Opposition Questions Tourism Trip To Bahamas

January 22, 2013

The PLP questioned the recent trip to the Bahamas by Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell, Chair of the Tourism Authority David Dodwell, and Special Advisor Corey Butterfield.

Shadow Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert said: “The Progressive Labour Party has taken note of the recent trip by Tourism Minister the Hon. Shawn Crockwell, the Chair of the Tourism Authority, Mr. David Dodwell, and the newly appointed Special Advisor to the Minister of Tourism Mr. Corey Butterfield, among others.

“We find it interesting that these gentlemen would travel to the Bahamas on a trip that has been described as one to examine Tourism Authorities in other jurisdictions, when the Bahamas does not have a Tourism Authority.

“The PLP also questions the role of the Special Advisor Mr. Butterfield in traveling with this delegation. The Director of Tourism, Mr. William Griffith, has a wealth of experience in the Bermuda Department of Tourism and is quite capable in assisting Minister Crockwell.

“We expect that in his role as Director, he would be more valuable on these trips than the Special Advisor whose tourism background appears to be minimal at best,” concluded Mr Furbert.

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  1. Roger says:

    Flip flop, you are a sad man.

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ Roger,

      If you can’t see that Mr. Furbert is making a very valid point, then you my fellow Bermudian are an A$$. Try to take the personal attacks out of the discussion, and yo might see that the opposition are doing their job.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        “Try to take the personal attacks out of the discussion”

        As you call him an A$$?

        • Bermuda Cat says:

          @ Bermy Gooner,

          Yes, I call it like I see it. If you can’t say something relevant to the article, and go off ito your own whatever you want to call it, yup, your an a$$. And if your defending stupid, your an a$$ too.

          You feel better now?

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            Don’t feel anything really…

            But do feel sorry for hypocrites such as yourself…

            Keep on hating…

            • Bermuda Cat says:

              @ Bermy Gooner,

              You can call me Mr. Hater if it suits you lol.

              But just one point, you notice you haven’t even talked about the topic of this article? That’s what I’m on here commenting about, what are you doing?

              • Bermy Gooner says:

                I guess the same thing you guys did when the PLP was in power…

                Guess I am a hypocrite as well then…

                • Roger says:

                  I’m sorry, didn’t mean to cause conflict.

                  I am a fan of people working together. Unless Wayne steps back over, he is out of power for a while.

                  What the PLP need to do is step back and let the OBA get on with it.

                  Dealing with needless distractions like this hinders the ‘moving on’ element.

                  I am assuming there was no transition in the PLP handing over to the OBA and also assume the OBA don’t bounce ideas off the PLP before moving off to gather knowledge like this.

                  My point is, the tax-payers paid for the PLP to gather the knowledge on this and if the PLP then downed tools at midnight and told the OBA to pick up without sharing the knowledge, the OBA now have to pay via the tax-payer to get that knowledge.

                  Wayne should have extensively met or offered to meet with Shawn to transfer all knowledge. Shawn should have in turn, asked whether Wayne had any pointers with respect to his plan ahead.

                  In any case, Wayne is still able to do this without drawing matters into the full public domain like this.

                  Next election is five years away, Wayne acting like this makes him part of the problem, not part of the solution.

        • Black Soil says:

          Which ministry will Wayne Furbert shadow when the Ministry of Tourism is finally put out of its misery?

          • Bermuda Cat says:

            @ Black Soil,

            I guess we will have to wait and see.

  2. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    to the plp

  3. Balanced Facts says:

    PLP you are an embarrassment, all the crap you know you got up to with excessive travel and consultants that actually did nothing but collect a check! STOP IT! The hypocrisy is galling! Clearly you are crapping yourselves that Pettingal and Richards are wading through contracts and financial statements…I reckon there will be a reckoning and all your noise and spin attacking the new Government will not save you!!!! Give it 6 months and Wayne will be whispering to cross the floor again

    • Islander says:

      We dun want him – should he try – give him a showel to scoop up his mess and a broom to sweep himself and his thoughts out the door

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      Why do you OBA people keep justifying your peoples broken promises with, “Well the PLP did it” Unjustified trips are a drain on our resources, no matter how small the costs…

      • Mad Dawg says:

        And what makes you believe the trip was “unjustified”?

