Photos & Video: Protesters At SAGE Town Hall

October 8, 2014

[Updated with video] The Town Hall Meeting about the SAGE recommendations is underway at Pier 6 in Hamilton this evening [Oct 8], with sign-holding protesters outside the event, which has attracted a good turnout, with all the seats taken prior to the meeting getting underway.

The Town Hall is being hosted by Minister of Finance Bob Richards, and the Government previously said the purpose of the Town Hall “will be to communicate to the general public the high level policy decisions that Government has taken with respect to the SAGE recommendations and to invite public dialogue on the way forward.


“The Commission’s report was released on October 31, 2013 and the Report identified a number of challenges relating to government operations and recommended transformative measures that would result in increased efficiency and deficit reduction. The Report included over 200 recommendations and observations,” the Government said.


“The work performed by the SAGE Commission combined with the many reviews and reports conducted by internal government agents, as well as external consultants, will form the foundation of the Public Service Reform Initiative.

“The Public Service Reform Initiative embraces efficiencies across a broad spectrum including the future shape and size of the Service. To this end, the Government intends to host a second public meeting to discuss the Public Bodies Reform legislation in due course.”


Due to technical reasons we were unable to carry a live webcast, however we will post the full video later on.

Update 7.19pm: The Town Hall is is a fairly lively affair, with the audience very energetic. Minister Richards has now finished his presentation, and the Q&A portion is underway. While the Town Hall has been taking place, the protesters have continued to chant outside.

Update 7.44pm: The room is now even more packed….as the protesters have come inside.

SAGE Town Hall Bermuda October 2014 (1)

SAGE Town Hall Bermuda October 2014 (2)

SAGE Town Hall Bermuda October 2014 (3)

Update 8.05pm: The Town Hall continues, with very lively audience interaction.

Update 8.30pm: The Town Hall has just ended.

SAGE Meeting protest Bermuda October 2014 (1)

Update 8.40pm: The politicians are being ‘booed’ as they leave the building.

Update 9.02pm: We will post the full video later, and in the meantime here is a quick video of the end of the Town Hall showing Ministers, including Finance Minister Bob Richards and Tourism & Transport Minister Shawm Crockwell, receiving loud “boos” as they walked out.

Update 6.00am: Apologies for the delay in posting the full video, but we were delayed as we covered the car collision overnight, however will have the full video up later this morning!

Update 10.12am: The full video of the entire meeting is now posted here.

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  1. A Dingo says:

    Great, I’m assuming that the protesters have loads of sensible, workable ideas about reducing the massive Government debt and structural defecit, right? Let’s hear ‘em. Anybody? Hello? This thing on?

    • Kunta says:

      SHUT DE WHOLE ISLAND DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Christopher James says:

        Predictable Kunta. Now come up with something useful.

        • Kunta says:

          Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition.
          But when they get ANGRY, they bring about a CHANGE.

          • Creamy says:

            Oh another threat. Losing votes are you?

            • Black Soil says:

              Hey Kunta….the BIU cannot afford to shut the island down because they stupidly spent all the strike fund money on the BIU executive salaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TALK TO BROTHER CHRIS ABOUT THAT.

          • Like Like? says:

            @Kunta, you mean change like the PLP was voted out!

            • BETTTY TRUMP says:

              “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

              -Henry Ford

              Stand Strong and together, this is a huge issue and we will only be able to move forward as one.

              Keep pushing on folks !
              Great response tonight !! Great first steps to Action !!

              • Trulytruly says:

                She’s back!!!

                • Get a life says:

                  2 of the usual pop diehards who can’t see the forest for the trees. amazing how in their small narrow minds only one party can be always right and do no wrong except near bankrupt the island. Not 1 suggestion from them on how to fix the problem

                  • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL says:

                    WHy should they have to give a solution to fix the problem?????? Isn’t that why and what we pay our government for????

                    • Double D says:

                      Because they are the ones who are constantly objecting to the Government’s plans to fix the economy. BTW the Government has introduced and are attempting to introduce policies that they believe will assist in fixing our dire issues.

                      In return the usual suspects oppose cost reductions and oppose increasing foreign investment.

                      If they know a better way then they should put forward their ideas since they know so much on the blogs.

                    • Lois Frederick says:

                      Well the point is that for all the criticism there have been no alternatives presented. Spouting hair brain ideas for revenue growth is not going to make the kind of difference that is needed to get Bermuda back to a sound footing. With the PLP dead against privatisation how can you include them in discussions when they have drawn that red line again. The OBA is doing what they must do for Bermuda to remain solvent. I agree and the Govt. would no doubt agree, this is not a popular decision. Why do it then you might ask, wouldn’t it be so much easier not to do it and be less unpopular?? This is not a popularity contest it is about saving Bermuda from a catastrophic financial meltdown. Now that would be very hard to deal with. Give an better solution that can work. Making Government run more efficiently is what is needed and it will take a complete overhaul to do that not just nibbling here and there.

                    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                      Because they are a part of our government, opposition for sake of popularity is nothing more than an ongoing election campaign. Change is needed, and to date the opposition has presented none. Also, in typical political hypocrisy, it was the PLP who started the privatization of government service.

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                And if we woke up tomorrow with the PLP as a government, do you honestly believe that we wouldn’t be in the same position. The only difference would be, the PLP would not be talking about the needed reform, they would just be following their same policy of debt building to try and hide the fact that they created a sinking economy/government financial infrastructure. They would be continuing to try and use the civil service as a false unemployment insurance and they certainly wouldn’t have published a mid year budget report, because they wouldn’t have wanted people to know just how bad they were mis-managing it, as they had done every year during their 14. The PLP are even more clueless as to how our economy works, and spineless to tackle the fact that reform is needed to our lumbering dinosaur of a civil service bureaucracy. Maybe if the PLP had kept their promise in ’98 of tackling civil service reduction and reform then, we would be having to have this conversation now.
                Too many now are reacting to fear that they might have to deal with the real world in the private sector, where they wouldn’t have almost a quarter of the year off in sick time and holiday, and will have metrics to applied to determine if they are actually producing results. And the unions/PLP/PC are only looking to stoke those fears with anything they can, truth be damned, to prevent true reform for their own selfish agendas, and not for the betterment of the country. Truth of the matter is, that with any reform, there will most likely be cuts, and the fault lies with the PLP’s over inflation of our civil service during their administration, and their misadministration of our economy, government finances and response (or complete lack of) to the global economic fluctuations.
                Once all is said and done, nobody can change the truth of the matter at hand right now, and that is that nobody on this island can afford to have the civil service continue as it is now, and we can’t trust it or it’s unions to reform itself.

      • jt says:

        Go for it.

      • Bermy says:

        The first four letters of your sound about right

      • Lois Frederick says:

        Yes heard that one tonight at the meeting. It got a big response. The question is, what happens after you shut the island down? Same hard facts to face. Reality’s a bit_h. Just imagine you overthrow the OBA even. The PLP and Bermuda would still be faced with the same dire financial issues. Then what are you going to do? Shut the island down or deal with the truth and still hate on the Govt.?

        • Raw Onion says:

          Thank you Lois, that is the reality we face and some just dont see it. If the OBA loses this battle, we all lose. If the PLP were in and lost this battle (or even stopped SAGE recommendations), we all lose. Right now, what people are complaining about losing is what what we will lose if we don’t mage the necessary changes.

          If the Govt can get hotels built and business to locate to Bermuda then those places can absorb the Govt employment fall out. What I don’t understand is why are we fighting against this?

    • :-) I had to smile while simultaneously shaking my head. I heard this bie’ say “Govt. should buy land in another country, (by using some of the money the O.B.A. borrowed to keep this Island above water level) and then farm that land, dah? Who will farm the land because you will not get Bermudians to work elsewhere for x amount of $ per week…We can’t get certain Bermudians to work here for X amount of $ they would rather complain and seek Govt. assistance. Sad yes but true :-(

      • By the way, why is it that some Bermudians want to start a new job from the top? Let me be a bit more explicit. We hear people say they want work so Govt. encourages foreigners to invest here in Bermuda by offering “deals” e.g. Tax deductions. They will be new foreigners and they must come here and open up a new business, (this brings dollars to Bermuda, U.S.A. dollars may I say are the dollars we are in desperate need of.)So this new business will be able to hire 10% foreigners who will also be contributing their dollars to our economy. The other 90% of employees will have to be Bermudians.
        There it’s that simple, 1 and 1 make 2 it’s elementary :-( Many of my fellow Islanders are like the ostrich with its head buried yet its tail is showing…

        • enough says:

          because they all feel like they are a superior being

        • mj says:

          let me again be explicit, the ostrich doesn’t bury its head in the ground,(have you seen it?) it puts its ear to the ground to hear potential predators whilst protecting her eggs! the Ostrich feather is a symbol of Justice(the feathers are mostly even) and if we stop repeating everything we hear and start using a dictionary(preferably Blacks Law dictionary) along with history books we might just find out what a lot of things REALLY mean!

          • I do stand to be corrected…but you and others, (I’m sure) also get my point :-)

          • Cleancut says:

            Not the Bermuda ostrich. The Bermuda (cog)ostrich sticks its head firmly 2 feet under the ground.

      • jt says:

        Hire cheaper foreign-foreign labour of course.

    • Pure Madness!!!! says:

      I take it you’re one of the more fortunate ones and this bill will have no affect on you and your family. You probably didn’t even attempt to attend the meeting. SAD SAD SAD

      • A Dingo says:

        I’m gonna take that as “no, they had no ideas whatsoever”. Got it, thanks for coming…..

      • jt says:

        A few questions Madness:
        Do you believe the 2000 additional civil servants hired since 1998 were ever needed and are they now needed given the population is some 5,000 people smaller?
        Do you believe 14 weeks sick pay are reasonable? (in other jurisdictions 8 would be the top end after years of employment)
        If yes, why?
        If not, what should be done?

