‘Internal Investigation’ After Police Car Gets Stuck

September 30, 2013

[Updated: An internal police investigation has commenced into this morning's incident, which saw a police car get stuck on a flooded road after what a police spokesperson termed "an error in judgement by the police officers involved."]

This morning [Sept 30] a police car was brought to a crawl on Bakery Lane in Pembroke as the street — which is notorious for always flooding in heavy rains — showed the effects of the steady rainpour.


The island has been suffering through inclement weather for a few days, which has seen the cancellation of many events, and many instances of flooding.

20130930_084224 (1)

One photo sent into to Bernews — entitled “police climb” — appears to show one police officer trying to maneuver the car out of the floods, and another climbing over a wall.


Update 10.14am: An additional photo showing the police making their way from the flooded car.


Update 10.39am: A police spokesperson said: “Today’s incident can only be described as an error in judgement by the police officers involved.

“The officers were uninjured and the vehicle was extracted and taken to the police compound where it will be fully assessed and evaluated. An internal investigation has commenced into today’s event.”

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  1. Honestly says:

    New age Marine Police unit!!

    • Out of flight says:

      Dumb. They should be suspended. As simple as that. They were negligent. But in Bermuda they will probably get a promotion. That’s how the system works.

    • Les C U says:

      Creating jobs for Bermudians.The new gaitor squad.

  2. Honestly says:

    You can tell they not from around the area, and the one climbing probably couldn’t swim.

    • giddy up says:


    • concerned ambassador says:


    • Sunny says:

      He is afraid to get his feet wet!!!! LMAO

      • Whistling Frog says:

        These two were on deep water patrol… Good job guys you’ve shown your true colors and will definitely be up for a promotion. Keep doing dumb crap like this and you’d be surely taking over the top ranks… # Jacka****

  3. Black says:

    Now we have to buy a new car for this stupidity!!!! And that is a new brand new police car.. Government workers look your days off will pay for this…

  4. ajso says:

    First the Costa Concordia, now this, ” Return to your ship at once captain” P.S. Hope they dont have guns

    # poor judgement
    # Better suited for mall security

  5. Skeptic says:

    It amazes me that people think that they can just drive through such deep water. Does it take that much effort to back out and find a way around that it is worth possibly doing thousands of $$ damage to your car?? Duuhhh….

  6. hmm says:


    • frank says:

      everyone knows that this area floods so they don’t even try to drive through when the road is flooded da just suspend those 2fools for a month without pay by the way I don’t think they are Bermudians
      where their from it is normal condition

  7. My Kind says:

    Keystone Cops always made me laugh.

  8. Sigh says:

    Are you guys for real?? They forgot they was not driving the JEEP…

  9. amphibious says:

    Is that the new amphibious police car?

  10. Islander says:

    Idiots…..plain and simple !

  11. lmao!!! says:

    Bermudas dumbest cops!!! lol lol how could they not know how deep it gets around there? I hope the money comes out of their checks to fix that car and not out of tax payers money, cause clearly they done this to them selves. Dumb a**** lmao!!

  12. Sigh says:

    Taxpayers money should not be used for their stupidity! They need to come out ot pocket!

    • Islander says:

      Agreed, why should we pay for their stupidity and I bet there were making a breakfast run! smh

      • frank says:

        yup at buzzz

        • lulu says:

          yes buzz was robbed by some goldfish and they where in hot pursuit!!!!!! as usual they got away!!! another unsovled crime hahaha!!

    • Strudel says:

      Take it out of their wages until it is paid off.

  13. govt. driver says:

    Two idiot police officers. Did they think they were in a boat. They should be made to pay for this car, but we the public will. When you are given a police licence, you are expected to use good judgement, there are places that you just cannot drive through, as these two fools just found out.

  14. Swimmer says:

    These guys are getting paid,for this!
    It does not get any better than this.Common sense is not that common!

  15. iBleedRED says:

    I guess they were looking for more people rowing boats in the area, perfect ticket opportunity.

  16. Portia says:

    Row, row, row your boat….

  17. climber says:

    The one climbing the wall looks like he is trying to get away from a shark or something.