        Let me tell you what constitutes and unjustified trip…. One where the main purpose is to collect an awar. To encourage tourists from China and India to come here. To set up a private business deal in India. To attend a satellite conference in Paris.

        Some government travel is necessary and desirable. If you’re just going to criticise every time there is an overseas trip, or every time a consultant is hired, that’s pretty childish.

        • Decisions says:

          Don’t forget when they took the Gombeys and the Bermuda Regiment Band up to the Economic Forum in Davos. I don’t think we have been invited back since.

      • tfrm says:

        What broken promises?? Oh palease – “you PLP people” as you like to go there – need to get over your loss and think about changing Bermuda for the better – not being a “Die HArd PLP support” a supporter of corruption and lies and deceipt – you “PLP people took it up the A$% just like any other Bermudian curtosy of the PLP yet you support them like they are your sports team – GET REAL. They have not broke one promis yet – Geesh its only January 2013 and they have so much $ui% to clean up from the mouths of the PLP. You can imagine that tdue to the disgusting state the PLP has put our beautiful island in they have qwuite alot fo assesing and its smart to look at other jurisdictions….its not liek they are flying first class with a whole entourage for personal reasons having some FAK charity even at the playboy mansion – so cool out and watch how real educated people work for the better of their country. Observing, listening, learning – then acting.

  4. Webster says:

    The PLP, have left us with so many unsolved problems!!!!!the somerset bridge, the dock at dockyard,the temporary bridge,future care,and lord knows what else may come to light .

    • bermyguy says:

      what unsolved problems are you talking bout 1 somerset bridge was rebuilt under the UBP government, how does that have anything to do with the PLP. 2 what temporary bridge are you talking about, all the bridges in Bermuda are permanent. 3 for all the bad the OBA spoke of Futurecareits funny how now they are quiet on it now and seem to have no problem with it.

  5. Family Man says:

    All that way to see a casino?

    These boys sure like to travel.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I second that!

      What I don’t understand is why is it always casinos or golf, casinos or golf. Bahamas offers much more & no one needs to take a trip there to see this.

  6. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    Actually, there are not one but two tourism ‘boards’ in the Bahamas, functional and serving their purpose well. They are the Nassau/Paradise Island Promotion Board, http://www.npipb.com, and the Bahamas OUT ISLAND Promotion Board, http://www.myoutislands.com.

    PLP- Google. Learn it, live it. Especially before looking even dumber by making unresearched and unsubstantiated public statements. Sheesh.

    • welldone says:

      Bermuda had a tourism board as well.

      The point is that these guys went on a trip with the purpose of examining Tourism Authorities. Bahamas does not have one. So what are they doing? Sipping pina coladas by the pool?

      • frank says:

        how many times do i have to say it the oba are the same ubp and what the hell did they take wana be lawyer curry for the boy is no consultant the boy just needed a job thats all sad

        • 1minute says:

          Bermuda had a tourism board – and you see how well that worked…
          They are going to see one that actually brings in the tourist…

        • Islander says:

          Rolfe needed a job to – got one as others and hefty salaries and did nothing but talk bull everywhere he went.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Did you even read the article?
      Now who looks DUMB? ;-)

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @Fed Up Bermudian,

      From your statement, you are either ignorant or very bias. It clearly says in the article Tourism Authority. Maybe you need to take time and read before you start talking. Ya got some nerve lol, Loud, Strong, and Wrong lol

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        And Mr. Furbert, in the Daily, noted that his Tourism Board was actually a Tourism Authority, but that the PLP did not like that term “Authority.”

