Videos: Cup Match Presentation & Celebration

August 2, 2014

Somerset Cricket Club won the 2014 Cup Match Classic by 8 wickets over St. George’s Cricket Club, keeping the much coveted Cup in the west end for another year after fending off their challengers in front of thousands of fans. Needing to chase down 236, Terryn Fray scored an unbeaten century to guide the defending champions to victory. Fray was named Man of the Match, while Janeiro Tucker received the Safe Hands award after shattering the all-time catch record when he claimed his 26th catch in Cup Match.

Quick video of fans celebrating the victory:

25-minute video of the Cup presentation:


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  1. Rockfish #1 and #2 says:

    Both captains embarrassed themselves and other Bermudians with their “trash” talk at the presentation. They had a year to prepare speeches for a victory,defeat or draw. But they decided to speak as if they were having a drink among friends in the club bar. Surely they knew the event was being broadcast internationally! Also, have they not seen how captains conduct themselves at overseas presentations? They simply must raise their rather low standards, those primary school students among the spectators could do better than that.

    Maybe Richard Scott will volunteer to train them!!

    • Rockfish #1 and #2 says:

      Ooops—-should be presidents NOT captains. Apologies to Edness and Bascome!

  2. i and i says:

    I don’t know you lot…..I think the people won this year…I would have to congratulate all the players…it was a great performance,both teams stepped up in atrocious heat and delivered entertainment for all.Nothing ventured nothing gained…all who participated were winners…all walked away better for it.It is better to have been beaten than not,in this way you know what you must do and will be better for it when you do win.The game wasn’t given …so there were no enablers…in my view it is better this way for the afore mentioned reasons.A draw just would not do.There is no sweeter taste than that sweet taste of victory when you know you have earned it,….so why settle…earn it.Life is chock full of these lessons,the wise will learn from them.Great game Somerset…great game St. GEORGES, and thank you all…you both played a gentlemans game….and…I’d have to say that neither of you gave up… my view the efforts made you both winners and are for this reason both winners and examples of not giving up…even when the chips were down.; ).

  3. Kunta says:

    Good game.
    Must have been a different crowd that was protesting for the last month.