    • I read with great interest the news article done by Mr Craig Simmons and i think it was a well thought out process that speaks directly to were we are, We need to get real with the issues and as off the wall as it may sound we need to shut the whole damn Island down and arrest all the damn politicians, let’s follow in the footsteps of Iceland and take back our country and put people in Power even if it is 40 independents and hold them accountable to all their decision makings.enough is enough and it is time to take this country back

    • Allspice says:

      I see a lot of signs saying “Say no to … ”
      I don’t see any signs saying “We should do … “

    • Best way to change is to get the youth involved as the elders old thoughts, prejudices, opinions and banter will shape are futures and my young daughters. I sit back and read alot of comments about politics on bernews and I’m ashamed to say not many if at all set good examples on how to work together collectively and functionally. One can only assume the same goes on within Gov. We have a voice but will you listen? Ask your children, nephews, niece’s etc. Their opinion without trying to shape their decision only presenting facts that can be (key word) proven. All I ask is that you listen with an unbias ear. Please! !!!

  2. Jahstice says:

    The PLP caused all of this!

    • swing voter says:

      The blind wont see and The deaf wont hear until the paycheck doesnt show because the country is broke

      • B. Marshall says:

        Bermuda hit a new low last night. I was unable to get into the meeting as it was highjacked by the PLP supporters, lead by Wayne Furbert. The very companies who might invest here and produce jobs would never, ever invest if they saw what I did last night.

    • bdaman441 says:

      meanwhile every other country in the world was thriving right…or did the PLP cause the global recession too???

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        They didn’t cause it, they failed outright to react to it, and while most developed nations were coming back from it, we were still sliding deeper. Maybe if the PLP had done just a little back in the beginning of this, we wouldn’t need to do so much now?

      • Trulytruly says:

        We are in fact the only country with 5 going on 6 years of negative growth….

        • mixitup says:

          An probably one of few countries with a one and a half leg economy… Hence Diversification.

      • Creamy says:

        The worldwide recession myth. Our recession has lasted nearly a:decade and counting. It was home-grown.

        • Impressive says:

          now thats a lie,, 2008 is when the economy began to contract, by my calculations thats six years.. A decade is still ten years at last check..

  3. Creamy says:

    Wow, I see about 25 protesters there. So I suppose they will claim they had 3,000.

    • Kunta says:

      Not only de protesters have placards, so I think you prematurely e…..

      • jt says:

        the not de

      • Creamy says:

        So tomorrow will they take one of the 70 sick days they got this year?

        • Kunta says:

          Well Govt. agreed to it.

          • Double D says:

            No the PLP did due to their pork barrel politics approach.

            Now we are all paying the price for their asinine decisions such as the above.

    • Like Like? says:

      And they all had signs with the same style and messages meaning these were not the true thoughts of the public. It was more like, hey hold this sign please. We will tell you what to think , you are not allowed to think for yourself. Or maybe they were afraid that “white mental disease” woman would show up and they could not get away with “pretending” they didn’t see her sign again.

  4. SOS says:

    Will someone please bring back the UBP. All these promises/broken and nothing to show for it. The election will be here in another 2 plus years and the oba are still at the starting line. Just to think I was one of the many who trusted this Government when I voted for change.

    • Kunta says:

      Hello…… this is de U.B.P

      • Hey Kunta says:

        Na only the step children of the UBP or former PRC.

      • Like Like? says:

        @Kunta , how many ex UBP ministers and former LEADERS are with the PLP now? Kim Swan and Furbert were the last two leaders to join your camp?

        So answer this, if they were so bad why would the PLP recruit the last two leaders? Is it because:

        a) The UBP was actually better at running the country that the PLP and therefore you need their help if they are to have a shot at running this country again?

        b)The PLP has no direction or true leadership?

        c) The PLP fabricated much of the lies and slander they used destroy the UBP?

        d) The PLP members believe that the UBP really was all evil…BUUUUUUTTT they are willing to look past that just for a vote.

        @Kunta …or anyone else from the PLP would care to reply on his behalf, I would love to hear it.

        c) The PLP just does

        • Time to JUMP SHIP! LOL says:

          The PLP didn’t recruit them a** hole. Their is a certain segment that was in the UBP, which now lives in the OBA, that has cast black men and women to the side like dogs when they didn’t do as the MASTER said. If Shawn Crockwell, Craig Cannonier, Kenny Bascome and Sylvan Richards cross the floor and and ran as MPs for the PLP they would get the same treatment from you people.

          Jim Woolridge said it best, “The white boys don’t mind a black boy being in charge as long as they can tell him what to do.

          • Fact Finder says:

            And you my friend are the real reason that this island will continue to crumble. You started with name calling , followed by racist comment. Nowhere does it mention that there was anything wrong with either man and that what they have done is wrong. @likeLike merely asked the question in response to a previous poster @Kunta’s negative reference to the UBP!

            While on the subject of negative treatment by party members, care to comment TRUTHFULLY how Mr. Lister was treated by your great Leader?!

          • Double D says:

            Julian Hall said it even better:

            The PLP have out UBPed the UBP!

    • Trulytruly says:

      More like 3 years to go.

      • Hey says:

        Stop reading like Floyd Mayweather and look for “2 plus years”……….Wait for it. Ok now you see it?

        • Trulytruly says:

          Bob said to give them the 5 years to produce the 2000 jobs. Tonight when asked. Did you honestly imagine that jobs would magically appear just like that? It takes time and lots of hard work. He said tonight that they are working night and day towards creating those jobs. Now if the plp were in power how would anything be better? Please tell me.

    • frank says:

      so you got fooled

  5. Marge says:

    Just looking at the protesters… is that guy in the green shirt Wayne Furbert ?

    • Family Man says:

      Must have thought they were serving food there.

  6. 2000 jobs the year 2025 says:

    The OBA promise 2000 jobs.

    Hey but they didn’t say for who Bermuda!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      2000 new jobs in our economy, irregardless of who they went to, would only have a multiplying effect for the more local employment market. And beneficial to the government coffers that need it.

  7. Sparky says:

    Every Protester gets a mug of Ganja tea and a free betting slip…HAHAHAHA

  8. TravelingTreeFrog says:

    The minister finished his presentation at 7:19 and the protesters came in around 7:44………… this is why bermuda is not progressing.

    If you show up to a town hall meeting expecting to gain or provide input you should probably listen to the presentation.

    You cannot expect to have resolution if you are not willing to compromise, and if you cannot see past your own opinions and views then there is no compromise.

    Not everything is us and them #freeyourselffrommentalslavery

    • Kunta says:

      These CLOWNS have broken EVERY promise and Bamboozled de people too long and selling public funded entities to Friends and Family which in any other country would be TREASON.
      So I think you need to hashtag ya own mind.

      • Like Like? says:

        @Kunta…remember who coined the phrase…”we had to deceive you”. Remember these scandals…T-Street, Proactive, Berkely Contract, BIU, Quigars, Bermuda Cement Company, US Base Lands, BHC / Flatts Property, Cedar Beams, Dame Lois Building Contracts, Bda Emissions Gift Contract, TCD Contract, Cruise Ship Pier (that was defective) AG wrongfully bullied and arrested for questioning PLP, PLP Travel budget, and of course $800 million dollars in unaccounted for monies belonging to the PEOPLE of Bermuda.


          And the OBA said, “we must do things that you will not like!”

          Not the same words, but implies the same thing.

        • Frank says:

          …………..and the scariest thing of all is Paula Cox, the grand facilitator/architect of our country’s present diabolical financial situation (the entire reason for convening the Sage Commission), is considering running for office again?! Can you believe this BS? When are politicians going to be held accountable for their incompetence and mismanagement?! When? You want to get angry about something – accountability of politicians should be the first thing on that list!

          • Lois Frederick says:

            Can someone please give Paula Cox a job so she doesn’t have time to think about getting back into politics and potentially leading Bermuda down the garden path even further. Please give Paula a job in a nice quiet corporate lawyers office, which I am sure she would like as she is really a quiet retiring type.

            • Tried that says:

              Lois, if she gets a job she won’t stop attempting to get back into politics.

              • Lois Frederick says:

                I want to believe you are wrong. Is she guilt ridden and wants to make amends? God help us.

        • Get a life says:

          his *unta’s memory is to clouded with bs to see or know the truth, oh thats right it was the almighty plp that did all that, no way they bare so honest, perfect and pro bermudian ( with exceptions)

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        You do realize you described the PLP 14 years, right??

      • Local Yokle says:

        Kunta, the other clowns (PLP) saw what was happening in the USA in 2007 and did NOTHING to soften the blow that even Ray Charles could have seen was coming. In fact they continued to spend money like it was going out of style and that is the main reason why we are in the situation we are in. For the life of me I cannot understand blind allegiance to one party when it is clear that it IS the PLP’s fault that we got to where we are now. I will say that I have no time for the OBA trying (or saying they are trying) to fix this mess clearly off the back of the middle class. What the OBA is doing is going to wipe out the middle class in Bermuda and we will be like most other countries with only poor and rich.

    • right is right says:

      Please u don’t know what your talking about we have representation inside and out…don’t under estimate us as a people…

      • Onion says:

        Who is “us”?

      • TravelingTreeFrog says:


        So you protesting on the outside later got your information from Joe Chip on his Shoulder about the presentation…. and some reason now you have a chip on your shoulder.

        You get what I’m saying? If not: when you receive secondary information (ie. being filled in on what was discussed at the presentation) you are likely not getting actual facts rather an emotional response of how that person interpreted what was discussed.

        And Kunta… good luck with that progressive attitude. BTW you should probably look up what treason is. In fact do a little research just in general, you know outside of biased news outlets and political rallies and you might understand what I mean by freeing yourself from mental slavery

  9. I remember says:

    How soon you the plp supporters forget.
    I remember gross overspending by the plp
    Government with no accountability when
    questioned about it down went the race card
    Well I remember, and I also remember the
    likes of Bob Stewert waning the country that
    If the plp carries on with massive borrowing
    we would have to deal with a bankrupt country
    and the only solutions would be cuts.
    Well the day has come, if your not prepared
    to face the piper it WILL result in more job losses
    as we watch the investors the Oba have been
    trying to deal with run in he other direction.
    Do the country a favor, get your head out of
    the sand and except the position we are in,
    and do everything in your power each and
    every day to make your island a better place.