  18. What Grinds My Gears says:

    Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What we gonna do? HILARIOUS

  19. Bermyboy says:

    Gotta get that Buzz Ice Coffee at all cost!!! Gotta love our boys in blue!!

  20. swing voter says:

    they will get charged for dereliction of duty and fined

    • Albert says:

      U sure about that??

    • Strudel says:

      I will correct that. They SHOULD get charged, but won’t be. Didn’t you hear “the law doesn’t apply to the police”

  21. SMDH says:

    UNBELIEVEBALE! Of course we will pay for this and probably new shoes and socks for their dumba**es. I mean what’s got to happen over there for people to realize you can drive through there a drowning! Come on Now! Laughing stock yet again!!

  22. CLASSIC says:

    What a great way to start Police Week!!!

  23. Football Dad says:

    I wonder if that is a 5 knot no wake zone?

    • Snorkel Park says:

      If the car isn’t moving, it isn’t making a wake!

      That guy’s a** is already wet so why the hell is he climbing?

  24. Cainsey says:

    At least they aren’t the elite armed officers who’s judgement or lack thereof can result in someone being shot! The driver really should have had an observer with him. If only the flooding there happened more often (like last week) they may have been aware of it…..

    • BB's Bank Account says:

      Good thing they’ve got those expensive cameras they wear on them. That way they can review those and not waste money doing an investigation….

  25. JOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!! says:

    They should have chosen to go to Miles over Buzz…

    • Come Correct says:

      Or the buzz that’s, you know, on the same block as the station.

  26. Black says:

    I know depth sounder wasn’t working lol!!!

  27. New Location? says:

    I read in the news that the marine police was moving. Looks as if they have moved to Bakery Lane.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Yup, the marine command boat will dock alongside Pembroke Paint during the next rain fall

  28. Back to Basics... says:

    Shark week…

  29. Come Correct says:

    “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

    ” Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    Albert Einstein

    This is who I’m supposed to call in case of emergency? I’m good thanks.

    Is the driver going to be breathalyzed? There’s no way anyone is that stupid on purpose.

  30. street says:

    If they would have borrowed the commissioners jeep parked out on the street all day long then they could have drove through without getting stuck

  31. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Bermy’s finest!

  32. Truth is killin' me... says:

    You two will be speaking to the Commish by the end of the day. Trust me.

  33. hot pursuit says:

    in hot pursuit of a bank robber named Goldfish. LOL

  34. Bumpys Bie says:

    Them Bies make the Keystone Cops look like Miami Vice LMAO

    On another note a fix for this area is long overdue. Raise the road and instal some drains!!!

    • Joonya says:

      Agreed. Im sick of seeing this area in the news everytime we get a few drops..

    • Pawpaw says:

      Ha, when did the police sept. get a sub

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      They have drains, the trouble is the only place for it to drain is into the wetlands. It for this very reason Woodlands and Canal floods, Bernard’s Park floods, Dundonald’s in front of Master’s floods. They are all areas that are the lowest points the rain drains into, while being just above the water level of the wetlands. Anybody who has lived in Bermuda for longer than a year learns these are the areas to avoid in a heavy rain.

  35. loL! says:

    Spongebob and Patrick Starfish………

  36. What Do You Think says:

    I am trying to figure out what made the driver want to continue!!!! In driving school they teach the drivers the law/guidelines of operating a vehicle, “Can My Safety Be Given Away” In this case the driver as soon as he made the turn into Bakery Lane, he should have STOPPED at the “C” in CMSBGA and reversed. This is also poor judgement by the passenger/co-pilot also. The driver is responsible, but I blame both for the situation they put themselves in. I wonder what grade the driver was ? I hope it wasn’t grade 1 !!! Suspended license and give them both a map of Bermuda when the roads are flooded for their carelessness. Lastly, I hope they were not outside their patrol area, cause if they were, I as a taxpayer don’t want to be paying for parts or replacement of a new vehicle.

  37. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    And to think these “officers” can ticket us for careless driving. They should be charged for stupid driving.

