‘Regulate Cannabis So Economy Can Benefit’

February 28, 2014

The regulation and taxation of cannabis in Bermuda was one of the recommendations for increasing government revenue included in the Opposition’s Reply to the Budget delivered by Shadow Finance Minister David Burt in the House of Assembly today [Feb 28].

In the Opposition’s Reply, Mr. Burt said, “Any discussion of options for additional revenue should include the regulation of cannabis.

“The state of Colorado is expected to earn $134 million in direct taxation from its newly regulated cannabis industry. They are spending that money on school construction, law enforcement, public health, and substance abuse prevention.

“Though we are much smaller than Colorado, there is no doubt than any additional tax revenue from a local regulated cannabis industry would be welcome.

“I am not promoting the consumption or abuse of cannabis; however, I think we can all agree that a responsible cannabis consumer is no worse than a responsible citizen who enjoys a glass of wine or a cocktail at home.

“What I am promoting is a sensible and pragmatic approach, which has been successfully implemented in other jurisdictions, that can assist us in generating additional revenue.

“When our island is faced with cuts to education, health care, and social programmes, I think the better choice is to regulate and tax cannabis to ensure that the budget and the economy can benefit.

“A regulated industry would remove this activity from the shadows, reduce associated law enforcement expenses, contain adequate safeguards for children and restrictions on public use, generate revenue for the country, and would have the additional benefit of having more persons contribute to social insurance, healthcare, payroll tax, and pensions.”

Mr. Burt also suggested other measures to increase revenue such as online gaming, tax reform and a “blue economy.”

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  1. Ben Dover says:

    There are 60,000 people living in Bermuda (now that we have chased so many expats out.) If you eliminate the children under 18 years old, how many adults left… 50,000? And what percentage of adults want to smoke pot? Say 10%? So, maybe you have 5000 potheads in Bermuda that want to get high. Doesn’t sound like a huge money maker to me.

    • street wise says:

      … until you add in the additional tourism revenue legalization would create.

      I never thought I’d say this… but on this issue I actually agree with the plp! Yikes!

      • Axcot says:

        Tourism? Whatever. Here’s how I am going to cash in if weed ever gets legalized: let’s say I’m a mid-sized business owner that employs 100 or so people. I will start drug testing every single employee and applicant that applies for a job – BECAUSE I CAN. If you fail (as many Bermudians will, as you all say), you don’t get the job or you get fired. I DON’T HAVE TO HIRE OR EMPLOY DRUG USERS – WHETHER IT’S LEGAL OR NOT. Guess what that means? I will need to look OFF-ISLAND for employees who can pass a simple drug test. See where I’m going with this??? Brilliant! Loophole to cheap labor! Legalize it!

        • sage says:

          You and your ilk are doing it now, stop frontin’.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Um… I’m pretty sure this isn’t correct.

        • pabear says:

          axcot or is it asscot since your head is so far up your a** to see people like yourself are already doing that and you can see the effect of all this cheap labor has lower the quality of living on the whole island

        • Come Correct says:

          Yes please legalize it. I would love nothing more than to read about this anti-Bermudian employer in court for turning away Bermudians for a legal substance. You should start firing now for alcohol use so you can get your cheap labor, hopefully they sue your business into the ground. Cash in on that.

        • Sara says:

          Most places already drug test.

          • Anbu says:

            Yes most places drug test. For illegal substances. If weed was legal itd be pretty hard to fire someone for having it in their system. I agree however for being terminated for use on the job. Axcot will have to find a way to prove whoever is tested is high on the job. Good luck with that mate. Biased idiots on this island. Guy prob tilts a bottle to his lips everyday tho lol. Sounds like my boss actually lol. He might wanna sit down and have a doob and level out his idiotic way of thinking.

            • sage says:

              A friend of mine got pinched in a random employment test a couple years ago and asked me what he should do. I asked how he was rated in job performance prior, to which he said he was well respected for time keeping, work ethic, skill level and so on.He had been there for years. I then reminded him about the last company trip where he told me he had been out to the strip club with the big boss and was encouraged to drink, which he doesn’t do. I then suggested he approach the boss man to man, privately and explain his position. The boss agreed his herb smoking in his own time is his right and won’t be an issue unless it starts to affect the job and he’s still a great employee to this day. Simply having THC in your blood, hair or urine is no basis to fire someone or deny them a job and claim the person is unemployable.

    • inna says:

      Tourism from legal cannabis could be the biggest money maker here. If we just consider the east coast, that is a potential crapload of, as you so eloquently called weed smokers, “potheads” that could make their way to our shores! Lets say there are an estimated 100m people that reside on the east coast, FL up to Canada, being even more conservative than your logic, that is a potential 5m new tourists?

