Sunday July 5th: “Good News” Spotlight

July 5, 2015

News that Bermuda racked up a number of medals at the Island Games, including winning showings by Chris Estwanik [gold x2 and silver], Taahira Butterfield [gold x2], Dominique Mayho [gold], Natasha Trott [silver x2], David Kendell [silver], Kalin Hillier [bronze], Gabriella Arnold [bronze], Adrienne Smatt [silver], men’s basketball [silver], men’s golf [bronze], women’s cycling team [silver & bronze] dominated the positive news stories from the past week.

Other good news stories included Fireminds being recognized as a “Partner Of The Year,” Reginald Lloyd Burchall being appointed the Caribbean Association’s VP, CedarBridge Academy launching its new library collection, the Wall Street Journal calling Bermuda a “destination for adrenaline junkies,” Chelsea Smith being awarded the Deloitte Scholarship, a Maine school offering scholarships to Bermuda boat-builders, and a donation of $5,000 made by Deborah Pharoah-Williams and Tali Gabai-Maiato to the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation.

GN cover July 05 2015

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