East End Garbage Collection Behind Schedule

August 8, 2014

The Ministry of Public Works said they “would like to advise residents that collection crews remain behind schedule in the collection of garbage to residents in the East End of the Island following the Cup Match holiday.

“The Ministry was expecting East End collection to be completed on Thursday but the heavy rains impacted the collection schedule and this has caused a further delay,” a spokesperson said.

“Collection staff are in the process of addressing the backlog of garbage and have the backlog cleared early next week.

“In the meantime the Ministry advises residents to either re-bag their garbage or bring their garbage to the Tynes Bay Public Drop Off Facility on Palmetto Road, Devonshire for proper disposal. In addition residents are advised to use disinfectant that may be purchased from a local store to mitigate unsanitary conditions until the garbage is collected.

“The Ministry wishes to reiterate that it is taking all the necessary steps to clear the backlog as soon as possible and the Ministry apologizes for the inconvenience caused over the past week.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    We are so wasteful in the way we handle trash. 3 guys on a truck. Rediculous in 2014. Every neighbourhood should have a dumpster. Everyone has to put their trash in that dumpster.

    A truck, driven by one operator, comes along & empties the dumpster. What cuurently takes three on a truck 10 to 15 minutes to do a neighbourhood gets done by one operator in only a couple of minutes.

    • X man says:

      Use dumpsters instead! – Then who empty’s the Dumpster, and who will clean it out – still needs some form of Manpower
      to do deal with the Trash. – the question is were would you put the Dumpster – you know if it’s to close to anybody’s
      Residence it’s going to be an uproar.- because they smell!
      The reason why there are 3 to the truck because one of them is the Driver the other two pick up.- plus the
      fact it is strenuous work. –

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Dumpsters, if used properly, do not smell. My fear is that Bermudians, being as lazy as they are, will throw bags of trash in the area of the dumpster & say “Close enough”. It is not the job of the truck driver to get out & make up for peoples lazyness.

        A routine rotation of dumpsters for a pressure washing keeps them relatively odour free. Much depends on what & how it is thrown in them too. Non bagged stuff is going to make it stink.

        Are you saying Bermudians don’t know how to use a dumpster?

        No, these 3 axel dumpster handling trucks cannot get into all neighbourhoods but there are enough to make a real difference in trash hanfdling costs.

        • Kunta says:

          You need to go back where you came from, you complain too much over trivial things, I guess things were much worse where you came from.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Are you willing to have a dumpster put outside your house?

    • mixitup says:

      This is not the USA with cookie cutter communities, half the time the truck can’t fit up certain roads, what then?

    • Terry says:

      Don’t even have to read the rest of the comments.
      Your dumpster idea is way out there.
      Most dump on one side and when people think it is full they throw it on the ground within and enclosed area or open.

      I know.

    • frank says:

      and where in the hood would you put the dumpster
      and you do know that you would have to buy another type of truck

  2. Smiths says:


  3. tugboatannie says:

    This is nothing new,sometimes they come at eight in the morning,sometimes they come around three in the afternoon and sometimes they come the next day.Cupmatch has nothing to do with this, its how they manage their time.

  4. micro says:

    That’s a load of crap. I didn’t see a single W&E garbage truck today East or West and there was no rain.

    I find it very hard to believe there’s a backlog of garbage as a result of the holiday. Even with Thursdays rain, I just don’t see how there’d be so much trash from the two day holiday with the Eastern end’s garbage collected last Saturday that there’s still a backlog five business days later.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      I agree with you “micro”, 100%.Is it possible that the “Union” has something to do with this “delay”? (Inquiring minds would like to know.)

      • Raymond Ray says:

        By there way, where is the “hustle trucks”? Here is an opportunity for them to get a bit of work. Work that many seem to be appealing to Govt. for…

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Typo: By the way, where are the, “hustle trucks”?

          • Kunta says:

            Hey dreamer, dump trucks are not suitable for trash, all the goo and liquid S— will seep in the streets , then you will complain the streets stinks.

            • Raymond Ray says:

              You’re sooooooo-f’ing-clever bie’ Now why couldn’t I think of that? :-( When I grow up I want to be just like you “Kunta”

              • Raymond Ray says:

                By the way, that is one of the reasons why garbage is placed into garbage bags Kunta.

                • Kunta says:

                  You mean de cheap bags after de dogs and cats get at them!!!!!
                  And don’t forget they need to get their shots before they handle de trash to protect them from diseases.
                  I guess you didn’t think of that either.

  5. Red Pepper says:

    It was raining so garbage couldn’t be collected? BS. When is Thursdays garbage going to be collected in Paget?

  6. Enough says:

    What’s the explanation for the West End delays then?? These guys seem to go by their own schedule and whenever suits them…….extended Cup Match holiday me thinks??!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Cup Match holiday plus RECOVERY DAY.

