Video: OBA To Conduct Internal Investigation

May 14, 2014

[Updated with video] The political conflict regarding the ongoing “JetGate” matter continued, with the latest development seeing OBA Chairman Thad Hollis saying that his party never received any funds from Mr. Nathan Landow and his associates, adding that the OBA plans to conduct an internal investigation into the matter and make their findings known to the public.

OBA Chairman Thad Hollis and Co-Deputy Chairperson Karen Magnum today:

One Bermuda Alliance OBA Thad Hollis Karen Magnum, May 14 2014

Mr. Hollis was speaking at a press conference this afternoon [May 14] which has just concluded, and we will update with the full video and additional information later today.

Update 1.09pm: Video of part of today’s press conference where Mr. Landow was discussed.

Update 6.40pm: Opposition Leader Marc Bean has commented on today’s development, his full statement follows below.

“On Friday in Parliament, Premier Craig Cannonier called the article “foolishness” and said that this issue, “is not a concern of the people”.

Today, a year after this issue first came to light, the Executive of his own party has launched an internal investigation into their own leader’s actions.

Earlier today, instead of calling the serious allegations “foolishness”, OBA Chairman Thad Hollis said, “we have a story, that appears to have some validity to it”. What is even more shocking is that the Chairman admitted that the Premier of the Country did not tell the truth to the Chairman of his own party when asked about Mr. Stephen DeCosta’s participation in the trip now known as JetGate.

Though many Bermudians should rightfully be concerned if an investigation that has only been commenced a year after this issue first came to light can be fair, the PLP will await to see how transparent the OBA will be. To date, their transparency has made a mockery of their election pledges and good government. However, for the first time, it seems that some members of the OBA are saying enough is enough.

It is imperative that the Attorney General, Mark Pettingill, and the Minister of Tourism, Shawn Crockwell also come clean to the people about the details of this Washington trip. It is my hope that the OBA MPs who have defended or remained silent while the Premier and his Cabinet colleagues make a mockery of good governance will now have the courage to speak up for what is right. Those that choose to remain silent will be just as complicit as the Premier if any wrongdoing is found.

As I said yesterday, “Investment in Bermuda is critical for our success and for our reputation to be clouded with this affair is unfair to everyday Bermudians who are looking for jobs and careers. The PLP fully supports efforts to see development at Morgan’s Point, Par-la-Ville, and the Club Med Site (among others) and it is essential that the OBA government sort this matter out.”

I once again ask for the Premier and his Cabinet colleagues to do the right thing and, “Just tell the truth”.”

Update May 15, 1.58pm: Premier Cannonier said, “I welcome and support any effort to ensure full transparency and accountability. The inquiry was approved with a view to clearing away doubts and questions that are distracting attention from the Government’s hard work to rebuild Bermuda’s economy and the much needed jobs that come with it.”

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  1. Tough Love says:

    Can someone say biased position? What part of independent investigation is not understood. If it’s anything like when they graded themselves on how Bermuda’s economy is doing, well let’s just say I expect their “findings” to clear our Premier.

    How dopey are we Bermuda if we accept this as a valid investigation?

    • Tough Love says:

      Reminds me of Gov. Christie’s investigation into his involvement in “BridgeGate”.

      • Looking for Leadership says:

        Oh Man! 3:38 in the video says it all.

        The Premier told his OWN chairman that his business associate was just bumming a ride.. and it was only afterwards his OWN chairman found out that he was in fact in the meetings..

        If you own chairman calls you out – it may be time for you do go!

        • Happy says:

          we should wait to see how biased or unbiased the findings they share with the public are before we cast stones. The chairman has said he would conduct an internal investigation. Lets see how thorough it is before we cast judgement.

          • Nancy 2 says:

            An internal investigator must be able to investigate a case objectively, and this means that they cannot have a vested interest in the outcome. It would be extremley difficult for any member of the OBAubp to remove their emotions or bias from the investigative process. If the OBAubp allows a member or MP to conduct the investigation, this further will be a blow to the intergrity of the party and government.

            It is extremely rare for someone with a vested interest in their political party to be allowed to investigate. How can the OBAubp investigate itself, without the investigator remaining impartial, neutral, open-minded and fair. This is known as one of the biggest classical investigation mistakes of all times. Often the investigator can get very emotional about the allegations and they often begin to build their perceptions into realities that are very subjective. It may be difficult for the investigator to remain impartial and to avoid “labeling,” Often it is hard for him/her to step away and say what the facts truly are.

            The video tape above clearly reveals that Mr. Hollis is now struggling to deal with this matter in an objective fashion, and this alone speaks loudly to the faulty and flawed process the OBAubp are about to embark upon. Mr. Hollis is beginning to contradict himself, but afterall the OBAubp did say “they make no aplolgies for contradicitng themselves.”

            This investigation will only have credit if an unknown individual or investigative team with no political tides to either party, or Bermuda conducts the investigation. If not it will merely be seen as nothing more than a BIG JOKE by most folks, to appease and placate some folks.

            A good internal investigation follows certain guidelines and regulations, this is key in any process that has a certain level of integrity. Yes an investigation should be done, with an inpartial agent. But only if the Premier would just stand up and ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, this process would not be necessary or required.

            It is evident that the OBAubp have something to be concern about if they deem it necessary to conduct such an investigation. But the OBAubp seem to have failed to follow their own rules of TRANSPARENCY HONESTY and OPENESS. But today we are faced with talking about JETGATE case due to OBAubp lack of TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY.

            • WTF says:

              For the last f#$@ing time Nancy 2 the ruling party are called the OBA not the OBAUBP…F@#$ OFF AND HAVE SOME RESPECT!!!!!

              • non political says:

                ObAubp same S$it different day

              • ya right says:

                OBAubp works for me!! The old UBP is still running the party.

                You need to have some respect and stop using profanity and emotion on an online forum. If you have a problem with people expressing their opinion, you should stay away from online forums.

                • JustAskin2 says:

                  I believe it shows that gentleman (or lady) is either very immature, has a serious inferiority complex or is just plain disturbed.

              • JustAskin2 says:

                You are setting a wonderful example of respect … NOT. Through your example, I can just imagine someone using those same offensive words regarding the OBA.

