Public Works On Delay In Garbage Collection

August 6, 2014

The Ministry of Public Works said they would like to advise residents that “as a result of the increased garbage stemming from the Cup Match Holiday there has been a delay in garbage collection to residents in both the West End and East End of the Island.”

A spokesperson said, “Collection staff are in the process of addressing the backlog of garbage which has increased over the last week.

“In the meantime the Ministry advises residents to either re-bag their garbage or bring their garbage to the Tynes Bay Public Drop Off Facility on Palmetto Road, Devonshire for proper disposal.

“In addition residents are advised to use disinfectant that may be purchased from a local store to mitigate unsanitary conditions until the garbage is collected.

“The Ministry has advised that it will take the necessary steps to clear the backlog as soon as possible and the Ministry apologizes for the inconvenience caused over the past week.”

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  1. micro says:

    Stop buying those tiny little toy trucks then.

    • Kunta says:

      The reason why they got the tiny toy trucks is because of the narrow roads and residential drive ways.
      Smart @$$

      • Creamy says:

        Nah. The reason they got those trucks was because they have 1,000 watt sound systems, leather seats, and tinted windows.

  2. C says:

    Good excuse. There is no more trash for cupmatch than Christmas and Good Friday. Sorry but you gotta come up with a better excuse than that.

  3. The Skink says:

    Is there some sort of industrial action afoot? I smell a rat!!!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Something is definitely going on, more probably cases of greenindegills infection or hairofdedog virus, unfortunately the typical side effect from these illnesses is massiveOT inflictions to the public purse.

  4. The Skink says:

    Another possibility. Maybe they are still feeling the effects of the 4 day weekend? I guess alot of folks had a ‘Dark and Stormy’ cupmatch! Meanwhile, residents like myself are seeing red while they are having the blues? Come on guys and gals time to get back to work!!!

    • Really says:

      It wasn’t 4 day for them. Garbage was collected Thursday and Friday as well during cup match.

      That’s right, a non essential service incurred overtime and worked cup match to pick up garbage that no one knew to put out.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        As per the holiday schedule, the pick up days changed to Wednesday before for West end and Saturday after for East end. No trucks were out for the Thursday or Friday, unless they were out on a private hire from W&E.

      • Hurricane says:

        @ Really, you must have had too many Dark & Stormy’s. There was no collection over the two days of Cup Match

  5. Whistling Frog says:

    I used to drop off my household garbage. I am no longer able to do so since the government imposed restrictions on intermediate trucks/van going through the recyclable drive through…

  6. Coffee says:

    Who is the minister of garbage … Is he from the OBA ? Yes …No wonder they don’t mention his name .

  7. Mark says:

    Typical – Furball is starting his industrial actions re PRC / OBA. I’m taking my trash to his house.


    And this is news?! Please, they never come on Thursdays anyway to my neighborhood! This whole year in fact, they have come on Friday instead of their scheduled Thursday pickup, so how is this different from any other week??????

    Yes i live in the West.


    They never come when they are scheduled anyway! I live in the west and for this whole year they have never come on their scheduled Thursday pickup! Always on the Friday however. My entire neighborhood can vouch for this. MAtter of fact, a couple of weeks ago they didn’t even come for a whoel week, no notice no warning, just no pick-up. That whole department needs to stop lying and just tell the truth! Either ya coming on ya shceduled days or re-organize the schedule so the residents know when to put their trash out. Tired of the cats ripping and tipping over our bags and cans every pick-up day! Feline association is no good either (but thats none of my business though!)

  10. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Stop paying your taxes…then the trash might get picked up!

  11. Go Gombey!! says:

    OBA to blame this time! They REFUSING to give overtime to these guys and this is the result. They collected trash Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and even Saturday of last week so its def not an influx! They make 7:30am and knock off at 2:30pm with no lunch so that’s their 7 hours. PAY OVERTIME OBA!!!! NOBODY WANTS TO SEE BEAUTIFUL BERMUDA LOOKING AND SMELLYING LIKE SH@T!!!LITERALLY!!! PAY UP!!

  12. Cow Polly says:

    @Go Gombey – they were paying overtime for the Saturday pickup but why on earth should they be paying overtime for this week’s trash pickup which should have reverted back to normal pick up times? I put my trash out on Tuesday coz I’m in the east and its still there!!!!!

  13. i and i says:

    We’re pretty fortunate to have these fellows, 99% of the time they are johnny on the spot, so if they need a day I for one say ok.More than a day is something that then becomes a health issue, we are in the midst of climactic change,thT change is unleashing pestulence and plague.We must be vigilant in this respect for this reason, standing water,mosquitos,rats,trash and refuse must be a priority in fact there are outbreaks out there right now that could easily come here with devistating result,ebola,chunkamingah,ungouwah bundolo,……and just for the record….an old Chineese proverb…goes like this…;-)-”Man who go to bed with itchy bum…….wake up with stinkey fingah!”

  14. i and i says:


  15. The Skink says:

    My rubbish was collected today. Thank you W&E.

  16. Go Gombey!! says:

    @Cow Polly No overtime stopped this week. OBA needs to take into effect MAINLY that the trucks are in dire need of repairs and insufficient parts are available as well as staff having vacations and/or calling in sick. This is one government department that WORKS and NEEDS overtime!!!

  17. Blood Sucka says:

    @Go Gombey Sorry all u government works keep crying foul about overtime! There are Bermudians out there that have NO jobs, restricted to a 4 day (or less) work week yet we are the ones (private sector) sacrificing for u lot! Yet u complain about overtime pay and off once a month! Now to the Bermuda Government their are BERMUDIANS that would work on a saturday for “regular pay”! BTW Pick up the TRASH taxpayers pay u!!!

  18. Indifferent says:

    My rubbish was not collected today.
    And even when it is, there is still loose trash left behind.

  19. Clean up ya act W&E says:

    My trash has been out de road since tuesday…! my whole neighborhood stinks to high heavens..!! this aint ya first cup match holiday, you know whats comin.. its called planning… come on people! i pay my taxes like everyone else. suppose we were all late paying our taxes every holiday or week in some peoples case (as their trash is picked up late every week!) this is one goverment department that should be private. maybe bermudians would be forced into recycling better too.
    clean up ya act W&E…

  20. Frank says:

    These guys work hard so give them a break with the nasty comments. I would love to see some of you on the back of those trucks in the heat and now the rain.They will sort out as fast as they can.