Quite a difficult situation for a skipper to be stuck in. You could use the old technique of knocking him out with an oar to make him on conscious which could risk killing him, get him on board duck tape him up and lock him in the forepeak until the coast guard can pick him up. Another technique is use a lasso with a locking slip knot and keep sailing up to to MOB until you get it around them, synch the knot tight around their body and try to restrain them and get them on board.

  6. Shawn S says:

    Sad that we dont still have our own Coast Guard ti help with this being own an island and all in the middle Alantic.

    O well we so far behind in many things.

    • GoodIdea BadIdea says:

      Even our super spanky police boat isn’t enough for proper SAR (Search and Rescue) and we should thank our neighbours to the west that they still perform that duty for us.

      A proper coast guard would put us (to put it lightly) over our head, drowning in debt (not that we’re not already in a mess0.

    • mangrove tree says:

      The “why isnt there a coast guard?”brigade watch a little bit too much tv, and must not get out much, and definatly dont get out on the water.

      Bermuda has a number of differant Gov. Departments that provide maritime assistance.
      These are the Marine Police , Fisheries , and Marine and Ports(with their tugs and pilot boat ) Youth and Sport also has a number of boats.
      Notice i have not included the Bermuda Regiment as for all intents and purposes they dont do anything , nor do they have sufficient experianced manpower and equipment, despite all the news releases about what they are doing.
      In addition there is the private service provided by Bermuda Yacht services and also Sea assist,as well as other private individuals,and fishermen.
      All of these are coordinated by RCC Bermuda ,Bermuda Radio, who in an emergency will dispatch the appropriate boats and persons, or if need be aircraft from the USCG, or other shipping in the area.
      Here ,
      Bermuda Radio would be considered the “coast guard” as in the Uk , they Maintain a radio watch and coordinate any available marime assets to try and fix the problem.

  7. Talk that Talk says:

    not to sound insensitive but why create such a rescue for someone who obviously does not want to be found?

    • mangrove tree says:

      Going out to sea for a long time can be extremely physically and mentaly demanding,
      After long periods of sleep depravation, constant activity, little or no food,people can lose there faculties, and do extremly unusual out of character things , as presumably has happened in this case.
      presumably if the person waas recovered quickly with a few IV bags, warming up and a good mealand a good sleep he would be back to normal.

      So if this was your relative, friend , what would you want done?
      Mount an intesive recue effort, which might last days , or just say
      naah fxxxx it he wanted to go anyway?

      Thanks to the US Coastguard and Marine and Ports staff/RCC Bermuda
      for going out in these currently rather awful conditions.

      • Jahma gibbons says:


      • Sailor Girl says:

        Thank you for that comment. This lost sailor is actually a friend of mine and a very competent sailor. We are all baffled about this and hope he is found safe.

        • mangrove tree says:

          You can be assured that there are a lot of brave people out there risking their lives to bring resolution to this .

  8. um just saying says:

    The GOOD WEED has finally arrived hahaha. I bet he is safe and on land rolling a fat blut giggle giggle

  9. BDAPhoenix says:

    Is there No update on the search?