    • YADON says:

      It’s more like 10% that do not smoke. But let’s use your figures. The average smoker prob uses about 7 grams a week. A quarter ounce is $150 so 150 x 5000 = $750,000 a week, $ 39,000,000 a year. Got a better, safer alternative to bring in that sort of money.

      • Wow what a great audience says:

        you can’t use the current price of herb in these projections for 2 reasons: price of herb on the street is marked because of
        1) Importation costs + Risks involved with importation
        2) Availability (or seemingly lack there of)

        Bermy dealers aren’t dumb. They set the price high because they know people will buy it. When droughts come and quarters start going for $200+ you know these guys are just sitting on the herb, talking s*** and taking your money.

        • sage says:

          CNBC’s program two nights ago showed legal herb being sold for 33 bucks a gram or $231 a quarter, so Yadon is right. This means our prices are close despite the huge risks and logistical nightmare involved getting it here. Grow it here legally, we provide local careers and can offer prices lower than in the US bringing in the tourists. Or we could just keep on targeting cruise passengers for personal herb stashes.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Burt isn’t advocating your plan. You suddenly changed your mind?

          • Tommy Chong says:

            The reason the prices are close to US is that the quality of the product legally sold in US is premium compared to what’s sold illegally. I doubt the dealers here get anything as good as what’s sold in Colorado. Just like everything else that gets imported to this island we get seconds while still getting charged a premium price.

          • Cancer Patient says:

            You are actually incorrect.You can get “legal” marijuana in certain states at an average of 6-$7 a gram. I know this as I am a medical card holder.

            • sage says:

              Actually I’m not, I never said you can’t get it for less, I said it sells for that price because the CNBC special interviewed one legal seller who said so, medical herb is, rightly, less expensive, and prices vary they said.

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                You’re pinning a lot of your research on the CNBC special you saw, aren’t you.

          • Quality says:

            It has to be good quality. I think Bermuda has already fail because we failed to move before the other in the Caribbean. Jamaica has made a big move just like Digicel did with the roaming cost. Jamaica is already has there name on the map. We failed to use this oprtunity to get our Beaches,envorment and food on the map. I think it is too late now, all we will be getting at this point is the people that already know Bermuda as this point. Polotics so caught up in the stuiped Gambling that they let this oportunty get away.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            That right there, SAGE FOR PREMIER.


    • Steve Davis says:


    • SMDH says:

      Ben Dover,

      If you think only 10% of of the 50,000 citizens you stated would be eligible to participate in this proposal, would actually participate, you are sadly mistaken.

      If you think some MPs, CEOs, Doctors, Laywers and anyone else that is looked at as a model citizen does not smoke marijuana, you, yet again, are sadly mistaken.

      This is the 21st century and EVERYONE needs to WAKE UP. To this day, I cannot seem to grasp the understand of how something that is man made and is the cause of so many deaths annually is legal, yet something that grows from the ground, something that was on this earth before man was, something that has NEVER been the cause the death is illegal. But whatever, I don’t make the rules.

    • Motto of the story says:

      I believe your estimate is off a bit being Bermuda is so boring I would estimate 25% of the population smokes on a regular basis, now the drug is illegal when/if it becomes legal that number will rise significantly.

      • Malachi says:

        I do not believe that legalizing marijuana will necessarily increase users. Those that want to use will use whether legal or not. The 25% you allude to is proof enough. I cannot be certain, but I believe I read somewhere that in Holland, where although not legal but tolerated to a large extent, use by teenagers is relatively low when compared to jurisdictions where laws against the substance are strictly enforced. Apparently,the younger of our species, in their constant rebellious state of mind, tend to be more likely to engage in behavior which is unlawful simply because it is unlawful! Make something lawful and it suddenly loses its appeal!

        • Tommy Chong says:

          You are correct in Netherlands less teens use Cannabis. They are very strict there with underage people gaining entry at the cannabis cafes. The police enter these cafes regularly & check IDs & if even one underage person is found the cafes license is taken & the business shut down permanently. There are only a certain amount of licenses given out since the 70′s so every cafe shut down is one less for the years to come. This keeps underage sales in check plus the Netherlands government sets up loads of activities & attractions for it’s youth to keep them busy & out of trouble. Using cannabis to most dutch youth is considered a boring grown up thing to do & a waste of time. They also have the best drug education I’ve seen which entails showing kids from a young age the effects of all drugs even to the point of showing footage of overdosing victims to scare the living daylights out of them.