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Me wonders, how many of those protestors are on the Government/taxpayer payroll? How many of them are the problem? How many of them are fearful of losing their paycheck for doing very little?

    • Smh says:

      I walked out to see Eron Hill, Chris Furbert as well as Wayne Furbert. This was obviously another well oiled PLP propaganda stunt and they told the unions that they were required to attend…next will be about shutting the island down. All those placards just mysteriously appeared and a parade wasn’t pre organized? If only the PLP had put as much effort running the country when they were in charge as they are trying to get relected we would all be a lot better off now

      • nuclear says:

        You saw an 18 year old and labelled him as an organizer. Wow. Y’all must fear him or just want knock down anyone that supports the PLP. Does the OBA have any young people that are outspoken and can think for themselves? Or is the truth that theOBA is a top down oldboysclub who employ yes men

      • Lois Frederick says:

        Saw him as well. He is just following by example. Can’t say he is thinking for himself, just singing from the same hymn book really, based on the opinion pieces I have read. Still very young and will do well, as there aren’t many around like him with the same political aspirations.

    • 36 MP,s for a start.

    • Self says:

      Triangle Drifter, you are making NO sense as usual.

      People like you really need to drop the stereotype that government workers are lazy, or they make a lot of money, or they don’t work hard, or they abuse sick leave, etc.

      People like you usually make these accusations with NO evidence to back up your claims. Have you personally gone around to the various departments, and sat in and watched how they operate? If the answer is no, then why would you assume that they do very little? If the answer is yes, you have sat in and watched them at work, you would discover that they don’t do “very little.”

      I’m not saying that there are slack offs, but you will find people like this in the private section as well. Heck, I’m sure YOU even have some where you work. And for the people that do “very little” as you say, I highly doubt they would get off their backside long enough to attend a meeting on their own time.

      Maybe, just maybe, the protestors are fearful of losing a paycheck for the very same reasons ANY OF US would be…not just because of where they work.

  11. Jahstice says:

    I hope the OBA can save Bermuda!

    • Kunta says:

      De only thing that can save Bermuda is de first 3 letters in ya name

      • hmmm says:

        Thank you for admitting that the PLP are not up to the job.

    • coast guard says:

      The UBP?OBA are drowning in the lies they told. Can someone throw this Government a life raft or better yet call another election.

    • RIP OBA says:


      • Like Like? says:

        @RIP OBA….and what exactly did the PLP do for Bermuda? Except rename holidays , airports and buildings?

        What part of Bermuda was better post PLP?

        Transportation? Nope
        Tourism? No
        New Construction? Naaaaaa
        Education? Heck no
        Employment? Don’t Think so.
        Healthcare? I had insurance all my like up to 8 years ago.
        National Debt…ya right lol
        Standard of Living? Not mine
        Crime? Do I really have to answer that.
        International Relations? No way.
        Government Transparency! Here dare I even ask.

        So tell me? What is it that the PLP did in all their entire 14 years that the OBA has not at least attempted to improve on. The hurtful truth is that there is not ONE S

        • charles says:

          Where have you been for the last 14 years ??

          1) New ferries, TCD process improvement
          2) New Cruise Ship Port facilities to cater to 6000 visitors
          3) Construction boom (to the point it got overheated)
          4) A new high tech high school (instead of just the one)
          5) Near full employment in every industry
          6) Healthcare for those who didn’t have any
          7) Debt – the money was spent on Bda’s infrastructure
          8) Solid International business up til the world recession
          9) Crime – sadly, that one got away
          10)Retained Bda’s reputation as a good place to do business
          11) Constantly under the microscope, Scotland Yard checked us out ok. Those who flouted the law were dealt with.

          You forgot Voter’s rights and Human Rights…..PLP were far from perfect. But they improved on what the previous Govt did. Now it’s the OBA”s turn. Can they deliver without tearing the country apart?

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            It is awfully hard for them to deliver this country further, when you have an opposition that is intent on tearing the country apart because they still think they should be in charge. The PLP never had any intention of working with the OBA, and have been running their smear election campaign from the moment they were voted out. They have been out to get themselves back in for the last 2 years, rather than actually serving this country.

          • Hmmm says:

            Ferries falling apart under PLP.
            cruise ship port, had to be done properly by OBA
            Cost overruns on school due to minister overuling who got contracts. Failing to push for bond penalty.
            Fake employment wiphich generated poor efficiency, wastes and a debt burden
            Ever increasing healthcare costs.
            Hate and chains around the neck of international business.
            Crime. Do what I want to mentality, vs what is right…tone at the top.
            No accountability

            Failed audits

            PLP spent money for fun for the achiebements or failures you mention. That is why we are in this mess. The world moved on from the recession. The PLP made sure we couldn’t

          • Self says:

            Charles, you forgot social conscience. At least the PLP had one.

            Charity begins at home, and this present government doesn’t seem to understand that. The OBA is coming across as cool, unfeeling and far removed from the plight of the average working man. All I hear the OBA supporters saying in their defense is “the PLP did this” or “the PLP did that.” WHAT is the OBA DOING?

            People’s heads are tight, and it is really beginning to show. The people’s reaction towards the government sums it all up. Say what they may, but the PLP didn’t let their people go hungry. A hungry man is an angry man.

            • Double D says:

              The PLP bankrupted this country and these are the results.

              Do you honestly think that with the PLP in power the economic facts will somehow change?

              Do you think our $330mn deficit, $2bn+ debt, $3bn underfunded pension plans will simply disappear.

              Bet you also believed the PLP when they said they were giving us ‘free’ stuff as well.

              How is the OBA letting people go hungry? Social assistance levels have been continually incrased under this Government. So stop it with your hyperbolic nonsense.

              Do what you got to do, but it won’t change one fact of our current financial situation. Actually it will make it worse and leave you even hungrier. But hey at least your team will be feeding you scraps I guess.


              • Self says:

                The only jokers are YOU all that thought that under the OBA things would change. Well, actually they have changed, but not for the better (except for the select few).

                You thought that the OBA would ride in on a white unicorn, wave their magic wands and poof all your dreams would come true. Unlike you all, I stopped believing in fairy tales when I was five years old.

                Take your head out your a$$ and face reality. Stop making excuses for them and accept that the OBA hasn’t been the Superman everybody expected them to be. The OBA is not looking out for the people they represent, they are willing and able to sell our country out from under us.

                Sadly, you all see nothing wrong with that.

                • Double D says:

                  Blah, blah, blah.

                  Answer my question I posted:

                  Do you think that the Party that led us to the financial position we are in today (that would be the PLP BTW) has the answers to the problems they created with their overspending and dopey policies? Do you think by bankrputing the country the PLP was looking out for Bermudians?

                  Do you honestly think that with the PLP in power the economic facts will somehow change? Sounds like it is you that believes in fairytales and unicorns my friend.

                  Do you think our $330mn deficit, $2bn+ debt, $3bn underfunded pension plans will simply disappear.

                  Bet you also believed the PLP when they said they were giving us ‘free’ stuff as well.

                  No one ever said that things would immediately improve under the OBA. But things have improved slightly. It took years for the PLP to destory BDA’s economy and Govt finances. It will take a hell of a lot longer than 22 months to fix the problems that they created.

                  Until you answer you are what I called you. A joker!

                  • Self says:

                    Blah, blah, blah…wow that’s really mature. How old are you, ten?

                    How about you answer this question. What answers are the OBA supplying? I’m not saying the PLP were perfect, because they weren’t. What irks me, however, is that whenever the OBA is challenged on lack of progress they (and their supporters like you) always blame the PLP. How long will that go on? Two years, five years, ten years? It’s a convenient cop-out, and you know it!

                    Furthermore, what ‘slight’ improvements have been made by the OBA? And at what cost will they make these changes? I stand by my point that the OBA does not care about the average, working class Bermudian. They cared when they needed their vote, but once in they have slammed the door right in their faces.

                    I hope they enjoy their short time in office. Many people that voted for them hoping for a change feel duped.

                    • Smh says:

                      Not so slight improvements include an increase in new compay registrations, a 35% increase in residential sales, Morgans Point, Hamilton Princess, Sonesta, Newstead/ Belmont, Pink Beach and hopefully Club Med. And lets not forget The America Cup. Please don’t bother replying with a snide response.

                    • Double D says:

                      Still won’t answer the simple question huh? Your desire for the Party that caused this mess is interesting and pathetic. There would be no need to institute austerity if there was any money left by your glorious PLP.


                      PS: The economic contraction and loss of jobs were more than halved by the OBA in their first term alone. Multiple hotel developments are now being undertaken and new work permit policies are designed to attract more foreign investment to the island. The introduction of casino gambling with licenses only granted to NEW hotel developments will spur not only the tourism industy, but also the construction sector.

                      Now answer my question. Why do you think that the economically/financially incompetent PLP will somehow solve the massive problems that they caused by their overspending and asinine policies aimed at the one sector keeping us afloat?


                • Tolerate says:

                  Damn really?
                  I would like for you to take a job at a company that is Billions in debt due to the last managements f***-ups. Now while you are working to at least stop the slide; you have to deal with the staff who have been influenced by the last management to not only work against you, but do all they can to bitch and moan.
                  Now; in only your early days of taking over, they bitch and moan to have you removed?
                  Sorry, I don’t have what it takes to do that job and can only applaud those who put themselves forward to do it.
                  This is not a political rant by the way, but can we allow the MAJORITY elected Party to get on with trying to save this Island?
                  Reading most comments from the unappreciative people on here, I don’t know why they even bother? F*** it, give the Island back to the PLP with their GREAT track record and let the chips fall. Sadly being able to say “I TOLD YOU SO” is only satisfying for the first few moment. The reality is knowing HOW got got f***, does not change the fact THAT your *******.
                  And by the way; you can’t sell what you don’t own? Remember the 2 billion?