            • NANCY 2 says:

              Earlier today, instead of calling the serious allegations “foolishness”, OBA Chairman Thad Hollis said, “we have a story, that appears to have some validity to it”. What is even more shocking is that the Chairman admitted that the Premier of the Country did not tell the truth to the Chairman of his own party when asked about Mr. Stephen DeCosta’s participation in the trip now known as JetGate.

              This is very revealing indeed. The OBAubp have come to the realization that something is not right. The entire story has not been told, and 1 or 3 of their MPs are not telling the truth.

              If not why the investigations? There is REAL Concern here. Mr. Premier stand up and be honest, be transparent and get this over with now. The truth always has a way for coming out sooner, rather than later..

              • Come Correct says:

                When I read your posts I feel like 18 years ago when I’m sitting cross legged in a room surrounded by equally bored children while the headmaster reads a fictional story with a moral at the end that in reality completely screws you in life…

        • Argument says:

          His business associate was just that HIS business associate. He is a nice guy with no formal business experience other than being a golf pro and running a few gas stations.

          He is a great guy , but I can’t see how he would be of any advantage and be considered an asset in this type of meeting. He offers no hospitality experience, has no legal background, business background or even a degree that I know of. In my opinion, he is a great guy but not the type of person that most people would want in the shark tank.

          I trust that the reason why the PLP have not spoken any more about him is because they have looked at his resume and credentials and know that there is little there to assist with the whole “jetgate” story.

          Interview Mr. DaCosta or Mr. Landow and get the facts. They were there and surely they can tell you what was said. If not shut up about hearsay, or anonymous sources. I’m tired of all this BS and so is Bermuda.

          • Johnny says:

            If all you say is true why was he allowed to sit in on government business. He is not an elected official nor an oba employee, and according to you he has no business experience. So what was the purpose of him attending an official govt. Business meeting?
            The hosts must have been a little perturbed that the premier had to take his friend to the party so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
            I believe that there is more to the story and apparently so does Thad Holllis. The Premier had no right to take HIS business associate on govt. business, but according to you it was ok. You must be looking for a free ride on the next trip.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Well the PLP would never even investigate it for real or ficticously yet you would still support their findings. Again I say all funding to political parties should be public and all membership meetings should be televised

      LOL for any to dissagree or not want this to me makes it seem like poeple are trying to hide something.

      • watching says:

        sorry mate, this has nothing to do with PLP. stay focused.

        • Looking for Leadership says:

          Thank you. For once the PLP are completely clear on this one!

        • TICKED OFF says:

          yeah they were so squeaky clean eh.???? NOT!!!!!!!!!!

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Well I certainly will not; but does the OBA have a track record of concerning themselves with what the people think?

    • Remember, there isn’t any Laws in Bermuda stating any Party must reveal where / who they receive/d funds from…Bottom-line!If so, then I demand also that the P.L.P. open some, (if not all their) “closet doors” to reveal their personal skeletons :-(

  2. Steve Biko says:

    That’s like de Klan investigating racial hate. LMAO

    • Hmmm says:

      It is nothing like that SICKO

    • Unbelievable says:

      Oh here goes another one.

      Bermuda is NOTHING like pre 90s SouthAfrica or even 30s and 40s Europe. That’s just someone with a bitter view on life and doesn’t know much except that.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        All he does is hurt his its cause the more he she types and the sad part he she it would not dare say it in public


      • Steve Biko says:

        Bermuda’s racism is more subliminal, but only a fool would think it doesn’t exist in Bermuda, it’s territorial(Tucker’s Town, Fairy Lands, etc) economy(Front Street, Major construction companies etc), social(R.B.Y.C, R.H.A.D.C , etc and sporting events just to name a few.

        • WillSee says:

          Sure , Just like the rest of the world!

        • Confused says:

          People of any race are welcome at all of those places you mentioned.

          How on earth is that subliminal racism?

        • Argument says:

          You are right Steve!

          No way that racism or hatred could possibly exist on Court St, Parsons Road or anywhere else that you may frequent. I also agree with it being rampant in sports!

          How many millions giving to football and cricket in the last 14 years versus ANY other sport, some of which go almost zero?? Hmmmmmmm
          How many “Melanin Deficient” people have you seen selected for Cupmatch? Or Bermuda’s National Football and Cricket squads. Please don’t mention the White player our cricket team because with his credentials he Could NOT have been denied.

          How many whites not directly associated with the PLP got government contracts. Before you answer that, ask how many had business stripped – remember the Bermuda Cement Company.

          I could go on and on but it would be pointless. I know I could never change your mind or anyone else like you no more than you can change the mind of a KKK member.

          The point is, most of us think about we, us and or kids future. Those like you think about you, yours and yesterday!

          Move on, stop the ignorance and hate. Look forward and teach love not hateful deceit!

          • Steve Biko says:

            Its hilarious to use the last 14 years as a guide line compared to how long Bermuda has been in existence and who were and are still the economic controllers(that’s like playing de Monopoly board game one person gets out of jail goes round de board a few times, buys up all de properties then de other person gets his chance to get out of jail and makes de best of what’s left, LMFAO) and I would elaborate on how they became the economic controllers but I might get the RACE CARD thrown at me, LMFAO. And for your information Court Street, Parsons Road and anywhere else are like they are by design and have deep historical value.
            If there are any good White football or cricket players there would be no problem for them to represent their Country or play Cup Match, but it would be harder for a wealthy Black man to live in Fairy Lands.
            Blacks have always integrated into white events , establishments and POLITCAL parties in Bermuda but on de flip side……… I can go on but it would be pointless, I guess people like you don’t think people like Donald Sterling don’t exist too. LMFAO

        • JustAskin2 says:

          Perhaps the only people that do not believe racism exists in Bermuda are those that I like to call the ‘I’m not a racist’ racists.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Well that’s rather an extreme example, but I certainly get your point.

    • Heavens says:

      wow. the race card only after 4 comments. that must be a record.

  3. Looking for Leadership says:

    How exactly do you investigate something that never occurred?

    • Dirk Gentley says:

      I’m sure that’s what the “findings” will be.

      • JustAskin2 says:

        Of course. You don’t expect the OBA to actually admit that this occurred do you? I wonder how many will actually believe the findings — the alleged accused investigating itself.