    • What Do You Think says:

      Agreed. I hope the report is made public so everyone knows

  38. enough says:

    is it possible they parked up for a sleep on the nightshift, secure in the knowledge that the rain would keep the bad boys at bay. Dreamt sweetly of waves lapping on the golden sands of the beaches of their homeland……then woke up to reality.

  39. Black says:

    These dumb a**es wouldn’t even wind down the window to save the inside of the car. Oh right it was raining and they didn’t want to get wet!!!!!

  40. Word for the day... says:

    one or both cops got the word “cruiser” mixed up with Cruise Ship.

  41. Come Correct says:

    Let see what we can come up with here….

    “Ay buh, they said we ain’t gettin a bonus this year if we don’t save the department some money and de prices round bullshead carwash are eegrant!”

    “Ay, where you goin? She just needs a little push.”

    “Ay buh, guys need to move this before the commissioner sees it.”

    “Ay dun, watch dis here, ima surf off de railin.”

    “Ay buh, you think anyone seen us?” 0_0

    “Ya man ya straight as long as you go wide open, I saw it on YouTube once.”

    “Help! I can’t swim. Throw me one of buzz’s stale donuts.”

    “Ay buh, you think anyone will notice the coffees a little watered down today?”

    “F*** Mondays.”

    “Ay buh, hold my beer n watch dis here.”

  42. Winnie Dread says:

    I guess po po thought the Subaru was not only AWD (All Wheel Drive) but a FD (Flotation Device). Talk about ruined it will cost as much to fix as to purchase a replacement. I know someone who drove a “IN” truck (no pun) and when he got the estimate he ended up buying a new truck.

  43. WOW says:

    Only in Bermuda are Marine police summoned after car gets stuck in puddle…

  44. Ty says:

    Bermuda’s Finest in Action…lol!

  45. Cainsey says:

    At this rate, number of comments will surpass the Nandi Davis story!

    • Come Correct says:

      Aww, you mad? Neither are even remotely related. Thanks for you contribution of irrelevance.

      • Ty says:

        Come correct, your comments are pretty boring to be fair…

        • Come Correct says:

          Did you seriously just comment under a different name in a pathetic attempt to validate YOUR OPINION of my comment? Yea it’s not miss yourself funny but it’s a whole lot funnier than the money about to be wasted on “an error in judgement. Like this is the first time this area has flooded. Your initial comment is still irrelevant, to be fair.

          • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

            Without commenting further on this issue. I wish to remind all that it is fairly common for a computer do be used by more than one person, in the home as well as the office. This of course means one icon could represent the views of more than one person.

            • Next says:

              It’s done by email address so they should use different emails if that’s the case. However clearly that is not the case and that person is just defending their own opinion under a different name but did it wrong.

              • Ty says:

                And come correct is still kind of boring…

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Three different names… and none of them a barrel of laughs…

                  Yet you feel it’s your place to criticize someone else for trying to be funny?


                • Come Correct says:

                  And you’re attempting to deceive, I expect nothing less from cops.

      • Mayan says:

        @Come Correct: Take a chill pill-what do the relevance of the two stories have to do with anything? That wasn’t the point…

        (I suppose you’ll turn on me now so before you do, let me say in advance that your post at 11:34 was pretty boring-I stopped reading after the first few…)

        • Come Correct says:

          “what do the relevance of the two stories have to do with anything?”

          Exactly! So what was the point? No evidence has come out about Nandi but I see photographic evidence all over this article. Furthermore you don’t see me doing this in a pathetic attempt to validate my comment….

        • Come Correct says:

          “what do the relevance of the two stories have to do with anything?”

          Exactly! So what was the point? No evidence has.come out yet about Nandi but I see photographic evidence all over this article. Why would I “turn” on you? Did you bring up an irrelevant topic or use a different name to validate your point? See how stupid it is when I do it?

          • Mangio says:

            CC are you a relation to ND? very defensive about her…

            • Come Correct says:

              Never defended her, just said bringing up that topic is completely irrelevant here. Personally I don’t think she ever should have help a position in government but can you knock her for it? I bet it pays more than single dollar bills at a time.

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      “Cainsey” you are very defensive and your attempts at deflection are pathetic. Are you related to the BPS media relations manager?