      • tfrm says:

        Ahahahah – Loud Strong and Wrong – that can be the PLP’s new slogan! Cause they sure as hell never stood strong for Bermudians – but they always wrong lol.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      You googled your information why couldn’t Shawn Crockwell do the same instead of spending tax payers money on a trip that could have been a simple conference over the internet. This is the age of technology & it should be used to save dollars. There is nothing more to physically see then what can be sourced online. The reason for Bahamas tourism success compared to our failure is elementary they have more attractions then us at a cheaper price then us. We offer little to our visitors wile we keep overdeveloping to the point that we don’t even look like the tropical island tourist expect to see when they arrive. It seems that wether its OBA or PLP the ones in charge of our tourism always have a one track mind which leads them to the airport every time.

      • Bermuda Cat says:

        @ Tommy Chong,

        Very Valid point.

      • street wise says:

        “… we don’t even look like the tropical island tourist expect to see when they arrive.”

        An interesting point, but essentially untrue. Most visitors think our Island is the most beautiful of them all. Open your eyes.

        Bermuda is SO Beautiful! Close, Clean, Friendly, Safe, Quiet, and Different. With plenty of Sunshine, Pink Sand Beaches, Turquoise Waters & Big Smiles to go around for everyone. What more could a Visitor want? How about U.S. Customs Pre-clearance at our airport!

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Lame point. A lot of Bermuda’s business visitors actually come here because, even these days, a face to face meeting is more effective than a video conference.

  7. same s$%t different party! says:

    To all u ppl that voted for a change u surely got it! A change in face but doin the same s$%t…already seen Cannonier on a Plane 3 times since his appointment…now crockwell is taking his boys to go party!? LofL this is why this island would NEVER get better…cause the Stupid ass politicians are worried bout lining there pockets more then service for the PPL….F OBA and PLP…

    • Foxy says:

      this is close to slander.
      there is not evidence that anybody is lining their pockets.
      Your are desperate!

      • Frequent Flier says:

        That was said about the PLP all the time with NO Evidence!

      • same sh!t different party! says:

        Maybe no evidence to you foxy…cause ya obviously blind!!

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          Then what evidence do you have?

          • ABM says:

            Good question…….lets go even further, what evidence does anyone have agianst the PLP or even the UBP!!

            • Hmmmmm says:

              Wow. It only took 14 years and countless ruined lives and reputations for my nasty countrymen to call for evidence. Sometimes I wish I could deny my birthright.

  8. BDAGIRL says:

    Sorry Mr. Flipflop we also took note where you traveled to. Don’t worry about Minister Crockwell and his team they have gone to try and get us back on track.

  9. shut them down says:

    Again it is no problem for the ubp to do these things but when it was the PLP is was a whole other problem.

    • tfrm says:

      This is 2013 – and the OBA is in power not the ubp and NOT THE PLP – Get it right.

  10. Hear me out... says:

    PLP – keep asking the questions and let the OBA show you how to be a principled value you for money government.

  11. SoMuchMore says:

    Is flip flop is upset cause he was not invited? HMMMM! LOL | One who stands for the PLP and listens to what they have to say are blind-sighted… If I was flip flop I would just keep my mouth shot.

  12. sayonara flip flop says:

    We don’t care what you say! We don’t care what you
    you think either. Sayonara Flip Flop.
    Your bleatings today are shameful. Your chosen Tourism Board (which
    you have the audacity to call a Tourism Authority) was always
    under the direction of you, the Minister, and of the
    ruling PLP. This is exactly what the proposed
    new Tourism Authority will be set up to avoid…..
    political interference.
    If the Dodwell team feel they need to go to Singapore to
    see first hand the most excellent Tourism Authority there
    and what they have done in the past two years to
    swell their tourism figures, well so be it. At least
    we can count on them not to sing.

  13. Judge Dredd says:

    These so called voters for change are the most bitter, savage and indignant bunch there is. Nothing is more poisonous to one’s optimism and cheer than to read one of their venomous comments. They display a severe absence of dignified composure and seize upon every opportunity to sink their fangs into the flesh of anyone who hasn’t drank their zombie brew. We got change in the same way one reaches into a hamper of dirty clothes to put on instead of clean ones. I really thought and was foolish enough to expect that they would be more humble and honourable but it is apparent they know nothing of humility and they are bereft of honour. This is definitely not the attitude of progress or of the future.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Shut that light off … It’s blindingly bright .