      • Kunta says:

        I blame de Minister.
        Oh I forgot ,that’s just for de other Party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ian Hunter says:

    Really, I wonder why. If the West End is not picked up for 2 days then it would make sense that the East End would be behind. Huge amounts of garbage from Cup Match, 4 day Cup Match Holiday, annual staff vacations, breakdowns, overtime being paid, you name it they have it.

  8. Bozey says:

    Rebag?? Take to Tynes Bay?? One can rebag til the cows come home!! Chickens rats cats dogs still have a field day!! W & E need to come out with shovels and get cleaning!! Saw those guys sitting off, North Shore Pembroke…and mid morning….having cold ones…on cell phone and making cat calls to passing women!!

  9. Whistling Frog says:

    Waste is big business, Privatize the waste pickup…

  10. moving forward says:

    Privatization! Too many excuses ongoing.

  11. Honestly says:

    Cupmatch is a sad reason for an excuse! It happens all year long. Enough is enough. We pay taxes to have our trash collected on the planned schedule! I’ve had enough, and yes I do take my trash to the Tynes Bay, not today! They can pick up stinky trash that’s been in the sun with ants and whatever else.

  12. Prayerful says:

    I was made to understand that following the holiday, instructions were given that there would be no paid overtime for garbage collection. There were call-ins of sick leave following the holiday which meant that persons could be “sick” on Monday and Tuesday before giving a doctor’s certificate.

    So now I am told that the east-end collection will now not take place until early next week. How are people without transportation supposed to get to Tynes Bay? Should we call for a taxi or minibus for the whole neighbourhood?

    The island looks unsightly! Let’s get it cleaned up. Cleanliness is supposed to be next to Godliness, so let’s take the week-end and get it done.

  13. St George's! says:

    Thankfully, the Town of St George has superb waste management – ours always gets picked up by Shannon and his crew! Thanks Guys!

  14. Everett gibson says:

    I don’t know about problems at the east end but there is a mountain of garbage at Jews bay wharf in Southampton.There is one small dumpster which is running over and also people are dumping more garbage bags next to it.this problem is not new and it causes rats.i am tired of complaining about this to the proper authorities and this is not just because of cup match this is all the time.there used to be two dumpsters there years ago but someone in their infinite wisdom decided to replace them with one small one .there are people who are too lazy to take their trash to the dump so they dump it there.at this point in time I am tired of excuses from people who do not have to live with this mess.is there anybody left in this island who gives a damn about the environment and what our tourists see when they travel by here on a tour bus.

  15. Coffee says:

    What it all boils down to is leadership …. OBA anybody home ? Helloo !

    • Red Pepper says:

      Nothing to do with the Government, it’s the civil service where the issue lies.

      • Kunta says:

        HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        So when P.L.P was in power it was de Ministers fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Now I see where that $350,000 grass roots, propaganda money went towards.
        Even though de shady campaigning is over some of you still believe your lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Well you know what they say about when you tell a LIE long enough ………………………..

        • Red Pepper says:

          When the PLP were in power it was still the civil service’s fault.

          You need to understand how Government works before you start attempting to comment.

          May I also politely suggest that you learn basic English?

          • Kunta says:

            Just to remind you your O.B.A./ubp representatives, bloggers and de Daily were stating that its the Ministers responsibility, go to de archives,

    • somuchless says:

      Here you go again. You are like trump always bashing the Oba. Be apart of the solution.

      • Coffee says:

        What I demand is good governance . We all expect the same thing don’t we ? Or are you willing to give the OBA a pass because to you the trash somehow stinks nicer .

        • Red Pepper says:

          No, my trash also hasn’t been collected since Thursday. My point is that the Government do not collect the trash, that is the job of the civil service. The Minister of Public Works should start kicking butt, but until such time as that Ministry has a Permanent Secretary who actually does her job, and then hope the Union sees sense, there’s not a lot that can be done.

          The difference under the PLP was that they wouldn’t do anything, they would just allow overtime to be paid. Now the money has gone, the OBA simply don’t have that choice.

          Bottom line – are you happy the the trash isn’t being collected?

          • Charles says:

            Govt is not the Civil Service….whaaatt?
            Now we see where the distinction (OBA) lies. Separate the (OBA) Govt from the Civil Service. So when things go wrong, it’s not the Govt/OBA fault it’s the Civil Service.

            Now I can see where the privatization will fail. Blame it on the service provider. No accountability! Clock is ticking….

  16. Not so sure about back log, our east end S Point trash was actually picked up on the SATURDAY and early morning at that ( extremely unusual).
    Our re cycle was and is picked up early and on the day ( have not had a NO SHOW day that I can remember) Is that not “Privatized”??????
    It is now Saturday evening and I have NOT seen a trash vehicle on the road since Wednesday.
    Someone is BS’ing somebody and the body being us the public.