  46. Joonya says:

    OMG, just realized the guy bolted And left the door open.. what will he do in “real” situations of danger?!

    • jonny says:

      so what should he have done, sat in the car or closed the door to prevent water getting out?

  47. somuchless says:

    These bies gave a whole new meaning to drive through car wash lol

  48. Soupah says:

    They better make sure they clean that car.

    • Ty says:

      Yeah back in my day, I had those lot cracking when it came to cleaning cars..

  49. somuchless says:

    First one who climbs the fence wins a donut lol

    • Wow ,the adventures of dumb & dumber!! 1) What they lack in intelligence, more than makes up for in stupidity.2)
      Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today.

  50. mangrove tree says:

    Nobody messes with Bakery lane.

    Give them buckets and let them start bailing.

  51. shhhhh says:

    Its a Subaru not a SUB-aru!!!!

  52. giddy up says:

    You can’t see how deep it is by looking how far up the wall the water is. Elementry my dear Watson. I suppose WE the tax payers will be paying for a new car. My suggestion is take the money out of their pay and I know that won’t happen. DUH!

  53. My Kind says:

    Obviously this is a case of DWD: Driving with a doughnut.

  54. Truth is killin' me... says:

    On a serious note. Rayclan just sent the estimate and the engine’s a right off! Water in the intake…FRU!

  55. Y-Gurl says:

    As with most other things, the BPS are out of their depth!

  56. Betty Rech says:

    error of Judgment “REALLY’ I say no common sense!!!

  57. haha says:

    stupid *****….cancel der work permits!!

  58. fred says:

    Bermuda’s new Amphibious Assault Services (A.S.S.) crack squad attempts to ford Lake Bakery, but with dismal success. Rumor has it that the A.S.S. team will retrieve the amphibious untit later today and perform minor modifications before attempting the feat gain during the next downpour. Good luck A.S.S. es

  59. Sprigs says:

    My vote is foe whoever got the pics to be hired by the department handling the CCTV situation.

  60. HeyBye says:

    I bet if they were driving there own car,they would avoid every little puddle on the road and give it a cleaning after getting wet.
    Since this was not their car, no need to worry about it and just abuse the crap out of them.

  61. jsmith says:

    If they really cared about preserving and minimizing the damage of the vehicle, why didn’t they just climb out through the window? Shows they don’t really care what the cost of their stupidity will be to us?

    • Ty says:

      Yes that’s a great idea a because I’m sure water wouldn’t have gotten inside the car from any where else ! Can you not see that all the electrics of the car will be ruined anyway? Say goodbye to that Subaru.

  62. TJ says:

    Ok so this is truly the most talked about topic today… OMG seriously though I understand sometimes you cannot possibly know how deep the water is until you actually drive through it but CLEARLY you can see the water was beyond deep, what were they thinking!!!

    Guess they will be on foot patrol for a minute!

  63. islandguy says:

    Dem der buys wer probably on there deapth sounder i mean cell sounder!But on a positive note good publicity for Redlaser, they can get new gps from there.Also good publicity for Rayclan, gas,erl and water do not mix.
    Put them on segways!

  64. Wow says:

    Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do when the fish come for you! Lmao!

  65. Opressed says:

    Mall Cops.

    Now, they’ll get paid to go home, get a wash, go town, buy new shoes, charged to Bermuda Government, have the uniforms dry cleaned, charged to Bermuda Government, and have the rest of the day off, compliments of the Bermuda Government. Guaranteed, there will be NO repercussions on this one, just sweep the whole thing, along with the car under the carpet.

  66. Hubba Bubba says:

    They actually shot a Flare in the air and the Marine police came on land and rescued them!! I witnessed it!! it was a close one!!

  67. Sharky says:

    The guy climbing the fence,must have thought Jaws was after him!

  68. Hubba Bubba says:

    Dumb and dumber! Look at the officer in the last picture” Let me just hang on to the fence here…..looks like that could be the commissioner behind the fence!!! DODO BIRDS!!