        • Serengeti says:

          So if the funds were never received, which is what he’s saying, what exactly do you want? How is someone supposed to prove that something never happened?

          I could accuse someone in the PLP of being a child molester. Would that make it true? Would we all assume it’s true until we had proof that it wasn’t?

        • BlueFamiliar says:

          I see this all as a no win situation.

          1. Nothing happened so it’s impossible to prove nothing happened so this will continue forever.
          2. Something happened but there’s no proof so this will continue forever.
          3. Admittance that something that happened with no proof and it’ll get worse because I’m certain someone will say more happened than is being admitted.
          4. Admittance and proof that something happened and it’ll get worse because for once the PLP were right and we’ll never hear the end of it.

          Whatever the reality is, I have to say that I continue to really not care because it seems to have done nothing, aside from making them all spend way too might time talking about it when they could be discussing the big issues that the island are presently facing.

          • street wise says:

            The plp will do anything to discredit the OBA… and stifle the positive direction in which the Country is heading under the OBA.

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      Looks like we have our own Benghazi , BridgeGate, IRS, Fast and Furious wrapped into JetGate.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Let you back out did they?

        LOL call MAWI he’s busted out again………

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          Why don’t you call MAWI and confirm your ignorance.

    • Joonya says:

      I dont know, but I would sure like to know how the F*&# we got into $2b in debt.

      • Rhonda Neil says:

        well plp took 14 years to put us in 1.2bill… the OBA well they took or as they say 3 years… to put us in 2.billion… so i guess we wait…

        • Raw Onion says:

          Come on Rhonda, that comment makes you look silly(er). I’m sure you know how to do the math.

        • WTF says:

          Yeah Rhonda that was to save us from further mess!!!!

        • coolieh says:

          This is the MOST ignorant thing I’ve read today! Grow up! The OBA inherited your structural deficits! $300m/year. OBA couldn’t cut expenses immediately without a resulting severe depression…!

          PLP! You need to face reality.

          You destroyed Bermuda financial success, not the OBA.

          Now you’re crying NO monies for me!

          (PLP) People Lacking Perception!

      • Awake says:

        Wow! Rhonda’s admitting her party screwed us all…even her? Gee, that’s generous of her! At least the OBA are showing more leadership by doing their own investigation. It’s real easy. If the guy wired funds into an account, which I assume would be “the Party’s” account, it would clearly show a deposit of $300,00! In my opinion, the investigation should have happened when the story first broke.

        As for why Mr. DeCosta was even with the group on the “trip” is another thing. They should call for an investigation into HIS account too!

  4. Unbelievable says:

    Well I don’t understand why an internal investigation even needs to happen if Hollis is saying that Landow never gave to the party in the first place.

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      If the party don’t have the $300,000, who does?

      • Unbelievable says:

        You ever think that Think Media article was just a crock of nonsense? Maybe 300k was something conjured up.

        After all, the PLP are only two or three seat in the house from being the Govt. I believe ether are doing their best to gain those seats.

        • Looking for Leadership says:

          If it was a crock of nonsense – why are they investigating it?

          May you also want to consider the possibility that it DID happen. That the PLP aren’t making things up, and there is something seriously wrong.

          BOTH are possible – we should let facts and evidence decide and not emotion!

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            could also be a pr thing thought of that.

            LOL nope sure you did not

          • Unbelievable says:

            Yes quite possibly it did happen. I’m not saying it didn’t, I just don’t know.

            But I believe the PLP are desperate to gain power and will do what it has to, even if it is trying to destabilise the Govt. The OBA so far have been weak and not pushing back hardly at all when they sure enough have the tools to do so.

            But can you imagine if the OBA just simply said, “Nope nothing to see here”. If that is all they ever said on this matter then that wold look even worse.

            I just don’t see why Hollis would say that Landow never gave any money and then starts an investigation. I guess I’ve answered my question.

            • Goose says:

              Landow never gave money to the party is what Hollis is saying.

              That doesn’t mean that money didn’t change hands. An allegation of impropriety by the Premier means that the party is forced to act. They did campaign on transparency and accountability.

              Cannonier and his Cabinet are NOT the OBA. They are OBA MP’s chosen to lead the Government. The OBA is composed of the Premier, his Cabinet, the remaining MP’s, the party executive and everyone that’s paid their membership dues.

              If Cannonier is found to have acted improperly I hope that they party does the right thing and prove that they aren’t committed to turning a blind eye and carrying on with more of the same.

          • Unbelievable says:

            And to top it all off, Landow is not even in the picture for the casino license – at all. He’s not part of any future plans.

      • Looking for Leadership says:

        Now you are getting there…

        1) $300K is alleged to be given to OBA
        2) Premier denies allegations are true
        3) OBA members alarmed that $300K was never received
        4) OBA orders an investigation into where the money went

        This sounds like the beginning of the end for Cannonier. If your own party is investigating you well. Your time must be up!

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Yup something the PLP have wanted since the man became leader. Either they are scared of him or they know the OBA is better than the current PLP group……

          LOL since you only want to drop slanted speculation I guess I could do the same. If they do get ride of him you and the PLP willbe lik see we told you he was a puppet. This is as clear as air to me.

          • Dragging A Lure says:

            The man became leader for one reason only, he knows the reason, you know the reason, I know the reason and it’s not a pretty reason. The asset has worn off and a big liability has reared it’s ugly head. The investigation is a step that will provide ammunition for the Milkman to take over.

            • Mike Hind says:

              You guys keep saying this… but it never seems to happen.

              And it’s REALLY interesting that you always insinuate, but never actually say, nor do you show evidence of these damning claims.

              It’s weird.

              • Dragging A Lure says:

                What never seems to happen?

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Read your post… your last line says “blah blah blah… for the Milkman to take over.”

                  We all keep hearing this sort of talk from guys like you, with the “Oh, we ALL know this is true!” insinuations (and the follow up evasions and deflections when asked about them). We have done for a while now.

                  And yet… nothing you say every comes out as true.

                  I keep asking this, but no one ever seems to want to answer:

                  If the truth about the OBA is so terrible, why do you have to keep lying in order to denounce them?

