Bermuda Karate Organization Latest Rankings

November 5, 2014

Following Sunday’s Skippy KICK martial arts tournament, the Bermuda Karate Organization has finalized its rankings for the year and the top rated competitors are:

  • Junior boy: Jahzion Lugo forms and sparring, Kentaro Bean and Keenan Smith weapons
  • Junior girl: Ryley Mason forms, Jahrien Lugo weapons; Princess Battersbee, Dominique Brown and Ryley Mason sparring
  • Adult men: Kent Bean and Garon Wilkinson forms and weapons, sparring vacant
  • Adult women: Talia Iris forms, Jasmyn Renfroe weapons, sparring vacant
  • Masters men: Anthony Leader forms and weapons, Andre Joseph sparring
  • Masters women: Andrea McKey forms and weapons, sparring vacant

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  1. Marksman XP says:

    Were are all the students and Martial Arts Competitors gone!
    I remember when my Son was competing in this sport in the mid eightys to the mid 1990′s there were almost
    100 + every Tounament — but at the same time there was also a consistant and ongoing Battle between the so call Person who has claimed to have bought it to Bermuda and almost every other School Instructor.- I still remember all the crazy press between them -lets not leave out the letter writing war that was so stupid.— from this hundreds of Martial Artist have disappeared.
    I looks like the so called Person who bought it to Bermuda has driven all the Martial Artist away.

  2. jonah says:

    Bruce Lee movies are no longer vogue — let it go boss..