  69. diamond says:

    chi chi bang bang

  70. observations says:

    Sooo um saying mr officers u aint kno that u wasn’t getting threw for real i don’t understand why ppl keep doin this!

  71. Micro says:

    Damages should come directly out of their pay for their stupidity

  72. another report taxed to the taxpayers says:

    Do the public get to read the internal report of this fiasco!

  73. blessed says:

    am I the only one that feels a little bit sorry for these guys? Maybe they are not aware that this street is notorious for flooding. Maybe they haven’t been here that long. Maybe no one told them. Why does our country have such an unsafe road? Why don’t they fix it or put up a sign indicating that it is dangerous and deep when flooding. Dutton Ave beside Bernard’s Park had cones up this morning so people would not drive in there. Why don’t they do this at Bakery Lane as well? Or do we accept that it is just normal to have an unsafe road and everyone is supposed to just know about it. Why doesn’t it get fixed?

    • Next says:

      Yes, yes you are. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been here common sense should prevail and tell you not to drive through a flooded street. They have eyes and can see for themselves. This isn’t the United States we don’t need signs to tell people everything. It’s common sense so yes everyone should know.

    • Floyd Pitcher says:

      NOT AWARE THE STREET FLOODS!!!!! The only pliable excuse is they would have to be blind!!!!

      That water looks almost waist high I can bet you this they wouldnt have driven their own car through there!!!

      Please dont try to defend stupidity!!!

    • hot pursuit says:

      sorry you can’t tell that one of the four officers couldn’t realize that they couldn’t making through with that car, YES FOUR OFFICERS IN THE CAR. The two in the back jumped out through the windows and left the other two to fend for themselves.

      • Rockfish #1 says:

        @ hot pursuit

        There were FOUR officers with brains in the car? That makes matters worse!

  74. jt says:

    PFD’s cheaper than kevlar.

  75. Cliff Hanger says:

    Enough already. Do you want to drive the other cop up the wall?

  76. Black Kat says:


  77. Next says:

    As I said a few days ago on a different article, “our” police officers are incompetent and stupid. They are acting like the ground was about to open up and swallow them whole.

    • jonny says:

      why dont you join the bps then, enlightened one.

      • Next says:

        That’s a pretty stupid comment so I’m going to guess and say you are a police officer. Thanks for the compliment though.

  78. somuchless says:

    Even Jinx would have known better sheesh

  79. Familiar says:

    You know, as poor as their judgment was, I don’t think it’s necessary to be quite as harsh as some people have been in their comments. They’re not the first people to have made this mistake, nor the first with a vehicle that belongs to their job, and I’ve no doubt they won’t be the last. Some consequence needs to come, dependent upon the state of the vehicle, but they’re going to take flak for some time about this and I’m certain the comments began before they opened the doors to climb out. They certainly brightened the morning of many people in the area.

  80. lay down! says:

    Ya can tell which officer use to scale fences! LMAO!

  81. terry says:

    After reading all these comments ..123 as a toll so far I can’t believe the comments.
    This place has been flooding since Noah left.
    I said 45 years ago ‘put up a gate and use it when heavy rains fall.

    The depth of water is not known until this happens.
    Stop the bull on the police. A misjudgment was made.
    It affects you none.

    Now go type something about who committed the last murder.

    Lunch hour is over. Get back to work on my dime.

  82. Oh Please Terry says:

    Terry must be a cop defending either his/her co worker or this was her dopey Husband who everyone is talking trash about. Oh please! People are going to continue to talk smack of this incident because, at the end of the day, wrong judgement or not,it is a dry news day, and the only thing wet and juicy is this incident. Go have a laugh and stop hating on those who like to have a sniggle now and then at other peoples stupidty.

  83. mixitup says:

    Inspector Gadget and Sergeant Mahoney ina? SMH

  84. mixitup says:

    Who dey gonna call? The Police?

  85. Come On Man says:

    Investigation for what they just thought it was a Submarine. They must be foreign cops because every Bermudian knows or should know that area floods. Bloody idiots.

  86. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    these 2 idiots should be Charged with operating a Vehicle without due care and attention or whatever correct law applies.

    I am tired of seeing PUBLIC Funds washed away!!!