          • Archie says:

            1. New ferries that no-one can now afford to maintain
            2. Over budget on the new cruise ship terminal. Air arrivals down…
            3. Yes overheated despite all the warnings. Took up too much employment and a result people are now suffering
            4. High tech school, but exam results still poor.
            5. Near full employment? People working two/three jobs to pay the mortgage on over inflated prices
            6. Health care costs now huge and near unaffordable for a lot of people
            7. Debt to the point where we now have to borrow to pay the debt. Roads still crap as well
            8. Immigration policy and cost of doing business in Bda put paid to IB.
            9. Got away? Not dealt with – too intent on playing politics with the Governor
            10. Virtually every business had a plan b to get out if the PLP got back into power
            11. Still investigating ……

            • Double D says:

              He forgot to mention the $100s of millions of so called ‘overruns’ that just ‘happened’ to occur in each and every one of those capital projects he listed. And not lest forget that the $60+ million (original estimate of approx. $30mn) cruise ship pier had to be fixed less than 2 years later.

              Imagine what good those so called ‘overrun’ funds could be used for as at today. But hey at least someone is benfitting from our tax payer funds I guess.

              • Archie says:

                and the $500 million that remains unaccounted for …

                • Self says:

                  So why haven’t the OBA brought anybody to court for the missing (stolen?) money.

                  If what you are claiming is true, the first order of the day for the OBA should have been to track those unaccounted funds down. They should have done whatever it takes, left no stone unturned, done some forensic auditing and found out what happened to the money.

                  Since Bermuda is in such dire straights, we could certain use $500 million. If the OBA hasn’t tried to recoup that money, then they have done a grave injustice to the people of Bermuda.

                  Strangely enough, though, I have YET to hear anybody in the OBA mention ANYTHING about millions of missing dollars. Why? Because it simply is not true.

                  • Lois Frederick says:

                    Be patient. These things take time you know.

                  • Double D says:

                    As Bob said to Zane in the House: “it’s coming.”

                    The real question is can you handle the truth when all is made public:)

                    And if the UBP stole so much why didn’t the PLP ensure anyof the perpetrators were taken to court and prosecuted when they came to power in 1998?

  12. The only possible thing I see people doing to save their jobs is to take cuts instead of 90 days off (vacation plus sick days add up to 1/4 of the year for some Govt. workers) with full pay :-( These same people must compromise!
    Tonight at that meeting in reference to Sages recommendations there were so many making a nuisance of themselves to the extent I and my wife chose to leave as the protesters marched into the hall ranting and raving about what they want…all that was an attempt to intimidate others but I hope there will be some mutual ground that can be found to resolve the animosity seen in that hall this evening. Many fail to accept the facts in reference to how we / Bermuda got to this point :-(

  13. swing voter says:

    If anything this exercise in economic reality shows everyone that the world doesnT owe u anything. Anyone stupid enough to down tools for the slightest misundertanding with management will not have a job. You got a mortgage or pay rent and kids to feed? U betta wake up and face reality. No more quick hustles to carry u thru tuff times like back in the bad old days

  14. Unbelievable says:

    Are these people serious? This Govt has their back against the wall with a crushing amount of Govt debt, massive payments going out and these ppl don’t have a single positive idea to suggest.


    I’m telling you it’s this kind of ignorant, entitled attitude that is going to continue getting us in deep water.

    • LaeLae says:

      The only way Bermudians are going to come from this nightmare is to start their own business. People should work together as one and by doing this the people would create their own jobs. Instead of seeking help from the government. Wake up!!! It’s embarrassing as a woman to see my men bagging or protesting for jobs from other man. The government is saying they are bringing foreigners here so they can start businesses and we would have jobs. I say NO!!! We need to start are own businesses and give our people jobs. If we depend on the government entirely we would not have anything as a people.

  15. Digusted says:

    What a bunch of ignorant disrespectful rabble-rousers whose sole intent was to hijack the ‘listen and learn something’ presentation to score cheap political points and show their true nature…sheep willing to be led to the abbatoir by the wiley wolf.

    Oh yeah, by blocking out what Minister Richards had to state about the economy, these folks could conveniently remain ignorant and claim they didn’t hear what was said. Were they serious about the “Say No to Outsourcing” sign? That is so stupid it is mind freezing. I could go on a rant but too disgusted, please God bestow some common sense on this little tiny island.

  16. Trulytruly says:

    I was there standing in a very heated room for 2 hours. It made me sad to think how little average people understand about our current state and many seemed to not be there to listen just vent. Bermuda has some very unpleasant days ahead. Everyone needs to realise that whoever is in power, the curent set up can’t continue. The PLP who were all in attendance must be soooo relieved they aren’t the ones having to make very very hard decisions to rescue Bermuda. Bob Richards is the man to hate but he has Bermuda’s best interests at heart. I wish good luck. I suggest he continues to meet and allow for debate however unpleasant as it is. As someone who was laid off last month I can feel the fear of those worried about job security.

    • right is right says:

      What I truly don’t understand and maybe someone can help me…why is it that two people can have the same job one with more degrees and with more experience ( Bermudian) gets paid under 100 hundred thousands while their counterpart (non Bermudian) gets paid over 300….is this right?

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Because ti’s a myth

      • Creamy says:

        Crapola. Total s****.

      • Franklin jr says:

        Got any examples?

        Are these the same expats that are living 10 to a room and only eating feral chickens or whatever the latest propaganda was? I’m confused…

    • Campervan says:

      MASSIVE big ups for you sir/madam. i feel humbled by your big picture view and wish you all the best for the future.
      100% class:)

    • Don't hate the Messenger! says:

      I too was laid off and I understand the fear of those worried about job security. That behaviour that I witnessed was indescribably frustrating. The disrespect, the blatant rudeness was downright childish and served to underscore how clueless the protesters are about the severity of the fiscal situation.

      What was missed by those demanding “save our jobs” and “say no to outsourcing” is this: Having a job is a PRIVILEDGE not a RIGHT.

      A company’s mandate is to provide for its shareholders and to a lesser extent its other stakeholders. An employee cannot demand that there will be no outsourcing – that’s outright silly. A company will seek to get value for money wherever the labour supply is at the price they want to pay.

      What the Minister needed to do was take the debt servicing explanation further to say what would happen if Bermuda cannot pay its debts that were inherited by the current government. A number of unpalatable options come to mind: A suspension of government aid and services; government workers laid off on a grand scale; sale of Government owned properties to raise funds; Foreign investors could end up owning by foreclosure large tracts of Bermuda property and so on. Then where would be? Another Greece. Or, as the PLP like to tout: “…Like 2nd Class Citizens in our own Country”.

      This economic trainwreck waiting to happen can be mitigated if every person puts Bermuda’s interest and welfare first and ahead of over any political persuasion.

      It starts with asking yourself – “how can I help?”

  17. O'Brien says:

    I wonder if, with the shoe now on the other foot, the PLP will characterize the booing crowd as a ‘lynch mob’ as they did during the uighur protest? If not, what do we call tonight’s lapse in civility?

  18. Coffee says:

    It was pitiful to watch Bob get tore de hack down by a little itty bitty woman , I mean that dude was shredded , roasted an when he finally managed to walk away it looked to me like he relieved himself . You know the walk…LOL .
    Anyways I was , as was many there in attendance really upset that BOB’s leader elected not to attend this unprecedented meeting .

  19. Trulytruly says:

    Fear of the unknown. It is scary and a lot of those present made it clear at one point in particular that they don’t trust the OBA. Would they feel better if David Burt was telling them the same thing? The reality would still be the same or worse had the PLP won the last election.

  20. Edmund says:

    The answer seems relatively straightforward and easy. If the BPSU/BIU think that outsourcing/privatization will not work, when the RFP’s come out, bid on them just like any other business would. If the unions think there are meaningful alternative ways to reduce costs let them take responsibility for doing it.

    • charles says:

      The main problem with RFP’s is, those who make the decisions as to who wins the RFP cannot be trusted, based on the track record of the OBAUBP so far. Secondly, only those who have solid financial backing (existing businesses)will win the day. So the average , honest and hardworking bloke will not be able to get financing from the bank and will lose out.

      • Impressive says:

        Only a very naive or dishonest person will suggest otherwise..

      • Creamy says:

        And yet the treasurer of the PLP has been getting private contracts at the airport. Because, in all fairness, he runs his business properly.

      • Redman says:

        @ charles,

        So why then with 14 years at the helm didn’t the PLP put policy’s and money in place to ensure that new businesses or those unable to secure necessary loans through the banks got the financial backing needed? Oh yeah because that wasn’t important to them.

        Instead the PLP just gave contracts to their mates seemingly with no financial controls to safe guard our money and those other small or new businesses stayed small or went bust. Wow, thanks PLP.

        PLP ‘social conscience’ (lol) Beyonce concert, Free bus rides, free tcd, for seniors and it was lapped up as looking after the people, it isn’t free. I agree that the free Bda college was good, what happened to that again? Oh yeah, that was withdrawn about a year later because by wasting the money as they did they couldn’t afford things for the people, they kept their perks though.

        With their dumb a$$ payroll tax increase they ensured even more outsourcing and chased even more business and jobs away; it even ensured local businesses had to cut staff as well, and people still champion the PLP as good for the people, which people, The Caymanians, Swiss, Irish? Now that is gullible

  21. cmbbda says:

    Absolutely disgraceful that the crowd is booing the ministers – classy PLP supporters! No wonder how unpopular a PLP minister was they were never booed.

    • PBanks says:

      Well, besides a former Premier trying to upstage a Collie Buddz concert.

  22. Say it aint so says:

    Privatize and save the country!!! Too many vacation and sick days. No respect for the job, just the paycheck.

  23. Say it aint so says:

    Oh yes, and take a test. Get rid of nepotism.