                  • One Up One Down says:

                    Mike I know you are a truth seeker so here’s the truth……

                    There are people that didn’t vote for the OBA who believe that Craig Cannonier was chosen as OBA leader because he has crossover appeal…..he’s not too dark…..he’s stately in his height and physical presence and he can turn on that preacher type voice that SOME people are more likely to find appealing.

                    There are people who did not vote for the OBA who find it very difficult to believe that for all the intellect, business acumen, integrity, general knowledge, and political fortitude that is held by the likes of Michael Dunkley, Grant Gibbons, Bob Richards, Trevor Moniz, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin etc. there is no way that Craig Cannonier is the best among them. Just like Kim Swan wasn’t the best and Wayne Furbert wasn’t the best and Pamela Gordon wasn’t the best. I know those people in the last sentence were UBP people and that party no longer exists BUT here’s another truth…..

                    Many people who did not vote for the OBA really feel like the OBA is the UBP with a new name. That is why people keep saying what Dragging A Lure is saying.

                    The more that SOME people keep saying to stop calling the OBA OBA/UBP and saying Craig Cannonier is the true leader and that Michael Dunkley has no designs on the top post the more resistance you’re going to get.

                    Like a friend of mine from the BDA always used to say to me……perception is reality.

                    • Mike Hind says:

                      No. Reality is reality.
                      Lies are lies.

        • Argument says:

          Wait a minute here? Didn’t a very prominent Oil Tycoon donate funds to the PLP and pay the Alaska Hall mortgage?

          PLP MPs (not supporters) ? True or False!

        • JustAskin2 says:

          Hmm… perhaps this is a sneaky clever way for OBA to do what they always wanted – eventually replace Cannonier with Dunkley or Gibbons (or Fahy or the AG what’s-his-name, heaven forbid). They can’t just replace him for no reason, but a good scandal (or a number of them) would do the trick for the public wouldn’t it? Perhaps Cannonier as Premier was just a ruse to get the votes and now it’s time to put in the real candidate. Thoughts?

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Sure. If Hollis says so then it must be true…

    • Terry says:

      Ask Landow.

    • Awake says:

      Maybe the money was wired into someone else’s account (hmmmmmm) hence why Hollis says he hasn’t seen the money in the OBA’s account. I just heard Charles Jeffers on the news say the same thing you and numerous others have. Think about it!

  5. swing voter says:

    hahahaha you guys are hilarious! never satisfied are you. Heck even the FBI CIA MI6 investigations wouldn’t be enough for you

  6. Dragging A Lure says:

    The Governor, Scotland Yard and the FBI should be involved in the process. They have the tools to perform an in depth financial audit. Thad Hollis, if you keep records of contributions made to the OBA, the investigations should take 5 minutes or who is in position to cook the books?

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      I ‘m all for it as long as when they are down here they look for the 800K as well…


      • Dragging A Lure says:

        Stop kidding yourself, you don’t know what facts are. You’re still a UBP, BDA and OBA clone believing in fairy tales. If you believe that the 4 persons that took part in JetGate travel are innocent of improper dealings than why would the OBA perform an internal investigation. What’s the pressure? Looks like the rank and file of the OBA don’t believe the scripted press releases that The Premier provides to the public every so often. He does not have the courage to take questions regarding his unethical JetGate journey. He always saying he is doing work for Bermuda Government. Show us the documented minutes of the meetings. Why no senior Civil Servant accompany them on such an important Government business venture? As you people say “Let’s look under the hood”

  7. Dirk Gentley says:

    “I didn’t take any money. You take any money?” “Not me, and if I took any money, I done and spent it already anyways.”

  8. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Can we go back to where the source of the allegation came from?

    He who alleges must prove…

    If from a journalist he must have two independent collaborating sources of proof, not he said/she said. If it is an unfounded political allegation (coming from a political source), I would see it as an attempt to smear the entire Party with political contributions allegations.

    However, if funds have been donated to the Party then donate the funds to charity, if not, then hunker down as you are in for a long turbulent onward assault of allegations.

    London, England

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Never happen this is Bermuda


    • Tough Love says:

      VMA – why are you stating what a journalist must have as sources of proof? Where was the two independent sources in regards to the investigation of Marc Bean’s betting business, were are two independent sources for most of the things that our newspaper writes about? I have never seen you question their sources, so why are you questioning this now?

      There have been discrepancies in what the premier has reported to us the people regarding this whole incident. That alone calls for an independent investigation. Especially since I believe that the Premier knew Landow since 2012.

      • Argument says:

        There didn’t need to be sources, it wasn’t a story where they were asking people what happened, they have proof, tickets, lottery tickets, photos etc..

  9. watching says:

    WOW this is the beginning of the end.
    Obviously Mr Hollis is concerned that the 300K was sent by Landow but not received. So where is it exactly?

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Did not read that must have the white version………………


  10. Rhonda Neil says:

    i have independently investigated myself. and i can report…everything was in keeping with my standards…

    • Unbelievable says:

      Of which, Rhonda, honey boo, have very very low standards.


    • Serengeti says:

      Oh, you want independent investigations now? Remind us, which party was it who had the Auditor General led away in handcuffs?

  11. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Before you attempt to run away with glee on this matter. The damage control is simple. If the funds have been donated to OBA, donate the funds to charity.

    If the allegation is false then make a complaint to the Media Council and have the journalist, Ayo Johnson and Glen Jones (as the journalist who reviewed his story) take their proof to the Media Council so that they (Media Council) can review it.

    If the Media Council stands behind the evidence that $300K was donated to the OBA, NOT standing behind the allegation but rather the proof of the allegation, then the ball is in the court of the OBA.

    Unlike the allegations that stood out against the former premier Brown, current premier Cannonier and the OBA can resolve this in a civil, transparent and non-disruptive manner.

    London, England

    • Heavens says:

      I don’t understand why this is a big deal and moreover why you think any funds need to be donated to charity! Let’s say, for arguments sake, the OBA recd $300k in a donation to the party. So what? At the end of the day, Ludlow never received any special treatment. He has no hotel development and no gaming license. Maybe I’m being too simplistic, but really, there is no story here. And I doubt VERY much that either political party (or independents) want to open their campaign books up to public scrutiny.

      • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

        I see no criminality here. Political contributions are not against the law. However, there is a public perception of impropriety that surrounds this entire story and causes it resonate.

        If the funds have been received then donate it to charity as an act of goodwill and transparency that there is NO ’cause and effect’ between the contribution and future business deals with Ludlow.

        The wealthy can afford to give a contribution as a longterm investment.

        There is still too much speculation here and issues are not clear cut.

        London, England

  12. Grizz says:

    ummmmmmm they are doing an investigation on themselves?…..hmmmmm

  13. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    hmmm…who should investigate them..? foreigners or accusers..?

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    He said, she said, allegations, credible no-named source blah, blah, blaaaah…show some 181 PROOF! If the proof is not there then it’s just WORDS AND BS!!PROVE it idgets!!!!

  15. Impressive says:

    so the OBA are going to investigate themselves and let us know what they find.. Are they really feeding the public this rubbish. Please wake me when the movie is finish, smdh

  16. Silence Do Good says:

    Typical Banana Republic politics.

    Next election I am running for politics, taking big fat brides and instituting my own family and friend plan. It would beats the heck out of being unemployed and waiting for both parties to stop bickering and solve our economic problems.

    For the love of country, I would like to see an investigation into the last 100 years of politricking in Bermuda. Let’s keep wasting time running down everything else besides the real problems. Give me $300k and I will help you help us create jobs. Personally I would have held out for more.

  17. Tia says:

    Premier Cannonier initially said his partner was hitching a ride and that was proven to be a lie, all of a sudden we are supposed to believe him that this Landow character didn’t give him these funds? Nope, I need to see proof. At this point he’s guilty til proven innocent. Once a liar always a liar.

    • WillSee says:

      You do not see how hard it is to prove!!
      Asl thje PLP where our 800 mill went!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Guilty until proven innocent? Seriously?

      The burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused. You guys are letting your hate get in the way of common sense and basic decency.

      • Tired of the Ignorance says:

        Mike, first I’ve ever agreed with you, but be careful because the paper trail on this one isn’t that difficult to follow! Once bank account are forensically challenged, I think more of the OBA faithful will distance themselves from the Premier!

        The accuser has thrown the dice and the investigation will take its course. In the end I think CC is in a spot of bother, but he is innocent until proven guilty at which time the curtain will fall on others within the party.

        The fun has only just begun. Stay tuned because even you will like this one!

        • Mike Hind says:

          If evidence is shown, then we’ll all agree that wrongdoing occurred. I don’t have to be careful.
          As I’ve said repeatedly, I’m not an OBA supporter.

        • Serengeti says:

          Great. If it’s easy to prove, prove it. I don’t want a shady crook running the place either. We’ve all had enough of that.
          But if the ‘paper trail’ you talk about doesn’t exist, then I guess we’ll all know for sure that he is innocent, since (as you say) the proof would have been easy to produce, if it existed.

  18. MB says:

    Oh wow. So he doesn’t deny and admits “validity” to Ayo’s story and that Premier said this associate only went for ride but then he heard on radio he was in on meetings … and Thad doesn’t deny officials will be asked to step down pending investigation.
    Get it together OBA. have never seeen party execs give a press conference – unprecedented.

    • Terry says:

      See Uighurs section 101.

      • Tired of the Ignorance says:

        Such a different cattle of fish!!

        Arrogance versus Criminality.

  19. Tired of the Ignorance says:

    If the OBA Chairman finds the need to carryout an investigation then there MUST be some validity to the allegation. Surely, the chairman of the OBA would be well aware of whether or not the OBA received a donation especially one in the region of $300,000.00!

    Where there is smoke, there’s fire.

    I would suggest that Ayo Johnson prior to printing an article of such magnitude would have ALL of his ducks in a row. There is NO way I would make such claims about the leader of my country without proof to back up what I’ve printed and I’m not a journalist. All of that to say that I’m sure that Mr. Johnson has more than he has made us privy to.

    So the question is, where did the $300,000.00 end up?

    I imagine that there will be a criminal investigation before this is over. Follow the trail thus far there is an allegation of a large donation that has gone missing, there are further claims that a demand was made by the Premier for an upfront payment of $2mil, then out of the blue and for NO reason (or perhaps for this very reason) Mr. Johnson was strong-armed out of a press conference by the Premier’s aide and Regimental driver! Only the guilty now what they are truly guilty of. (I would not have wanted Ayo there either)

    The writing has been smeared all over the wall that the Premier has financial issues:

    only his gas stations in the ESSO chain had issues with gas! (He had the newest equipment!)

    he pays COD for gas orders (why would a company insist that you do that?)

    All of that to say that there sounds like there was a need for hard cash! 1Timothy 6:10 (KJV) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which will some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    • Serengeti says:

      “Where there is smoke, there’s fire.”

      Oh really. So you admit all the allegations made over the years about Ewart Brown?

      • Tired of the Ignorance says:

        There has been an investigation into Ewart Brown for the past few years. The difference here is that there is a problem marrying the allegations with anything ‘solid evidence.’ I will say this however, if he is guilty of anything, he too should have his day in court. This isn’t about party people.

        If you want to talk about the past that’s a conversation that I don’t mind having either. He who is guilty should be punished regardless of political affiliation. But seeing as you brought up the doc, I would suggest that the venom and eagerness that you have against him should apply to the current Premier being investigated otherwise you’re just a hypocrite!

        Your turn!

        • Serengeti says:

          I notice you’ve changed your argument, not that it was much of one to begin with.

          You started by saying “if there is an investigation there “MUST” be some validity to the investigation” and “where there’s smoke there’s fire”.
          In other words, if there are allegations, there ‘must’ be some truth to it.

          So if there were allegations about Ewart Brown, why wouldn’t it follow that there ‘must’ be some truth to it? I could easily assemble (as others have) plausible yet tenuous evidence that creates the ‘smoke’.

          Why don’t you just admit it? If there’s smoke, there must be fire, right?

          If I were to accuse the entire PLP cabinet of being molesters, wouldn’t it follow, using your logic, that there ‘must’ be some truth to it? Unless they can come out and prove they’re aren’t, then the allegation must have some truth to it.

