Photos: Regiment Weapons Demonstration

January 14, 2013

The new Bermuda Regiment recruits jumped straight into action after heading into the gates of Warwick Camp on Sunday [Jan 13], with the first day seeing a firepower demonstration take place. It shows the recruits the power and capability of some of the weapons that the Bermuda Regiment has in its armoury.


In this firepower demo, the weapons displayed usually include handguns, flare pistols and flares, smoke grenades, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles of various kinds, and more. The targets range from close in paper targets to a variety of targets that are 100 metres away that are arrayed in front of a sandbag wall.

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  1. Will says:

    have they taken into account the dangers of lead environments. Funny that we sell our beaches to the world as the prime point of interest on our Island, but then we close them down and shoot at them introducing an unknown amount of lead into the environment..its called lead poisoning and many places in the US are now Out of Bounds because of the high amount of lead found.

    • shhh says:

      Are you aware of the amount of air pollution you are causing by opening up your mouth? People always have something to say. It’s not like they are shooting bullets across all beaches. In fact, its not even a beach where they are training. It is up on a grassy slope. And members collect visible bullets after training. Say something good rather than complain about every dam thing.

      • Will says:

        they dont collect visible bullets or spent rounds, they pick up the spent casings which are brass..the bullet is lead and perhaps you should read up on lead poisoning before you open your mouth for a reply. and the area they are on overlooks Warwick Longbay which in my opinion is a beach you fool, hence why you can find crumpled bits of lead along most of the paths down there.

        • Errin Butterfield says:

          Will,I dont know you and I know sometimes its hard to ignore someone when you feel they have replied foolishly to a valuable comment that you have made,but I dont think you should get personal with them,although I will admit it can be frustrating. We need more people thinking and talking sensibly these days,please dont get caught up with the negativity.I am not coming down on you as I sometimes have to remind myself not to react to negativty either.I fully agree with you about the lead and the possible negative affects that lead poisoning can have.You have raised an interesting point.If you feel that someone is just being negative towards your comments let me say this. My grandmother tells me “A word to the wise is sufficient,but a word to the foolish is wasted”.


    Boys and their toys. Big guns for small… ???? It’s amazing how many of these ‘soldiers’ talk all day about the p^&%^ they get, drugs they sell, b!tches they beat, etc. etc. Gotta impress their guy friends. No homo?

  3. @work says:

    Shell casings are picked up, live bullets are used, or I should say, live rounds were used back when I served. Things have changed since 1987 thou.

  4. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    kinda disappointed….no video..? i think the entire 2 weeks of bootcamp should be filmed for more than one reason…{No reference to Bernews of course}

    • Errin Butterfield says:


    • Bernews says:

      Sorry about the lack of video…we really only have one ‘videoguy’ and this was at the exact same time as the gymnastics and he was filming that.

  5. Beyond2 says:

    I understand that they are trying to ‘promote’ or advertise to the new recruits, but to use a firepower demo is like trying to encourage kids to go to school by showing them how much fun recess is.
    A ‘full’ recruit camp would help legitimize the regiment hence the real life video game commercial they are getting on the tax payers dollar.
    Apologies for the non sequitur comments, but there isn’t enough gov funds to go around and luring young people in with the hope of shooting stuff seems like a poor way to invest in our future.

  6. Oh Please says:

    @Will: you have to understand your talking to a bunch of lead heads.. “I told you so” is a popular saying In Bermuda.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    Now there is another source of cost savings. For years the Regiment has had nothing but the best, nothing but the most up to date equipment. Why? It is not like they are going off to war where they will actually need the best & USE it.

    • BWM says:

      As a soldier currently serving in the Regiment, I can assure you that the regiment has never had “the best, most up to date equipment”. The British have been telling us for years that we need upgrades on equipment (Weapons, Vehicles, Facilities etc)and there has never been money for it.

    • Proud Supporter says:

      Exactly… Triangle drifter doesn’t know what they’re talking about…

  8. Future says:

    Gangstas must love these free demos. Free ammo plus…