Photos & Videos: Third Day Of BTUC March

January 29, 2015

[Updated with videos] For a third straight day yesterday [Jan 28], members of the Bermuda Trade Union Congress marched on Cabinet, with members of the Electricity Supply Trade Union also joining in on the activities.

The day’s events at Cabinet ended with Premier Michael Dunkley speaking along with leaders from the various Unions, with the Premier saying that he was “pleased to announce tonight that the Government and the BTUC have agreed to meet to consider these additional cost savings” and both sides agreeing that furlough days will only be considered as a “last resort.”


Following the gathering at Cabinet, Government representatives met with Union leaders last night where they discussed ways to find additional cost savings.

Speaking after that meeting concluded at around 11pm, BIU President Chris Furbert said during the meeting he feels they found ways ways to make the additional savings that are needed in the budget and feels furlough days will not be needed.

Mr. Furbert said, “The number that we came back to the table to look for tonight – we came back to the table, we had $45 million on the table before we got back here tonight.

“So we were looking for $45 million in savings; we had to find an additional $22 million in savings to make up the Minister’s figure of 7 percent, to make up the Minister’s $67 million figure,” added Mr. Furbert.

That progress in negotiations allowed buses and ferries to resume running and schools to reopen today [Jan 29]. For our live blog covering the BTUC/Govt dispute click here, and for all our coverage of the matter including text, photos and videos click here.

Teenager Quinn Outerbridge performs “Redemption Song” at the Cabinet Grounds

Wayne Caines speaks at the Cabinet Grounds

Shacobi Basden & Dr Lou Matthews singing at Cabinet Grounds

Reverend Tweed announces in the afternoon that progress had been made

26 minute video of the Union leaders and Premier speaking outside Cabinet

11 minute video of the Union leaders press conference last night following the meeting with Govt:

Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. js says:

    an historical and monumental mofo waste of time

    • SMH says:

      Depends on your perspective, the weather was nice and there was music and food and everyone got time off to catch up with their aceboys. Who cares about debt and people’s jobs.

    • Independent says:

      You and SMH sound like haters lol:)

    • david smith says:

      actually you are a waste of time

  2. boss says:

    Says the guy that reaps the benefits of past union struggles — you think the many work benefits that you take for granted was an employer generated concept..clearly you are no student of history..and the rest of your quote kinda fits your profile..

    jus sayin

  3. Y-Gurl says:

    Ha Digicel, hope your paying attention to all the grey uniforms that came out in support and when you buy BTC we may get network interruption due to non BTC issues! lucky customers…

  4. ** says:

    Question to the union members, for the people who did not get paid yesterday are you going to the Union demanding payment for yesterdays lost wages?

    • stunned... says:

      nope the unions and the plp get an automatic hall pass.

    • david smith says:

      once again all the stupid comments are based around a dollar

  5. SUZANNE says:

    What is really irritating to me is that now having gone back to work will they be working and being paid “overtime” to play catch up on the work that should have done during the time they have been off? As an importer it is costing me money waiting for Customs to get to all the paperwork for 3 ships arriving this week – maybe I will have to “furlough” my staff until Customs releases my documents and I can continue with my day to day business!!

  6. Just a matter of time says:

    Funny how people fail to realize that protest for justice and fighting for what is right includes a willing sacrifice which may include lost wages or even their jobs in order to attain the overall vision or goal for the collective. Those naysayers spewing hate on these blogs or were sitting on the sidelines jeering will never understand nor possess the courage to stand up for such convictions with their shortsightedness while making fun denigrating those who do. Just read up on past history which was repeated this week. Will the naysayers ever learn?

    Kudos to those who showed the courage these past few days and were willing to battle the cold and rainy weather even overnight, no different to the courage shown in protests of yesteryears. MLK, Dr.
    E.F. Gordon and others went through the same painful struggles enduring the nastiness and worst while being called nuisances, agitators and all the name calling we hear now. Yet they are honoured now in the history books. Many here unfortunately refuse to be on the right side of history. It’s ironic that those who oppose this and similar actions have often pulled out MLK or Mandela quotes to support their own hatred, the very thing these men opposed. Like @ boss said, those indirectly benefiting from current employment and labour laws even in the private sector do so from the courage of convictions of past protestors just like this one. Long live the power of the people!

    • SMH says:

      Long live the greed of the unionists.

      • david smith says:

        its fools like you and others were the greed is coming from as to why this island is in the situation that it is in

  7. Truedat says:

    It was cool like another Christmas vacay I slep in late each day

    • suspect says:

      Sounds like a typical suspect blogger to me, trying to make people look bad.

  8. Ann Smith says:

    Folks can be as nasty as they want. That will not change the fact of that matter. When the pesent Government came into power they did so based on a lie. They promised to fix the economy knowing full well that the world’s economy was in shabbles. If the American ecomomy was messed up then of course Bermuda’s would follow. The Honorable. Minister of Finance knew this to be the case. In my opinion if he had a solution to
    solving Bermuda’s economic problems without America’s economy turning around he would have done so long time ago. Stop picking on the underclass to help you solve this problem. This crises that we find ourselves in is much bigger than Bermuda. Goo luck.