Photos: Raleigh Graduation & Launch Ceremony

June 11, 2015

Last night [June 10] Raleigh Bermuda held its Annual Graduation and Launch Ceremony at Speciality Cinema in Hamilton.

Tina Nash, Executive Director said, “This ceremony is a celebration of our young Bermudians who have completed their year-long programme with Raleigh Bermuda, including their 10-week overseas expedition with Raleigh International to Costa Rica/Nicaragua, Borneo, Malaysia or Tanzania in 2014.

“It is also a ceremony to introduce our current Venturers who have answered the call to adventure and personal development and have been training and preparing for their 10-week expedition taking place this summer.”

“We are delighted to congratulate the following young Bermudians who have successfully completed their Raleigh Bermuda programme and now join our very engaged Alumni to continue their work in creating a better Bermuda and world.

“Our 2014 Graduates are: Chloé Baron [Borneo], Yin’Nikkei Bartley [Tanzania], Raekwon Hare [Borneo], ZaKiya Lightbourne [Costa Rica/Nicaragua], Jumoke Stovell [Costa Rica/Nicaragua], Kalaeb Tannock [Tanzania] & Neville Vanderpool [Borneo].


Mrs. Nash also said, “We are very excited to have two special Awards for our Graduates each year. The Michael J. Spurling Award for the Raleigh Champion is presented to the participant who is an engaged, active Volunteer and Raleigh advocate and is selected by the Executive Director. Our Raleigh Bermuda Founder, Mr. Michael Spurling, MBE presented the Award to Kalaeb Tannock.

“Our second Award is the Malcolm K. Outerbridge Transformation Award and is presented to the participant who is deemed by their peers to have had the greatest personal transformation. Deloitte generously sponsors this Award and Mr. Mohammad Khan presented this year’s Award to Yin’nikkei Bartley. Both of these new Alumni have demonstrated considerable growth, perseverance and commitment to themselves, their community and to Raleigh Bermuda.”

Raleigh Bermuda is proud to introduce to the community the following young Bermudians who, as part of their yearlong programme with us, will be travelling overseas for their 10-week summer expedition with Raleigh International.

“Our 2015 Raleigh Bermuda Venturers are: Bryson Doers [Borneo], Matthias Lawrence [Borneo], Kristamaria Looby [Tanzania], Jendaya Mills-Paynter [Borneo], Kayla Pringle-McConnie [Tanzania], Shai Richardson [CRN], Nafisa Robinson [Borneo], Jasmin Smith [Tanzania], Courtney Stephenson [CRN], Ashanti Stovell [Tanzania] & Dylan Young [CRN].

“We are so fortunate and thankful to have a very active and supportive Board and Alumni who support our Venturers and programme in so many ways. We would also like to thank our committed and generous Donors who support young Bermudians in their quest to become the best versions of themselves possible. We simply could not do what we do without them.” Mrs. Nash said.

“Raleigh International Bermuda [Registered Charity #710] is a youth development organisation that delivers a transformational life programme. Our programme specifically targets young Bermudians who are ‘at a crossroads’, including those who are at risk of not reaching their full potential.

“Our structure and philosophy are that of our decades-old affiliate Raleigh U.K., and are designed to help Young People develop skills and self-confidence in a fun and challenging environment beyond the classroom and workplace. We believe that pushing a Young Person outside of their comfort zone allows them to explore a different side of themselves and accomplish more than they ever thought possible.”

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  1. Big thanks to our friends at Bernews for their incredible support and encouragement. We are so proud of our young Bermudians – aren’t you?? :D

  2. Cyclist says:

    Great organization and a great opportunity for these young men and women. None of the return the same and all are better individuals for having attended. Congrats to all involved.

    I would rather the government spent the money to send every child in Bermuda away for something similar instead of wasting it on 3 years of Bermuda Regiment time. All I did was learn how to shoot a rifle that I can never have access to again, polish shoes and brass, learn how to walk in a straight line, and hurry up and wait!

    This time and money could have been better spent on life changing activities like those offered by Raleigh , Habitat for Humanity and other programs like these.

    Please OBA , stop the mandatory draft of our young men in the toy army and instead encourage each young man or woman to give back to their community or the planet.