2013 Digicel Kick Start Football Programme

June 23, 2013

Digicel Bermuda announced the introduction of the 2013 Digicel Kick Start Programme in which three of the world’s best youth coaches from the Chelsea FC Foundation will lead the search for Bermuda’s top footballing talent.

Though making its debut in Bermuda this year, the Digicel Kick Start Programme is now in its sixth year globally. This is the first year that clinics are led by the coaches from Chelsea FC Foundation who have already travelled across ten countries in the Caribbean and Central America in search of the top 33 aspiring young footballers. Those chosen by the coaches from Chelsea FC will travel to the Digicel/Chelsea FC Academy – a week long intensive training programme scheduled to take place in Barbados in October.

Digicel Bermuda reached out to local high schools and requested that their Athletic Departments submit nominations allowing participation of their top footballers under the age of 16 years and born between 1997-1999. These young candidates will partake in pre-sessions which kick off this Saturday 22nd June and are led by Coach, Maurice Lowe formerly of the Bermuda Athletic Association (BAA) and the Bermuda Hogges.

BAA coaches will assess the 45 confirmed footballers and select a maximum of 30 to participate in an intense one-day clinic with Chelsea FC coaches on August 30th 2013. Subsequently, the Chelsea FC coaches will select three athletes to join their regional counterparts in Barbados in October.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for youth football in Bermuda,” comments Wayne Caines, CEO of Digicel Bermuda. “Not only will our island’s young, aspiring footballers have to opportunity to learn from professionals in the sport but a separate training session will see our local coaches taken through the very latest in training and coaching techniques used by Chelsea FC youth teams.”

The Digicel Kick Start Programme aims to provide a unique experience to young athletes from different cultural backgrounds and promises to place footballers on the right path to pursuing their football career dreams.

BAA President, John Doran comments, “The BAA is delighted to be partnering with Digicel in this regard. This is a fantastic opportunity being afforded to Bermuda’s youth from Digicel and we’re very happy to help the community in any way we can. We look forward to a successful event and welcome the prospect of working with Digicel to make this an annual event locally.”

For more information related to the Digicel Kick Start Programme visit www.digicelfootball.com.

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  1. Prayerful says:

    Do they have work permits?

  2. arse whole says:


    Is that all you can think of? Is it hard being a loser?

    Opportunity and experience come to Bermuda and this is your only question?

    You must have a lot in your own closet, go worry about that.

    My child took part in that clinic and its the backward thinking like yours that reflects the current state of football in Bermuda.