        • U must be already high says:

          Next you’ll say that because alcohol is legal, teenagers don’t indulge in that either

          • Anbu says:

            Again it needs to be said, ugh are u people deaf dumb and stupid?marijuana does not kill you!!!!! Now how many people have died as a direct result of alcohol use?! Tay appention people. Yes smoking it will harm u too. Smoking anything will. But once its legal it will be cheap enough to not have to smoke it anymore. Do some research. Make alcohol illegal as it is THE MOST dangerous drug

            • Toodle-oo says:

              You’re contradicting yourself. And badly I might add.
              It’s never harmed anyone , never killed anyone . The popular refrain but we , and you ,all know that smoking anything is not harmless .
              To what degree is smoking herb ‘harmless’ , if it’s harmful in any way then it CAN kill you .Somehow , some day .
              Hell , water can kill you .

              • sage says:

                Proof? Stop lying and learn, a substances LD 50, measures at what dosage 50% of test animals (poor buggers) die from toxicity from overdose . You take two aspirin, headaches gone, take 14 and that will be your last headache. Aspirin has an LD 50 of 1:13 in humans we give it to our children, herb has an LD50 of 1:40,000, so you would need to smoke or otherwise consume 1500 lbs in 15 minutes, they tried in the lab to kill lab animals with herb and found it was impossible. With next years grant on the line you better believe they tried.

    • Independent says:

      @ Ben Dover,

      I can tell you really do not have a clue about people who smoke weed. All I will say is that it’s waaaaaaaaay more than that. And I will put money on that!!!!!!!!!

    • Cancer Patient says:

      Why answer a rumbag

    • Sara says:

      I was told by a very reliable source that much more smoke that just 10%. You would be very surprised my friend.

    • Green thumbs says:

      please do us a favor and go to the top of abbots cliff and jump ……..foh….marijuana will change the lives of many in a positive way

    • Mazumbo says:

      This might put Gosling out of business.

  2. Sound Track! says:

    Well i can tell u one thing for sure there is more than 10% that smoke, drink, or season there food with cannabis! And ones u least expect thats for certain!

  3. Coffee House says:

    I propose that when it is legalized that people can put forward proposals for “coffee houses” and also the sale of medicinal marijuana.
    I think that would be a huge money maker and also stimulate the economy for tourism.

    • sage says:

      Business opportunities should be offered to people with a proven history of pushing this issue and kept out of the hands of those who fought against reform. Also, more new small businesses would spread the wealth around to those who need it rather than established business buying up the smaller interests and funneling all the money into their grubby little hands. This is a battle hard fought by the people against governments and corporations and to put them in charge would defeat the purpose to a large extent.

  4. Really says:

    You obviously aren’t a user . Trust me there is a lot of money in the marijuana business.

  5. foolishness says:

    @ Ben Dover…So let’s say u are correct with your numbers. If the average smoker consumes an ounce of weed in a month..this would b 12 ounces a year so let’s round that to 1 pound of marijuana a year at $8000 a pound..and say goverment takes 10% that’s $4,000,000.. And those numbers don’t include the tourist that will come over to get high…

  6. foolishness says:

    Now on the other hand if its high grade marijuana Which sells for $19,200 a pound is equal to $96,000,000.. Sounds like a hell of a lot of money to me..

    • Wow what a great audience says:

      Is this accordance with Bermuda’s inflated value of herb? If so, I don’t think that the real numbers will translate accordingly to your projections if marijuana is legalized.

    • sir smoke a lot says:

      Nobodies buyin pounds worth $19,200 smh…high grade or regular bra! ya gettin ripped off

      • sage says:

        Herb is reportedly sold here at as much as $100/ gram (to people with more money than sense) that’s $2800/ounce, (gold was at $1850/ounce at it’s peak, currently it is about $1200) so that makes it $44,800/ pound maximum retail.

        • Wow what a great audience says:

          maybe when just a gram of it is being sold it is $100/g but the higher you go (buying in bulk) the less it will be. no one buys/would buy $2800 ounces…

          • sage says:

            So if you buy a gram (small joint), twenty eight times what did it cost you? If you sell 28 1 gram hundreds how much do you make? You can sell 12 grams and buy an ounce of gold. I agree it’s outrageous but that is what the drug war causes. So money grows on trees after all.

      • Anbu says:

        Um um yes they r brah! U dont know what you’re talking about. A lb gpes for 3000 in the states. And sometimes over 20000 in bermy. Whoever buys it is definitely a dumb dumb. But it happens alot

  7. Longtail says:

    I am neither for or against pot… but to suggest that “a responsible cannabis consumer is no worse than a responsible citizen who enjoys a glass of wine or a cocktail at home” is very misleading. The “responsible citizen who enjoys a glass of wine at home” is certainly not looking for a ‘high’, whereas the pot smoker most certainly is…..