    • same shit different party! says:

      Lol these ppl are hilarious…cause in 6 months to a year they’ll be the same ones screaming we need a change!! Blind leading the Blind is what the OBA is…Premier can’t even run a gas station and u expect him run a country…September can’t come fast enough when Dunkley gets voted in…then maybe the Dumb fools that voted for Cannonier will see OBA is actually UBP …haha

  14. What is going on? says:

    OMG Judge Dredd, your words boggle my mind…. I’m not sure you
    are really aware of what you are saying….. I hope you never decide to write a book…… such nonsense. Maybe you could put a little thought before you post. REALLY

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ What is going on,

      He said the truth. I will say it again, you OBA supporter have the OBA stuck so far up your a$$, you don’t know your a$$ from your elbows.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        Complain about personal attacks and then post something like that…

        The same can easily be said about PLP supporters…

        • Bermuda Cat says:

          @ Bermy Gooner,

          I agree, but most of the nasty comments are coming from OBA supporters.

          I call a spade a spade, sorry if you only like the truth on your terms.

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            Yeah, I see what you mean, all PLP supporters are civil and courteous in their political discourse.

            Same goes for Dr. Brown, Mr Burgess, Col. Burch, Mr. Commissiong, Mr. Blakeney et al.

            All shining examples of civil, mature and courteous political beings.

            Sigh at the hypocrites…

            • Bermuda Cat says:

              @ Bermy Gooner,

              I thought we were talking about this article and the people commenting on this? If you want to have a conversation about them, that’s fine, but I am talking about this article. I will grant you Mr. Blakeney is an a$$, but your going off topic lol

              On another note, if you look at politicians around the world, they may portray to be good respectable people, but I would hope you know they are no different from any other human being. We as the public want to believe that these people are taking on this task to help their country, however educated people understand that individuals are driven by self interest. PlP, OBA, whoever, all driven by self interest!

      • tfrm says:

        Feels better than being A$$ Fu75ed by the PLP for 14 years.

  15. Foxy says:

    get over it. you lost!
    Now you miss the trips yourself!

  16. Bobmarlin says:

    PLP wasted $millions on trips.
    Now their supporters question the OBA.Piss off,PLP supporters.You let your govt ruin the future for the children of Bermuda.Look at the huge debt.Crime,education,health and tourism,all,in a state of ruin. The OBA will show you the way!

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ Bobmarlin,

      Instead of being objective, your first responce is just blame the PLP for everything.

      A point to note, as a Bermudian (not a PLP supporter) I can questions any government official I want, so please shut the f*ck up.

      You don’t even realize that you are doing exactly what you ridiculed the PLP supporters for doing, being blind.

  17. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Many more junkets to come .

  18. Sandgrownan says:

    Boo f&$king hoo Furbert.

  19. C.B.A. says:

    This is a copy and paste of what Wayne Furbert said on a facebook page:

    Wayne Furbert “The event that the Minister is attending is the “Caribbean Travel Marketplace”. This event is for Buyers, Sellers and Media for tourism. I support the Minister attending, as he needs to get his feet wet, in addition Ministers around the Caribbean normally meet. I do not however understand why Corey Butterfield has to be there when the Director of Tourism is also in attendance. I went last year, and the Director was able to fulfill all the requirements I needed as Minister. As far as going there to learn more about Tourism Authority, I doubt it.”
    14 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1

  20. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Wayne…cry me a river!!!

