Video: Half Time Presentation To Nahki Wells

June 5, 2013

During half time of last night’s [June 4] England C vs Bermuda football game, Nahki Wells was honoured for his accomplishments.

The 23-year-old professional footballer was the leading scorer for Bradford City this season, and became the first Bermudian to score at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

nahki wells football june 5 2013

He walked out, accompanied by the Gombeys, and joined Premier Craig Cannonier, Minister Wayne Scott and BFA President Larry Mussenden on the field.

Premier Cannonier thanked Wells for continuing the legacy of players like Clyde Best and Shaun Goater, and for keeping Bermuda’s name ‘on the football map.’

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  1. Shawn says:

    Very nice, and congrats Mr. Wells. Just a question why didnt he play last night not being rude I just wanted to know. I may have missed something.

    The team could have really used him.

    But again Congrats MR. Wells

    • JoshBradford says:

      He probably didn’t play because he played 54 games for Bradford City this season. It was his first professional season and that a lot of games to be played. He’s a young lad and he deserves a rest! Can’t wait to have him back for next season.

      • Dave Bale says:

        Completely agree, a young man with plenty of potential. A real assett to the Bantams

      • Rich says:

        Lampard, Rooney, et al played more at a level twice as high yet they put on the England shirt immediately after the close of their GRUELLING season..

    • payattention says:

      1)We do not know what his contract with Bradford states

      2)It would be ridiculous to risk injury for a friendly game

  2. Everett Outerbridge says:

    Congratulations Nahki – a real Bermuda hero!

  3. Denholme Bantam says:

    He almost smiled!!

    • Bermy Boy says:

      Totally.It wouldn’t have hurt you to put a pair of shoes and a shirt on. If you want to be a top player behave like one.

      Also let’s not get carried away, Bradford have just got promoted from the fourth tier of English Football. Seriously do you know how bad Championship football is – 2 levels above Bradford 2012-13? Very bad, that’s what.

  4. Scott says:

    probably was against his contract to play in friendlys because hes a big asset of the team and they dont want anything to happen to him

  5. Shawn says:

    Thanks for the response all, many thanks was wondering if it was a contract issue also.


  6. martin gass says:

    This Young man is in a class of his own stop putting him behind past players and give him his due ! HE ALONE WILL DO MORE TO PUT BERMUDA ON THE MAP THAN ANY BUDGET ALLOWS TO PROMOTE BERMUDA BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES LOOK STUPID WHEN THEY PUT HIM AFTER PLAYERS THAT ARE GOOD BUT NEVER GOT TO HIS LEVEL ! SHOWS THE IGNORANCE OF OUR LEADERS !!!!! CONGRATS YOUNG MAN I WILL MAKE THE STATEMENT THAT OUR AIRPORT IF NOT BERMUDA INTERNATIONAL BEAR YOUR NAME ! AS YOU MAKE US ALL PROUD AND FANS !!!!! MOVE FORWARD and stop the banana republic act with the gombays that have really no bermudiam heritage other than what is impossed or led to beleive! attractive cheerleaders are more likely to bring a smile to just about anyone versus the annoying dance and noise on the back ground either way ! Mr. Wells you make us all proud and wish you continued success.

  7. Just another Comment says:

    Did “Bermy Boy” really go on about his attire? But he’s not a hater.. lol Bermudian’s need a serious life. This last minute 3 minute presentation is being critizied. what are you doing with you life? They are JUST honouring him for his accomplishments why does he need to be dressed in white collar attire? I’m pretty sure dudes mad he’s in the stands or in the streets.

  8. bir says:

    Nahiki is on a Contract with Bradford City I am sure that one of the reasons he did not play football the other night, one becuase of his contract/& Insurance and 2 Nahiki has a job with Bradford City they cannot afford for him to get injured.
    Watching the interview with Colin Thompson last night how impressive it was to listen on how well these two young men spoke “hats off to their parents”. These men were praising their parents and family for their support without them they may have not got where they are today. My impression they came from very good homes. Very Proud of you both and wish you further success in your football careers.

  9. Luis Suarez says:

    Average League 2 player. If he was English, no one would even mention him.

  10. jennybantam says:

    what a great asset this young kid is to his country club and family. cant understand why people are so negative at times. the world is a miserable place at best of times so lets give credit where its due. this lad along with his team mates brought joy to 1000s of city fans this season and need applauding for that. well done. x