    • Bill Stephens says:

      Well as a person with a very strong journalism background (did some newspaper work during my school days) my take on this is there is a movement in the OBA that wants to bring the leadership down and get control of the party and to impress the population by taking out the trash in a public manner. Too weird you say? Well lets just follow the basic steps to political assasination.

      Step A. You find a journalist that has an axe to grind and no one better than one who is dragged out of a conference in a public manner

      Step B. Suddenly the journalist gets religion and courage after speaking to the deep throat in the party and he can spin up whatever story he wants as he can hide behind the editor and does not have to reveal his source.

      Step C. Create the perfect storm in main stream media. Just put something that is somewhat believable by the sheep out there about the shepherd and see what happens.

      The sheep leave the flock behind if they think the shepherd is a wolf or if he runs with wolves.

      Step D. Watch the party chairman distance the entire party from the players that they secretly want to kill off anyway.

      This is a classic text book reaction to a deep throat situation which makes this an inside job all the way.

      There is a book written by a ex-CIA profiler that concludes that political assasination never comes from the outside – it always comes from within. To quote Sir Winston Churchill: …in Politics, your friend is your enemy and all you have are great friends in Politics!”

      Dont believe me?
      Ok I predict the next Step E.

      “I – Mr. Squeaky Clean OBA party member” announce the resignation of the following party members. blah, blah, blah.. and while we did not find any wrong doing in the execution of their duties it is in the pursuit of unbridled purity and unconditional integrity that we thought it best to remove anyone and everyone connected with the jet gate situation from Party office.

      We openly thank and acknowledge the honorable members for their service and we applaud them for having the courage to step down in exchange for the return of complete trust between the party and the people of Bermuda.

      Now back to grazing everyone and we will keep an eye out for any more wolves.”

      Or something similar to that. My public writing skills are not what they used to be at and I am too old to go back to school – go Bisons!

      Good luck Bermuda. I saw this coming from 750 miles away!

      Yours Sincerely,
      Undercover Brother.

  20. BDAGIRL says:

    I guess we have all forgotten what happened with OUR MONEY
    1) TCD was to cost 5.3million but cost the taxpayers 15.23million
    2) Dockyard Pier was to cost 35million but cost the taxpayers 60million
    3) Berkley School was to cost ….I can’t even remember it just cost us the taxpayers alot of fri$$$gin money, Oh I do remember we forgave the Union for the 6.8million bond!!!!!!
    4) Andre Curtis $345,000.00 and we got 15 events for $208,089.00
    5) Playboy Mansion visit can’t remember how much we spent for The Premier to be entertained!!!!!
    Do the MATH!!!!

    • Creme Brulee says:

      You forgot Bermuda Housing Corp…

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      So you mention things that have been built to better this island albeit that there could have been tighter purse strings in some instances, but what has our current Premier done with the money its alleged that he accepted, built his OWN personal empire??

      You’re not serious babes!

    • watching says:

      desperation and distraction.

      none of what was mentioned above has anything to do with the current allegations against Premier Cannonier.

  21. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Where is the criminality here? A political donation has never been illegal, and an investigation is under way to find the political donation of $300K, in other words, was it ever donated to the Party? We, the public, have no idea how much funding political parties receive in Bermuda.

    Is Marc Bean willing to share how much political funding is received by the PLP and from whom? Likewise, is the OBA willing to share that information?

    The valid question here is, did Ayo Johnson report an allegation (by even an inside source) of a $300K donation to the OBA, OR is there proof that funds were sent to the OBA?

    If you are reporting that the OBA received the funds, then you must have evidence of that fact, NOT an allegation, not even from an inside source, BUT also transparent evidence that backs up the person(s) making the allegation. Otherwise Ayo must report it as an unsubstantiated allegation not grounded in fact.

    Please note that I hold Ayo in the highest regard as a journalist, as I am quite sure that he can distinguish the difference between an allegation and the proof that substantiates an allegation thereby making it a fact.

    And, if Ayo has that evidence then the OBA’s investigation is a moot point and exercise.

    Under the codes of journalism, Ayo need NOT give us access to his sources, but he should voluntarily give total transparency to the Media Council, if and/or when called upon to do so.

    London, England

    • watching says:

      I think the issue is that Landow says he made a 300K donation, and the OBA says they haven’t received it. Their investigation is to find out where it went. Its not a matter of legality, but I am sure internally they would like to know whether someone has pocketed it or maybe it went to the wrong account somehow.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        When did Landow say he made a $300k donation? That’s the part that is fiction.

    • clearasmud says:

      “but he should voluntarily give total transparency to the Media Council, if and/or when called upon to do so.”

      And exactly why should he do this to a voluntary body with no authority to do anything abouy it?

  22. nuffin but the truth says:

    the OBA do not need to pander to a defunct and failed plp over bribery or suspected corruption,the plp are the last people on this island to start running their mouths off.

    • mixitup says:

      Defunct and failed? If that was the case then we would not be sitting here discussing this now would we? PLP seems very well functional and able. Deal with the topic at hand.

  23. somuchless says:

    Bermuda is indeed another world. And if the PLP didn’t attack the Oba it won’t be a normal day. And if the premier doesn’t continue to say no comment it won’t be a normal day.

    Let’s use Captial G’s slogan. Welcome to the family.

  24. Alvin Williams says:

    I am not a crook and the people of Bermuda should know that their premier is not a crook-Watergate-Jet-gate. Although as I recall the investigation in the going ons with Watergate was conducted by a joint committee of Democratic and Republican members of congress. any chance of that happening in Bermuda?

  25. BDAGIRL says:

    I am tired of Ignorant people!!!! Did the current Premier spend THE TAXPAYERS money? did he charge his Jet ride to us the TAXPAYERS!!!!!Is there a deposit for $300,000.00 in the Premiers bank accounts? I am sure the Auditor General has been doing her own investigations.!!!!
    Tighter purse strings!!!! you got to be joking!!!!! There were no purse strings for 14 years!!!! Lets see, the crane to help build the pier at Dockyard normally rented for $8,000.00 A MONTH but we the taxpayers paid $10,000.00 A WEEK. I guess you are uphappy because there are purse strings now. Yep I mention all the things that have put this Island in a lot of DEBT. Until I see proof that the Premier or the OBA took the BERMUDA TAXPAYERS money I will continue to VOTE OBA all the way. And yes the BABES is very serious!!!!