    • terry says:

      What public funds wasted ‘Nuffin’.
      Ever heard of insurance?

      More to things to worry about that this incident.
      Bet yah never been involved in anything except sex.

  87. Boys in blue says:

    De most ignorant thing this year,fire them both!

    • Who knows it feels its! says:

      …and this is who is patrolling our streets and trying to catch the gangstas with guns! Smdh!

  88. somuchless says:

    The one climbing the fence musta saw a gator and took off and looks like he left his partner to be the bait. sheesh

  89. Triangle Drifter says:

    These guys supposedly have to take a driving course to qualify for any patrol vehicle. Basic driving sense tells you not to drive through water that you don’t know the depth of.

    The Bakery Lane Pond is well known to anyone driving.

    The damage caused to this vehicle by the nut behind the wheel should be taken out of his wages. This was completely avoidable. Put him behind a desk & keep him there for a long time.

  90. James Rego says:

    I am sure this car is insured. The insurance company won’t be happy either.

    • Who knows it feels its! says:

      Insurance companies will value it for less than it is truly worth…plus depends if BPS had flood insurance! LOL! This is no accident, pure stupidity!!!

    • CNN says:

      How do you word this insurance claim? I was driving down de road to de Bakery shop for some donuts and de byes in de car said “go ahed man you can make it, make de nip cause wer runnin late” and I didn’t see the puddle.

  91. watchfuleyes says:

    perfect example of a DUI (driving under the influence of stupidity)

  92. Frank says:

    this put a huge smile on my face .Thanks

  93. Norris Alvin Williams says:

    Got to smile about this one; I used to be the postman for this area; I gave it the name Bangladesh after the flooding that seem to overwhelm that country during the time I was the postman.
    One thing the flooding in the area never stop me and I was on a push bike and later rode a motor bike in the area; Oh and the mail never got wet. I guess it is not a area for the police; although I don’t know what one policeman was running from? during my day there was only a frog or two in the water.

  94. Street Smart says:

    There aren’t many things that Dwayne Caines says that I agree with, he said that this is no laughing matter………… I agree with that with regard to the taxpayer. But one hast to admit, these guys are jacka****!!

  95. Amazing says:

    no govt vehicle is insured if it is under $100k…bet u didn’t know that!

  96. salty says:

    I think they were looking for that woman’s plant pot your boy threw overboard.

  97. musicgirl says:

    I do not know any one who lives here long enough that does not know that you cannot drive through that road on a day like today. It was certainly shocking to see a police vehicle stuck there. And yes I did laugh.

  98. AHS says:

    I understand that their judgement was a bit off. It is obvious that they did not realize how deep the water in that area can get, so give them a break. It could have happened to anyone. Last week I saw a new BMW get stuck in the same place and no one made any fun of them.

  99. somuchless says:

    these bies don’t know it, but they just won themselves a personal submarine. lol

  100. backstroke says:

    Even Bernews took a poke “brought to a crawl” – ya bye that car was swimmin!

  101. backstroke says:

    Even Bernews could not resist “a police car was brought to a crawl” – ya bye that car was swimmin!

  102. Hazel says:

    “Error in judgement”….. Ya think!!!! They musta thought they had the amphibious vehicle… SMH!!!

    Ignorance is curable but stupidity is permanent. Just glad no one was injured.

  103. Fan says:

    Someone needs to investigate buzz! Find out what was in that coffee. Rum or Vodka. Or maybe both. Actually, I think they were trying to get their last swim for the summer. Kudos for being creative!

  104. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! They must have lowered the “intelligence level” to get into the BDA police force!! If this happened in my neck-of-the-woods in the States – these guys would have to pay out of their own pockets to haul that cop car out-of-the-water!! Then they would have to deal with their superiors!!

  105. mike says:

    u know it was not berme cops because v bie;s can swim in any water looks like dem rookies don’t like de water wat a big joke

  106. Nicole says:

    no new car for u…let them walk.

  107. The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

    i heard they both was screaming MOMMY! as they ran out of the car….thats what i heard

  108. Don't make me laugh says:

    I wonder if they called the police…