International Beach Tennis Tournament Kicks Off

August 24, 2013

Today [Aug 24] kicks off International the International Tennis Federation’s 6th annual Bermuda Beach Tennis Tournament  at Horseshoe Bay beach from 10:30am.

Beach Tennis uses the same scoring system and rules as regular doubles tennis, the only major difference between beach tennis and its traditional counterpart is the use of a paddle bat instead of a racket, along with a slightly depressurized tennis ball.

This year’s professional side will feature a $10,000 purse that will be split evenly between the men and ladies, including a first place prize of $2,500 per player. The pro tournament features some of the best players in the world, including former world champions Alex Mingozzi and Alessandro Calbucci of Italy.

Players from the United States, Aruba, Bermuda, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, the French Reunion Islands, Holland, Italy Spain and the United Kingdom have all participated in the festivities. The week prior to Bermuda’s beach tennis tournament is the Long Beach New York Open, which features a lot of the same pro athletes who will be making the trip south to compete in the Bermuda event.

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