Teams Joker & Main Event Win Endurance Race

June 1, 2015

The Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club [BMRC] held its first ever 4 Hour Motorcycle Endurance Race over the weekend, also marking its first event of the 2015 season, with Team Joker coming out on top in the Superbikes category and the overall rankings, and Team Main Event taking the Minibikes category.

The Superbike Classification saw Team Joker [CJ Richarson and Jevaughn Simons] win with 169 laps, Sub Zero [Devon "Red" Bailey] in second with 145 laps, Outlaw Racing [Duanjai Lambe] in third with 112 laps, Pink Monkey Racing [Sandy Beneviedes, Jason Ingham and Justin Tucker] in fourth with 107 laps, and Team Reckless [Ryan Resendes] in fifth with 69 laps.

BMRC 4hr Endurance Race Event

The Mini Bikes Classificatin was won by Team Main Event [Bruce Degrilla Jr and Kevin Fraiser] with 154 laps.

A spokesperson said, “Our first ever 4 Hour Motorcycle Endurance Race went off without a hitch with lots of thrills, and a few spills. Congratulations to our winners, Team Joker, for taking the win in the Superbike Class and the overall win for the day.

“The next event will be circuit racing on June 14 at the Bermuda Motorsports Park in Southside, St. Davids.”

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