    • Independent says:

      @ Longtail,

      What is the person who drinks a glass of wine looking for then?

      Sorry to bust your bubble, but the people are looking for the same thing, just in a different form. If you want to call it getting high, drunk, relaxing whatever, they all looking for the same thing.

      Where does your logic on this topic come from?

      • Wow what a great audience says:

        while I agree with what you’re saying – consuming alcohol and smoking weed both cause inebriation of some sort – I think that something lies within how the things that poster said were stated. On one hand, we have the glass of wine. One glass of wine, for most drinkers, won’t provide the equivalent level of drunk compared the level of high provided from someone smoking a spliff. Perhaps what the article means is that responsible smokers will smoke what would be considered equivalent to a glass of wine? A couple puffs, nothing more, maybe?

        • Hmmm... says:

          One glass of wine is about equivalent to two draws from a spliff shared with friends. A whole spliff = a bottle of wine. (IN MY OPINION)

          Totally different results, but hey, do you want to sit with friends and contemplate life’s great mysteries, or sit alone and drunk text your exes? lol

          • sage says:

            Lets do an experiment, I will smoke two spliffs to your bottle of wine, and then do a motorcycle and car control test on a closed circuit also field sobriety tests, any day you’re ready.

          • Anbu says:

            Thats cause ur a lightweight lol. If i drank a whole bottle of wine id prob need my stomach pumped. Spliff on the other hand and im good tp do whatever. Thats only cause i dont drink tho. Prob reverse for the non smokers. Depends really.

        • Independent says:

          @ Wow what a great audience,

          you missed my point, we all choose our poison.

          I personally don’t care if a person drinks 5 glasses of wine, it’s about how people like to relax, wind down after a long day.

          At the end of the day, whether you smoke two joints, or drink a bottle of wine, it’s the individuals choice of what relaxation method they choose.

          For Longtail to sit there and basically say the weed smoker is some how not on par with someone who drinks a glass of wine is wrong. Some people get wasted off one glass of wine, just like 1 joint! FACT!

      • Hurricane says:

        @ Independent……I’m thinking Longtail is an alcoholic in denial to be making a statement like that.

    • boom bye bye says:

      So when u drink wine nothing happens to u?

    • YADON says:

      Wow , then please tell us why someone would drink if not to become intoxicated. Alcoholic beverages are not exactly known for there wonderful flavor. Not everyone who smokes , smokes until they are full out high just like everyone who drinks doesn’t do it until they are pass out drunk. But both are doing it for a mild high or just to take the edge off. On top of that down that whole bottle of rum and you will most likely die , smoke a whole pound ( which is impossible) and you will suffer zero negative side effects beside happy , hungry then sleepy.

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        Most people drink one or two glasses of wine or one or two beers because of the taste of it.
        It’s nothing to do with ‘wanting to become intoxicated’.

        • Independent says:

          @ suzie Quattro,

          You are wrong on many levels. You do know that companies make non-alcoholic beer & wine right?

          I never said they want to get intoxicated, I belive they are looking for a feeling of relaxation, however they see fit.

        • Hurricane says:

          @ Suzie, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most, including yourself drink wine or beer for the “buzz”.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Nope. Most people drink wine primarily for the taste. It’s enjoyable to drink it.

            • Tommy Chong says:


            • Tommy Chong says:

              ROFL!!! Oh! You & Quattro must be closet boozing buddies. I’m sure you drink it for the taste. People say they consume energy drinks, coffee, liqueur, beer, tobacco & cannabis for the taste as well but the mind altering effects are always a plus.

              I really feel for you having to be forced to drink that awful drug just for the taste and would like to share this site with you.


              The site say’s they’re, “The World’s Best Non-alcoholic Wines” maybe you can convince one of the importers to bring em in by the container load so all the others who, “drink wine primarily for the taste” can share in your find.

            • Sara says:

              Then why not drink non alcoholic wines?

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                Because they taste like pee, frankly.

                • sage says:

                  Ah, Sandy good evening, allow me to suggest cleansing the palate and pairing the crisp acidity and subtle yet bold tones of urine in the non-alcoholic wine with your favorite staple, stale BS. Perfectly complementing one another. Bon appetite.

            • Anbu says:

              If u say so sandy bum bum. We all know your biased opinions on weed. Bet uve never had a draw in your life. U better not be in the cue when the smoke shops open in bermy. Probably be the first one in line too. People drink wine just for the taste?! Okie dokie smokey. Lmao what will people like u think of next?

        • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

          Hahahahaha!…ur funny SuziQ…how many have you had today?

        • sage says:

          Suzie: “Only (hic) had one or two glasses (hic), officer, I am per, I am perf ,(hic) I, I, I am fine your honour,I love you (hic)”
          Officer “Oh, yeah I know, no one ever drinks three glasses or more.”