  24. Sat Whaaat???? says:

    Picture this…A house on fire, fully ablaze and when the fire truck pulls up the firemen can clearly see a large group of people trapped inside the house as it burns to the ground. As some of the fire crew hook up the lines and begin puring water on the blaze a few brave firemen with breathing apparatus rush inside to rescue the trapped individuals. The people trapped in the burning house refuse to be rescued and begin fighting off the firemen while shouting that they would rather perish in the house fire. Welcome to Bermuda 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Just a matter of time says:

    So many of you here miss the point of why people were vocally frustrated in that room tonight. I was there for the whole thing. Not once did Minister Richards come with new solutions. Just as one gentleman said, the OBA always come with the same story line. Cut, cut cut civil service jobs and repeat about the debt and deficit ad nauseum like a broken record. Don’t they realize that the average Bermudian gets it? WE GET IT ALREADY!! We are being spoken to like children. It has already been said in union meetings, talk shows, media etc over and over and over and over. People get it! They get the country is in trouble. They get we’re in debt. STOP talking to people like they are children showing power point slides of graphs with little cartoon planes on them talking about running out of fuel like we’re in kindergarden!! It’s insulting!! Many offered some revenue solutions tonight. Only to be met with deaf ears and appeasement responses. Let’s just talk about SAGE and how THEY will cut that’ s all they were interested in. People feel ignored and disrespected and are reaching their breaking point. People do not trust the OBA now more than ever. Why are we not having a robust meetings just about REVENUE ideas like SAGE? Why? Give the people a chance to talk about THAT!

    • RJ says:

      Then come up with some new revenue ideas. I didn’t hear many good ones, to be honest. Someone suggested we increase taxes on international companies. Well, the PLP tried that and we saw how well that worked out.

      You know, a small, very small part of me wishes the PLP aware back in power—because they would be faced with the same decisions as the current a Government, and, likely, would go about solve the peoblem the same way. Would it somehow be more palatable under a PLP Govsrnment? Does David Burt have more financial experience than Richarda? I’d hardly think so by comparing résumés, but have at it.

      The fact is, and despite the noisemaking nand kicking and screaming, there aren’t that many options here. The Government has got to cut expenses, and cut them drastically. The unions have got to do their part, too.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      It just isn’t that easy. If it was don’t you think they would be doing just that?? The man that got up all frustrated with his ideas of buying land overseas and growing produce, ship it here and also selling it to other countries is not an idea that the Govt should ever contemplate. If it was a good business model, don’t you think someone might have tried it? To me it doesn’t make one bit of sense. It is up to the Govt to create the right conditions so that people feel comfortable and confident to set up business here and can see potential profit. That is what will grow jobs. Nothing else will. And as Bob Richards said last night the Govt. is working night and day doing just that. In that regard I think there will be a couple of big announcements going towards the end of the year. Hopefully that will give people some hope that things are turning.

      • Double D says:

        Did someone actually suggest that?

        Guess we should buy our own planes as well that we can control the price of fuel when we transport the produce to BDA!

        Wow, just wow.

        • Lois Frederick says:

          Don’t forget our own cruise ship too like the guy that calls Everest says.

    • Girl on Fire says:

      Can you please tell me what were the FEASIBLE revenue ideas suggested? All I have heard thus far is:

      On-line gaming: I think this should be explored, but I have serious concerns about money laundering and reputation risk. Even if this went ahead, the type of jobs it supports are mainly for accountants/lawyers/IT – hardly areas which are currently lacking for jobs (I don’t know ANY unemployed accountants). I’m OK with having more work permits, but I just want to make sure we are all on the same page here. We’ll still have unemployment.

      Long line fishing: Not a chance – I support the environment.

      Deep sea mining: Pie in the sky. No evidence of ANY valuable minerals anywhere near us, and even if there were, no ability to obtain them. Years away from being remotely viable.

      The suggestion to buy land overseas and farm it? I can’t even begin to list all the problems with that one.

      Increase taxes? Won’t work. We even have proof it doesn’t work, but don’t let that stop the ranting. Most high earners are not Bermudian. They are not going to pay MORE taxes when they don’t even get a vote. Qualified Bermudians are mobile and can work anywhere, and so it’s pretty easy to see who will be left holding the bag – those who can least afford it.

      I’d love to hear more – I would support STEM initiatives and the like, but again, people must realize that these industries require specific skills. Do we have them?

  26. Just a matter of time says:

    Just remember that civil servant pay checks stimulate the economy and as a union member said on TV, many civil servants are the only breadwinner in the household right now. Remember that.

    • Creamy says:

      And yet when someone brings up the concept of new IB companies stimulating the economy, you pretend to have no understand of how that would work.

    • Franklin jr says:

      More work permits would mean that they likely wouldn’t be the only breadwinner anymore

      Remember that

  27. Impressive says:

    Great Post, that pretty much sums up how the average person is feeling.. What is astonishing to me is that the present government either can’t see why many of us are loosing trust in them, or they simply just don’t give a damm. However, if they continue to insult people’s intelligence by either not commenting on pertinent issues, or responding in ways that show lack of basic respect for the voting majority of this country, it could potentially create a huge problem for them, and with the slow winter season coming upon us. (By the way, I am not advocating extreme action that causes harm to anyone or anything, but the people are really tired of being manipulated)

    • Sandgrownan says:

      What’s the alternative?

      • Impressive says:

        For starters, The government can start conducting their business in a more “above the table manner”. We all know that the country is in a very serious condition, and extreme measures may have to be taken, but if the government wants to implement some of these policies etc, its needs to start being honest with the people. The government needs to also show respect for the people, this is 2014, people have a wealth of information at their hands and can read and analyze situations on their own without the hidden deceit that seems to be present with this government at every corner..

        If you want to the people to buy into things, be honest with them. Don’t submit initiatives and say they are only being tabled for discussion, only for the people to find out that other stakeholders have already been told that the initiative has been implemented, which gives the impression that the government is not about consultation.. Don’t make promises to get the people to back you and vote for you, then when you get the power, you turn around and go 180 degrees the other direction..

        If the government can’t really see what has the people upset and uneasy, then they are really not fit to govern, they are aloof, and out of touch with the masses.

        • LiarLiar says:

          What are you talking about?

          The information is there for everyone to see and has been reiterated time and time again.

          If some don’t understand the position were in or refuse to acknowledge the situation how is that Govt’s fault?

          That’s the thing despite all the information provided over teh last few years in terms of our financial issues there is a whoel raft of the population that won’t buy into the suggested remendies. They refuse to accept the need for cost cutting and then they refuse the need for foreign investment to create jobs.

          If you want to saty with status quo then so be it. But be prepared to accept the consequences. And there will be many if we come to a point of needing to default on our obligations. When we reach that point the protestors will nto be able to march and scream down the creditors, external rating agencies et al.

          I suggest people look at the actions Barbados had to take earlier this year regarding civil servants which came about because certian organizations/individuals refused to acknowledge the need for reform.

          Don’t think BDA is another world and will somehow escape the same fate.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      When you say voting majority what do you mean? They hold the majority. The Govt’s mission is turning the economy around. Don’t your think they have thought long and hard about what they are doing? The path they have chosen was never going win a popularity contest. They were elected to make tough decisions that were never going to be easy. I am sure Bob Richards can sleep at night knowing that he is doing the right thing for Bermuda, now and into the future. There really is no alternative. The alternative being a bankrupt Bermuda. I have heard very little presented as a better solution, because there isn’t one. Time for that medicine and Bermuda is about to go on a prescription for many years to come unfortunately. Nobody likes to take medicine, but when things start improving in the years to come, we will be thankful that we took it, to make things better.

  28. Interesting says:

    Looking at the crowd looks like the PLP are still in election mode surprisedWayne did not sing or bust into a moonwalk lol

  29. Christopher James says:

    Disgusting and disrespectful.

    The level of ignorance on this island is astounding.

  30. sassymama says:

    This is not just about Government employees, what is being proposed will affect each and one of us, whether you want to accept it or not, believe it or not.. stay tune to Government’s channel and watch the change (or should I say dictatorial change)

  31. Double D says:

    Who cares now?

    BDA is officially finished. You all oppose reduction in Government expenses and then turn around and vehemently oppose increasing much needed foreign investment.

    March to your heart’s content and until BDA is officially broke.

    Then who you gonna blame? I am sure not yourselves or where the blame officially lies.

    Jokers all of you.

  32. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Do you honestly think that the elected Government take pride in restructuring as it admits it could have done better.

    People, we all need to move on, Take pride in your selves.
    Hold your head high.

    How do we do that , May be work for less. half a cake is better than no cake.

    We are a hospitality industry that needs to grow, the door is open.
    You got a car.
    You got a cab.

    Get your 35 cent stamp 2 year stick on permit at the post office,the Ministers ship people are waiting.

    I worked for a Bank I was made redundant. I Know the pain
    I eventually landed a better job with a better income.
    I made it easy for my new employers I told them I was the “BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB” Bingo !

    Our island is a people place, don’t hang your laundry out for the world to see the discontent.

    We are all better than that !
    What are you good at ?

    Get Government to foster and encourage new Business for you we all have a diversified talents,

    Big international Companies restructure or fail.

    You can not drive around in a car with 4 flat tires
    fix the flats.

    No body likes or wants change, some Governments champagne on change.

    We need to face reality things will improve the SAGE report was a wake up call it told it like it is.

    • It’s unfortunate that certain individuals still see everything in life as “black” and “white” (Sad yes, but true) Now, if we can get over that mentality / ignorance then just maybe we can head on down the road leading us to recovery. There are many that are complaining but yet do not have any idea/s of running a business yet alone this Island. They’re very good at one thing and that being having the ability to insight trouble by leading the blind, or as one may say, “lesser educated” :-(

  33. Just Us says:

    People who make comments and do not attend a function are just blowing air…and an assinine individual would expect to see 3000 people in a clipping when a lens can only show a few. It was extremely well attended and valid points were brought up and questions asked…responses expected that would help all people in Bermuda.
    What I found interesting? After the minister spoke, he and all his comrades left…slowly and quietly…leaving only the Black politicians there to answer questions. Well other than Glen Smith…maybe he did not realize his boys were gone, but then again, he did not have to talk. Maybe the white politicians did not want to speak to the majority Black crowd. What I see, the oligarchy in full force with their Black puppets.
    What else was interesting? The fact that few of the questions could be answered. And the Fearmongering…if we Tax International Businesses, they would leave…Really?