    • mixitup says:

      Can someone order some more exclamation marks please, some one used them all.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Who paid off the mortgage on Alaska Hall?
        Was it a contribution to the PLP by a foreigner?
        You lot want transparency. So be transparent. Get it in the open.

        • Creme Brûlée says:

          I know who paid for Alaska Hall and the PLP’s debt (together $2,000,000) plus a $100,000 to dress a certain future Premier to look the part, not to mention taking this future Premier cruising on his yacht in the Caribbean (private jet down of course)… Oddly, it seems not to have done the gentlemen that much good; his erstwhile buddies thought nothing of ratting him out to the EU the moment they thought it might land them a few good trips to Brussels, maybe even a few jobs.

    • Tough Love says:

      So as long as they don’t use taxpayer money to be corrupt, you’re ok with that? Don’t tell people you are from Bermuda.

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      I’ve obviously stepped all over those corns of yours.

  26. Coffee says:

    Pharell Williams !

  27. get over it............. says:

    So what if the OBA received money……I am pretty sure the PLP received lots of money from John Deuss back in 1998 for their campaign.. I don’t see the Fleurtje around anymore..You all forget..

    • WTF says:

      Yes “get over it” i was going to remind them of John Deuss’supportof the plp in lots of$$$$..short memories smh

  28. and you lot want to be an independent country, god help us all, we will never make it with short sighted people like this lot. When BOTH parties come clean ( which will never ever happen till pigs fly ) we are SUNK.

  29. Huh says:

    PLP desparately want Criag out ASAP. They want OBA to replace him with Dunkley so they have big white rich race card to play in 2017

    • Bill Stephens says:

      Well we dont have to worry about politicans or political elections in 2017 Bermuda – we wont make it to 2017!

      If we dont do something big in 2014 (as it will take some time to introduce and support new industry (like gaming) and new jobs) then we are 100% in the out-house!

      It’s now or never folks!

      There is no way my kids can afford their share of the interest on OUR national debt and buy themselves a home, and dont look to me kids as I need to keep what I have just to survive these days!

      And for the record, we need to embrace the rich blacks and whites, the koreans, the chinese, the portuguese, etc. – we should not care what your color is – we we should care about who can make genuine contributions to our local charities and communities, and who can bring big business to Bermuda for jobs, and who can spend money to help stabilize our local economy!

    • Rhonda Neil says:

      If what you say is true, the optics of having a a rich white man as head of the OBA, give the PLP ammunition, do remind me what’s the optics of the alleged indebted Black guy says.

  30. Navin Johnson says:

    Why on Earth is the OBA responding to Bean and Gary Moreno….it is time to go and launch a full scale investigation into the money missing under the PLP…everyone knows there was issues and there is no statute of limitations on fraud ….go get the MONEY and prosecute….you know who

  31. One word Bazarian,how many trips?….hey craige…relax…..dey got absolutely no room to talk…seriously.

  32. No one travelled as much as plp…at least Oba got someone else to pay for it….

  33. Come On Man says:

    There needs to be an independent investigation… Its no way there will be no bias. Ive said it before those 3 are not to be trusted…Where is the deputy Mr.Dunkley his silence says a Hell of a lot..It’s of no surprise to me seeing the characters involved..I wouldnt trust them if they were the last ones on earth.. You know what they say “the colors eventualy come out in the wash”

  34. Bill Stephens says:

    And while we listen to all of this political banter and are distracted by the Politicians the jobs continue to not come to us!

    Let’s move on with the casino, hotel investment, new insurance company incorporations, etc. and spend less time worrying about a 300,000 donation – 300,000 is not going to help solve our problems!

    Lets’s focus on the tens of millions that we need to just pay the interest on OUR debt – yes OUR debt bermuda! Its not the PLPs debt or the OBAs debt – it is OURS and OUR CHILDRENS debt!

    So stop with all the stupid banter people – WE need to fix this by sending a strong message that we dont care for poilitical mis-direction – we want action and a plan to pay down OUR debt!

    We want jobs and to have jobs we need international and tourism business on island – so lets focus on that and it does not matter who is the Premier – what matters is we need a plan and execute the plan – all we are doing is talking about everyhting else except what matters!

    So keep the 300,000 – what we need is the $30 million in taxes from the casinos and the hundreds of jobs from the casinos and the businesses that service that new industry segment!

    And we need it NOW! Not in 1 year or 5 years!!!

  35. BDAGiRL says:

    I tell everyone I am from Bermuda. The Island that had money when the UBP was in power!!!! The Island that has no money since the PLP took power!!!!! The only place in the world that never received MONEY from “Lets sneak the Uighurs into Bermuda while all the taxpayers sleep”Why do it while we all sleep? How many Politicans were on that flight?There is no word in the dictionary to describe what was done to BERMUDIANS that night. And the PLP never received money for their campaigns from donors, let me ROTHFALMAO. Corrupt I will not call the OBA until I have proof.

    • mixitup says:

      Girl go sit down and stop boring people with your rants!

  36. Archibald Handbury says:

    I hardly know where to begin. Is anyone wondering how it is that the OBA has reached this depth of scandal and paralysis in governing in just 17 months? The old timers used to say “you reap what you sow”. Truer words could not have been spoken. Just think, if the OBA hadn’t specialized, first as the UBP and then as the OBA, in manufactured scandals in opposition we wouldn’t be remotely concerned about this stuff. But, they made this stuff relevant. Every contract awarded by the PLP was suspicious. Every consultant hired was alleged to be someone’s cousin or personal friend. In every action, aided and abetted by a rabid, friendly media, the OBA saw corruption. Your most ignorant supporters still talk about “the $800m” like someone put it in brown paper bag and walked off with it. (I guess you missed what the Auditor General really said about that.)Between them and their media fiends, they successfully changed the national psyche. So, it didn’t matter that a construction project was underway to improve some sector of the community; all that mattered was who was doing the work and by extension making the money.

    Well, let’s fast forward the tape to today and what do we have from the OBA?