  21. Flawed Strategy says:

    This clearly shows how chummy Billy Griffith and other Permanent Secretaries became over the past 14 years, the Opposition feel it is necessary to now sing for Billy’s supper, or more sinister, they want “their guy” in the room when decisions are being made so that they can use the info in Parliamentary Question time

    OBA please stand strong and take trips trips trips, I remember oftentimes being ignored in this same Tourism Ministry by Minister Furbert, his standard response was “Hey, I’m going away, lets talk when I return see”

    Its great that Dodwell, Crockwell have started to do something already, if they can open a resort in Bermuda with the power of Atlantis to bring guests here I say game on

    Oh and by the Way, at this stage it is only fair to not care what the PLP thinks just as they ignored Bermuda over the past 3 years when they were at their arrogant best

    These recent statements from the PLP are not opposition constructive dialogue, they are simply PLP ministers upset that they are no longer relevant

    so sad

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ Flawed Strategy,

      From your statement, are you saying it’s Ok for the OBA to do exactly what you have been crying for the PLP to stop doing?

      I thought this election was about doing things different and moving forward?

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        It has been thus far…

        For instance, for once in many years, we haven’t heard any overt racist talk/rhetoric or claims that we do not need to listen to you from any elected Government representative.

        Now that is progressive…

        • Bermuda Cat says:

          @ Bermy Gooner,

          See the difference between me and you is that I don’t mind people talking about race, because it is relevant. If I take your approach, I am to believe because racial statements aren’t made by government officials or MP’s, the problem goes away?

          I will put it to you like this,I can take a person who is willing to speak their mind in public (I am not condoning some of the things that have been said by both sides), but what the average Bermudains wonders is what’s being said behind the closed doors quietly.

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            So you mean labeling people as “house ni$$ers,” stating that “we will only give Govt contracts to people who look like me” or hanging up on a caller once he (Col. Burch) confirmed she was white, stating that “we don’t have to listen to people of your ilk” etc. is simply talking about race, and is not racist in any form? There are plenty more examples I can give of elected representatives utilizing polarizing talk as a means to simply divide and conquer. A perfect example would be in this past election with the disgusting adverts issued by the PLP, which were offensive to both white and black Bermudians. Those were not talking about race (in the sense you are trying to spin them into), but were sure damned racist. Or we can rewind to 2007 and the “they will put shackles on your feet” or “they are neo-fascists that want to lock us all up.” My personal favorites are when Blakeney asked Pat Pamplin when she is going to stop supporting the white man and come over to their side and also when Mr. Burgess responded to a legitimate qyestion by the then Opposition as “you never thought would have to ask questions of a son of a slave” as a means to deflect. If you really think that these are just simply talking about race, then you are just another pea in the racist pod.

            You see if I took your approach and acted and talked in the same manner as so many PLPers have while in power I would be called racist and the lot (and rightfully so). But then there are individuals (apologists and spinmeisters) such as yourself that making racist statements as being on par with simply talking about race.

            So again please explain how making such divisive statements equate to simply “talking about race?”

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            “the average Bermudians wonders is what’s being said behind the closed doors quietly.”

            That maybe, but when you put your thoughts to them and then believe them true that’s where the issue becomes your issue and is more about what you think the people in question are like……………

            LOL this is why we in Bermuda have a hard time only talking about Bermuda or in the “Bermuda Context” without dragging know countries like the attitudes of the US into the discussion.

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            And no I don’t think that it will make the problems go away.

            But as leaders of this country they should be leading by a moral example. Which some didn’t in the previous Government.

            For instance, I remember when Dr. Brown stood down and the RG interviewed people from all walks of life to get their opinion. One interviewee, in Young Mens Social Club, told the RG reported that Dr. Brown taught him that it is okay to be rude, condescending and just nasty to white people and that is how he would remember his reign.

            So elected representatives are more than just leaders of their respective Party, they are leaders of the island as a whole and must act with integrity and lead by example at all times.

            Hope that clarifies my position.

  22. Xman says:

    No known group or organization in Bermuda has abused travel and Trips more than the MP’s of the PLP.
    The most abusive and extravagant Premiere’s were Dame Jennifer Smith and Dr.Brown.
    After all the extravagant things the PLP done for 14 years – the people of Bermuda don’t want to hear any complaints from them.

  23. haha says:

    Premier Cannonier said they were going to look at Tourism Authorities. So if their trip was to attend the Tourism Marketplace event, why didn’t they say that? Its all about transparency, correct?