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Well you need to start somewhere with your 12 steps maybe it can be overcoming denial.

    • Cancer Patient says:

      HaHa what an ***** and very misinformed! Don’t you know the reason for consumption of anything that has a mind altering affect, is to get a buzz or we all would drink JUST water or soda etc. If all alcoholic drinks didn’t have any “Kick” to it,who would really drink alcohol because it doesn’t taste good other than the buzz you get! May I also remind you that one glass of wine alters the mind therefore your in a “HIGH” state of mind…..responsible citizen you….

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        what planet are you from?

        • Come Correct says:

          The one where it appears more people agree with his point of view than yours.

    • Common Sense says:

      This comment from Longtail has to get the “Clanger of the Month” award! Are you kidding?! Alcohol is an exceptionally dangerous and addictive drug. Just ask anyone who has tried in vain to wean a relative or loved one off it. It is a nightmare, and of course it was prohibited in the U.S. with catastophic results.

      I would never argue that there are no negative side effects from smoking or otherwsie consuming marijuana, especially for children and young people, but EXACTLY the same applies to alcohol – and it may be much worse than pot.

      Jack Cole probably sums it up best when he says that we have to start treating drug abuse as a medical issue not as a criminal issue. By legalizing drugs we can then introduce sensible regulations and gain some control of use and supply, but right now the only people controlling drugs in Bermuda are the dealers and they generally don’t give a damn about who they sell to. It’s time for a complete change of attitude on drugs in general and marijuana in particular.

      As Bob Dylan says, “the times they are a changing”.

  8. pabear says:

    what you think only the people of colorado made up those numbers? hell no tens of thousands tourist went to colorado why would they not come here

    • Malachi says:

      I’m surprised our local travel agents haven’t started to advertise “Mile High” vacations in Colorado. Just imagine this sign in a local travel agent’s window:

      $1,500 per person for 7 days and 6 nights, luxury suite with cable and internet, breakfast, lunch, dinner (munchies available 24/7) Also includes return air-fare and an ounce of pot.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        I think it may be taboo for them to advertise in such a uptight society. They do offer Amsterdam Cannabis Cup packages but you need to ask your agent because they won’t outright assume you want to go there to blaze.

  9. foolishness says:

    @longtail..so what do you call that buzz u get after a few glasses of wine..

  10. Cancer Patient says:

    People, before judging alcohol users go to youtube and watch”funny drunk people” ANY QUESTIONS??? I will take marijuana and life over alcohol and death anyday.

  11. Ruthless says:

    Before you dreamers go ahead with this, please stop and think for a minute! The drug dealers are not gonna sit by and just lose money! I can tell you what’s gonna happen as I have talked to a few street guys I know! The dealers will just push more cocaine, heroin and ecstasy! They will also lace their spliffs with coke to make their product better than anyone else! Heaven help us if they need a whole new product in Bermuda cause they will start making METH which can be done with over the counter products! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! If you think the stop list is big now…….just wait!!!!

    • Independent says:

      @ Ruthless,

      Your making excuses mate. And further more, most of the people I know would not touch any of those hard drugs you mentioned.

      • Ruthless says:

        I hope I am wrong mate but I can tell you that ecstasy is already being pushed in front street nightclubs! Fact! And I have heard of coke being put in spliffs! I am not making this up as I have a mate that was actually hooked on coke by it being put in spliffs that he only brought from one seller! Be on Front Street at 3am on Saturday morning and watch how they act! They must be on something! I am there every weekend and it is very sad!

        • sage says:

          So your solution is to do the same dumb s#!t we’ve been doing, and expect a different result? You think idiots started lacing joints last week? Crack and now synthetic weed have been invented because drugs are illegal. Ecstacy has been in our clubs for years.

          • U must be already high says:

            They weren’t invented because drugs are illegal! We already have plenty of legal drugs that ppl get high on! They ( crack and synthetic weed) were invented because they are an even cheaper alternative to pure cocaine and to real weed!