    1. undercover GP cars for ministers
    2. a contract renewed for a company they held up as the poster-child for corruption
    3. an OBA appointed board chairman criticized heavily by the Auditor General
    4. contracts still being awarded to a certain PLP MP’s construction company
    5. incessant travel to all corners of the globe “on government business”

    Need I say more? If the OBA in opposition hadn’t engaged in the politics of personal destruction and not reduced everything political to personal allegations of corruption being “in their DNA”, then they now wouldn’t be faced with answering for these actions. And to those of you carping on about Bermuda’s situation being too serious for us to be transfixed by this nonsense, where were you when your team talked about nothing else but fake scandals under the PLP? This recession has been upon us since 2008, is it only important to fix Bermuda NOW that the OBA is in power? How shallow and disingenuous.

    Lastly, this is the beginning of the end for this Premier. Having told us that none of this ever happened, his Party Chairman has effectively said he doesn’t believe him. I don’t think one survives that in politics. Cannonier’s exit will provide sad proof that neither the OBA or Bermuda has changed. But, remember, you reap what you sow.

  37. Robert says:

    I think the oba\ubp came up with this fake investigation at their wind reach retreat this past weekend. Wor Bro hollis, i thought better of you.

  38. coolieh says:

    PLP has failed leadership…They need to put forward ideas on how we can turn Bermuda around. So far all they put forward are personal scandals and foster political instability (using Ewart Brown’s play book?). Continuing to make unsubstantiated accusations against a country’s leader does more harm to scare potential foreign investor than most other things! Perhaps the PLP is wishing the OBA to fail? If so, what a costly folly!

    Have an issue or you think there was a crime, take it to the Police and let them investigate. In case you don’t know, that is the Police’s role…not the role of a politician to adjudicate in Parliament! Get on with our important business!

    Clearly, the new leader of the PLP is proving he is NOT as statesman if this is all he continues to harp on for 15 months (as he said). Benghazi?

    Is sad, but true, the PLP lacks any substance or substantive leadership! Post it fishing expeditions (nothing to do with the public purse) and continuing to make a mockery of what was once a politically stable country (using Ewart Brown’s play book?) will on help to ensure failure.

    Mark Bean needs to resign…his type of political tactics is very unhelpful given that we could be bankrupt in three years! Think Country, not self! Close the Brown playbook! We need to bring to an end this type of politics in Bermuda – I don’t care, disband political parties!

    Collectively show some leadership to help resolve our financial crisis and stop acting if our financial crisis doesn’t EXIST!

    There will be NO money in three years if we don’t grow our economy. Step aside those who cannot see this or only have a personal agenda!

    Worried about our political maturity!

    • Rhonda Neil says:

      Lol The leader of the OBA is named in a news report, of alleged wrong doing, and OBAers are focusing on the Plp Leader, shameful for Bermuda

      • coolieh says:

        It shameful what you (PLP) are orchestrating. Do you understand WHERE BERMUDA STANDS TODAY? OBVIOUSLY NOT!

        Where are at the brink of FINANCIAL FAILURE because of legacy PLP mismanagement! Our (Bermudians) ONLY focus should be to resolve this CRITICAL issue! Otherwise, we ALL will be severely impacted!

        Stop manufacturing this crisis that will not help us to avoid bankruptcy in three years. Stop thinking insularly! Me me me PLP! This non-crisis pales in comparison to the consequences if we do not get OUR house in order in the next three years. There will be nothing left and the British will have to bail us out and therewith goes the self-governance we’ve enjoyed for years.

        Honestly, I really don’t understand…! Do you get it??????????

        Take you head our of the sand, pleeazze! Let’s work to this ONE common goal!

        • Tired of the Ignorance says:

          Common goal, please. Pretend these allegations were about the PLP, you still would want to work towards a common goal?

          Hey, I’d work with you, first you work with me, let’s get rid of the OBA that’s our first action. You still with me????

          No, well lay down and be quiet.

      • Tired of the Ignorance says:

        Rhonda, its not shameful, its typical. Classic deflection. What does this have to the PLP?

        It is so clear in the Think Bermuda article that the source is a very member of the OBA machinery possibly a MINISTER. All of that to say that everything must be true and that writer is worried about the PLP Leadership, whatever!!!

  39. X man says:

    Just a wast of time!
    How about a major investigation on how the economy got screwed up ! this is what Bermudians would like to see.
    Ok’ so the rookie unexperienced Premier made a so called mistake’ it’s done now lets move on to the real issues.
    Infect most common folk could care less about some stupid Jet Gate stuff.- it’s nothing but political BS.

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      Your response is both typical and laughable.

      Let’s all move on and forget about this foolish because no one really cares anyway, why, because when the white man does wrong its okay?

      How the economy got screwed up! Bermuda is another world is the biggest lie we were told for years. Bermuda is a part of the entire world hence we were caught in the GLOBAL recession that rocked the WORLD. Shame on us to think that we were entitled to exclusion from that. You want to stop talking about something, stop talking about that.

      What’s really crazy here is that the OBA faithful are so willing to brush this under the carpet because this was as this writer says, ‘á so called mistake!’

      X man, do this close your eyes, reflect upon all that has transpired with this JetGate saga. Look at the many twist and turns. Throw in there the further allegations of bribery, the requests made for enormous amounts of úpfront’ cash. Consider the exchanges in parliament where the Premier says one thing then one of the very MPs who was with the Premier says the exact opposite. Consider the entire charade; now open your eyes and imagine it was the PLP.

      Is it still BS, no you would have their heads, you would want answers, they would have to go. If this were the PLP, I wold be ashamed and I too would demand that the right thing happen.

      If you still don’t care then you obviously have a deeper problem with the PLP that goes beyond politics!!!

      Good day to you.

      • X man says:

        Still a waste of time – its just a bunch of time wasting BS
        The last time I saw the Premier he was a Light Skined man of Colour – so who’s eyes is closed”

  40. Looking in says:

    I am goin to the Playboy Mansion to figure this out .

    • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

      You”ll have to pay your own way like I did!

  41. Creme Brûlée says:

    Father Son bonding?

  42. terry says:

    Maybe Landow did send a check/cheque.

    Probably head talking since he did not get what he wanted.
    Now prove me wrong.
    Sour grapes are a b****.