  24. Jury says:

    What voyage did Shawn Crockwell take to get to the Bahamas? Must have been a long flight.

  25. Shelta says:

    Wayne, would you complain if the minister went to Bollywood and China as the PLP did, or is it only close by, regional, similar market trips that you disapprove of?

  26. Amazed says:

    Some OBA supporters seem to think that anyone who questions the OBA is a bitter PLP supporter but this is not true and it does not matter. The OBA is the government of the country and must answer to everyone not just their original supporters. Their supporters must learn and understand that there is a difference in the role of the OBA party and the OBA government.

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ Amazed,

      I’m glad it’s not just me, I mean you wouldn’t think they won the election from the comments above. This is coming from a person who didn’t vote for the PLP or OBA.

      • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

        You didn’t vote, your opinion does not count…

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Thank you Amazed……I agree with you 100%……

  27. ABM says:

    Am shocked and in awe of the nasty comments above. WOW!!!

    • tricks are for kids says:

      @ ABM don’t be shocked or in awe for that matter….You should visit regularly to see those that HAVE to use name calling and put downs to get their point across…..

  28. Victor says:

    Furbert, brazen opportunism ended when you left office – now just go away and let the new guys get on with it.

  29. crying shame says:

    These nasty Comments that are being written by the OBA supporters are horrible. When did it become wrong to question our government?? We the people have every right to question the party that is in power. Are you OBA supporters saying that we shouldn’t question anything that the OBA does should we be silent and subservient and just trust everything that they say and do? Well I am sorry but I will not “shut up”, I will continue to ask questions if a government is elected by the people for the people then ALL the people have a say. It’s funny how we are forever reminded about the mistakes that the PLP made while in government but we are asked to move on and leave the past in the past when it comes to the tyrant years of the UBP. And from the way things are sounding with regards to the supporters of the OBA it seems as though you want everyone who isn’t OBA to just sit down and shut up. OBA I honestly hope that your supporters aren’t a reflection of your party because even though I didn’t vote OBA My VOICE MATTES!!!

  30. Bermyman says:

    Last time I checked, the Bahamas has a successful tourism product. There is nothing wrong with taking notes and doing market research first hand. It only indicates that the Tourism minister is actually keen to get us heading in the right direction. heck we may even have construction start on a new hotel in the next 5 years.

    • Deliverance says:

      I disagree. The Bahamas is an entirely different animal to the Bermuda model. They have great weather year round, allow car rentals and sorts of other things that appeal to the lower middle class American tourist. (Note: Atlantis is bankrupt – so clearly THAT business model doesn’t work even with the great weather!) I think Bermuda should look to compare and compete with places like South Carolina… we have similar weather, golf courses and “old world” charm. Just a thought.

  31. Flawed Strategy says:

    Allof a sudden people want their “Voices to be Heard” under 14 years of the PLP you were all ignored by Minister Furbert, Billy Griffith and the others in the entourage and on the Friends and Family Plan.

    Crockwell , Dodwell and whoever else they decided to take with them have started to work, let them do what they must and come back and implement………………….then you all can start whining about this one trip.

    The tacit acceptance of the PLP’s arrogance by all of you for 14 years means you can wait for the OBA to implement progress and a change of course over the next 3 – 6 months, so please stop wasting your 4MB download monthly allocation to post rubbish that “I did/did not vote OBA so my voice matters”

    Bermuda voted for progress, foreign investment and a real Government to run the country properly, call the Talk Shows or march on Cabinet office if you are so aggrevied by one business trip that costs the taxpayer $15,000………………..am I allowed to even talk about the PLP travel entourages that burned through over $3,500,000+ wasting time in Quatar and other places.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      EVERYONE has a voice whether you like it or not….You can draw refernce to PLP’s reign just as others can draw reference to the past and present UBP (now known as OBA) Government…Why? because it is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH and let’s not forget that EVERYONE is entitled to THEIR opinion….so yeah if you want to talk about $3,500.000 plus that the PLP entourages may or may not have spent than be prepared to be open to hear questions that NEED and SHOULD be asked so that it doesn’t happen again…..

