Photos & Video: Town Crier Competition Begins

April 23, 2015

The Bermuda International Town Crier Competition got underway yesterday [Apr 22], with over 20 Town Criers from the United Kingdom and Canada traveling to Bermuda to take part.

The competition began with the St. George’s Cry at King’s Square at 1.30pm, with the Dockyard Cry to follow today [Apr 23] on the Great Lawn at 11.00am.

The Hamilton Cry, the final event, will take place on the City Hall steps in Hamilton on April 24 at 11.00am. Admission to all events is free.


The contestants include Ken Knowles from the United Kingdom, Les Whiting from Canada, Mark Wylie from the United Kingdom, Christopher Smirthwaite from the United Kingdom, Christopher Whyman from Canada, Devlin Hobson from the United Kingdom, Gary Long from Canada, Brenda Willison from the United Kingdom, and Clive O’Shaughnessy from the United Kingdom.

Other contestants include Denis Patry from Canada, Bruce Kruger from Canada, James [Jim] Stewart from Canada, Stephen Travers from Canada, David Turner from the United Kingdom, David Vollick from Canada, and J. Allan Freeman from Canada.

Town Criers Attend Competition In St George’s:

Also competing are Terry Ford from the United Kingdom, Athol Hart from Canada, Paul Gough from the United Kingdom, Carole Williams from the United Kingdom, Bill McKee from Canada, David Boyd from the United Kingdom, Leslie Ellis from the United Kingdom, Roy Goodwin from the United Kingdom, and Stephen Cunliffe from England.

2015 TownCrier Program follow below [PDF here]:

Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. I went to check out the finals today at City Hall. Happy to have such good weather today! I spoke to several visitors, who were really enjoying both the event and the sunshine. Well done, CoH!

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