Teen Haven Residential Facility Upgraded

February 8, 2013

Orange Bay Company has completed upgrades to the Teen Haven residential facility as part of its successful 2012/13 charitable fundraising campaign.

Through the “Better Future by Design” campaign, Orange Bay Company sought funds, donations in kind and volunteer assistance -primarily from other local organisations — to complete necessary refurbishments at Teen Haven’s eight-family Happy Valley facility at which they provide transitional housing, counseling and life skills training to young mothers [aged 16 to 24] and their children [7 years and under].

Improvements were made under the direction of Orange Bay Company’s co-owner and home staging expert, Delight Morris. Rooms were repainted, redecorated and repurposed to make better use of existing space and create designated storage, computer and counseling areas. The residents and staff of Teen Haven now enjoy freshened and well outfitted common [living and dining] rooms, board room, counseling room, computer room, staff room, reception area and outdoor space.

Rudy Morris, co-owner of Orange Bay Company, said, “Since we started Orange Bay Company in 2009, it’s been part of our mission to promote better living for everyone in Bermuda. Each year, we select a local charity to sponsor as part of our annual fundraiser. This year, we were pleased to help Teen Haven complete much needed upgrades to their facility to support the good work they do assisting young mothers and their children.”

Delight Morris said, “Making improvements to the Teen Haven home was a significant undertaking. It took a good deal of time, money and effort by the participating companies and individuals who put their support behind the ‘Better Future by Design’ campaign and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who assisted us.”

Orange Bay Company recognizes and thanks the following organizations for their support of the Better Future by Design campaign:

  • Partner Re who made a significant financial donation
  • Arch Capital who made a financial donation and also donated additional computers to be used by residents for job searches and training
  • Joshua Bates Trading Company who donated an outdoor playset for use by the home’s resident children
  • CJR Creations who created custom artwork for the Teen Haven board room
  • ESC who donated new lighting fixtures and also rewired some existing fixtures
  • Continental Society who offers job skills training and resume building for residents
  • Bermuda Gas who fixed the existing washer and dryer
  • CIG who provided expertise in the selection of paints
  • Bermuda Cleaning Services who provided discounted steam cleaning and floor polishing services
  • Final Cutts Carpet Installations who made repairs to and restretched existing carpets in the home at a discount
  • Pembroke Paint who donated painting supplies and discounted paints
  • A Course in Miracles who volunteered their time to paint
  • AB Wilson photography who documented the ‘before’ and ‘after’ state of the Teen Haven home
  • Johnson, Burton and Crew who assembled the children’s outdoor play set.
  • First Choice Trucking who removed all unwanted furniture and trash.
  • Many friends and family of Orange Bay Company who donated both time and money.

Orange Bay Company decorated the Teen Haven common spaces with a combination of existing, donated and newly purchased items. A new television, picnic tables and interior furnishings were purchased locally using funds raised as part of the campaign. The remaining funds were used to purchase a Market Place food voucher.

Michelle Wade, Director of Teen Services stated, “On behalf of the board, staff and residents of Teen Haven, I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Morris, owners of Orange Bay Company, for choosing Teen Services/Teen Haven as their charity fundraising project for 2012/2013. We greatly appreciate their interest, support and expertise.”

He continued, “We would also like to thank all sponsors that financially donated towards the refurbishment and redecoration of the facility, and to all the volunteers who helped to paint, restage the rooms, assemble furniture and the outdoor play set.

“I am pleased to say that this project was a great experience as we witnessed the transformation of our facility to a more user-friendly space. It is only through the generous support of organizations and volunteers like yourselves, that we are able to help young people strive toward a brighter future.”

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  1. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Teen Services is a charity dear to my heart. I wish I had been aware of this project when it was happening. I would have liked to contribute in some way.

    I was also a young unwed teen-age mother. I was fortunate in that I had at least completed high school before my first pregnancy, but Olga Scott-Lawrence, then head of the service, and her staff provided a safe space for me to talk with positive people. I was too much of a rebel at the time to fully value their input, but looking back, I gained much from their efforts.

  2. Avery says:

    Congrats Teen Services. Michelle,you and your staff keep up the good work. You are a valuable asset to these young teens. God bless you all.