  32. ohyea! says:

    the PLP never ever dared question Ewart Brown And Paulas reign of mass travel and spending so why start now? makes no sense right !

  33. Vulpes says:

    One thing in the Bahamas that does warrant study: all the new hotels have been funded by the Chinese and the construction sites are all Chinese workers – super fast , low cost, etc. Not a model I think would work here with this country’s comparative wealth.

    Also, in those areas where the Chinese are working, all the fish in the sea have been caught and eaten (plus the conchs which we have few of) – a very serious environmental issue, especially if you sell snorkel trips.

  34. swing voter says:

    the OBA is the UBP? I really don’t care anymore. If the OBA can return the island to over-employment (i.e. there even part time jobs for moonlighters)and foreign investment who the f@#k cares if the OBA is the UBP.

  35. bir says:

    AND SO WHAT!!!! Shawn has a good team working with him. More then I can say about Mr Wayne ???? who did nothing accept waste Bermuda’s money.

  36. Come On Man!! says:

    The opposition in parliament must show itself to be responsible and be able to act in a statesman like manner. It must engage in constructive and responsible opposition by making counter-proposals. In its action, the opposition must not seek to hinder pointlessly the action of the government but rather endeavor to incur- age it to improve such action in the general interest.

  37. Come On Man!! says:

    The opposition in parliament has a duty to offer voters a credible alternative to the government in office to make the majority accountable. To be a credible alternative, however, the opposition must also be ready to exercise the responsibilities to which it aspires on a lasting basis. In other words, it must have a program which it is ready to implement. In democracy, political life is enriched by free competition of political programs; it is impoverished by rivalry based on personal ambitions which merely disqualifies it in the eyes of public opinion.

  38. Get Over it! says:

    The attacks on the Government by the Opposition since the Oba have been in power are ridiculous. The PLP would need to take a seat and get over the defeat!!!!!

    • SJ Taylor says:

      I think the reason people are being so hard on the OBA is because of the type of campaign they ran and the promises they made. SOME of us want to see a whole different approach than what we saw with the previous government.

      SOME people feel like if we point out bad practices in the beginning we won’t have to be making comments that are so often repeated in this forum and others about “14 years” of this that and the other. You know, stop it before it starts or before it gets out of hand.

      We are hoping not to repeat the mistakes of the past by trusting that our leaders have our best interests at heart – look where that got us. We are actually doing what we should have done in the past – asking our government to SERVE US and do it with integrity and clarity.

      • Hear me out... says:

        i guess he who feels knows. you have been burnt badly by the PLP you know their crooked wasteful ways and you so hate to see the same thing created by the OBA…Can’t say I blame you. Poor you.

  39. navin johnson says:

    It is unfortunate that thanks to the previous Government and their endless 14 year stretch of useless travel(useless to Bermuda that is)to India ,China,Bahrain,France,Caribbean Conferences,Sustainable Developement Conferences and all of the uncessary trips that Wayne Furbert took just for a chance to stand behind a microphone and scream any travel by the current Government will be suspect….Satellite Conference in Paris,….the entourage to go to a Grambling versus Howard football game…..dubious award trips too numerous to mention…..

  40. Victor says:

    Come to think of it, while Crockwell and Dodwell (the Wells?) are down that general way, perhaps they could tender our resignation from Caricom – a total waste of taxpayer money so that a few PLP ministers could run around the regional cocktail circuit pretending they were important.

  41. felix says:

    just think we would have save so much money and better off tourism wise if the plp had ONLY ONE term in office..but were kept back by race card and those dumb fools who are now killing themselves,hungry,homeless,uninsured….

  42. manito says:

    eb,cox,minors and the rest of plp travel club must have racked up MILLIONS and gone to places that HAD anything to do for Bermuda..remember when eb went to china,india and agentina..WE HAVE seen one citixen of these countries..and he came back displaying their clothings in HIGH LIFE EVENTS..the plp are a bunch of disgusting bs..