  34. Alvin Williams says:

    This anti-Bermudian OBA government has constantly wave a red flag before the people of Bermuda with it’s policies and expect that they will be seen as liberators? They have deluded themselves into believing that they are saving Bermuda? But the people ask the question saving Bermuda for whom?
    They have not listen to the people; they have just plough ahead with what many see as an attempt to create a Bermuda without the Bermudian. What has been voice loud and clear by the people in last night’s meeting is that if our families will not eat your family will not eat. Bermuda will not become another Cayman island; we will not allow our birthright to be sold to the highest bidder. The ones that will save Bermuda will be the people of Bermuda. We will not leave it in the hands of a selfish few who envision a Bermuda without the people of Bermuda.

    • LiarLiar says:


      I know you won’t answer, cause that’s what you do.

      But what are your suggestions other than spewing 1070′s rhetoric that has no place in our society today?

      Do you think our financial position, as it stands, is sustainable? If not, what are your suggestions/alternatives to fix the issues that will enslave not just us financially, but the next few generations of Bermudians?

      Please answer.

    • serengeti says:

      Why do they have 14 weeks sick leave a year Alvin? Why should the rest of us pay them for that?

    • Franklin Jr says:

      they’re only against you because you think they’re against you – perception = reality and all that

      let that sink in you poor tortured soul

    • Unbelievable says:

      Alvin, has no answer. All he can do is throw out fluffy and often time alarmist language. he’s not capable of forming a reasoned argument.

  35. Dennis Williams says:

    “We can’t increase taxes.” Oh Really Mr. Richards? My taxes go up every year. The Tax structure in Bermuda needs to be reformed. How can we be running deficit spending($267 Million) and no thought be given to our tax structure. These companies are here making millions every year while the country runs at this deficit. You mean to tell me that they have no care for our situation.If there is no Bermuda how can they operate and profit from this environment created for them here? Increase their taxes by 30K a year depending on their profits and wipe out the deficit. Something is got to give. Maybe the US will help this to occur.

    • Double D says:

      What taxes went up this year?

    • serengeti says:

      It’s called the Laffer Curve. There is a point at which increasing taxes reduces the amount the government actually collects. Ask Paula Cox. Cox tried increasing Payroll taxes, but it shrank the economy as companies left, and she had no choice but to reduce taxes a year later.
      An example of her incompetent mis-management.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      They will leave. They did leave. It has been proven. An inconvenient truth.

    • Tolerate says:

      Sorry Dennis, I have to disagree. Companies are pushed by their share holders; and are in business to make money. Bermuda is not the only environment available to support that atmosphere. While many companies have shown loyalty to Bermuda and stuck it out, even setting up and donating to numerous local Charities; many have also left due to past mistakes made by government.
      Expecting them to bail-out Bermuda is a bit like expecting the parent of a grown up adult to pay the child’s debt because of bad financial mistakes they made. Bermuda has to stand on its own two feet and first accept the errors made and than come together to find ways of correcting. This will never happen as long as the PLP and their followers refuse to take the blame for poor financial decisions and actually work with the OBA to right this ship.
      From the OBA’s short time in government, I personally have been worn down by the daily PLP bullshit and whining at every thing from PRC laws to traffic laws, and honestly believe, the PLP would see Bermuda razed to the ashes before they will work with the OBA.
      And I have NO party affiliations.


  36. Voice of Reason says:

    I attended the town hall meeting last night hoping to be objective and to look at all points from all sides. What really struck me was the lack of empathy that the minister has for the people of Bermuda. I felt like he was talking to us with total disrespect. All who attended the meeting and spoke never once disagreed with the point that Bermuda is in a financial freefall that was the one point that everyone agreed on. I felt as though the pleas from the people were falling on deaf ears. The civil service completely understood that the government of the day needs to find a way to pull us out of this deficit, all they were simply asking was for them to consider other alternatives. We have working classes who have already been asked to forfeit a part of their paychecks in an effort to lower the deficit all to hear the minister say last night that their contributions didn’t decrease the deficit at all, to me that was an ultimate slap in the face. After speaking to some government workers who were asked to take furlough days I finally understood why the deficit didn’t decrease. When you ask people to not come work and take furlough days you are left with an insufficient amount of workers to do the day’s work so you than have to ask people to come in thus having to pay them overtime. So you’re asking people to take furlough but then on the flipside paying out more in overtime. People are really suffering and I felt their pain and frustration. I understand the business side and the numbers don’t lie but I do think that is completely unfair to the civil servants of Bermuda that they are being asked to sacrifice so much. While the cost of living isn’t decreasing their paychecks are. It is only When government is able to show deep empathy toward its people, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get more creative in solving problems.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      You have got it wrong. The deficit did decrease, from about $330 million to $267 million last year. The furlough days did contribute to the decrease in the annual deficit. What is didn’t do was make a dent on the overall debt. Now, last night I was very surprised that many were unaware of how the money saved from the furlough day had been spent. Surely that is the job of the unions and the individuals involved to make sure they have a full understanding of. Funny how you interrupted the disrespect as coming from Bob Richards, which is an often used criticism. In my mind and I was there too, the disrespect was towards him. The jeering and noise though out the presentation was embarrassing. He just presented the facts. Not platitudes as most are used to hearing from there elected officials. We need to grow if we are going to get anywhere and deal with our circumstance.

    • Don't hate the Messenger! says:

      How does empathy solve anything? Other than I feel your pain…now what? the original problem still exists…smdh

  37. Need Peace says:

    Not one of you, critiquing the actions of the protesters, came out to help or offer any constructive ideas. At the very best you could have helped Minister Richards out as he sank under the pressure. I have never been to a Town Hall meeting where there was only a one man panel. Who does that? An effective government? You all seem to have it twisted. This was not a pro PLP initiative, this was as it should have been, persons exercising their democratic right to protest against the policies they do not believe in. Many do not get why the government wants to sell themselves cheaply for a brand of IB that has long passed, just like tourism. It’s time to be innovative and produce a model that is tailor made for Bermuda. Tourists don’t want to come to Bermuda expecting a Bermudian experience only to find the service of non fluently English speaking service providers. It’s frustrating! IB, if allowed full reign, will only demand more when they see our desperation. Sadly, that ship has sailed! We have to re-invent. That was the message I heard at the meeting. Everyone does not have to agree with the initiatives of the OBA especially when most of the compromising is on the backs of the Middle to Poor Classes. The only way through this is we have to do it collectively. We can have a national competition whereby groups or individuals will model effective revenue building initiatives, along with the research. These iniatives can be voted on in a public forum with a show of hands. If Bermudians are serious about this issue and a way forward, we should be willing to work TOGETHER .

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Creating new revenue streams is not something that can happen in a given timeframe, it would take years to nurture, fail, succeed, evolve and then only possibly succeed. I’m not saying people shouldn’t keep trying and they are out there right now doing just that, but we need solutions that can produce tangible results in the very near future. So if you think it had taken too long to create jobs and produce revenue, the alternative is much much longer. When IB accounts for 85% of Bermuda’s source of revenue, it makes sense to focus on that sector because just a few upticks amounts to a lot more money flowing around Bermuda. Tourism is seeing signs of a turnaround, as the Govt. makes investors see Bermuda as a place they can make a profit and Bermudians will likely see opportunities as new projects emerge. Last night was full of anger and distrust by many in attendance. The reality is that the vast most objecting never supported the OBA anyway. The question remains does the silent majority support the reforms? Support not like. If they “get it” as others have stated above they will come to realise that there are very few other options available going forward. Govt. spent $267 million more than it took in last year. Give ideas of how to generate revenue at that level. It ain’t easy. Don’t you think the Govt. with all its resources available to them has been scratching their collective heads and if they had other revenue ideas they would have presented them?

  38. game on! says:

    At the meeting last night I was yearning for some solution/dialogue/ findings as to how WE are going to move this country forward. To my dismay it was the same old same old. Minister Richards presented a presentation that was about NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He started off talking about the debt and how EVERYTHING comes from abroad. Not once did he MENTION the locals. Primer Dunkley sent all gov’t staff an email with the recommendations that are up for consideration. Minister read off those same recommendations. Really was that necessary? He did not go into detail about ONE single recommendation. This presentation had NO SUBSTANCE…. It provided us with NO KNOWLEDGE. It was a typical OBA move! I am very disappointed and I HATE the way the government doesn’t give a rats a$$ about us locals.
    As the government moves along with their agenda….. so will the BERMUDIAN people.
    Like my mama said, if you can’t listen you will feel! Game on!

    • Double D says:

      Fixing the economy and improving Govt finances is helping the Bermudian people, whether you agree or not. What do you want him to say, we are going to give alot of ‘free’ things to the locals? What do you actually want to hear?

      Continue on with your silly little ‘game on’ threats. I say bring it as it wil lfinally finish off this island and then you will beging to understand what REAL economic pain is. Stop with the idle threats and finish us all of once and for good, so we can start to rebuild what your so intent on destroying.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      The solution is the reform of the Civil Service. A bloated organisation, something that no one can dispute. A very unpopular move but carry on as we are and as the graph showed last night we will soon find ourselves as an island ruined. I agree that I would like to have heard more details but I think we will hear more in time. This is going to drag out for the next few years. No the OBA are not warm and cuddly, they are treating us as adults. Showing us the reality of where we are financially and providing what they believe is the answer to a better financial footing. Will you thank them when a new hotel is announced and hundreds of jobs are created for Bermudians? Will you thank them when a new airport and causeway is announced and produces hundreds more jobs for Bermudians? Probably not. To say they don’t care about Bermudians is ridiculous. They are working day and night to bring those jobs for Bermudians. The OBA is made up of Bermudians. Whether you like them or not they are Bermudian and have their lives and families connected to Bermuda in just as deep a way as you do. Game on indeed!

  39. LaeLae says:

    We need to start our own businesses as a people. Ex. Bermudians use to grow tobacco, what happen? If this was still happening today Bermuda would have some type of independents. We would be competing with businesses all around the world. Instead, Bermuda became a (buyer) country. We would rather buy from other countries than produce our own goods. If we were smart as a people we would make Bermuda into a brand. Have Bermuda cigarettes and export them to other countries. And,that’s only one example on how Bermudians can start a business. We need to wake up and stop asking for handouts. Men need to become men and support and provide for their families. Men please stop bagging other men in power for jobs and start creating your own. It can be done.