            • sage says:

              If the point of dealing under prohibition is to make as much money as possible, why do you think they cook powder into crack? Maybe to increase profits? Drug dealers know how to maximize their customer base. Had drugs been legalized this would not have occurred. In a legal industry this shouldn’t happen. As for synthetic weed, it was created to fulfill a demand for a drug that could circumvent drug testing regimes, especially employment and military. This creates a situation where people stop smoking benign natural herb to smoke largely unknown chemicals sprayed onto unknown pot pouri. What is known, is that it is seriously dangerous but ironically legal.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          No worries Ruthless, the other drugs you mentioned have a different chemical makeup & effect than cannabis. People using cannabis are looking for a completely different buzz from those using the other drugs especially ecstasy & cocaine. Ecstasy & cocaine makes the user hyper & inhibit appetite whereas cannabis makes the user mellow & increases appetite. I also know someone who was tricked into smoking a cocaine laced joint & when they did they realized immediately it was more than cannabis from the chemical taste & bolt of energy that went through their body. What happened to your friend & mine is another reason cannabis should be legally sold through a controlled source so that they are legally held responsible if they sell something laced. Your friend was probably like mine, scared to go to authorities because they’d have to admit to doing something illegal.

        • Cancer Patient says:

          Hey ruthless please tell me what DEALER in BERMUDA sells PRE-MADE spliffs???? Better yet tell me WHAT IDIOT buys a PRE-MADE SPLIFF from a DRUG DEALER??Stop the LIES!!!!You are not helping your cause to NOT legalize marijuana!!!

        • Cancer Patient says:

          You are talking about drugs that’s been sold here for YEARS! Atleast 25years!!Where have you been living?

    • YADON says:

      So you are in favour of protecting drug dealers profits? Please google what the effect was in countries such as Portugal when they legalized before spewing straw man arguments please.

    • Common Sense says:

      Guess you missed the presentations made this week by former Narcotics detective Jack Cole. In every country where marijuana has been decriminalised or legalised, drug abuse has gone down significantly, none more so that in Portugal and Switzerland. In Switzerland they got rid of their heroin pushers by dispensing heroin legally and for free through clinics which also offered drug treatment.

      The results speak for themselves. Look it up on the LEAP website or though the internet. Drug delaers tend to be big talkers but we could put them completey out of business by legalizing drugs and introducing sensible regulations – just as we have for cigarettes and alcohol.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      @Clueless Ruthless…if u get caught dealing cocaine you will be sentenced to a Colombian Prison…Heroin you will visit an Afghanistan Prison…Ecstasy will show u the inside of a German Prison, that’s how i would set up the laws, but in all seriousness each one of those mentioned are pharmaceuticals created and produced by Big Pharma, produced to treat certain ailments…but,in the wrong hands…you see what happens… The individual who indulges in those 3 in particular needed help BEFORE they started using. Cannabis on the other hand…is the most Perfect Plant Placed on the Planet… no production or chemical concoctions required… courtesy of HIM…(GOD)for those of you who don’t know HIM.

      • U must be already high says:

        No production or chemical concoction required? Then eat and smoke it fresh, raw and just plucked from the tree!

        • sage says:

          We do.

          • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

            sage u sure gotz lotz o patience with these dummies bie…lol…i gave up talking to walls a long time ago…

          • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

            oh n by de way…U m b a h…care to tell us all about the chemical concoctions in the production of Cannabis…I’m always hungry for Knowledge so share it sir. thank you.

        • So you think there will be no repercussion’ s because you run a business

    • pabear says:

      ruthless you could legalize every drug know to man and a criminal will just find another illegal trade to get in to. so we should all have to live our lives according to what a bunch of criminals want to do.

    • Cancer Patient says:

      I was brought up on the streets and I can assure you that just because marijuana becomes legal is not going to force anyone to do anything that they aren’t ALREADY doing!So tell those”street guys” to stop making excuses to coverup what they are doing already.Thats the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.Sounds like a dumb threat! Tell them to “lace their spliffs with coke” LOL They will be only harming THEMSELVES!!! If you think that people buy”spliffs”(Homemade cigarette)already made from drug dealers,then you are just as ****** as those “Street Guys” you know.
      I think that they should put people like you on the stoplist for that ridiculous comment!!Go ask all these countries that have legalized,decriminalised, or just plain turned a blind eye to marijuana and there are quite a few!Do your research and you will be surprised!!

  12. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    just as i expected…all talk about the money…thats why they are gonna be able to possess it but you will have to pay for it…a real herbs man will grow it and NEVER PAY ANOTHER F#@KING DIME FOR IT!!! this whole scenario is a farce, hence my earlier statement about not letting govt. involved except for passing the law then allowing the unemployed to venture into something legal…this subject has become CORPORATE now..yeah sure you can smoke but you gotta buy Massas weed…a slave you shall remain.

    • sage says:

      That’s why we need to push for sensible reform and meaningful regulation like allowing home gardens, giving people who have defended or been hurt by the lack of, legalization, first dibs at creating businesses kept to a reasonable size only to allow more opportunities, those with a record of anti herb sentiment and activities should be completely barred from involvement along with legal drug pushers , pharma included and big business in general.

      • Reality says:

        Lol now you are smoking. So now you want to punish freedom of speech and opinion as well as have legalized discrimination to who can sell?

