Video: Car Towed Out Of Flooded Bakery Lane

March 29, 2016

As is not unusual in times of heavy rainfall, a vehicle got ‘stuck’ on Bakery Lane yet again this morning [March 29] with a tow truck arriving on scene to pull the car out.

The Bermuda Weather Service had issued a Thunderstorm Advisory for this morning, with their forecast saying, “A passing cold front brings rain, showers and isolated thunderstorms this morning, decreasing during the afternoon as the front moves away.”

On a related note, a police spokesperson said, “Police would also like to advise the motoring public to be mindful of others when driving and riding during the heavy rains.

“As we are all aware, water can settle on the roads and create puddle and this can present challenges for persons on bikes as well as oncoming traffic. It’s simple…be considerate of others as you travel.”

car stuck in Bakery Lane march 2016 (1)

car stuck in Bakery Lane march 2016 (2)

car stuck in Bakery Lane march 2016 (3)

car stuck in Bakery Lane march 2016 (4)

car stuck in Bakery Lane march 2016 (5)

car stuck in Bakery Lane march 2016 (6)

car stuck in Bakery Lane march 2016 (7)

car stuck in Bakery Lane march 2016 (8)

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  1. cmbbda says:

    Can you confirm if the panda passenger was safely extracted from the vehicle??

    • Cow Polly says:

      I believe he bearly escaped!

      • Kung Fu says:

        There was Pandamonium on Addendum Lane today!

        Sorry to the owner but I couldn’t help myself.

        I know you don’t see the humour in any of this but hopefully your insurance will cover this.

  2. S.S.D.D. When will the business people who are affected by the flooding “pool in” and do what must be done to prevent this from continuing…on and on and on :-(

    • Rhonnda Oliver says:

      Just out of curiosity, what is it you think the business people need to do to prevent this?

      Build the road up to above flood height?

      • Charlie says:

        Actually not a bad idea. Affected businesses come together to engineer a solution.

        Build a better mousetrap….

        • Thank you…

          • Kung Fu says:

            Build the road higher and the water must still go somewhere? It will always seek the lowest point. There is already a pumping system put in place and maintained by the paint company or rayclan I believe. However, when their is excessive rain and especially if the tide is high the water has no place to go. For those of you wondering what the tide has to do with anything, please understand that the buildings in the area were built on what was previously marshland that was filled in. Same problem at Mills Creek. The water table sits inches below the surface and when it rains and the water seeps through the drains it just has no place to go. I trust that there is a solution, but it isn’t as simple as one might think.

            • Bloop Bleep Bloop says:

              There are solutions. They have that special cement-road-material in New Orleans that is designed specifically to absorb a tonne of water in flood-prone areas.

    • drunken ursula says:

      those business owners paid their taxes , should be your beloved gov’t time to pay up Ray! I do remember poor clueless Craig saying those same words you have spoken.

  3. Edwin says:

    Nothing can be done because it’s swamp land.That land has been flooding ever since the houses were there, Ray Ray, how long have you been around.

    • Thank you…

      • I agree it has been flooding for years. I can vividly recall when the Woodley’s had to take a rowboat to get into their front door.
        Now, as far as “how long I’ve been around” I’m in my 60′s

        • drunken ursula says:

          surely old enough to do better… do so

          • Obviously you are young…Ask many of my age about Julian Woodley and the situation he and his family members faced when the tides were high and the rains were pouring. The Woodley’s literally had to row from the roadway to their front door. (And that’s a fact!)

            • Swing Voter says:

              yup, Woodley, Jefferies, and I think Trotts had the same problem when that road was much lower behind Green Lantern. The road may have been improved, but like Ray said the water still needs somewhere to drain

  4. stunned... says:

    hope the motorist doesnt have to shell out too much money…but really who goes around there during rainy times. i nearly drowned on my bike today lol

  5. CoffeeCoffee says:

    Next week: Peugeot Convertible – low miles! Runs like new! Only getting rid of car because I need to upgrade to larger vehicle. Asking $20k ono.

  6. Slipway says:

    Those Puegeots have the air intake down low, so if it ingested a lot of water could be looking at significant engine damage to the tune of several thousand dollars.

    • OnionBird says:

      Hopefully, it is only a new gear box! However, who in their right mind would attempt to drive thru that area after those policemen did & wrote off the police car a few years ago . . . Stupid is as stupid does!

    • Res says:

      Yep happened to my wife’s car ! Cost 9k to repair !

  7. Strike fund says:

    At least Bernews didn’t have to spend too long blanking out the number plates!!

  8. eddisoncrantz says:

    Le Diva… more like LE DIVER now lol

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    How dumb do you have to be to drive through water that deep when there is a way to avoid it?

  10. Measured Approach says:

    Create a Warning Sign – paint a ruler on the wall or use a pole which is measured in inches/feet with a very large warning sign to let drivers know that if the water is at a certain level they need to turn around and not drive through…. doesn’t help the water situation but may assist potential drowning drivers to quickly identify that during heavy rain this area is at high risk for flooding – drive through at your own risk. Could do the same thing at Mills Creek and BAA which seem to be the high traffic problem areas in city every time we get a heavy rain.

    I appreciate we can all take the approach “they should know the area or they should have known better”.. we can say that about a lot of people on a variety of different topics! but that approach does not provide a solution.

    If they do not heed the warning – it is on them, they should consider themselves warned!

    Either way….that was some impressive weather today!

  11. Cathy says:

    It amazes me how people think they can drive through flooded areas, not just in Bermuda but all over the world. Do they think they were driving a boat or tank? Quite funny to see.