  40. Need Peace says:

    Another thing, for those who attended the meeting and did not speak out in support of the Reform Bill, well you just failed! For those who didn’t attend this very important life altering meeting but have the audacity to anonymously blog on this forum, need to be flogged publicly! Go away until you have the testicular fortitude to stand up or make yourself available for such pressing issues! Anything you say here today is a moot point! Also, for the Premier not to be in attendance was disrespectful in light of this very serious issue! He has yet to face, address and acknowledge the people in person. Sadly it wouldnt have been a photo op situation for him. Hopefully next time he would make himself available as nothing else should be more important!

    • Trulytruly says:

      If anyone had dared spoke for in favour of the reform they would have been shouted down and shouted at.Tell me I am wrong. I was there.

    • Don't hate the Messenger! says:

      @need peace – Agreed. The Premier’s attendance would have signalled the importance of the topic.

  41. game on! says:

    Double D. We don’t want anything for free. What we do want is, an opportunity to fix our OWN problems. People actually have suggestions that can work. Why can’t we get rid of waste in the government 1st? Why does reform look like, privatize, outsource and mutualize??? This government won’t provide the platform for people to present ideas and solutions? All they want to do is sell the island. If they are serious they would go piece by piece, little by little and find small ways that collectively make big change. You put people out of work, then what??? Where do we go, what do we do? Jobs may come in 5 years but from now until then what are ppl to do??? Stop the idle threats… it called people are TIRED of the bs that’s taking place.

    • Double D says:

      Then why have you guys allowed it to get to this point?

      Why was there no concerted effort to resolve the issues before they became this big? It is not like they just popped up overnight. There have been years in the making and they were allowed to grow and fester by the same people that are opposing necessary measures to save ALL of BDA and not just Govt workers.

      Like I said just carry out your threats, destory what’s left of BDA and hopefully we can start again. That seems to be the motive for many either way. And that is easily evidenced by the so called ‘protestors’ in the above video who didn’t bother to even listen to the Minister and instead shouted and screamed while teh presentation was being given and questions being addressed. Their minds are made up and sounds like yours is too. So do what you go to do and bring everyone else down with you. Just absolutely tiredof hearing the daily threats by the usual suspects.

  42. Triangle Drifter says:

    Predictably the mob behaves like little children who cannot get their way. They think that the Government can give & give then give some more.

    Sorry, it does not work that way. The PLP party is over. They were handed an economy in 1998 which was in good financial shape. Through their first 2 terms they basically did not touch much of the financial controls. Then came the Brown regime & a jelly Finance Minister. In no time at all we now have a per capita debt far greater than the US which has taken almost a hundred years to get to theirs.

    Time for responsible Government or be broker than we are. The bloated civil service & the perks have to go. No amount of stomping of feet & throwing hissy fits will change that.

  43. LaeLae says:

    I understand people are angry. But its the “government”, I’m not surprised for their cowardness, deceit, and dishonesty. We need to be strong. We have 100s of new high school graduates and people are on the verge on being cut from their jobs. How is this going to work? We need to leave the government alone, we are wasting time on finding a solution to this nightmare. Instead of coming together to protest, Families should come together to find a way to secure our future. The government is no help so we have to help ourselves.

    • Don't hate the Messenger! says:

      LaeLae – Agreed. Reliance on the Government of the day should be the last resort. Families should be helping their out of work relatives NOT Social Assistance. Families should be keeping a watch on whether their families have breakfast before going to school NOT Sheila Cooper et al. Families should be reading to their little ones NOT the Reading Clinic. These are just minute ways in which families can enrich families. The Government should not be expected to feed our kids, read to them, groom them to be productive citizens. We Bermudians have gotten lazy, we expect things to be done for us, we have developed an expectation of entitlement, hell we want to sit back and say “Hey, what ideas do you [The Government] have on generating revenues?”…Really? We need to really check ourselves at the door.

  44. LaeLae says:

    We need to find a solution to this nightmare as a people

  45. LaeLae says:

    In order for the people to survive this nightmare, the men who does labour would have to become business men and start his own business. In order, to provide jobs to the youth and the men who are uncapable to become business men. We need to start thinking as an independent people because the government is no help to us. As you could see in the video when protestors where booing the OBA, the OBA continued to walk through the crowd with a smile. That is our government. Clearly we do not seem as a threat nor does it seem that they are willing to come up with a reasonable solution. So, it’s up to us as a people to take a stand and relized the hand we have been dealt and come up with our own solutions.

  46. Just a matter of time says:

    @Franklin Jr: “More work permits would mean that they likely wouldn’t be the only breadwinner anymore”. What the heck does that mean? Not all Bdians work in the exempt companies. More work permits given with carte blanche approval for 6 months is the underlying theme here and opens up a Pandora’s box. Ah yes, the continued reliance on the fallacious trickle down economic theory giving crumbs rather than having Bdians becoming self empowered in 2014. We have been hearing this forever along with various versions of ‘Bermudianization’ over the decades even when I first started my career. I am so sick of this handout style theory. This trickle down ‘theory’ only increases the wealth gap divide and makes the 1% even richer. Stinking rich in fact. This new work permit policy along with the Public Bodies Reform Act together will destroy the Black middle class as we know it. Whites tend to do just fine and rebound faster from a recession. Can it be proven otherwise? Yes, I am mentioning race again and until we get our head out of the sand avoiding that fact instead of dealing with it, problems continue and get worse. How is it that companies can give thousands of dollars per month in rental allowances and other perks most Bdians do not enjoy yet not contribute to increases in taxes? Still no Govt ideas to really build from within using their own people. If ever there was a time to really block opportunities for Bdians in these companies it’s with this new work permit draft proposal. You can get expenditure reduction ideas done in an organized (so-called) fashion with SAGE and Reform Authorities, yet no ideas given on generating revenue?

    • Politricks says:

      So you want Government to give you a business to own or open one for you? How is the Government supposed to empower you then?

      Actually that is what mutualization is all about. Empowering the workers by providing them with a financial stake in the firm they currently work for which in turn makes them owners.

      The previous Government outsourced numerous Government functions and even privatized a few more. And yet not a peep from the usual supects. No anti-Bermudian chants and no scare mongering on how this will destory the black middle class, yada, yada, yada.

      Why the protests then?

      They are seeking to increase revenue via their work permit policies, Job Incentives Act, introduction of gambling etc.

      These all will provide Government revenue. The work permit policy is designed to entice new comapnies to our shores. New companies = new opportunities = new jobs for locals. If these companies choose to go to a more hospitable jurisdiction then we lose out on those opportunities. Even Mr. Walton Brown acknoweldged the many positive changes within the new policy. If you don’t provide incentives then why would any foreign investor come to BDA? For friendly folks like you?

      On top of that why are so many people reliant on Government to run their lives? You want Government to educate your children, provide with you housing, give you jobs, train you for private sector jobs etc. Must suck having to rely on strangers to provide you with everything in life. Thank goodness I am self sufficient and have made my own way.

    • Don't hate the Messenger! says:

      kindly provide an example of generating revenue…the silence is killing me.

  47. LaeLae says:

    We DO NOT need foreign companies in Bermuda so our people could have a job, that is a sign of dependance. We need to start our OWN businesses and grow as a people. Why do we have to ask the government to give us a business? Why is government trying to bring foreign companies to bermuda in order for the people to have a job? If we don’t ask ourselves these questions and allow the government to pass their solutions. Years from now we are going to be doomed. We as a people need to take back our island. If we fail to do so the bermudians people as we know it would become extinct. Years from now, Bermuda would be full of foreigners with no true bermudian in sight. Bermudians will have to leave and go to England or hang on with all their might and reproduce with the foreigners who would be running Bermuda. So I say, we start our own business and create our own jobs as a people for our children’s future.

    • SMH says:

      Lae Lae,

      Even if everyone opens their own business, without foreign capital we’d only be trading dollars. I’m up one dollar, now your down a dollar and so on. For both of us to be up a dollar, someone would have to bring in two dollars. Hope that helps

      • LiarLiar says:

        That is a great analogy and exactly explains our situation.

        We cannot create wealth internally as we produce/export absolutely nothing.

        It all has to come from outside whether we like it or not.

      • LaeLae says:

        No instead, let’s all just remain workers and let our employees yank us around like dogs how ever they see fit.

        • LaeLae says:

          We have to start thinking like the big countries. If we still grew tobacco we would be able to create a business. We will have workers to manufacture it than export it to different countries. What happen to all the crops in Bermuda? If they still exist Bermudians would have plenty of jobs and businesses. But instead, we buy from other countries and have less jobs and business.

          • PBanks says:

            Regrettably, I don’t think we have anywhere near the volume to make any agricultural (for the purpose of export) ventures in any crop a reality.

            But yes, it’s good to discuss the merits of alternate sources of gaining revenue from overseas.

          • more than enough says:

            Tobacco is poisonous. Grow ganja it is medicine.
            Legalize it now, abra cadabra; money does grow on trees.
            Increase local industry, increase tourism numbers, increase medical aid, recreational use can subsidize medical treatment, increase foreign currency coming into the island, do not allow any foreign investment in this closed category,
            Create bermudian owned businesses creating bermudian jobs, and service the debt.

    • Tolerate says:


      “We DO NOT need foreign companies in Bermuda so our people could have a job, that is a sign of dependance”. Have you even been listening or are you just new to this conversation?
      Tell you what; f*** IB, get rid of all of them. Now start a business supporting only Bermudians and see how long and prosperous your business will be in our environment.
      There’s not a CENT made/created in Bermuda that does not have a knock off affect from IB. Is this the correct way for a country to exist (all their eggs in one basket); hell no…. But it’s the facts and until there is a new game in town, you a**es will do well not to continue to bite the hand that is feeding you. This may sound harsh, but its the facts and if you think I’m talking BS; ask your perfect PLP. Show me ONE initiative they have for Bermuda to exist that does not involve an out of Bermuda entity.
      But continue with this “take back our Island” mentality. NO-ONE has TAKEN your Island other than the people we have to go begging to because of a 2 billion dollar deficit created under the noses of your perfect PLP economical geniuses.
      You say your tired of lies and deceit? I’m had it with the PLP lies and deceit holding up the current Government from doing their job….The PLP master plan is to “TAKE BACK THIS ISLAND”. Hell, Dr. Brown said it as clear as it could be said. They aren’t willing to put in the work and win it back in a democratic way as the OBA did. Only a blind person can’t see the wheels that have been set in motion. They are willing to raze this Island to the ashes before being part of a solution to move US (that’s ALL Bermudians) forward, if it would reflect well on the current government. It started as the House was going on Summer recess and will only get worse when it resumes.
      I’m not even politically tied to either Party and I can see this. People better wake up. Your being used.