        I can only assume you are a white man from 1750 who time travelled to the future.

        • sage says:

          Oh, am I ever, freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences, ask Joanne, ganjaphobes call for strict regulation of sales but being barred for your mindset is actually helping you, it keeps you from becoming a full blown hypocrite. Hey, my dna, therefore I, come from way farther back than 1750. Try Ethiopia. I want to make sure what happened on emancipation doesn’t happen again, where upon abolishing slavery the slave masters were compensated for the loss of labour and enjoyed continued economic sucess and the slaves got Jim Crow. If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Thats reality my friend.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        What you’re talking about is not Burt’s suggestion at all. I take it you disagree with him. He appears to be too moderate for you.

        • sage says:

          Burt? I didn’t read past the headline, sorry.

  13. Reality says:

    Say nothing else changes, why would I travel to Bermuda to rude striking staff, homophobia, hatred for foreigners to smoke? I can do that legally in my own country now. If as the pro crowd say, weed becomes legal across the globe, why would we need Bermuda. Weed will do nothing for Bermuda tourism unless you fix Bermuda.

  14. Coffee says:

    Smoke all you want , I’d rather have a cuppa…

  15. Edmund Spenser says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat, but if this is what the PLP think should be done with cannabis reform shouldn’t that already be included in the legislation that they previously tabled? If this in fact the position of the PLP, as opposed to bluster for political points, this should be in the legislation as tabled. Give it a read, it’s not there.

  16. Rockfish#1 says:

    I don’t care what Burt says, a glass of Bermuda swizzle is much better than a glass of wine and a blunt.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      But if it were legal you could have rum swizzle space cake & then watch a Bermuda sunset in a whole new light. :D

  17. Smh says:

    Both parties have lost their marbles and their morals! In desperation, the true character of an individual and a country is revealed. It Looks like many of these politicians’ characters are at the mercy of an easy dollar! Why have standards when you can take the easy way out? You are no different than the drug dealers themselves!!! Gotta eat right? I’m doing it for my family! It’s hard out here so, we gotta do what we gotta do to survive! And then we’ll talk to our children about standing up for what’s right no matter how hard it may seem and about having integrity etc. Why is this country trying to have a race to the moral bottom of the barrel?! Where has our strength of character gone? Are we truly this weak and shameless?!

    • YADON says:

      There is nothing immoral about cannabis. What is immoral to me is your holier than thou attitude and the fact that people are made into criminals because they choose to use a non-addictive, non-toxic plant. Immoral is outlawing what God created. Immoral is people like you who think anyone who doesn’t share your same views should be locked up like animals.

  18. Truth Tells says:

    1) Where do you get the weed from?
    2) Whats the law on quality control?
    3) Whats the U.S Federal position on us getting into the weed business? (might want to ask!)
    4)If we grow our own what’s the challenges, how does sale and supply work?

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      the truth is these are unwarranted questions being asked by people who have no interest what so ever in cannabis culture…jus go on and live your life as you would normally do…there would be NO drastic change in your lifestyle, but maybe to someone unemployable by your socialist systems criteria,might just be able to support their family and finally feel good about life instead of living in a pressure cooker, which feeds our anti social ills…or maybe even rise to an even higher standard of living than you are accustomed to…idk. People are making this waaaay to complicated…Cannabis is no more than what you have sitting in bottles right now on your spice rack.

    • pabear says:

      truth tells
      1 where do you think weed comes from?
      2 whats wrong with using the quality control laws for other drugs we have?
      3 fed law? would it not be more like U.N.laws?
      4 how does one deal with any of those challenges when growing any crop in bermuda?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      The answer to all these questions have been carefully thought through by the Netherland’s government with conclusions that have existed for decades. The only stumbling block the Dutch have is the world governing body’s pledge to America to keep cannabis illegal. José Mujica has most valiantly kicked that block to the side & told the UN & Feds what they can do with forceful control over other countries.

      larga vida a Mujica! ¡viva la democracia honesta!

      • sage says:

        I love that guys style! Now thats leadership, setting trends rather than sitting idly by…

  19. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    In my opinion i think quite a few of the anti cannabis movement members are afraid that they may switch from alcohol to cannabis once it is made legal if they so wish to smoke, i don’t know of any non smoking alcoholics, do you..? I also believe the fright of the Stigma put on Cannabis,almost 100 years ago by the people who are controlling your life…and trust me it isn’t the OBA. ALCOHOL…our rum runners get wealthy while ruining or ending the lives of others…and you are concerned about CANNABIS!? YOU have a human right to drink…I have a human right to smoke…the illegalities of CANNABIS is illegal.

    footnote; my opinion was formed by actual research not just a brain fart like some.