  17. TSOL says:

    I haven’t seen a trash truck since July 28th. If my trash isn’t picked up by this coming Tuesday, I’m gonna be really tempted to rebag it and drop it off at the nearest public park.

  18. Sparky says:

    Privatise trash collection and cancel Cup Match. Problem solved !! :-) )

    • Kunta says:

      Cancel Cup Match !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      That’s like telling Americans cancel 4th of July or Canadians Canada Day or the British May Day Bank Holiday, or Ireland St. Patrick’s Day or ……………..
      I think ya got de message FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Come On Man says:

    Why do they have to lie all the time. They don’t have enough working trucks. Come on man!!

  20. Mazumbocann says:

    Overtime has been cut off.

  21. Mark says:

    I’ll drop mine off at brother Chris Furbert’s house. Bet his never gets left out.

  22. Lies. Lies says:

    The reason for the trash not being picked up is because they refuse to pay overtime, this i know for fact, so stop lying to your tax paying customer’s and just be honest, my trash has been sitting in my yard since Tuesday, sad

  23. 235 says:

    Is there a reason why the gates need to be locked at Tynes Bay? Trash dropoff does not need to be supervised.

    • Hurricane says:

      @ 235, you’ll be surprised how much it dose have to be supervised

  24. Inquiring minds says:

    I heard that the issue is lack of parts and same for buses. Mainly cause of bad payment credit for past decade. Can’t get parts can’t fix truck cam’ pick up trash or people. If this is true this will continue for a while until credit is restored. Not gonma happen overnight with the economy still in critical state.
    Is this rumor or fact ?

  25. Evie says:

    What a bunch of sad excuses for the OBA but I keep forgetting Everything’s better with OBA on it Hahahahaha SMDH one thing for sure there is certainly enough Red koolaid being swallowed for all lololo

  26. watching says:

    When the PLP was in power everything was blamed on the Minister. Where is Minister Gordon Pamplin in all of this?

  27. bornb says:

    Its pure BS!!! Dont blame the cup match holiday because trashed was picked up in the East end the Saturday right after cup match and the Tuesday thereafter…. dont think we are all stupid….

  28. Infidelguy says:

    Why could’t the government authorize overtime to catch up? And don’t give me the ‘we don’t have any money’ excuse. What about the health of the general public? Isn’t that worth spending the money?


    • Red Pepper says:

      We don’t have any money, plus why should overtime get paid just so someone does their job?

      • Infidelguy says:

        The article states that the reason for the backlog was due to the cup match holiday and torrential rains. Why can’t you take that at face value?

        Why do you assume that they are not doing their jobs? Are you one of the supervisors responsible for garbage collection?

        Enough with the stereotyping!

        • Hurricane says:

          @ infidelguy, we can’t take it on face value because it’s an outright LIE. Most of the time I take my trash to Tynes Bay because I know there there is no consistency when it’s collected. As someone said earlier, it could be early in the morning one day, late in the afternoon another and sometimes not until the next day. Holidays have nothing to do with it.

  29. somuchless says:

    the east end residents who have had their trash out since fri must have trash everywhere with all this rain. Smh 2 times lol

  30. Gilberto says:

    Sunday afternoon and Spanish Point’s trash put out on Friday has not been collected either, not good except if you are a rat.

  31. nok says:

    When you put your trash up the night before.The dopey sends you a letter about putting your trash up.

  32. nok says:

    When you put your trash up the night before.The dopey ministry sends you a letter about putting your trash up.fools

  33. TSOL says:

    I’m assuming the plan is to pick it up on Tuesday. Well it’s supposed to be rainy again on Tuesday, and they don’t pickup trash in the rain. So they better get it all done tomorrow.

  34. Just wondering says:

    OBA, do like the PLP used to when the trash collection got behind, get a private collection company with Filipinos !

  35. Inland Lane says:

    Did you all hear the W&E ministry purchased garbage collection trucks that are too small and can’t handle the loads. The workers are also trying to force more into the trucks than their capacity, which is causing damage. Who was the brain that ordered these smaller trucks? Send them back to reality i.e. the country they came from.

  36. Inland Lane says:

    I am going to line our garbage on the side of the road every time it’s not collected…I won’t allow it to stay on our lane until W&E can get to it…I am sure this will get someone’s attention.

  37. Rain says:

    I can now tell when it is raining – my garbage is still outside my house and inside my house my Cablevision is showing me a blue “Error” screen on half the channels I want to watch! Sure beats Accu Weather :-)

  38. Happy says:

    all away on shopping trips over the holiday