No Injuries After Car Collision In St. David’s

May 8, 2015

The Bermuda Police Service attended a collision on St. David’s main road this evening [May 8] where a car collided with a wall. Although the driver was shaken up in the incident, no one was injured.

Car Accident Bermuda, May 8 2015-1

Traffic was delayed in the area with most taking an alternate route as a VIP Auto tow truck removed the vehicle from the scene. Bystanders said the wall had been recently knocked down by another car a few weeks prior.

Car Accident Bermuda, May 8 2015-2

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Comments (29)

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    Let me guess, it was the roads being wet??? Nothing to do with speed of course???

    • Kangoocar, it just goes to show you and I how much we’re disliked :-( (or there’s a lot more stupid people answering what we write than what we’d expected?) Either way, the facts remains…

      • Kangoocar says:

        Agreed Raymond, I always say, you can’t fix stupid????

        • Kangoocar says:

          Also Raymond, the other reason why we are disliked is very simple, we only say the blunt truth, and the stupid can’t face it???

          • Mockingjay says:

            Not really, your comments and views are biased and one sided, always bashing the Unions and P.L.P and silent on U.B.P./oba’s F!@# ups.

  2. All jokes aside, these walls aren’t jumping out in front of the cars / bikes…
    “Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes upon the road” will help reduce many unnecessary accidents and of course, slow the – - – - down!!!

    • BlessYourHeart says:

      How about, unfortunate accident but glad the driver or anyone else involved is okay.

    • Awake says:

      How come 8 people so far, disliked your comment? Are they really THAT SIMPLE? What you spoke is the truth is MOST, if not ALL cases! What ticks me off is, these people that damage these walls walk away and pay NOTHING to have them repaired!

      • @ Awake , your comment is a good one but not all together truth. when ever a accident takes places and it involves public or private property damages,if the accident is reported or attended by the police the owner of the vehicle has to pay through the insurance of the vehicle.

        So they do not get away with causing the public purse to pay for public property.

      • bermudian says:

        What you talking.have you heard of insurance .

  3. Killuminati says:

    It’s called an accident…

    • filobedo21 says:

      Accident? Nonsense. It’s bad driving, mainly speeding, and you know. I am so sick of people who continue to excuse bad behavior.

  4. bermuda born says:

    slow the F down

  5. JohnBoy says:

    Nice vheels!

  6. Smart comments says:

    FYI the wall was already down prior to the car hitting WALL a couple of weeks ago. The road had oil on it which caused the car to spin off into the embankment. So stop making accusations, because you weren’t there. And thank god the driver wasn’t seriously hurt; cause that’s my aunty.

    • filobedo21 says:

      aunty or not, was her speed conducive to the road condition, say wet road. I bet not. How is it that dozens of other drivers who traverse this same roadway all day and night do not come to grief! Stop making excuses! Driver error led to her spinning out!

      • DC says:

        I have to agree with Smart comment! This past Friday evening I was traveling west on Harbour Rd just past Red Hole. The roads were wet & you could see the oil on the surface. I was definitely taking my time. While negotiating the corners, I felt my left front tire sliding. The car went into a skid, immediately I took my foot off the gas, turned into the skid & the car stopped sliding. Now all of this occurred while my car was going into the left turn corner. Actually I ended up crossing the yellow line before the skid was corrected. Thankfully nothing was coming in the opposite direction. I say all of that to say accidents do happen – no matter how careful you are!!! So stop calling people idiots & stupid!! Yes there are those who do drive crazy – SOME NOT ALL!!!

      • Concerned says:

        Apparently you dont drive into St Davids on any day majority of persons living in St Davids drive in/out on Southside because of the corners not to say that accidents don’t happen over there they do come try the round a bouts they do so because buses and trucks tend to cut corners or go wide on them accidents have been happening on this corner for years I guess the tenants now and previous are used to the loud bangs and automatically call 911 with drivers either hitting the fence or taking out the wall or the wooden railing with a few being serious on another corner further down and one before this accidents location speed doesn’t matter on these corners road conditions dry wet oily come on down take a drive through of our roads our corners will test your skills if they don’t people’s trees growing all wooly into the roads will

    • @Smart comments, I like your comment because this is a very serious situation in Bermuda, and seemingly no one from Public Works has ever given a straight answer about it, I look at the roads when it is damp and you can see clearly in many places the oil coming to the surface, don’t even get me started on major pot holes that sometimes take a year and a day to be properly repaired, and I often wonder especially now that it is tourist season, if a tourist should be riding along at night and loose control of the cycle due to a pot hole that has not been fixed, and the accident is not a minor but serious one, who pays for that. my last pet P is the piano grids on East Broadway and the massive speed bumps in different parts of the city, does the public purse reimburse for new shocks to private vehicle owners from taking all the abuse that it does. slow down is absolutely right in all cases but some things they are gone far out in left field, people speed over the grids more faster just because they are there, go figure.

      • Terry says:

        Don’t always agree with Duane but he is spot on today.

        Some of these ‘bumps’ at stop signs yes.

        I am slowly loosing favor with OBA and feeding the ole guard.


  7. um um says:

    um um

  8. Ann says:

    There goes another wall!

  9. Timbuc says:

    Can you fools try and avoid our Bermuda Stone walls. Every time I look up folks keep taking them out. They are iconic!!

  10. Ladeej says:

    I am glad that the driver was not hurt. That section of St David’s Road is quite narrow and winding. How about we make it a one way road from the junction with Chapel of Ease Road (which is quite near this accident site)going east as far as the junction by Clearwater Middle School. At present, buses cannot stay on their side on this stretch, and when driving there is always someone coming in the opposite direction driving over the line. If it was one way, drivers would have more room to navigate. We don’t want to encourage speeding, so some traffic calmers could be put in place. Making it one way and putting in at least one sidewalk would also allow students to walk to school along that stretch. Walkers, runners, and cyclists would also benefit. MP Roberts-Holshouser, your thoughts please. Anyone else in agreement?

  11. Ladeej says:

    MP Roberts-Holshouser, I just had an opportunity to read your comments to my one way road suggestion in the previous article about clearing the roadway. I feel very strongly about this stretch turning one way and I can’t imagine that there would be too much opposition. Southside Road is an alternative to those who live beyond Clearwater Middle School. I am talking about a relatively small section of residents on the stretch between Chapel of Ease Road and Clearwater. Perhaps they should be polled as it would affect them most. St David’s Road could be made much safer and beautified at the same time. Engineers, let’s get to thinking about how it could be done.

    • Concerned says:

      talking one way here is a suggestion St Lukes Lane from St Luke’s AME CHurch down to junction with Texas Road one way putting either a give way sign or a stop sign coming out from texas road before the bus stop with the rest of texas road(accidents happen in this area)becoming one way down to the junction with lighthouse road putting stop signs at the junction as people are not stopping here

      • stunned... says:

        how about people slowing down, driving with due care and observing the speed limit/signs instead of changing the world around to accommodate those who are exempt from the above: slowing down, driving with due care and observing the speed limit/signs.