  20. I this were the”only” reason to do this it would be enough!Same for gambling!….These things are here now!….not to entertain the thought through to fruision begs the reason why in heaven not?….these things are as we speak permeating through out our society and are untaxed…they are in no way presently benifitting the people or our country….I ask you …why not?…do we not need to regulate and tax it…in one fell swoop we could remove the harmfull addictive and mood swingingbadditive that sre presently found in marijuana being sold under the table.Both things would actually benifit church,so there is no reason that should be in the way…..I do see some of the money people …the black market investors…the ones putting their money out for the lucrative progit margin…yes…they pretty much can all be seen entering the church on Sunday.The country and it’s economy need regulation and taxation offit…..the control offit …normally I wouldn’t agree with Mr. Burt …(I find him to be smug and snidley), however….he has hit the mark on this one…miracles do exist….kinda makes you wanna go church…

  21. forgive the second comment so soon but …please crunch the numbers of people seeking to vacation in colorado this year alone, tourism benifits them so so very much…..sentient freedom of choice and the logic offit…conceptually advanced and farward thinking….fresh …allow for water to stagnate…or drink it …

  22. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    Booze did not improve the economy,when tourists pay $13.50 for a drink, however it does contribute to traffic accidents.

    We can not afford the cost to run Government services, even if it was run like a Swiss Watch.

    Temporally, cut the Government non essential services work week to 4 days, you get Mondays off to go back to school for special courses and job training using our theaters Ruth and City hall ,is better than sending people home with no job.

    If we have to manage with less, then Government has to manage with less.

    “Head Start” only give free Public school education up to the age of ten, the parents would soon buck up when they have to pay for the rest of it.

    Public School is not a baby sitting service.

    Years ago Thursdays afternoons were half days off , the politicians did no ask for a pay packet and there was no payroll tax.

  23. more than enough says:

    all of the wasted money spent on prohibition, false propaganda(ndc), police salaries, judges, prosecuters, prison officers, incarceration, border control, rehabilitation etc.. will be saved. millions of $$$!
    all of this will amount to mountains of cash not being spent, these savings alone can be redirected to setting up and staffing free drug clinics. in turn there will be a dramatic reduction in crime no more illegal dealers no strung out desperate drug addicts willing to do whatever to get a fix.
    you will note that marijuana is in a completely different category altogether. it is a plant with many benefits for mankind, yet money is being wasted to try and counter these well known and undeniable facts.
    it is a medicine, one that is perfectly designed for our use, in complete contradiction to the rampant ganjaphobia infecting our island.
    also contrary to popular belief the medical benefits can be successfully and safely obtained through smoking herb, as it is proven that herb does not cause any of the complications associated with smoking cigarettes such as emphysema lung cancer etc…in fact it has the opposite affect.
    considering all of this you must legalize first and then regulate the uses with very little regulation on the less harmful ie sweet sensimelia
    while keeping a very close eye on those who are really endangering themselves and possibly others…
    bermudians (at least some) can grow it here and even under the present ‘most wanted’status. i saw a lot of healthy plants being destroyed by the soldiers of babylon(bps) over the years remember dockyard? that takes skill…and talking about skills, one year i was reading of a drought(rain that is) and how it was affecting the farmers food crops,
    there were pictures showing the dried up crops and feilds, everything was dead…there was another article showing some herb trees that were found and they were beautiful healthy and green.
    tired of the hide and smoke thing…time to come out in the open.
    put the wealth in the hands of the people who need it…greed is a real mthrf**r. you should be glad with the savings and the free consultation. no tax. little regulation. that’s all that’s necessary. if businesses are built on cannibis you can tax the payroll like business built on anything else.
    free up the healing of the nations now!
    when it comes to herb, there can never be more than enough – no limits.

  24. I gotta say it,just look at what is legal ,the side effect range from funny (growing man breats),to down right unlawful (death).This is perfectly ok though,by all means these medications are adverted on the television,then some medications have the warning :- Discontinue use if you should have thought of suicide…..really!?!?….postumously Or otherwise?……who decides this rubbish?

  25. @ ben dover….it is not the 10% who are here …but …the countless tourists and visitors who will come here…to a country that embraces freedom of choice….rather than choosing for you…an adult…with an acknowlegement of setience and free thought…..you obviously know what your choices in life are….I can honestly say…I don’t need you to choose for me…one more thing …name calling is just plain insulting….please refrain from casting aspersion….it’s rude and states little for your supposition…..I wouldn’t call you a rummey…even if it was so….please …despairaging remarks do not bode well unless in humour…and even then ….never mind…I honestly don’t see you evolving…