Police: Howard Ascento Captured This Morning

September 25, 2013

howard A[Updated] After over two weeks ‘on the run’, 25 year old Howard Ascento was captured this morning [Sept 25] in Warwick, the police have confirmed.

Howard Ascento [pictured] sprinted out of Magistrates’ Court on September 6th after being sentenced for traffic offences.

On Monday two people were arrested for harboring a fugitive after a joint team of officers from Department of Corrections and Bermuda Police were on patrol looking for Ascento in the area of Upland Road in Devonshire.

“As police approached the residence, the suspect made good his escape in the surrounding area,” said a police spokesperson after the incident.

Yesterday one person was charged in connection with the alleged  incident, with 26 year old Ryan Spencer pleading not guilty, released on bail, and set to stand trial next month.

At his initial Court appearance on September 6th, Ascento had pleaded guilty to offences including having no drivers licence, no third party insurance, riding an unlicensed motorcycle, and riding whilst disqualified.

Seconds after Senior Magistrate Archie Warner handed him a ten day prison sentence, Ascento dashed from the Courtroom, and remained at large until this morning.

The police have said they will provide additional details later today.

Update 10.06am: A police spokesperson said, “Around 7:55am on Wednesday, September 25th a joint Bermuda Police Service and Department of Corrections team executed a search warrant at a Spring Hill, Warwick residence regarding fugitive Howard Ascento. Mr. Ascento was located at the premises and subsequently taken into custody. A court appearance is anticipated in due course.”

Update 11.11am: Looks like Ascento is in Court today, we will update as able.

Update 12.13pm: Ascento was charged, pleaded guilty, and sentenced to four months. Details here.

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  1. The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

    I heard he was caught practiscing while doing laps around National Stadium

  2. Rhonda Neil says:

    now he will do 6 months for running….smart man…

    • Running in Circles says:

      6 months for running; 2 weeks for being on the run; and the initial 10 days he was supposed to do.

  3. we$t says:

    wa been waitin 4 u……..

  4. B. Trump says:

    Too bad Howard, you just increased your time over such a minor matter.

    • Come Correct says:

      Actually from what I hear, his “friends” are right, he wasn’t running from the 10 days. That’s just what I hear, so we’ll have to see.

  5. buzz says:

    This guy is probably not afraid of police, he is probably more afraid of who he has to face in the Prison,,,

    • jonny says:

      that’s a good point

    • sml says:

      No, he’s not involved in any gangs. He runs/owns a business and has kids. Just an unfortunate situation all around. he’s made it worse for himself by running. Not good Howard. Too bad riding while disqualified and without a license is a prison sentence. A big hefty fine and community service but prison?

      • just a thought says:

        He runs/owns his own business & has kids! But neither the business or the kids are taken care of by him!! Nexxxxxtttt…. *yawning*

      • What Next says:

        He runs his own business allwright… Plenty of income….

      • SMH says:

        What an idiot! He knows EXACTLY why he is running and I’m sure he’ll be dealt with now!

    • ciscco says:

      I thought the same thing!!

  6. Black Kat says:

    It finally ENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Typical says:

    Did he turn himself in or did they capture him, sounds like Bernews giving Bps more credit than is do

  8. ABM says:

    And how muc hwill it cost to house this guy up West? Rather than lock him up for road offences, why not use him as free labor till his required sentence is up?

    Hmmmmmmm, maybe my answer is too simple of a solution for those complex political boys.

    • blessed says:

      because he would run!

    • Family Man says:

      I know you weren’t around then, but Bermuda actually passed laws about 150 years ago prohibiting seizing people and using them for “free labour”. This is not something I want to see return.

      We actually have a big holiday in the summer to celebrate this.

      • enough says:

        Really?? Having criminals do some community clean ups, hedge trimming, whatever is akin to slavery? Really??
        You are so seriously deluded that it’s barely even amusing. The disrespect this shows for those actual slaves back in the day is breath taking.

      • ABM says:

        WOW, talk about going waaaaaaay overboard with a response!!

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Getting convicts to work is not slavery.

  9. just a thought says:

    Bout Damn time!! Now back to the important News!

  10. Black Kat says:

    Lol!!! True

  11. Black Kat says:

    Do you see the update @11:11 They are not playing if he goes court today. How much time do you think he would get?

    I feel sorry for the children :(

  12. The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

    from Sept 6th to Sept 26 he was running ….we should send him to the represent Bermuda for the 1500 meter in the Olympics we would def get a gold medal

  13. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Me tinks him scared of de pokey..

  14. flying chili dog says:

    he should get “Genius of the Year Award”

  15. am i missing something says:

    so i wonder if they charging the persons house was at dis morning when they got him with houboring a freak………

  16. watchfuleyes says:

    He has now escaped from 3 different homes-(so the media says) and why is it only one person is being charged and we don’t even know if he was actually at/in that person’s house- we have not heard the details of that yet???- running through someone’s yard- does not constitute as harboring. Enquiry minds want to know why the other people are not getting charged too

  17. Lay down! says:

    Hey Cliff where u 2!? What was the real reason he ran!? I know he wanted more then 10 days! Go put that in your pipe and jump off the f***ing cliff!

  18. Kindley says:

    Did he really think he could hide in Bermuda?!!!!!!!