  48. LaeLae says:

    To Generate revenue we would have to make Bermuda into a brand. But we would have to start small. And every one would have to be committed. People should come together with their ideas and than put it into action.

  49. Just a matter of time says:

    @ Just Us. I totally agree. Minister Richards, was left holding the bag with no backup from his colleagues to address the audience. I mean really? Many OBA politicians were there but NONE of them had the guts to make comments to support him on this very important subject, it was just Malcolm Butterfield (who took a lot of flak as well) and Minister Richards holding the bag. As much as I do not like Minister Richards’ consistently arrogant approach towards Bermudians (“money don’t go on trees”) and using cartoon planes in power point presentations, it was indeed a real eye opener observing in real time that he was the only politician sitting at the table taking all the heat. Wow. Don’t the others have something to offer about SAGE as well? Why not sell it? They made a feeble and poor attempt trying to sell the SAGE recommendations to the people. Notwithstanding the fact that it was and is an indefensible topic anyway in approach and methodologies, this is their baby and project and they still hung him out to dry. Was the Premier there??

    • Politricks says:

      Well if you don’t believe the state of our finances are dire (re: made a feeble and poor attempt trying to sell SAGE) that is on you.

      But the facts don’t lie and neither do the figures.

      Good luck. At this rate we will all need it.

  50. Just a matter of time says:

    @ Don’t hate the Messenger. Why not have the Govt come together and organize with the people as a collective like SAGE and generate revenue making ideas there rather than on a blog? Anything wrong with that idea? (I kinda know why that is not happening, I am not that naïve…moving on). For me there has been a deafening silence and no movement with that idea. There will be no silence for you if that happens and you can live to see another day.

    • Don't hate the Messenger! says:

      @justamatteroftime – I agree with the notion of the Govt coming together. I would like to see a petition generated by the Government to solicit all ideas on how to increase revenues.People need to be able to present their ideas in an environment where all ideas are welcomed, just like brainstorming techniques – no idea is too impossible, no individual gets to shoot down an idea based on it being too expensive, too time-consuming etc.

      I believe that collective solutions exist within Bermuda because we have intelligent people here. As in most situations, the solutions are always there but they require hard decisions and difficult sacrifices to make them work. For those Politicians that who are playing political games, those who are living off the Government by way of social assistance, Civil Service, they will not be minded to make those hard and difficult sacrifices to implement the solutions. It is not in their personal interest…so we do nothing but kick the can down the road to the point where there’s nothing to kick. Sounds pessimistic, but what I witnessed at the Town Hall meeting, didn’t give me any hope.

  51. LaeLae says:

    If we keep living as dependants to the island than the government can do what ever they want because we are not bringing nothing to the table. Yes, they take tax pay out of our checks but we didn’t bring no money into Bermuda from our hard labor as a people. We need to start thinking as business owners. And, find ways to bring money into Bermuda instead of just becoming a worker to these foreign companies the government trying to bring here. Think about it, if Bermuda became a brand we would be competing with the nike, adidas, and the big name brand places. My theory is huge but it can happen. If we all just work together.

  52. swing voter says:

    just looked at the vid of politicians leaving and noticed 2 things

    (1) most of the jeers are from people that weren’t inside the building
    (2) The booing is way way way overdue. If I typed 7 ‘ways’ you should get the message ….. right?

  53. Boarders says:

    The PLoP made BERMUDA BROKE!!! Put the BLAME where it lies! Bob is the messenger dont shoot him down!

  54. SMH says:

    I wish we could split Bermuda in two different worlds. One run by the OBA and the other by the PLP and then revisit each of these in five years and see what happened.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I’d like to see those responsible for this financial mess, i.e. those who voted for the PLP, held accoiuntable for it.

      Of course that is not possible. All of us are stuck with the PLP bill, even those of us who never voted for the PLP.

  55. Just a matter of time says:

    @ SMH. We have that now. The people are already living in two different worlds that is the problem.

    • Smh says:

      Just a Matter of Time…after 5 years everyone, including people that are currently suffering are doing better in the OBA world. In the PLP world, the poor people are suffering more, the rich and middle class have left and the politicians are living large well entrenched back at the trough

  56. Triangle Drifter says:

    One of the posters reads “SAVE OUR JOBS”. Oh really! What makes a job YOUR job?

    You are compensated for work that you do for an organisation. As long as an organisation needs that work performed you might have a job to perform it.

    That job is NOT some sort of entitlement for as long as you want to keep it. It is not YOUR job.

    Civil Service employment is not WELFARE for those unable to be employed anywhere else. It is the responsibility of the Government of the day to supply Government services in an efficient & cost effective manner. If that means privatising, then so be it. The Government has a responsibilty to the taxpayers, not keeping the civil service employees in the plush lifestyles to which they have become accustomed.

    • Don't hate the Messenger! says:

      here, here @ Triangle Drifter.

      Just like driving in Bermuda: Having a job is a PRIVILEDGE not a RIGHT.

      One of the posters read: “Say No to Outsourcing”. Who should say “no” – the employees, the unions, the local government? As previously posted – A company’s mandate is to provide for its shareholders and to a lesser extent its other stakeholders. An employee cannot demand that there will be no outsourcing – that’s outright silly. A company will seek to get value for money wherever the labour supply is at the price they want to pay.

      Shame on union officials for not educating and enlightening their followers. To sanction this level of misguided sentiment is a disservice to their membership.

  57. Well I appreciate my Police service who comes to the rescue, Trash truck service who takes away the smelly trash, Postal service who delivers the mail promptly, Teachers who educate our students, Ag and Fisheries who keep the island beautiful etc. and I can go on. Public service is needed… Keep up the good work!!

    • Lois Frederick says:

      You forgot the recyclable collectors. The service that was privatised by the PLP. They do a good job too. You see it can happen. I don’t remember hearing lots of scaremongering back then.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Well now, the trash service could easily be privatised & operated much more cheaply, the postal service has never had more employees moving so little mail, the most expensive private school on the Island gets great results & does it at $3000 less per student per year, private landscapers could easily do the work of W&E, do it with fewer people & do it for less & lets not begin to talk about transport, both land & sea. Those few sections of bloated Government payroll are just a start.

      Get on with it OBA. A Government paycheck is not welfare.

  58. X says:

    And people are going to vote ‘Paula the Purse Holder’ in Sandys now Terry Lister’s seat is vacant. Lord help the ignorant. I will never forget the look of shock on her face on election night – she is so naive … perhaps.

  59. Need Peace says:

    Well Minister Richards keeps referring to BTA, let’s talk about it! Why pray tell would they give them $2bn dollars as a private entity then allow a bunch of ministers to attend the New York event on the taxpayers’ money. The BTA was paid handsomely to be able to drive our tourism, not our Ministers and Premier! It is a scary thought that our Minister of Finance insists that privatizing does not cause a loss of jobs. If that is what he’s selling, we should not be buying. A prime example of brains and no common sense! Oh, the new buzz word for them is “Stakeholders”. Certainly they are not the ones they should be consulting with cause they are not the ones that are marching against them. OBA just goes way overboard with all of their policies! Every single one! They make them hard sells to the electorate. If they were less heavy handed and tried to form a balance they would have less resistance. The civil servants have much to contend with. Furlough days, insurance increases( more on the way) cost of food, no wage increases. It’s hard to take when you see your pay shrinking. My advice is sit down with the unions and opposition and work this damn thing out like adults! Stay seated until some resolution is met with compromise. Everyone can’t be right, but different ideas collectively could prove valuable. The people chose you all as leaders so please get to work for all of us!

    • SMH says:

      Need Peace….do you honestly think people in the civil service have even remotely as hard as people in the private sector? A furlong day and you don’t actually have to work…you call that hardship? Do you think our medical insurance doesn’t go up too. do you think everyone gets 100 CF sicks days. Myself and other senior mgmt. have had to take deep cuts in our pay just so that we don’t have to lay anybody off. Time to get off the entitlement train and join the real world there buddy.

  60. Redman says:

    Its a pity that this level of concern and anger wasn’t being displayed while the PLP was busy spending and wasting money like drunken sailors thus ensuring that all future Govts would have to take drastic action to avert a date with diaster. The warning signs and advice was freely given by many but there was mostly silence I would bet that many of these same attendees (and others) simply stood by and watched I guess because it wasn’t bothering them.

    Fast forward five/six years and now they want to get upset??!! Jobs and new Govt Revenue doesn’t just drop out of the sky and even if it did the waste and expense of the bloated civil service and Govt will still have to be dealt with. Doing nothing is not an option, besides the private sector has been dealing with this sort of thing for years now.

    • Don't hate the Messenger! says:

      It is completely understandable why there wasn’t a hew and cry about the PLP spending back then because there were gimmie’s, freebies, give-aways, junkets, money-for-nothing attitude – all lavished on the very people who are now complaining vociferously. This is because the trough has dried up and there is no money left for the current government to continue with the previous spending behaviour.

      • Redman says:

        @ Don’t hate the …

        Yes understandable as many must have thought great more freebies, rainy day? who cares. But now the Chickens are coming home to roost and while I sympathize with people afraid of losing their jobs and possibly a good lifestyle neither is promised to anyone.

  61. Need Peace says:

    @ SMH – I’m wondering why you felt it useful to only comment on part of my comment. Certainly you can’t compare the salary of a private sector job to that of the public sector. Do you by any chance, receive a housing allowance? A furlough day amounts to a four day week. Trust me, that is a really big deal for most. Entitlement???? I say it’s more like lack of privilege!!

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